Gay rights: Is Malawi a puppet of Western countries?

Last week, Minister of Justice Samuel Tembenu announced that government had dropped charges against homosexuals and suspended anti-gays laws pending a vote whether to revoke the legislation.

Gay couples can no longer face arrest and prosecution in Malawi as the law awaits review

Gay couples can no longer face arrest and prosecution in Malawi as the law awaits review

By arbitrarily suspending the anti-homosexual legislation, government is tuning Malawi into a banana republic where laws are not respected and can be changed at any time on the influence of the donor community or to please them to secure favours.

The action not only shows government is desperate to secure aid, but it is being disrespectful and usurping the powers of Parliament which is the rightful body to amend, repeal or retain laws. If anything, government should have asked Parliament to review the law.

The issue would have been debated before a consensus is reached.

As MCP President Lazarus Chakwera has rightly pointed “suspension of homosexual laws should be approved by Parliament.”

Why is government in such a hurry to the extent of ignoring procedures? And where is separation of powers?

Government should not be so desperate for aid to the point of bowing to pressure from the donor community to legalise same-sex marriage. Malawi is a sovereign State and it should not be pushed around by industrialised countries to adopt something that is against the wishes of Malawians.

So, the assertion by Tembenu that “we are responding to the concerns that people have had that we have breached our international obligation” is being mean with the truth.

While the donor community seem not to trust the DPP government with their money in the wake of Cashgate and lack of financial prudence, it is equally true that they are trying to use aid as a weapon to have Malawi adopt same-sex marriage. Donors know that Malawi is a poor country and desperate for help and it is easy to impose their values through manipulation of domestic laws using aid as one of the conditions.

Although the government has assured the donor community that it is committed to reviewing anti-homosexuality law in consultation with the people, it is a foregone conclusion that the overwhelming majority of Malawians are against homosexuality.

Chancellor College political science lecturer Boniface Dulani was quoted in the media as saying that “If you look at the survey numbers, you will see that 95 percent of Malawians disapprove of homosexuality.” So it will be a waste of public resources for government to consult the people when they know the outcome.

Government should have taken a cue from President Uhuru Kenyatta who told President Barack Obama when he visited Kenya last July that “gay rights is non-issue and Kenya is not keen on embracing homosexuality”.

Malawi Government should have been bold enough to inform the donor community that the overwhelming majority of Malawians reject homosexuality rather than skate around the issue.

It is unfair for developed countries to be imposing their own will, values or laws on weaker nations like Malawi. Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe recently told Parliament that the donor community laid down new 20 conditions for government to fulfill before aid could resume. Some of the conditions are not in the interest of Malawians.

Should Malawi just accept anything because of aid?

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48 thoughts on “Gay rights: Is Malawi a puppet of Western countries?”

  1. Nkhuku says:

    Much as I understand the ideas raised, I believe we are living in a democratic country where the majority rules. It is surprising then to hear that democracy should be the other way round (the minority).

    If somebody is born with a tendency of stealing, do we grant him or her that right to steal because they were born that way?

    When we talk about a normal thing, we imply that which is convensionally accepted by the majority or the whole society as licit and that it does not suprise anybody. homosexuality in this case is abnormal for it does not meet the convensional agreement of the society.

  2. Blunt Truth says:

    If sexual orientation is a sin then it is obvious that it is god who will judge. Let no man be a judge. It is completely naive and unrealistic for some people to suggest that Malawi can do without donor aid.

  3. maxwell says:

    GOD could have created man to man if it was meant to b like that .So malawians lets stop this nonsense.NYASI BASI

  4. maxwell says:

    gay gay whats that.GOD could have created man to man if it was that.Stop this nonsense malawian

  5. John Grey kufa 2 says:

    Mmmhhh malawi now you are coming to be SODOM and GOMOLA wow,I was loving and beliving this gorvenment but now go to HELL.I don’t eat donetions. 2019 u ll never see my vote AGAIN

  6. Mapiri says:

    Wokwiya, u are missing the point. It is not about hating gays, but not allowing the west to use their money to legalisd gay marriage. Also to caution govt not to suspend laws to please the west.

