Global Fund gives Malawi record $380m grant: Deepen partnership to fight HIV, TB and Malaria

Global Fund has given a record US $380 million grant to Malawi government to facilitate the fight against HIV/TB and malaria, the largest allocation by the Fund to any country or institution ever.

President Mutharika with Global Fund boss  as Minister of Health Peter Kumpalume looks on

President Mutharika with Global Fund boss as Minister of Health Peter Kumpalume looks on

Momentous occasion: Malawi President Mutharika and Global Fund executive ditector Dybul put pen to paper on huge grant as Vice President Saulos Chilima and Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe witness

Momentous occasion: Malawi President Mutharika and Global Fund executive ditector Dybul put pen to paper on huge grant as Vice President Saulos Chilima and Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe witness

Done deal: President Mutharika and Global Fund executive director Dybul show the pact document

Done deal: President Mutharika and Global Fund executive director Dybul show the pact document

The agreement, which was signed on Wednesday, at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe, was witnessed by Malawi President Peter Mutharika and Global Fund Executive Director, Mark Dybul and several other officials from both parties.

It comes a month after the two leaders met in New York at the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly where they discussed the initial technicalities of the deal.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mutharika touted the deal in regards to the improvement of service delivery that will emanate from it.

“I am confident that through this grant, millions of lives in the country will be saved,” said Mutharika while forecasting more success towards ending the AIDS epidemic as a public threat by 2030.

“Undoubtedly, this will go down as the greatest gift to the people of our country from the Global Fund. As many of you already know, in the last decade, we have witnessed tremendous gains against some of the biggest killers of our people such as AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria,” said the Malawi leader.

He stressed on the deal being a record breaker which signifies the trust that global institutions have in Malawi government led by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)

“Today is a historic moment of global solidarity and shared responsibility for Malawi. I am pleased that we have found many ways to work together. I am confident we can find many more paths to partnerships that can bring tangible benefits to our people,” the President said.

Under the agreement, the Global Fund will give Malawi a total of US$378 million for the fight against HIV/TB and Malaria, broken down as follows: US$346 million for HIV/TB and US$32 million for the fight against malaria.

The grant comes timely in the nick of Public Service Reforms which are being implemented so as to improve service delivery by government to its citizens.

“We will galvanize bigger government investments in health. We will explore options such as a Health Fund which will bring together domestic investments from my government, the private sector and other innovative financing options,” said Mutharika.

Ambassador of the United States Virginia Palmer described the signing of the Global Fund grant as “a momentous occasion” that represents “ a giant leap forward “ in Malawi’s fight against the three diseases.

“These grants will be instrumental in setting us in the right direction towards achieving the new Sustainable Development Goals,” she said.

Added Palmer:“The malaria grant will drive down malaria transmission and reduce the burden of illness and deaths through strengthened diagnosis and treatment in facilities and communities throughout the country. The larger TB/HIV grant will drastically reduce the number of new infections to end the HIV epidemic and bring about a new generation that is AIDS-free in Malawi, the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’.”

Jen Marshall, head of the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DfID) in Malawi, said: “There is no doubt that Global Fund resources are vital to the success of Malawi’s HIV, malaria and tuberculosis programs. These significant new resources announced today are critical for meeting the health needs of millions of Malawians, with far-reaching positive social and economic impacts.”

The DfID head in Malawi said Britain is particularly pleased that “our cumulative contribution of £3 billion to the Global Fund worldwide since 2002, has contributed to making this support to Malawi a reality. “

She said: “This is complemented here by DFID’s technical, research and community-level support for a more effective HIV response across the country.”

Michel Sidibé, Executive Director of UNAIDS, added: “Today is a historic moment of global solidarity and shared responsibility for Malawi. This new investment acknowledges the great work and commitment of Malawi. I have no doubt that Malawi’s strong leadership and commitment will lead to success.”

The agreement sets the record straight about Global Fund’s commitment to helping Malawians in averting the grave dangers and effects of HIV/TB and malaria.

Malawi has 1.1 million people living with HIV and continues to report significant progress in the fight against the disease; the total number of people receiving antiretroviral treatment has increased from 3,000 people in 2003 to 568,000 at the end of June 2015.

