From rags to riches, Gangata owner of five companies: Exclusive interview

Most Malawians underrate their capabilities when it comes to venturing into challenging businesses. Instead they prefer going the easy way by engaging themselves in small scale businesses. But for one Lilongwe based businessman, Alfred Gangata, his story is all sorts of an unfamiliar cliché and it beggars belief – from rags to riches with determination.

Alfred Gangata arriving at his office.. ..Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Alfred Gangata arriving at his office.. ..Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Managing Director of Masters Group, Alfred Gagata.-Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Managing Director of Masters Group, Alfred Gangata.-Photo Jeromy Kadewere

The difference between his story and many others is that he took a risk. He started his business unassumingly modest, but looking at what he has achieved so far in just a few years, it will certainly change mindsets of those who believe that they cannot run big businesses or open their own companies.

In this exclusive interview, Nyasa Times reporter Jeromy Kadewere referred to in this interview as JK talks to this inspiring young man, Alfred Gangata, referred in this interview as AG, the Managing Director of Masters Group to find out more on his impeccable journey to success.


(JK) Who is Alfred Gangata?

(AG) I am a Malawian business man and owner and managing director of Masters Group, which has five companies (Masters Security Services, Fredlines General Dealers, Self Made Import and Export, Sellers of Farm Produces and Concrete Constructions and I am also a farmer.

 (JK) How did you become the owner of your companies? 

(AG) It was in 2011 when l thought of establishing Masters Security Services and l remember l only had had K100, 000 as capital when I started my first company and I also vividly l remember that when l was doing ground-breaking for my business, many people doubted me and said all sorts of things like “akufuna awoneke ngati ndani kodi awa tiwona komwe ziwafikitse.”(Who does he want to be seen to be?) However, what the people were saying did not stop me to do what I was doing, l soldiered on because l believed in myself and ultimately I had an ambition and a mission to accomplish.

(JK) Would you explain exactly how you managed to establish Masters Security Services with only K100, 000?

(AG) It is a matter of being organized. I was so focused. To be successful one must be focused and always alert on whatever they want to achieve. The secret to success is determination and commitment. Hard work pays and there is no short cut. For your information, l used part of the money from farming to establish this company. The problem with most Malawians is that they want to start business with millions, they forget that a journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step.

(JK) How many people have you employed so far?

(AG) With this company alone, Masters Security Services, l have managed to employ 3000 people, but if you ask me how many l have employed in all my  five companies l can confidently say that it’s over  4000 people. I am proud yet so humbled that I have created jobs for many people. Now I can proudly stand on top of any mountain that through Masters Group of companies’ l employ over 4000 Malawians.

(JK)What does Masters Security Services do and which other companies does it work with?

(AG) Masters Security Services is a firm that exceeds client expectations by offering exceptional security solutions around the clock on the clock with 24hrs manned guarding, access door control, CCTV installation, electric fencing and many more propitious security solutions. Currently, we are working with companies like Airtel Malawi and MTL. We are responsible in guarding all Airtel towers in the country.

(JK) What is your educational background?

(AG) Many people do not believe me when l tell them that lam not a graduate. I did not even go far with my education because only l reached form 4 that is all. The problem with us (Malawians) is that we tend to believe that for any person to succeed in life then he or she should have Degrees, PHD’s etc. It is a matter of handwork, dedication and patience. While education is very important, but it is not a recipe for success. We are obsessed with qualifications that are not even necessary needless to mention that we like titles which are not useful to our lives or the country’s development. Degrees or academic titles do not work, people do. We must create jobs and not always be looking for a job after our education.

(JK) Where are you from and how old are you?

(AG) I was born on 20th October 1988. I am from Kachipeya Village, T/A Kachere in Dedza District but currently lam staying in Area 3 in Lilongwe.

 (JK) What do you do when you are free?

(AG) Playing and watching football. I do not miss Chelsea games because that is the club l support, while locally I used to be Big Bullets fan, but l ceased since l have a football club which l am sponsoring now.

(JK) Can you elaborate more on this football club which you’re sponsoring?

(AG) The team is called Masters Security Services FC and currently playing in the Chipiku but we have an ambition next year to earn promotion into the Super League.

(JK) Do you have the capacity to sponsor the team at Super League level?

