Forum says give JB her benefits ‘so she returns to Malawi’

Forum For National Development (FND) has asked government to honour the constitutional provisions for the former president Joyce Banda retirement benefits for her to return.

Joyce Banda: Needs her constitutional retirement benefits

Joyce Banda: Needs her constitutional retirement benefits

In a statement signed by FND Chairperson, Bright Kampaundi and National Coordinator, Fryson Chodzi, FND says the benefits for Banda are non-negotiable because they are provided for in the constitution.

“The State President took an oath to protect and uphold the constitution of the Republic of Malawi and our expectations are that he will do so without discrimination, vendetta and ill will.

“Furthermore her return is very crucial to the development of Malawi as so many issues will be dealt with including the issues of cashgate and also delegation to international forums,” reads part of the statement.

The forum also expressed sadness to note that recent media reports that the government has withdrawn the house that was meant for Banda in Area 10 and there has not been any assurance of reinstating of her security detail.

“The pension for former presidents is a constitutional issue since it is provided for in the constitution. We are of the opinion that such matters must not be at the mercy of the government to be choosy whether to honour or not.

“When government is failing to honour the constitutional right of the former president and provide assurance on her security and accommodation, the nation will be forced to believe that the government is only paying lip service on the return of the former president.

“We will be further compelled to believe the fears that Joyce Banda has raised about her security and safety which are serious concerns for a person of her stature,” FND statement reads.

Leader of People’s Party (PP) in Parliament Uladi Mussa told parliament that Banda “has been denied her salary, she has not been given vehicles, security has been removed from her.”

Banda has been in self imposed exile since she lost the 2014 presidential election to Peter Mutharika. She came third after Malawi Congress Party’s Lazarus Chakwera.

Mussa said Banda will only return after the government assures her of security, a return of her official vehicles and an official residence as provided for in the Republican Constitution.

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32 thoughts on “Forum says give JB her benefits ‘so she returns to Malawi’”

  1. sam says:

    joyce has many houses why cant reside in any pay for her security then claim for her benefits .life in states is too expensive but she is managing ,stop fooling malawans thats realy unfare pay the robber

  2. Zakwaye says:

    During the reign of JB things were quiet good,bt muntharika is making things to be worse to the worst.



  4. who we be says:

    as far as I am concerned, JB is not a retired president. She was finishing Bingus term and this is not regarded as term. That is why she contested again on PPs ticket. So you don’t contest and lose and retire. Government is right to deny her some benefits.

  5. Musombwe says:

    Joyce anapatsidwa kale ma benefits ake ndalama anaba zij. Kodi iwe kampaundi mumadyera limodzi eti?

  6. Kwangu says:

    Pathetic woman, talking when Parliament is in session, when in recess inu ziiii. just to be heard, Akati Peter akupita ku UK inunso mwauyatsa ulendo be real and smell the coffee

  7. Beast Msonda says:

    Which constitution are you talking about you pp fools? joyisi is not a retired president. joyisi is a retired vice president. Go back and read the constitution again.

  8. Mphangela says:

    Za nsanje basi,mpatseni ma benifits ake mayiyu

  9. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    Muyezo umene umayezera mzako iwenso udzayezedwa ndi omweo. This Administration will not be in power for ever.They will also leave power and they will be treated the same.

  10. mapwevupwevu says:

    So this FND is missing out on the money she was giving to these fools!

  11. Patrick Phiri says:

    Actually, according to the constitution, only presidents who were elected can get retirement benefits. JB was never elected, and therefore doesn’t deserve any benefits. PP’s Kampaundi and Chodzi can go to hell.

  12. S. K says:

    Kkkkkk! Msiyeni JB, abadya ndalamazo zikatha adzabwera, ngati sakulandira pension yake ndie kutitu anaba zambiri. How is she surviving in a foregn land? Oh paja ali pa speaking engagement, ndinaiwala kuti paja amadyera pakamwa. Zoopsa ku Malawi

  13. angoni a ku Ntcheu says:

    Let the government arrange her benefits while she is away! Zoti azizafuna nyumba iye atabwera ayi, izi zimachitika ngati nthawi yokonzera zimenezo palibe. Govt should confess that her absence is helping it save money not otherwise; be honest you politicians.