  7. Mapiri says:

    NaChisale, gay people are abnormal. It is like a woman growing beards. We are not saying we shud discriminate them. But the west shud not use gay rights as precondition for aid or suspend laws

  8. Toad says:

    Am not gay .the coming of this practice was prophesied in the bible.we therefore cannot win the ant-gay crusade. Any effort against gay won’t succeed.gaysim is not our culture ,you also need to be reminded that women wearing trousers is not our culture .people, religious leaders rejected it strongly.what happened ?the same people accepted that western type. Church leaders seem to miss the approach towards the gay issue. What i know is that the church deals with heart transformation other than outward confession. I would have expected thee church to pray hard for the change of heart of these gay. As a matter of fact the bible ask believers to demonstrate special love to the sinner. My fell believers this is spiritual war not physical. I also finds it very strange for the church to ask the government for a treaty against the gay. So we have failed as the church? The government will always thrive when sins are committed. You tell the government not do this and that for a short time they may appear to corporate only realise they have deserted the church.

  9. Nangantani says:

    Kuntunda kwautsogoleri Watu kuli enamathanyula
    How can they resist the pressure when the pressure is serving their purpose ?,

  10. Pemphan phir says:

    Nchiyani kodi a Malawi?

  11. Carolynn says:

    Your article only shows your ignorance while promoting bigotry (I assume you are a BLACK Malawian so you should get this! Shame on you!)
    The issue is NOT about aid (which your country desperately needs); the issue is about human rights. Your leader has taken a very brave step, no doubt to bypass such small-minded people as you apparently are.
    I say: Welcome to the 21st century!

  12. DRAKE says:

    poverty is a curse and its bad, even the people we entrusted to be our leaders are bowing down to devilish desires of America and Britain. LORD HAVE MERCY

  13. Lucía says:

    Yes, you should accept if you want aid. Nothing is free in this life except love and still it may come with conditions. No one is imposing on you to promote homosexuality or to be in any way homosexual. By the way you describe things it is reflected the lack of proper education you miss and that is a major and bigger issue for the whole country. The topic of LGBT affects a minority but it is a minority that should be protected and not harassed, discriminated or even worse… What the international community is asking you is to grow and to have respect, tolerance and acceptance. Indeed to build common sense and equality towards those who are different than you no matter race, sex, religion,culture or any kind of orientation as long as it is peaceful. You should be ashamed of the way you are approaching this situation. If you accept money and investment from foreign nations don´t be naive that it will be in exchange of nothing. That is here and anywhere in the world. You are not puppet of anyone but the BIG issues you have require trade and as long as you can not create a better and more independent welfare system. I am sorry to say than you depend on international markets.

  14. We totally reject gay rights in Malawi. Donors should give them a shelter in their countries because its their culture.

  15. Aaron brown nyasulu says:

    Izi nde zachilendodi;2014 ija anthu timakumvani mukuti tikufuna ophunzira tioneko zachilendo.Kodi mmanena zimenezi?kkkkk

  16. Citizens says:


  17. becks says:

    Sheepish DPP

  18. kambobwe says:

    . If one is “born gay” then it could not be a sin. God would not warn against a behavior if they were “born that way”. It is like any sin, some of us are more inclined if you will to be tempted. . . to lie, to steal, to gossip, to be promiscuous. I believe some have more of a genetic tendancy to be homosexual, just like some may have a propensity to commit other sins. I can’t believe a loving God would make someone gay and then consider it sin…..just my thoughts

  19. Lemuel Gulliver Khoviwa says:

    We are such a sleepy lot it’ll take a huge earthquake to wake us up.

  20. bk phiri says:

    Kutereku kwa inu a JJ sex between men through the back is modern way of life?