(AG) Why not? In fact, l already have a plan for it and I have already put each and every player on a payroll. I have put in place an attractive wage bill for all the players in the team. They are all on a monthly salary which most of our Super League teams cannot even afford.

(JK) Why you did also venture into football sponsorship?

(AG) I feel most of our youths have nothing to do, and as a result they indulge in immoral behaviors’ which can lead them into contracting an HIV Virus or commit despicable crimes. So l sat down and said to myself that with the little l have, why can’t l keep them (the youth) busy with something and football appeared to me as the best option. The game of football, apart from being entertained or entertaining others, they are also being protected from indulging in immoral behaviors.’

(JK) You also said you are a farmer, can you tell me more?

(AG) I am a smallholder farmer who owns a chunk of land in Mchinji district where l grow groundnuts, beans and maize.  Last year, l grew 85 bags of groundnuts which l sold them at a price of K2.7 million and also grew two hectares of beans which l sold them at K3.4 million.  If people start taking farming seriously l have the hope that this country can develop progressively. We must indulge ourselves in the habit of producing what we can consume and not consume what we cannot produce.

(JK) Any advice for Malawians?

(AG) Most Malawians are failing to prosper in their businesses because of the Pull – Down syndrome, envy, jealousy and lacking patience. If Malawians start supporting each other l believe that we can progress and move step forwards.

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98 thoughts on “From rags to riches, Gangata owner of five companies: Exclusive interview”

  1. jONES says:

    He didn’t really answer the third question. That explains it all. He cant be telling us about hardworking and staying focused come on!! esp with 100g?? This gay knows exactly what he did,,, and we are watching…..

  2. Captain Mediocrity says:

    The article only states that within his security company the man employs 3,000 people, not guards and he also states that in this security company THEY DO OTHER THINGS APART FROM JUST GUARDING PLACES. It’s in the article above!!!!!

    And why the backbiting? Ati “ndi wa cashgate”, why????? Amalawi comment on that which you have facts on and since when was freedom of speech the license to just speak ill of others?

  3. Kamukhaty says:

    Many lesson to learn indeed! Nsanje

  4. Goliath Lickson says:

    I also believe in making mountains out of molehills. Keep it up bro.

  5. dalitso says:

    Amwene kulemera kwa chimalawi kumeneko chifukwa ndikunena pano for over 2 months ma guard ake a m’madera ambiri sanalandirepo even 1 tambala and they are in hundreds. How fair is that yet he is boasting kuti ali bwino inunso kumupopa but at the expense of somebody else’s blood and sweat that is satanic. Now what about the life and plight of those guards plus their hungry families? I have seen it first hand and people are cursing his name because ali mumavuto oopsya ndi njala iyi komabe the earthly world favours the wicked and God alone the Merciful father akuyang’anira anthu ogwira thangata kwa iyeyu. Yesa kusintha mphwanga, ngati sindiwe put your house inorder otherwise udzaona ngati ndi malodza.

  6. Mungawa says:

    may God bless you , I was born on 2 february, 1981, working and earns a good salary but have not made it up to now, still leaving with hopes. I am now encouraged to take risks.

  7. Iwonder why the whole interview you dint mention God.

  8. innocent says:

    May God bless u,but one thing Chelsea inatha kkkkkkk. I like jokes do not take it serious,

  9. Lughano says:

    Proud of u friend, umaitha

  10. Benja says:

    Brother man NTCHITO zamanja ako zikukuchitila umboni, big up

  11. Thomas brian says:


  12. Dukes says:

    Big up Mr analyst you are wise and I like your comments keep it up

    1. The Analyst says:

      Am humbled. Thanks Dukes

  13. The Professor says:

    This what happens when people get rich through dubious means.. They boast too much..! My brother let us wait for 2006 to 2011 Cashgate investigations. We will see how you will defend yourself before the High Court Judge. There will be No Cashgate when MCP comes into power. Vote MCP In 2019..

  14. Mandela says:

    Ndizoona munthuyu walemba anthu 3000 kuyambira tsiku limene anayamba kampani yakeyi koma anthu amachoka choka ndipo panopa anthu ake alipo ochepa,chabe

  15. Mulhomwe Wankulu says:

    Mphwanga u’ve really impressed me. For your information am also having a small company that am running but some people do not wish me well. The problem that we have (we) Malawians is pull down syndrome thus why we don’t succeed. But all in all i’ll reach where you have reached, God is with my business. Zikomo kwambiri for your inspiration and keep it up. But my simple advice to you is plz don’t be tempted with the people who may just want to use you by the end of the day you ‘ll be in hot soup..Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!

