Fredokiss spits fire at Kalilani’s anti-Bushiri song

There have been mixed reactions from artists and the general public since holy hip hop artist David Kalirani dropped his controversial song “Osaopa”, which highly attacks prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

Hip-Hop artist Fredokiss connecting with fans

Hip-Hop artist Fredokiss connecting with fans

The track brands the South Africa based showy prophet as fake, asking him to close down his ministry, under the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECG. The rapper tells Bushiri to repent or die.

Different artists have reacted to Kalirani’s release, others criticizing it others seeing no problem with the song.

One of them is hip hop artist Penjani Kalua aka Fredokiss, who has trashed “Osaopa” as he publicly defends Bushiri saying every pastor is a human being with shortfalls.

Calling David Kalilani “this chap”, Fredokiss took to social media to air his views on the trending song, saying the former Real Elements rhymer, now a born-again artist and pastor, should be exemplary as a Christian rapper.

“Are you saying we should start attacking and castigating them [men of God] in songs? Are you giving us that permission?”

“Show me a pastor who is not a sinner, above all show me a saint among us. For me this David Kalirani guy should be exemplary as a christian rapper or whatever you call him. I thought spiritual battles are fought in prayer?” questioned artist, who is reportedly a follower of Bushiri’s ECG.

His post attracted a lot of comments from his followers, some attacking him while others in support of his sentiments.

The Ghetto Gutter Entertainment rapper told his 31,500 fans: “If you think just because you are my fan then you should force me to accept your opinions and mediocrity then think again. I dont force you to accept my opinions, those who will make it as individuals by his grace.”

Fredokiss added that David Kalirani lyrics were unchristian and he owes him no apology.

“What he did is unchristian according to my understanding of the bible and am not apologetic unless the word GOSPEL has changed its meaning.”

As some fans observed that Fredokiss, who is also fondly known as Ntchana, was only defending Bushiri to attract the prophet’s ‘miracle money’, he brushed off the suggestions.

“Some of you are saying am after miracle money, NTCHANA! Ask about me. I made my first million at the age of 23, I work hard, I dont sleep when most of you are sleeping and I dont party when most of you are partying. Whether one likes it or not jesus christ will be my lord and savior,” claimed the University of Malawi graduate who works for Pakachere in Blantyre.

Meanwhile, producer and musician Steve Chibwazi aka Stich Fray sees the battle as elephant fight and advises people to be wise and not pick sides.

The reggae musician also posted on Facebook: “mukaziona njobvu zikumenyana chanzeru chomwe umachita mkungotalikila [when you see elephants fighting, the wisest thing you do is watch from a distance], I’ve been seeing all this political fights which was goin on recently, and now I hear there has just started another one.

“Apostles and Prophets fighting over who is real and who is fake. What can I advise you people is that you should be wise and dont pick sides, we will all see who was real or fake on judgement [sic] day. Fear God alone. Bless up!!”

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Mabafokeng Beatrice Khoali
Mabafokeng Beatrice Khoali
Let me tell you my brother David, I am from Lesotho, You are telling us about one million when you were 23 years, it is a pocket money to us Bushiri Church members. Prophet Bushiri is all over the world and people trust him more and more. I advice you to wait at Pretoria Gate and sing your song if you think you will succeed. That strategy of using a song to destroy our Prophet, my brother its a weak and poor one. You will never win I am telling you in Jesus Name. He is loved by many churches… Read more »
man of God

kalilani sunawerenge kuti petulo ndi yohane mene anakumana ndi simeon wanyanga ku samaliya sanamunyoze olo kulimbana naye even tho amapusitsa fanz koma achina petro analalikila za yesu mosatsutsana naye until fanz inayamba kuwakhulupilila kuyamba kuwatsata then simeon anabwera yekha ndikulapa nde inu kutembenuza munthu muchita kumunyozera haaaa ku uzimu kulibe zimenezo battle ndi kuprayer man let bushiri be iwe koza chiyero chako akupeza ukulimbana ndi bushiri zako izo mkwatulo watsala wez aaaaaaaa utumiki wanu ndi uniga nde siziyendatu

Chimwemwe Matandika

Only God can judge us if Bushiri is fake then truth wil be known am a fan of David but he made a mistake by judging that prophet

If he was sponsored by DPP to turnish the image of Prophet Bushiri as suggests, Denguzman (31), then that’s very unfortunate. Inu oyimba nyimbo musalore andalewa akupititseni ku Jahena. Bushiri is obviously a man of God. Read your Bibles very well and see what God says on the identities of true prophets of God; Deutronomy and 1 Samuel. When some people, more than 2000 years ago saw Jesus casting out demons from people, they said Jesus was using the spirit of Belezebab to do that. Jesus said that a kingdom which tears up itself cannot last. One cannot use the… Read more »

Not all gospel artists are gospel or christians! A christian has no audacity to judge others. What curse will befall Kalilani if his judgment on the prophet is mistaken? Is this not a sin against the Holy Spirit? Is this what he understands by democracy or freedom of expression? Such type of blasphemy/defamation is known as libel (a very serious one before God and man). In a song it goes on and on even after he (Kalilani) has repented! Becareful ndinyimbo zanuzi.


fredo is talking sense, why judge or rebuke in a manner of insulting your fellow christian? David waonjeza….Bravo Fredo

Dumisani Nyirenda

David is after fame this time he know that if he attacks ph Bushiri almost every individual will know his name this just the game push up his carier

Chipie Manda

Come on guys, have we become so redundant that wenow waste our time on people who just want to get fame? Both David and Fred are entitled to their opinions and so are we.


Dont mix politics and ma works a mlengi there is no one can judge another human in this earth wether you receive money or mukufuna kuti man of GOD should be shaken sizatheka ndipo mukunama kwambiri hatuna shukrani sisi wamalawi bushiri mungu atampa mamlaka makubwa na mtaona aibu kwa mambo machafu mlimtendea tuko nyuma yake na hatutamuacha bwana david kalilani shetani will kick you left and right soon its when you will realise that bushiri is true man of GOD.


Bushiri wanyozedwa kwambiri mpakana anthu ayamba kumusupporter. Not his works but his negative press has become too much mpaka onyoza ayamba kubakila. Mwamuonjeza mnthu

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