  21. Kenkkk says:

    Ngalamayi, please don’t lie to us. Which donor taxpayers are you talking about that support their money to be used on homesexual projects or issues? In USA and uk for example there states or local govts administrations that refuse to fund any gay projects. Your comparison of banks and mortgages is irrelevant.

    Their taxpayers don’t even know that their govts are insisting on Malawi to accept gays as a condition for getting donor support or aid from them. These govts are giving us these conditions discreetly otherwise their own taxpayers will up in arms against them.

    I agree with Wokwiya that let these gay people be what they are but what I don’t agree is these western countries attaching gay rights conditions on giving us aid. The only conditions should be about against corruption, embezzlement and against poor governance of their money.

  22. KAMBWE says:


  23. Jj says:

    Gays are humans too, westerner are trying so hard to make you aware that it’s morally right to accept them as part of the modern society, you idiots with your borrowed religions ( Christians, Islam etc) can’t get this through your thick skulls. Why can’t you understand this? Sometimes I think monkeys would be have understood this…..

  24. Bibo says:

    Indeed the DPP government is a puppet of donors. The western world is deliberately mixing milk with beer whose chemical composition won’t yield desirable outcome.Respect of a sovereign country’s laws is one thing and recognizing the existence of minority groups is another.

    I don’t see any reason why certain individuals from abroad can think that Malawians shouldn’t follow their laws or minority groups that create their practices that are against the enacted laws should invite sympathy and force government to suspend the law.What it is now is that parliament has been invaded and it has been rendered irrelevant to discuss issues of national interest.

    Can anyone go to the western world and force governments there to release those who have been arrested for practising polygamy? Or can a Malawian diplomat force any government there to suspend the law because it is alleged that some authorities have contradicted respect for human rights? This DPP government will yield more outrage from the public than any reward they have targeted to achieve from donors because donors are hypocritical when it comes to issues affecting African countries.What they are telling us is that we shouldn’t respect God’s position on marriage which is supposed to be between man and woman.Their forefathers taught us Christianity but now these donors want us to deviate from the teachings of the bible and follow the culture of Satan.

    Peter Mutharika swore to respect and practice the laws of the country,but now he respects donors more than the Malawian people. Where would Malawi be if fifty percent of our society became gay in fifty years to come. I can see this happening in the event that laws on gay were amended. Wouldn’t Malawi be like Sodom and Gomorrah where such practices became prevalent?

    This is why I respect Paul Kagame of Rwanda because no country in the west can influence him to do anything contrary to the laws of his country.Kagame declared Rwanda an aid- free country because donors used to intimidate him on human rights issues such that conditions were being set before his country could get aid. He talked to his people to exercise national pride and be patriotic. Kagame also told donors off that his people would fund the running of government. What happened was that from the time he sealed the door on donor funding, every Rwandese contributes to government similar to the way Christians do tithing, such that what people contribute is more than what donors used to give the country. The country has therefore, completely avoided the embarrassment of a begging bowl at the the hands of arrogant donors. It has worked well with Rwanda because Kagame created a corrupt- free society and any contribution from people is highly accounted for, and everyone can now see that Rwanda is on the move.

    Bingu Mutharika was the strongest president with principles even though he had shortfalls on nepotism. This Peter Mutharika is very weak and needs to be reminded that Malawi should have national pride at stake. For how long is the country gonna be depending on donors such that we will be suspending our laws because we want to please them? Peter should learn something from leaders like Kagame and Uhuru Kenyatta instead of being myopic and naive. We can manage ourselves as long as we have a corrupt- free government that sets the example to the society, that instils discipline in people, and educates people on the benefits of patriotism and national pride. If donor countries managed to develop on their own why can’t we do it? Why should we be subjected to ridicule by them because we are begging them. I believe with God guiding us we can’t fail because he knows we respect him and not donors.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  25. Jeff says:

    I am sorry. The majority will always say they do not approve of a minority, especially when you have politicians using gays and lesbians as “cannon fodder”. If you don’t want to follow the rules of a civilized world then enjoy being poor. The US and Europe are very generous with their donations, but with it comes the need to follow the rules of the global community. Rules and recommendations made by the United Nations. If you choose not to do so, then our pocket books and check books should remain closed.