  16. Phwado says:

    You have just poked and provoked the media.They shall spend sleepless nights to dig deeper into how you became such rich.I only pray it is not dirty money.Wishing you well!

  17. One Love says:

    Amene akupanga msangewa ambili mwa iwo ndi Atumbuka. Koma mtundu uwu abale!!!!!!

  18. Osei says:

    Zikavuta ndilemba a detailed 5 paged report ndiuze anthu pomwe zanu zidayelera. Osamanamiza anthu iyayi. Ndikuziwa ndanda uliwonse wa business imeneyi ine. search me!

  19. Aduu says:


  20. kawonga says:

    i support the fact from nathenje trading centre, jeromy is not equipped to take inspiring interviews. he is good at analysing soccer and etc

  21. Yaya kumudzi says:

    congratulations!! afana

  22. mjiba says:

    Chifukwa chokuti mfanayu sanapite kugele nkuwona akutrash geli. Not long ago we read a similare story about a successful businessman cum politician Lutepo. it turned out he was thieving. Mfana media can make or break. Dont rush to publish what is illegally gotten. rule number 1.

  23. Chris says:

    thats inspiring keep it up

  24. odabwa chabe says:

    Amuna akumalawi koma Mowa Mahule basi. ena amaphatikiza ndi za mipingo. Busy running churches like their company. donr get me wrong, the energy if split one can ably run a company koma mumva aaaah nthawi tilibe chonsecho anali kumpohakati kumwa mpakana mmawa. Or Anali kumwambo wampingo kaya kuti kaya for weeks. Nsanje thoooooo.

  25. Nathenje trading centre says:

    i think this guy called Alfred gangata is so inspiring but the problem is that he was interviewed by a journalist who is not inspiring

  26. The Analyst says:

    “Success is simply a matter of luck. Ask any failure” – Earl Wilson

  27. crazy stuff says:

    The malawians are lazy. The malawian like to drink booze. The malawian likes to shag whores. Then the malawian wants to beg to amwenye. Then the malawian says that amwenye have more money. Jack up friends! Work hard niggers

  28. Hansou says:

    It’s good to see someone pull off an uphill task that started with taking a risk, determination to gamble but committed.

    But stop taking your story to the media, please be that successful business

  29. Congratulations Mr. Gangata.

  30. dzeus says:

    82 bags ground nuts at K2.7million? You must have exported to Europe!

  31. yona banda says:

    The fact that he has a contract with airtel, may be this story could be true for a contract with these thievy guys is a lot of money. They pay their executives obscene money so what more with a contractor. As a farmer he could also have stolen from his collegues as he is a produce dealer. These tie scales and also offer low prices as well. So just like Lutepo lets just wait. In Malawi it is extremely difficult for an upright person to be rich. We have banks that charge ridiculous interests on their loans, we have MRA, we have vendors, we have labour department that wants people to be paid K1000 when they have done K10 work, we have MPs who want money from workers for no work etc. So if you throw away your morality then indeed you can be rich- steal from who ever is not watching over their resources

  32. Self employed says:

    Mukawerenge book loti “what they don’t teach you a Harvard business School” You will learn alot.Dont wait to start business until you have millions.Start with the little you have,be innovative and creative and higher one will make his own way.Nkhani yoti ndikudikira capital yayikulu will never take you anywhere.I know of a guy who with started with 6 pigs in town .Pano he has many pigs and he is in butchery business making alot of dosh.Look well after your pigs ndipo zimaberekana koopsya.

  33. Decent Citizen says:

    Amalawi ambiri akapeza Ndalama amakonda kumwa ndi Kukonda mahule ngati mmene amachitira anyamata a cashgate stealing our hard earned taxes.This is an inspiring story of young hardworking man who has made a fortune through his sweat osati mbava zimatibera ma billions ndikumakasangalala ndi mahule ku South Africa.All the cashgaters should rot in prisons and all their properties confiscated to recover our money.