The southern African nation has a high burden of TB and high rate of TB/HIV co-infection. Treatment for TB for HIV-positive patients on antiretroviral treatment has increased from 40 percent in 2010 to more than 95 percent in 2014.

Malaria is endemic in Malawi and is among the major causes of mortality, with the entire population living in high transmission areas. The country aims to reduce malaria deaths by at least 50 percent of 2012 levels by 2016.

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44 thoughts on “Global Fund gives Malawi record $380m grant: Deepen partnership to fight HIV, TB and Malaria”

  1. Winston Msowoya says:

    $380m to fight Malaria,HIV andTB from Global Funding is substantial amount to build a credible National Health Care System that would benefit masses of our people hitherto languishing in hospital ghettoes while the chosen ones use government massive State Funds to fly to South Africa,India,USA,U.K. The list goes on.We would feel a sigh of relief if the fund is strictly controlled by the Global Funding officials otherwise,the funds will end up building private ndatas,hidden for the coming general elections to rig,transporting tribesmen to the U.S.,bribing Journalists to tow the corrupt regime’s line.It is sad that 51 years of independence Malawi can not stand on its own even for 5 minutes.Not that we couldn’t, but corruption,nepotism,inefficiency in government departments and parastatal establishments are incredibly uncontrollable. It seems Peter and his fellow excursionists care the less for the down trodden of our masses whose humanity has been thrown to the hyenas.In short,we do not have credible leaders,but what we have are thieves,incompetent,greedy,despots so on and so forth.Brothers and sisters,tribalism will never ever build our nation and no particular ethnic group on its own,will triumph,Iam speaking through experience,Rwanda started the very same trend.CRY MY BELOVED MOTHER MALAWI,VENCEREMOS.

  2. truth says:

    There were so many white ladies at the function.. None of them had painted their lips. Nome put on a hat because it was not a function for overdressing. on the other hand, Mrs. President eish- thick red smear on hat lips and a silly flowery hat like she is at a children’s fun day. I was thoroughly embarrassed

  3. Chenaisi says:

    Anthu odwala matendawa asamangolandira mankhwala okhaokha kuchipatala ayi. Pakhale ndondomeko ina yakuti azilandiranso zakudya zina kuwonjezera pamankhwalawo, chifukwa makhwalawo amagwirizana ndi zakudya za magulu six. Kupanda kutero anthu saziwonekabe bwino chifukwa azisowekabe chakudya mthupi mwawo, azikhala ofooka. Ngati kungatheke azilandira kangachepe kakhobiri ngati momwe amachitira ku RSA. Mafile onse a mapatient amenewa amapezeka mumaclinic onse amakalandilira mankhwala anthu amenewa, ndipo zonsezo zikhoza kumakaperekedwa pamene munthu akukatenga mankhwala. Zikomo

  4. Robert Zingani says:

    Yea!! Koma abwana Mutharika!! Ife mukusangalatsa kwambiri!! Ur a perfomer,let’s talk and more action osati Abusa he is just noise maker,DPP!! Boma!! 2025! And beyond!! Peter Mutharika woyeee!!

  5. Deputy says:

    We now expect Malawi to employ laboratory experts and doctors from college of medicine with this money.It shouldn’t be mismanaged.

  6. Hansou says:

    Question ; has the Executive Director been to Malawi before to sign a grant???

    Probably NOPE.

    There is something he came to sell, not just the grant but gays/lesbian Affairs

  7. Funzo says:

    The report should have mentioned the withdrawal of previous funds. I won’t be surprised if it happens again. There seems to be nothing wrong with stealing if it isn’t from chimbale!

  8. Chingolopiyo says:

    Global Funds have released/ sign the compact becoz the Malawi leader has agreed to some of the conditions of whch one is of Gays and Lesbians should be given the freedom in Malawi. This another way where corruption will take its coarse, the poor will not benefit atall

  9. Sir Bentby says:

    Akuti ndi za TB ndi malaria, sizoti angagurile chimanga or fetereza. Azisangalala ndi odwalawo

  10. baby says:

    Koma mwati abusa sakomoka?