  26. nachisale says:

    Malawians are confused people including the writer of this article and the opposition. Donors always impose conditionalities on their aid and as a poor country we can’t pick and choose which one to accept. The media, opposition and civil society have been pressuring President Mutharika to win back donors, so one of the conditions apart from information bill is homosexuality so Lowani don’t demonise donors and their values today! You have insisted that donors come back and the price we have to pay is adopting their values.

  27. mzungumbuli says:

    …..Pano pali chipiliro cha oyera mtima cha iwo akusunga malamulo a Mulungu ndi kukhala nao umboni wa Yesu. Chibvumbulutso 14 v 12. Owerenga khala maso. Nthawi yatha. Yesu akubwera posachedwa.

  28. This is a pity to most Malawians thanks to ‘Soldier’ for your good conscious otherwise Malawi shall be like Sodom and Gomorah following Tembenu’s action, but why not respecting views of most Malawians or debate in parliament? DPP has completely failed to serve interest of true Malawians this is not applicable in Malawian cultures, religion and ethics, Malawians wake up!!!!

  29. abraham saka says:

    We are now under the custody of NGOs moreover we do not have constitution nor president.Wait for many things to come to destroy our LAW. WARNING malawi is about to be recited as a country accomplishing to warnings of last days.

  30. opportunist says:

    I don’t support gay

  31. Ngalamayi says:

    If you go to the bank for a mortgage, you must accept the bank’s conditions if you want to buy your house. As Loose Cannon wisely said, the taxpayers in donor countries, providing aid to Malawi, also expect the borrowers to meet certain conditions. If you don’t like the conditions, no one is forcing you to accept the money.

  32. Good Samaritan says:

    Let us all join hands to keep stability in our country by doing away with all gays found doing their dirty activities. Mob should be done on these stupid worse that dog creatures.

  33. Kenkkk says:

    Stick with our zero donor support budget rather than allowing the majority of Malawians human rights being violated by these western donors, they will eventually come back to us on their own. Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, Muslim countries, etc have all resisted these western govts and rebuffed them on homosexual issues but these countries are doing fine and the same donors are helping them again.

    This dpp govts is making a terrible mistake by unilaterally allowing westerners to dictate and change or dilute our laws without the approval of parliament.

  34. Wokwiya says:

    This question is wrongly framed and the ensuing analysis biased! these gay people are our fellow Malawians and we just need to let them be. Donors or no donors, as civilized people we should learn to accept those that are born different from us whether they are albinos, gays, etc. It’s a shame that we have to wait for donors to tell us what is right. just because the majority of Malawians are homophobic doesn’t mean we should accept this unwarranted hate. Let gays be! They are Malawians and they don’t do you any harm neither do they force you to be one of them. Focus on more important things like ending corruption and building our infrastructure such as electricity generation and good roads. Stop thus hypocrisy! You hate gay right yet, given a chance you’ll be the first one to get a residence permit to leave your dirt poor country and live in South Africa where gay rights are accepted. Let’s learn from South Africa. Has God destroyed them for accepting gay rights? No! In fact he has blessed them with more development and happiness. Stop the hypocrisy!

  35. Hardson says:

    No one could resist the pressure. Failing which would mean giving chance of talk to the oposition as they are always good at error pointing. Hosexual is a sin to the true God worshippers but not to illuminats. It may not be the one who is sitting as puppet on the governing seat but the owner who is the ruler of the world can make it happen. It solely depend on briliancy of the leader to bow down and quit the seat but this can only be done by those whose names are written in the book of Life of God not a politician.