  34. Mlimi waku Namitete says:

    Congrats Mr Gangata.We need more of this young courageous young men like the Gangata who can think outside the box.They are alot young men roaming in town doing nothing looking for employment known that Malawi is going through high rate of employment.I made a small fortune after being tomato after failing getting a job in town.I have a maize farm,groundnut and doing pig farming.Im not longer tnterested to put on jackets again after failing to get a job in town.My hands get dirty and make money out of farming.Kamuzu was right that “chuma chili munthaka.”

  35. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Guys never trash school. Education is important in every aspect of life. I think the issue should be educated people in Malawi and not education in itself. It’s like saying that politics is bad yet its Malawi politicians who are. I like one song by Nkasa on “Sukulu” which goes; ” Udzakhala bwanji mayor, udzakhala bwanji matron, udzakhala bwanji dokotala, tidzapanga bwanji business dziko la umbuli?!!!!

  36. The Patriot says:

    Sounds familiar! Success from ” hardwork”. No mention of bribes to get contracts, cashgate etc. Time will tell if this success is really hardwork or dependent on contracts!

  37. Chris says:

    Enanu mukulemba ma comments like ndinu mwini wankhani its boring to read your long comments

  38. D.D. Phiri says:

    difficult to believe this man, u are lucky chikhala kale..nthawi ya kamuzu, boma likanalanda chuma chonse ndi kukumangaso. cashgate eniyeni! at this rate u can suppass mpingangira in 10yrs,dangote in 20 yrs from now kkkk. am jealous,sory.

  39. thumbwe man says:

    Kwa a Yaya

  40. Time will tell says:

    Koma azilondao amalipidwa? Kapena ndi ma 3 months without pay

  41. genius says:

    its an ill wind which browses nobody’s good.

  42. International Observer says:

    Something is not adding up in the assertions Mr. Gangata is painting. In simple terms, imagine an individual employing 3,000 security guards, is this guy serious or he is not aware of the difference that 30, 300 and 3,000 are not the same? Employing 3,000/4,000 people is massive recruitment, not even Yanu Yanu Bus Service at its peak boasted of numbers like these Gangata is talking about. Yes, talk of cash gate, possibly then we can say it is possible because no proper accounting is put in place to determine expenditure/profit since the money’s source is unknown and indeed the taps keep on flowing uncontrollably. Kunama masanasana bwanji akulu?

  43. Karonga boy says:

    Hahahaha man FRED kkkkkk ndakumvani malangizo anu. Nanenso ndiesa kulima kuti ndipeze mpamba. Zabwino zonse man.

  44. Corruption says:

    Wbodza leni leni ameneyu. My arithmentic tells me that if he employs 4,000 people and imagine paying them K20,000.00 minimum, that translates into K80 Million, zoowona zimenezi. Business yake yotani. Olo titati K10,000.00 wages K40 Million assi ndithu olo K5,000.00 average wage K20 Million pa moon. Bodza ili> Akuteta. That means he makes super natural profits. Gross revenue cha mm K200 million less operating expenses. Koma ndiye ndi magwiji. I rest my case.

  45. Chindere says:

    We fail to read in between lines and blinded by jealous. AG has clearly said that he started his business in 2011 and you put words in his mouth that he started his business in 2001, then aged 13. The young man is a genius to the say the truth. This is the spirit we need to embrace to part ways with poverty.
    We lazy bones have the business of pulling down each other rather than buying some leaves from successful people.
    I am actually inspired and I have aspirations of venturing into business whilst still working. We don’t put all eggs in one basket.

  46. Maliseche says:

    there is always a secret that we cant share, when it comes to making money

  47. mapwevupwevu says:

    Watsala madzi amodzi kuti amangidwe uyu!

  48. Souja says:

    Ma comment amene akuperekadwa akuonekeratu kuti amalawi amanjoya like poverty,Gangata continue working hard dude..

  49. The Analyst says:

    “Success is simply a matter of luck. Ask any failure.” – Earl Wilson

    Surely Gangata must be lucky. The gods must have smiled at him. But dont we think that besides being lucky, he was prepared also? Pajatu . . .

    “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” – Seneca

    As such when the opportuinity came, he already was prepared hence grabbed it. And . . .

