First Lady says ‘this is the year’ women should pray for Malawi: International Women’s Day 2015

The First Lady Gertrude Mutharika on Friday led women in the country in commemorating Womens World Day of Prayers with a call for women in Malawi to relentlessly pray against challenges facing women and the country.

Madama Mutharika greats former official hostess Mama Cecilia Kadzamila

Madama Mutharika greats former official hostess Mama Cecilia Kadzamila

First Lady Mutharika meets Malawi former first lady Shanil Dzimbiri (formerly Muluzi)

First Lady Mutharika meets Malawi former first lady Shanil Dzimbiri (formerly Muluzi)

First Lady Mutharika  tells women this is the year to pray

First Lady Mutharika tells women this is the year to pray

First Lady and women in prayers

First Lady and women in prayers

Speaking at St Louis Catholic Parish in Balaka, the First Lady said it is important for women to always find time and gather together in prayer as they are the ones who bear the blunt in times of problems.

She said Women have an advantage of the God given opportunity where God listens and grants their prayers.

Madam Mutharika said as Malawians continue to struggle with various challenges, women must strive to be like the biblical Esther, who saved her entire family from extinction through prayer and fasting.

“As women we have an advantage because we can pray to God and ask for anything and it can be granted. That is why in all the challenges we face as women we must use prayer as a weapon to change our situation.

“Just as the biblical Esther let us pray to the point that our problems or our enemies must fear to attack us because they know we are too prayerful and their plans cannot work,” said Madam Mutharika.

In her sermon, Reverend Gertrude Kapuma called on women and all people in positions of influence to be genuine women of God for them to serve the people they lead with love, obedient and humility just as Jesus Christ taught them

According to Kapuma, Jesus Christ did not only preach love and humility but lived and demonstrated it when he washed feet of his disciples.

“Jesus wants us humble and serve others with genuine love, humility and obedience through which unity can flourish among people of different groups, economic and social back grounds. For us to give genuine humility we have to be genuine women of God ,” said Kapuma.

In her address Minister of Health Dr. jean Kalilani hailed the organizers of the event saying the prayers are a unifying factor.

She said through such prayer gatherings, women share a lot of ideas and encourage each other to develop themselves as per the Policy of President Peter Mutharika’s government.

The prayers held under the theme; ‘Jesus said, do you know what I have done for you?’ drew together women from different churches across the country.

Wife to the vice President Mary Chilima, the former Official Hostess Mama C. Tamanda Kadzamira were among the high profile figures who graced the prayers.

The offerings from this year’s prayers will go towards charity activities at Zomba maximum prison, Zomba General Hospital and help people displaced by floods.

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koma munthu ndiwovuta kweni kweni azimai eeh dangerous creatures


Koma Callista is very bitter with Gertrude Mutharika? Why did she not attend. Kunama kuti you were not invited? Do people invite kumapemphero? It was on Tv, Radio iwe umafuna Cha? Paja unkati Peter asakwatire ukudziwa kuti he was dating Gertrude eti? Evil woman, jealous!! Just accept kuti sanakukwatire iweyo mmene umafunira. No chokolo!! Support Gertrude Basi apo bi drop the Mutharika name, you are embarrassing the royal family by not attending her functions. Iwe nkumakachita preside over mapemphero enanso???? Same day???. Uhule eti?? Ukupikisana ndi nda I??


Why this dirty language abale? In fact, mapemphero awa ofunika Mai Getu pa national level, Callister ku Region 1, Sannil Dzimbiri/Anne Muluzi ku Region 2, Mai Chilima ku district A, Mai Malawezi ku district B, Mai Chihana ku district C, Mai Chakwela ku district D etc etc.

Zokhalira kunyoza fellow mai tiyeni tizitayile uko. Chonde

Khuere khongonyowa

YES YOU ARE RIGHT ABOUT THOSE AZIBAMBO taziasiyani azimayi azimasuka pokambilana zawo amayi president wotu amafuna kufunsa anzawo zina ndi zina za m banja abambo kupanda manyazi..


Please tawauzani awa apeze tailor. Embroidery every outfit that’s a thing of the past. Kumbwambwana basi!


Where was Calister Muthalika and Annie Muluzi? Xfirst ladies affair


Kkkkkkkkkkkkk koma guys

ine joyce

Hehehe. 1 event two functions…….ina ya Madam Callista.

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Mwazilowetsa masewera I think malawians r tired wth motherhood issues mumangotiberapo ndalama kodi azimayiwo up to now azidikilabe mafumu kuti aziwathangitsa , chiefs got a lot to do in development osati zamimba zanuzo, kodi anapereka mimbawo amakhala ali kuti ? Kodi amakhala opanda plan


Komanso a First Lady osakwecheka awa ine sindinaone. Kodi ku state house kulibe rexona

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