Food poisoning deaths hit Malawian family: 5 killed, 11 critical

At least five people, including a toddler, have been confirmed dead while eleven others are in hospital in critical conditions in the southern Malawi district of Balaka following suspected food poisoning.

“A family slaughtered a goat which was taken with pigeon peas on Thursday last week,” said Balaka District Health spokesman Samson Mfuyeni.

Mfuyeni said immediately after the meal the family started convulsions and vomiting.

“They were rushed to the Balaka District Hospital where a three-year-old baby died immediately. Two others died on Friday, another on Saturday and a woman also died yesterday (Sunday,” he said.

The health spokesman said the eleven that are still in hospital are in a critical condition.

“We suspect food poisoning, either the goat or the pigeon peas. We have taken samples to be analysed,” he said.

The Malawi incident follows the death of at least 50 people across the border in Mozambique who died after taking local beer at a funeral suspected to be laced with crocodile poison.

Balaka is a drought-prone district which perennially runs out of food by January. Many families scavenge for food in bushes during that time.

The Malawi Vulnerability Assessment Committee, which comprises government and United Nations Agencies, say over a million people already require emergency food aid across the southern African country.


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42 thoughts on “Food poisoning deaths hit Malawian family: 5 killed, 11 critical”

  1. thandizo msikiti says:


  2. edyth says:

    R.i.p so bad

  3. Redeemed says:

    I barely believe in coincidences, howcome does two similar incidences happen to occur in two neighboughring countries at almost simultaneously, we read of toxic alcohol which has claimed the lives of over sixty people in Tete while scores are fighting for their lived in hospital, and just few kilometers away, this incident, I can’t help but to wonder if the perpetrators are not related, I suggest the government does not rule out possibilities of these two incidences being connected, just a thought of cause.

  4. mthakati says:

    Word of caution, Nyasatimes reporters. Do some investigative reporting and not just write what you are told. Food poisoning takes place when contaminated food, or mishandled food is consumed and the cause can be bacterial, viral or toxins produced by bacteria. This case smells of foul play. Someone deliberately poisoned these people using a neurotoxic poison. Please investigate, or no one else will!

  5. chandiona says:

    why killing people like that this is not boko halam!

  6. Nyamata wakwa Mayaka says:

    very bad news

  7. May their souls rest in peace

  8. God knows!!!and he will judge jst a sigle day wait we shall see…..

  9. Kikikiki says:

    Last time it was in Tete Province where more than 58 people died from poisoned Pombe to entertain people at the funeral ceremony. It’s allerged the poison was of crocodile bile. Poor my beloved Africa.

  10. zion says:

    Our sympathies to the believed families.

  11. anachibwe says:


  12. Tate wa matate ; says:

    R I P

  13. meya says:

    May their soul rest in peace.

  14. MMALAWI says:

    I sympathize with these unfortunate people and their families. May the souls of the departed rest in God’s eternal peace and those receiving treatment be touched by God’s mighty healing hand?

  15. Blessing says:

    Malawi needs Revival that will break the curse ,what is happening is spritual and no politicians can stop it . The Nation needs divine intervention

  16. Youngman says:

    Pepani onse ofedwa, komanso onse amene mukudwala Ambuye akukhudzeni mwachangu.

  17. boko harram says:

    Satanic akamalamulira ndi chomchi

  18. Yetson Nkhoma says:

    Whats wrong with Balaka?Its Balaka,Balaka with bad news all the time.May their Souls Rest In Peace.

  19. Oooh! what a sad news (RIP)

  20. chiwaka says:

    This is sad and has nothing to do with the district. May their souls rest in peace and a quick recovery for those admitted.

  21. mhc9 says:

    Very pathetic.

  22. sim6 an Apostasy. says:

    Very pathetic.

  23. Emmanuel says:

    May their souls RIP and we pray to God for quick recovery to those in Hospital God bless as your receiving blessings from God.

  24. Mwama Du. says:

    Very sad indeed.

  25. simi26 an Apostasy. says:

    Nearly 70 people die after drinking crocodile-poisoned beer in Mozambique

    By Michelle Kapusta, 1/12/2015

    Nearly 70 people died and over 150 more were hospitalized in Mozambique after they drank a beer allegedly laced with crocodile bile.

    Bloomberg News reported that dozens of people drank the beverage after a funeral over the weekend in the village of Chitima. Now, authorities have become concerned that some of the 196 patients being treated could also die from the allegedly tainted beer.

    “We fear that the number of deaths will still increase as many people are still coming to hospital with diarrhea and muscular pains, the principle symptoms,” said Paula Sales, health director in Tete province.

    Officials also said that crocodile poisoning is not uncommon in the country.

    The Associated Press, the agency which first picked up the story, noted that according to some African traditions, when a crocodile dies its bile must be removed immediately. That process should be done in front of witnesses to ensure that it does not end up in the hands of someone who may use it as a poison.

    The first fatalities in the village were the owner of a stand that sold the traditional beer and several of her family members.

    The beer in question is known as Pombe or Phombe and is a fermented mix of sorghum, bran, corn, and sugar.

    Health officials have not been able to confirm if the beer was in fact contaminated with reptile bile, but will determine what caused the deaths after they receive data back from collected samples.

  26. five pronouse died plus eleven serious ill is a great number are they from one family or some are neighbours?was the goat plan slaughted or after taken pigon piz die itself owner family used for re-lesh without the knoledge of what kiiled it,quick recover to the eleven and sorry five we will mis them too early gone 2015.

  27. juzi says:

    Ouch that’s devastitating news RIP

  28. Efron kuwani says:

    Sorry for bereaved family.

  29. simi26 an Apostasy. says:

    56 Mozambicans die from beer poisoning

    Updated: 09:00 12-01-2015

    At least 56 people including a toddler in the north-west of Mozambique have died from apparent poisoning after consuming traditional beer known as “phombe”, local authorities said on Sunday.

    Carla Mosse, director of health for the province of Tete, told Radio Mocambique that 39 people remained hospitalised on Sunday after suffering the same type of beer poisoning that caused the first deaths on Saturday morning.

    All the victims – who included a two-year-old child – participated in a funeral on Friday during which they apparently drank the traditional beer made from millet bran, the Mozambique paper A Verdade reported.

    The exact cause of the contamination remains unknown, but the woman who brewed the “phombe” and several members of her family were among the victims, Radio Mocambique reported.

    “It’s the first time we’ve faced such a tragedy,” said Mosse, who added that samples of the poisoned beer, blood, urine and gastric fluids have been taken and are being sent to the capital Maputo and South Africa for analysis.

    Mozambique’s government declared three days of national mourning in a decree published on Sunday evening.

    Source: AFPPublished: 06:30 12-01-201

  30. yungsai says:

    balaka is a illumination district

  31. steven says:

    Very Sad,after 20 years of democracy Malawi is still facing January hunger

  32. steven says:

    Very Sad,after 20 of democracy Malawi is still facing January hunger

  33. bigman says:

    God help balaka,that day was defilment,yesterday,flood poeple drawning and today is food poison,i dont know what tomorrow will bring.

  34. ine says:

    Reporters pliz. The family killed Goat, taken it with Pegion peas; where are signs of hunger? Are Pegion peas bush plants?

  35. nyoni says:

    Balakaa monkeys as usual

  36. Kenkkk says:

    Sad and terrible news. May their souls RIP.

  37. bwande says:

    Balaka in the news again for wrong reasons. Something somewhere is wrong in this district. either culture, poverty, or other evil forces. RIP

  38. Sad news,R I P.
    What’s hapen to malawi now adays?

  39. Kadakwiza says:

    Very sad indeed

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