    “Opportunity is a haughy goddess who wastes no time with those who are unprepared.” – George Clason (The Richest Man in Babylon)

    Preparedness is what many Malawians lack. We are so burried up in procrastination (not-now, not-now – the capital is too small) that we dont even start at all. And if we start, times will have changed hence little or no success at all in our business ventures. Big up Gangata!

    If many a Malawian we like Gangata, Malawi could have felt the impact. Coz . . .

    “Our prosperity as a nation depends upon the personal finacial prosperity of us as individuals.” – George Clason (in The Richest Man in Babylon)

    Let us emulate Gangata and borow a leaf or two from him. Otherwise we will keep thinking that all successful people are just lucky guys e.g. born from a rich family. Therefore we shall keep blaming our parents for being poor, blaming Malawi for being a poor country, and its leadership. And in the process forget that . . .

    “The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You do not blame them on your mother, the ecology or the president. You realise that you control your own destiny.” – Albert Ellis

  50. Chifundo says:

    Kodi mmene umayamba business yakoyo unalemba ntchito anthu angati, umawalipira zingati pa mwezi, Rent umalipira ndalam zingati? 2011 sikale kuchokera lero ndipo K100,000.00 inali ndalama yopanda mphamvu. Agalu ndi magalimoto okwera ma guard amachokera pa ndalama yomweyi? Something is not adding up here

  51. mac dee says:


  52. chatonda says:

    But most educated people think they cannot do dirty business because of their education. But they are forced to live miserable life because they are afraid to take risks and again that they think some businesses are very dirty. People who are getting rich are those who take risks and venture into any business as long as there is an opportunity. Leave your degrees aside and join any small size business, you will not regret. or you remain where you are.

  53. WAKUDA KAMANGA says:

    Kkkkkkkk zaziiiiii.

  54. dayfri says:

    iiii kaya amwene

  55. Victor Jumbo says:

    Congrats Mr AG, you are doing very well and continue with your hard work. I agree with you that many Malawians tend to complain more and expect help from others instead of thinking what to do themselves to earn a living first. We need many more people like you AG to lead the way for others to follow. Farming in Malawi can really provide Malawians with enough food and other farm produce that Malawi as a country needs. We have a very beautiful lake with fresh water, nice rivers and good land with which we need for agricultural products. All we need is to stop whinging and get on with the hard work.
    Victor Jumbo

  56. Khamani!! says:

    A kuti 2011 … What’s wrong with you people ?

  57. alpha says:

    Agree with others that ave already commented on the article. Something does not add up here.1988 kubadwa, 2001 munthu wachita establish kale company ndi K100,000.00 akuti atalekeza maphunziro ake pa Form 4. Mwina kapena amafika form 4 akuyendetsa kale ma company awo, ko0mabe….

  58. tana says:

    This is very encouraging we need people like this man, keep it up man

  59. adona says:

    i think he was born in 1977 not 1988. koma nayenso ntolankhani amayenela kukonza zimenezi before printing. otherwise, very inspiring. He should be a lesson to many who are just fold their hands and expect government to do miracles for them. lazy people! Government will never put money in your pocket, work hard and stay focused.

  60. tsetsefly says:

    Admirable business enteprenuer. Keep it up. I am certianly tired of working for comapnies and I am also working very hard to move away from this bondage of working from 7:30 to 5pm making more money for the org but earning miserable wages for my pocket. I can attest to the fact that getting employed can not take us to a dream land. It only improves the pocket of the CEO and a few executives.

  61. John Marley says:

    You said that you was born 1988.. Wow … It seems you are steal young … You will be one of the Billionairs Soon.

    1. Gas Machine Head says:

      Steal young? Kuba young?

  62. josko says:

    wow i lyk u bigman ur story z insiperin..

  63. So inspiring story. I don’t care on how people scrutinise you on how old you are. What matters is your achievements. Stupid people believe that for you to be successful you need to be old. This is another century. Here in SA there is a youngest millionaire at the age of 21.He runs an online forex trading business. No body scrutinizes his age than what Malawians do. As you said that in Malawi there are a lot of people with too much “pull him down syndrome” Yes it is true. Ife tikabwela ku holiday munva “timuwomela tima Rand tikamuthela” Mwagwa nayo. Pitani mukakolope Nyanja.