  11. peeping lizard says:


  12. chingolopiyo says:

    When poverty settles in our mind and heart, we don’t see good things in life. Everything good we look it on a wrong side. What is the problem with Malawi population for once can’t appreciate good things that are happening. Your Excellency the president Prof AP Muntharika and the DDP Government, I salute you. This is a great news and those who can not appreciate, they will benefit one way or the other or their relatives is they are in cave hiding. Approach more donors and by 2019, let those who are big mouth, go for operations to reduce the radius of their mouth. VIVA DPP.

  13. Its a disgrace when one is given the money and be told how to spend it,when to spend it and where to spend it,ift do as they say then are out in the cold. Then someone will say success for Peter, I will say dunderhead. And Peter shakes hands with a big smile on his face like he’s done a big job. While he knows he is going to cash gate it.

  14. KK says:

    Akupasani muyambe kubanso agalu inu. Anthu oyipa inu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. kadamanja says:

    Ana aku repedwa boma likuchitapo chani? Balaka ndiye number one pa nkhani za Rape, choncho Aids ingathe? zilowa mumatumba a anthu awa Peter, Chilima, Gondwe Kampalume ndi Getu.Boma lodyera anthu wodwala Aids ili.

  16. Stampycious says:

    If u try to enrich yourselves with this big amount of money surely God the creator will punish u and your families, i know some of u in the DPP government, u craving to get a share from this donor fund, becareful otherwise u will die like a dog, let the money be used in a proper way

  17. becks says:

    Tibenso tsopano. SHAAAA

  18. losco says:

    Uyu ndiye President wangawanga!,Do it man,let the nation witnesses your success.

  19. Tamayesani kupeleka ngongole kwa achinyamata kuti dzikolo litukuke . dziko lokomela akumipando kokha basi shame!

  20. guguh says:

    Zibedwenso!every now and then we receive these grants but has anyone seen anything they can point out to come out of such grants. Ambuye akukuonani ma politician inu. If each and every penny was to be rightfully used dziko lino linakakhala penapake but alas!

  21. Patriot says:

    Ndalamazi zabwera kaamba kovomeleza kuti amuna azikwatirana okha okha.
    Koma kuti muwafunse akuuzani kuti sakuziwapo kanthu ngati mmene anakanira kuti anagulitsa banki ya MSB.

  22. Million says:

    Very timely assistance. Lives will be saved.

    1. Masauko1 says:

      Cashgate in control!!!!

  23. Botolo says:

    Ndiye agalu mumati azungu alibe ntchito aja muti chiani? Kupusa basi.

  24. mpimpa says:

    apa ndiye kuti mulho wa alhomwe wathekq basi, izi ndiye zibedwa sizinawoneke asaaaaa mfumweeeee,,,,,,, anthu mukunyadira mukuwona ngati muziwona? Remember those millions that were being announced zothandizira anthu a floods anaziona? Thats APM and friends.

  25. YAKI says:


  26. sapitwa says:

    Based on the trust this organization has on Malawi Government, we can now see light in the tunnel. Some unpatriotic idiots fought hard to ensure no such aid for TB, HIV/Aids and Malaria should continues to helpless Malawians! You can accuse and try to unseat the Leadership of your country but if the Leadership believes in God, and that if those leaders have God’s blessings according to his will, nothing, nothing sinister can happen. Instead the positive actions start coming to show the hand of God in sympathy.

  27. Patricia kaliati's ex boyfriend says:

    I always wonder why Malawi is still poor,every year we hear of millions upon millions of dollars,Pounds,Euros,Yen and any other Currency that you can think of in form of grants,loans and investments getting into the country but at the end of the day you find that the economy is still going down poverty levels are going up inflation is ever rising ,why is that so?
    Am now beginning to think that Malawians have poor brains and dysfunctional mind that’s why we are a laughing stock of this world,it seems that even if we have money our leaders just don’t know what to do with it,in the end they just transfer the money into their personal accounts.
    I heard a shocking story a few months ago that a certain international organisation was threatening to take back the money they donated to the country because the money was just lying idle at Capital hill in Lilongwe,and I understand this happens regulary for money to stay idle for a very long time before government decides what to do with it.
    If this is true then it is very unfortunate.
    So when Mining investors comes we don’t know how to negotiate or say anything we just smile,when a donor comes with ready cash we don’t know what to do with the money.
    If Malawi was a person surely he would need a mental and a psychiatric check up.