  36. literary observer says:

    if mr x and y are mature enough and having a gay relationship why should this be a concern to people who are having a heterosexual relatonship? Its a matter of choice. No one is being forced here. Let everybody mind their own business. This issue of homosexuality should not distract us malawians from focusing on dealing with real problems affecting our country such poverty, illiteracy, hunger and disease.

    A certain bishop recently said homosexuals are horrible sinners. Sure? Ok, what do you think of the many adulterers we have around, the prostitutes, the gossipers just to mention a few. AKulu akulu, we are all sinners and we must all repent. I repeat, we must repent.

  37. Blossom says:

    If the donor countries are that concerned about the gays then let them take them to Europe where they will fit in.

  38. barnaba sila says:

    No to homosexuality!!!!! You whites are backsliders. Makolo anu promoted Christianity and its morality values. You foolish Galatians, why have you sunk so low? As Malawians/Africans, the answer is a resounding no! Your parents feared God so much that they provided for this legislation in our colonial laws. So you think you know much better than yourselves. If you don’t know, your downfall is imminent as superpowers of the world if you continue to advance the homosexual/lesbian agenda. God is going to raise your enemies like China and Russia in your stead. May God remember Africa, may God arise and his enemies scatter in seven direction right now in Jesus Name!!

  39. CITIZEN says:


  40. anadimba says:

    azithanyulana akayankha okha mulandu kwa mulungu. Machimo onse ndichimodzimodzi. Kungoti iwo akupanga moonekera.inu zanu zobisika zija simachimo? Kuba ,kupha ,chiwerewere ndi zina. Ooooh mwadziyeretsatu.dziwani kuti palibe chobisika pamaso pa Mulungu.

  41. We don’t know where we are. The country belong to Malawian. If we spoil it do not blame any donor. We are the right people to spoil it but we are pushing the burden to donors. Tell all people who think were educated but in reality they just go to school for nothing. Challenge me if you are indeed scholars why can’t you change this country to the betterment of the Malawians. All educated people fight to become a boss so that they may use a car worth to k100,000000. After that beginning to say that donors have stopped to assist us. The one who is assisting you is using a simplest car but you are buying a luxurious vehicle do you think they can not stop giving aid to our country. As a result, they are imposing some bad rules so that we may follow them. If president is serious for three things he is preaching he would be the first person to give example. First of all we need to love our country and it belongs to us. we are the same people who can change it to better or bad.
    Donors are tired and I don’t blame them they can say for what they want and they can create any story for Malawi so that they may stop helping us. 51 years independent is not a joke. so you need to be helped for 300 years ndiye tizanene kuti takula. sindimayesa kuti mwana timamusiya kuti azizionera yekha akakwana zaka 21.

  42. MDF Solder says:

    Tinkanena ife kuti akasankhidwa uyu atibweretsera malamulo ndi makhalidwe a chilendo uyu….anthu munkaona ngati timanenera nkhwidzi…..

    Lero ndi izi…..azibambo adzinyengana okhaokha kotulukira mabvi….azimayi adzitosana zala kotulukira nkodzo…..mxiew

  43. bwanoni says:

    All this is being ochestrated by the so called non governmental organization,they themselves are not gay but want to push us into accepting things that even their family members would not accept.

  44. Vyanje says:

    Soul sold.

  45. Chopwichopwi says:

    I entirely agree with the author that a majority of malawians find the issue of gays distastful and repugnant. There is no debate about this. Those that go about peddling the issue are doing so because they benefit financially from doing so. I wish somebody did a survey to tell us how many gays are in this country… obviously if they are any it will be whites. My case is please let us stop this nonsense because no malawian is gay…

  46. gule says:

    Zauchitsilu basi. Ma gay amenewa akapanda ku samala they will face mob justice.

  47. King chamoto says:

    Government should not take white folks moneys as a motivation to accept dem dirty gay satanic freedoms inorder to corrupt the minds of Malawians(Africans)..I would rather die poor than to take part innuh dem dirty money…Malawi for Malawians and not westerners…Fire burn dem evil system..Strong life to all Malawians

  48. Truck says:


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