  64. George Ngalawa says:

    This stor is not a all rags to riches.This Guy had mwk100000.00 in 2001;thats not small money.And he was 13 years old; where did he get mwk100,000.00 at 13 years?

  65. mache Joy says:

    Uli bwino ndaphunzilapo ziwiri zitatu

  66. batkiss says:

    apa pachuluka boza apa. munthu zaka 13 mchaka cha 2001 anayitenga kuti? Si ma business a cashgate awa? ma company osaziwika bwinobwino basi nkumaima pachulu kufuna kuonesa anzanu makape. chenjerani bambo, it is unwise to attract unnecessary attention.

  67. odabwa chabe says:

    zakazo mwati bwanji? eish mabodza sakomanso pena pake. mmalo moti tisangalale if basi aaaah mkuluyu akuna mwinatu mpakana kusiya kukuzilirani man. aah zakazo mwanama boss or chaka choyambira business mwanama……

  68. Pimbisa Ambwiye says:

    Inspiring indeed. Bola ngati sunali conduit ya Mphwiyo!

  69. ..... says:

    Congratulations. It appears you reason better than your uncle Chakwera. In fact you have given us a brief of fresh air going through such positive article other reading brain cracking issues from Chakwera.I did not know that we have other Chewas who are reasoning like that after being occupied by Chewa history of JUT and Laza.

  70. lvg says:

    Zakazo koma Mboba ngati mukunama choncho nde ndinu acrook

  71. Patriotic Citizen says:

    Mistakes are part of life. Age issue is minor. This is great. What inspires me is the drive into agriculture. This is a very risk business area but very rewarding if it wants to. Keep it up but do not get excited with cheap money like cashgated riches as it is done by majority of civil servants, politicians and contractors

  72. Kavuluvulu says:

    Wabodza bodza uyu.

  73. Achimidzimidzi says:

    I can not finish reading this story. This person corrupts his way to get business.

    However, farming is a good one no corrupt practices except buying subsidized inputs from distributors.

  74. Gerald Milinda says:

    Continue creating job for Malawians & protect Malawians youths.GOD bless

  75. Waku Mozambique ameneyo ndipo okhwima.

  76. Viyazi Tembo says:

    Well done Nyasa times, this is news we want to read, not mzuzu mayor is married, Tay grin is in uk, what a waste of space……..

  77. shangingo says:

    thats an inspiring piece, though not conclusive. But anyway something has been grasped here . Congrats Fred for being such a model as young as you are. Indeed most of us are busy spending millions doing phds and expect someone to employ us. For sure educations doesnt work but its people who work. All it takes is to have a vision and shuuu you venture into it. Lesson taken Mphwanga.

  78. jeb says:

    This guy is genius indeed. The kind that is only found in India that can start reading text books at the age of 2 years and establish a company at 13. Big up man

  79. Andy banda says:

    Thumbs up nyasatimes, this is the type of story we should be reading. Most malawians strongly believe that cashgate is the order of the day.

  80. golo says:

    You were born on 20th October,1988. That means you are 27 years old. You started your Security company in 2001 which means you were 13 years of age then. I am not trying to be sarcastic but at 13 years I doubt if anyone can start a Security firm business. I have my doubts about your real age.

  81. festus a says:

    something is missing here, how can a thirteen year old boy manage to start a company on his own? he was born in 1988 and in 2001 ha had K 100,000 as a capital.

  82. Uyu ndi Kape says:

    Quite inspiring. He has much better ideas than the president who is failing to know which buttons can inspire the nation economically. Ask the so-called leaders how many employees they have in their companies if they have any’ All they know is stealing tax-payers money. If they had been investing the stolen money in starting companies to employ people Malawi cud have been different

  83. phox says:

    Tatiuzeni zomveka bwino pazakazawozo ife sitikumvesa mmene mukunamila apamu or u have to crosscheck ur stories b4 let out .

  84. Austin says:

    Exactly may God bless u

  85. Patrick Chipeka says:

    Congrats! This is encouraging.

  86. Rich CJ says:

    That is so great.

  87. Rus-san says:

    Dear Alfred Gangata and my Fellow Malawians,

    Well done for all such achievements. I guess you have and will continue insipiring more youths in the country. Wish you well in your career and bussines. Let others emulate this hardworking spirit.