  14. CLEMENT says:

    Zake anadyelatu ameneyo! wosalimbana naye guys

  15. Lottie says:

    I have a question for the FND – Why do you think JB is fearing for her life here in her home country? She is in a foreign country and she has been there for many months now – who has been responsible for her security there? Is the Foreign Government providing her with body guards? Why do you think she should receive her benefits without signing the necessary papers? Are you salivating to share with her?

  16. Kenkkk says:

    Jb’s reasons for not returning home are not convincing. I agree on her benefits entitlement, there is no reason for the govt to withhold say her salary or pension, pay the money to her account in Malawi. She doesn’t need to be in Malawi for the govt to pay her. So please pay her.

    Other benefits like vehicles, she will be given when she returns.

    As for the house, there are conflicting stories on this between the govt and jb or her family or her pp friends. But at the end of the day, she has a family home in nkhatabay or elsewhere where her husband is currently living. She can stay in the family home while waiting for the govt to find her entitlement suitable house.

    Security can be provided at her family home while waiting for the govt house. It will also be provided when she moves to here govt house.

    So what is the problem jb? You will now force us to believe that you don’t want to return home because of other reasons, not because of the house or security. Meanwhile your party is falling apart because of your prolonged absence abroad.

  17. wakulu says:

    kodi azibwera kuzatani amayiwa???,za ziiii!!!!,let the woman be…. she has aright to stay komwe akufuna, akazafuna azabwera. learn to get over things malawi

  18. The Most Concerned says:

    Before she left for her Exile sh was leaving in Chintheche, why can’t she go bak there while waiting 4 her Official retirement home? Ths z just a scape goat, m’mene wamva kut Mpwiyo wamangidwa sabweranso uyu.

  19. Mapwiya Namuhaya wa ku Phaloni says:

    Chauluka chizatera & kwanu ndi kwanu mthengo mudalaka njoka.

  20. Joice Banda says:

    It is unbelievable that there are certain Malawians who take pride in raising issues for Joice Banda who I think they could have forgotten her due to her long stay abroad after her failed attempt to be Malawi’s president. Can anybody school me why JB is not in Malawi? Why is she staying abroad and who is paying her upkeep?

  21. maganizo wa maganizo says:

    If she needs her terminal benefits let her come to get them.Do you think malawians are foolish to send benefits including house to where-ever she is hiding.Why is she hiding for unknown. What sort of security does she need.What does she think she is out of 17million malawians.It appears FND is full of dull,uncultured,unpatriotic,shallow minded people.If you do not have anything to do please disband your firm

  22. ngongoliwa says:

    Women are weeked and men are strong, comparable case of Mtila Mandasi JB VS Acheya Amangwetu BM. All of them retired presidents. BM is answerring the so called corrupuption case if it is true while JB is 100 percent free apart from cash gate related issues which she has never answered one in court. BM is still enjoying his retirement benefits while JB has exiled herself in foreign land. Let me tell JB that Malawi is a peaceful country. There is no way a citizen of this country can fear to come back to Malawi under the pretense of insecurity. I mean the retired president for that matter. How many people can be waiting for her at the ineternational airport upon hearing that she is coming to Malawi. Then what type of insecurity are you talking about? Malawi is poor . As such we can not spend a lot of money on security where there is nothing to secured for. That is nonsense. Just tell the truth that you are afraid of being arrested.

    For FND just say that you are mercenaries of JB. And now JB is feeling the pinch of poverty. She is poor there. Now she has sent you to work for her for a small pay. Unfortunately your claim just show how ignorant you are in terms of process of making payment to anybody in Malawi. There is a lot of paperwork in every payment before actual payment. She has to come and sign documents for her payments.This is unarguable. I dont know why the whole FND wants short cuts in this case. After all Malawi Reforms can not permit that. Government should not dare to pay her benefits without her presence. If anything she will get it in 2018 when we will be about to vote. That time we will know that she is very serious with her self exile. After all the economy will recover by that time.