    May be its time we need Westminster and Buckingham Palace in the UK to send us a Governor to rule us for the next 50 years,because Black people have failed to rule themselves let’s try a White person who is Superior in Life than us

  28. Nangozo says:

    This is good news. Malawi Government need to put all the required controls in place. Otherwise this agreement is in paper only. It takes a lot of hard work for Global fund to actually release the cash, which is not done at once. It is only after they are satisfied with the performance every six months that they are able to release more funds for activities.

  29. Mhesha says:

    Mukuimva bwanji inu…the prophets of doom?! Is it not you who went kwa Zungu kukanama bodza kuti monies are being wasted and later on came back to predict doom for Mw saying Golbal fund has completely withdrawn finding!…Ndinu otani inu?

  30. MLOMWE says:

    Donors do you know doctors and nurses in Malawi have been withdrawn?How are you going to fight for the TB,HIV and Malaria as they is scarce of doctors and nurses in our healthy facilities?I don’t think if such money will accomplish its mission its all about DPP pockets.

  31. The real ujeni says:

    Why is the President doing the job of a Cabinet minister or government official. Presidents sign documents or agreements with fellow head of states. What we see here is a clueless president trying very hard to be seen working.

  32. mapapaya says:

    Mwaonatu mmene zimakhalira mukamafuna chuma. Tafatsani ku ujeniko tikukuganizirani. Phuma 2 much ndi ndemanga zanu.

  33. jojo says:

    Another support for cashgate haha, dnt think that grant will bring a change to million Malawian in need but it will make APM and other DPP officials more rich.

  34. drzeus says:

    This is the greatest news for Malawi this year. Those CSOs who were advocating for the suspension of the funds bcoz of BEAM Trust must b very ashamed and must be booed whenever we meet them!

  35. dull professor says:

    ndalamazi zachulukisa mapeto ake asowa nazo zochita awa,nde muwoneno ma mansion ndi ma Villas amene amangidwe mu Lilongwe,zimafunika asapeleke cash,azingotipasa zinthu zofunikazo kaya ndi mankhwala basi

  36. Pat says:

    That’s what happens when God takes control of the country’s leadership. Thank you lord God in heaven. Keep guiding our leader APM, you and you alone shall we praise

  37. Disconekishonni says:

    Just imagine the whole escom kumadula magetsi before updating settled bills. Ku area 23 zikuchitika panopa ukafunsa mukudula chifukwa chani akukuonetsa bill ya last month nkuonjeza k5000 now iwe kutulutsa malisiti ndiye akuzakuuza sitinapange update ine shaaa lero limenelo ku Malawi.

  38. Sindi says:


  39. namarokoro says:

    Well done my President. Chakwera & Joisi angodzinyera komwe aliko

  40. redeemed says:

    Hopefully the funds will be utilised appropriately. Please the opposition parties try to amend your views and focus all your efforts to positively transforming the future of the only country you will ever have. We do acknowledge your responsibility to criticise the flops of the current government, but try to give credit where it’s due and provide assistance where possible for the better Malawi we all yearning for.

  41. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Ena okoma mtima akutali ngati uko apereka koma m’bale wapafupifupi wayamba kale kukha dovu kuti abepo! Chikhalirecho mwina woperekawo samadzinenerera kuti ndi woopa Mulungu koma amene odzinenerera kuti ndi dziko loopa Mulungu muone momwe ndalama zimenezi azibere. Shame!

  42. bondera says:

    Muzitafunenso. Mxxxxxxiii tisamve ,

  43. Mbiyazodooka says:

    I hope we will be sober enough to avoid kusolola which may jorpadise the deal. Well done Global Fund!

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