    I am not so sure how you and all of us can help teach our friends who just monger in town masquerading as vendors whilst their motive is to steal from people. (anathawa kale kale ku mudzi m’kubera ntauni). They can do better as well if they can make good use of the little resources they have – even right in the village. They just need good skills and knowledge on how to run business. Just imagine, a person at village works hard on something (e.g. producing querry or river sand), then when he gets the money (say MK30,000) – the whole money is spend on beer, fodya and prostitutes. Can you imagine? Can such pple develop? I doubt!!.

    Someone suggested that all idle people in town must be chased away and go back ku village and rural growth centres and do clean businesses there rather than mongering in town.

    Let me request Analyst to comment on this and provide solutions to these ppl who just stay idle in town. Vuto lake ndiloti tikawasiila a Police kuti awathamangitse amakanikanso chifukwa zimalowa ndale and chibale.

    Thank you.

    1. The Analyst says:

      Rus-san, am humbled!!!!

      My comment will take a specific case here.

      Did you guys hear what the Salima lady who worn K5m from Airtel plans to do with the money? Buying a plot and building houses for her relations! We advised kuti asalore anthu aliyense amunamize kuti walemera but she now thinks she is the Messiah hence a solution to each and every financial problem that each and every relation is facing. Not to say that helping relations is a bad idea (after all, we live in extened families) but we suggested that for her to sustainably help them, she first build up a solid finacial base e.g. a sound business hence a constant cashflow and the procedes therefrom, nkumamanga nyumbazo za abale akewo. After all sikuti abale akewo akugona pansi pa bridge panopa iai! Alternatively, she could have built the houses and rent them out. After all she is not responsible for them to the extent of building them houses (to be frank).

      “I may not know the key to success but the key to failure is tyring to please everybody.” – Bill cosby tu paja anatero.

      The Salima lady further said she is yet to consult her relations on how to use the money. Seriously? All along she hasn’t yet decided what to do with the money? Procrastination (not-now, not-now) is a problem. We all know that . . .

      “Opportunity is a haughy goddess who wastes no time with those who are unprepared” – George Clason (The Richest Man in Babylon) and also that . . .

      And are we sure she is consulting the right people? Is there a business guru from amongst her relations? How come I doubt! Do you ask a breadmaker about stars? Nooo, you consult the astronomer!

      I salute Gangata and therefore ask him to perhaps take it as a personal responsibility to visit this lady and give advice. Otherwise all I can see from her is chaos and we all know that nothing good comes out of chaos. It pains to see such chaos and pajatu money speaks – “goodbye” it says.

      Many people do not know that it is easier to find money than it is to keep it.


    Bigup to you Alfred!

  89. Mwethu says:

    Its an inspiring story of a young man who has done himself good. But he has failed to answer 2 questions that are important in my opinion:

    The 1st one is on how he managed to start a security company with only K100,000.00. He has not explained, he talks of commitment, hard work and chipped in that he used part of his farming proceeds to start the company and yet he said himself that he only started with K100,000!!!

    The 2nd question which he doesn’t answer convincingly is on education background. He becomes too defensive instead of just saying I have an MSCE without poiting fingers and scoffing at those with degrees and titles, he should learn to be respectful. He should know that with education the world is your oyster even if you are not rich!!

    Otherwise he is an inspiration to young men who want to enter the world of business.

  90. CHIMANGENI says:

    MY friend, am touched! Its true that we Malawians we believe in getting degrees and being emproyed

  91. Tina says:

    Thank you for the good job you do. Congratulations and Wishing you the most success in your business. One simple advise, do not allow anything to do with politics to work with you even if it means big company or government orders. Mind jelous people, love your family and believe in God

  92. The observer (AKA Prisoner monger) says:

    Kom ka u TRAD kakuwoneka kuti kalimobe

  93. Arich semz says:

    He is a man with great vision. Keep on going brave man

  94. John Maken says:

    Well done and keep it up young man. What a breath of fresh air. Inspiring.

  95. mlanjira says:

    Congratulations Alfred. You are a hard worker and i really appreciate your moves. Osakhala ngati abale ako a ku Liwonde aja, ana kuwalelera pa chilolo osafuna kudziyimila paokha. You are a different genus with this Liwonde escom family.

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