  23. The Analyst says:

    Are you guys sure you could waste your time discussing this? Are you sure that the withheld benefits are the ones keeping JB from coming bak to Malawi? Be not fooled by your narrow mind-focus!

    And what development is her return crucial for; you people? If the govt or its lawyers were really serious on cashgate vis-a’-vis JB; are you sure they wouldn’t have established the link between the two by now? Or you think that it is only her physical presence that would do? Come on! This kind of reasoning is strange n regrettable!

    “‘ . . . he that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her . . .’ – Jesus Christ
    . . . being convicted by their own conscience, they all disappeared one by one . . .” – John 8:7

    Its only a thief that fails to punish a fellow thief coz he/she knows that they themselves are thieves also and that they have a 40th day. As such even if JB returns to Malawi, no tangible progress shall be made. Muluzi’s k1.7bn case is there for all to see.

    We all know that JB’s exile has nothing whatsover to do with benefits, security or what! And if you guys had nothing of worth to discuss or do, you would better be home. Your wives would have appreciated your time more than wasting it discussing this useless issue.

  24. Zamuntima says:

    Kampaundi is pp, the said forum was strategically created by pp. we are therefore not surprised that him and his broke friends are demanding this. What has actually remained for these folks is to issue out these kinds of things so as to remain important. Otherwise they are just useless as trash.

  25. Zadziwika says:

    I don’t know if JB deserves the benefits when she just ruled for 2 years and lost the elections. I thought benefits are meant for retired presidents. For me, she could have qualified for benefits if she won the last elections and lose the 2019 ones. Waganyu salandira pension koma wages (malipiro a temporary). She ruled Malawi as a piece worker and no need for pension and other benefits. Constitution must be revisited and amend accordingly. This is theft of taxpayers money to pay pension to waganyu! Even the constitution clearly says that the two years she ruled was not term.

    1. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

      And when they revise the constitution, they should make it retroactive so that Joisi Banda does not get a “pension”. She and her ilk stole enough money; and we are all suffering because of them. Asa.

  26. Zanga Phee! says:

    Greediness is what killed Malawi The National Coordinator and the so called chairperson of FND they are leading their organizations why now busy with this again?please leave other things for other people,you mean it’s only you guys in Malawi who can address issues for National interest.You looking for the other Million now.Shame you think we don’t know that you are the mouth piece of PP?See my name.

  27. SONG says:

    Zaboza zimenezo Tcheya akuyankha milandu yokuba MWK1.7 billion. Musamanamize anthu akulu inu. Wakuba sakhala hero. Tcheya anabaso ndalama alimu MCP zokwana 6 pounds. Zimenezo zonamazo ayi mpatseni ma benefits ake basi.

  28. alick says:

    This is another stupid NGO. you want to tell us she is outside the country because of her benefits. Did she not have a house before? or government took her personal homes? Be careful when sympathizing with those who you shared our taxes with you thieves and idiots.

  29. sikusinja says:

    Rubbish. Government can’t give a security detail in absentia. Wherever she is she needs to inform government of her arrival date so government can arrange her security. The moment she lands the security detail shud be at the airport. If she has no house government can put her up in the five star hotel or presidential villas til a house is allocated. But she needs to be here to validate her complaints. If she lands and there is no security or accommodation then let her whine.

  30. Proper Leadership Is Very Crutial To Any Credible Institution At All Cost Come Home

  31. levelheaded says:

    That’s Malawi at its best. Always sympathise with the vulnerable regardless of his or her criminal record. When are the people going to defend their government for once.

    By the way who is really in dire need of her coming back?

    Government said it black and white that what is needed is her physical presence for her to get her benefits. Jodi simunagwireko ntchito kapena chiyani? Olo pantchito kumene sungalandire ndalama opanda kusainila ma document ena. Even the incumbent president can not get his salary unless he signs some documents,period.

    Kodi u president akutivuta nawowu anawavotera ndani? Mayi mu kaundula wa Malawi Electoral Commission mulibe dzina LA president otchedwa Joice Banda koma muli presidential candidate yemwe analephera pa zisankho za 2014.

    Joyisi what you are doing is making atcheya to be a hero everyday.

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