‘I can take down DPP’: Gloves off as Ben Chiza, Mutharika aides square up

Social and political activist Ben Chiza Mkandawire who has been in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) fold  took off the gloves on Tuesday in his upstart challenge to the the ruling elite that he can “take down” DPP government.

Chiza Mkandawire: I can take down DPP

Chiza Mkandawire: I can take down DPP

Chiza Mkandawire  gave his hard rhetorical punch to President Peter Mutharika’s trusted aides Ben Phiri and Madalitso Martin Nkasala on social media  after he was smeared on Malawi Independent, an alleged propaganda tool of the regime.

Taking it on his Facebook timeline, Mkandawire posted: “I want to know who owns Malawi Independent, the names that have come up are those of my two friends Ben Phiri and Madalitso Martin Nkasala.

“I have confronted Nkasala to tell me who owns these Facebook pages that are character assassinating people who have disagreed with DPP and he denied knowing of it.

“So I will take his word but with a warning. I can take down DPP myself singlehandedly, I can go after Peter Mutharika so bad you will not stop me. But I have maintained my respect for the man because of our friendship. And it will stay that way.

“Your name and your brothers name continue to show up as I search for idiots writing lies and attacking innocent women I will meet you in person. Do not push me. Consider this a warning,” wrote Mkandawire.

Apparently, his spouse Manganaye Kambauwa a business lady was subject of the propaganda pages smear bordering on social woes.

A close pal to Chiza Mkandawire in Lilongwe said the regime propaganda machinery was all out to smear him over matters  dealing with deal gone sour.

But Mkandawire said there is  more than meets eye.

“This is politically motivated. There is all politics in this as we run up to 2019 presidential elections,” he said but could not elabolate.

Meanwhile, a letter leaked from First Lady Gertrude Mutharika’s charity organisation,Beautify Malawi (Beam) Trust  which indicated that while Chiza Mkandawire was working at Hamra Oil Holdings as CEO, the First Lady asked for financial assistance.

It is said that Chiza released over K20 million and money was being shared among the officials of the Trust.

The First Lady had said in the letter seen by Nyasa Times that assistance should be channelled through presidential chief economic and special adviser Dr. Collins Magalasi  vice board chairperson of the trust or Chimango Chirwa,  Mayamiko Mwinjilo, Chairperson of Finance and Fundraising Sub-Committee  or Mrs. Nazma Ismail, Board Member.

Apparently after noting that money from Hamra was being deposited in personal accounts, Chiza stopped any donations from Hamra to Beam which triggered the souring of relations with the powers that be.

Chiza Mkandawire refused to comment on the matter but said he has a what it takes to bring down the DPP government, threatening to expose the dirt in the system.

First Lady established Beam to encourage Malawians to work towards making the country cleaner and healthier.

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27 thoughts on “‘I can take down DPP’: Gloves off as Ben Chiza, Mutharika aides square up”

  1. Henje says:

    Chopwicho ine ndi mbale wake wa Ben alibe nyumba ku London musanamize anthu.Alibe chirichonse mbale wathuyu.Abwerera ku mangalande azikadya masoseji.Kuno atuwa koopsa.Anthu ogula nyumba siawa.

  2. john aluma says:

    kkkkkk.iwe Chiza…ukuvutika zedi. ungozimangirira basi….

  3. Nakiyolobashi says:

    Reading all the comments from DPP cadeto calling Ben China everything under the sun has made me change my mind and support this brave young man, Ben Chiza nndi Mtengo wazipatso. You are making him famous when Malawians are looking for a young leader don’t be surprised when he becomes the answer.

  4. ManzoLeeds says:

    Ben Chiza I wish this guy had his own party he handles negativity well. Most people at the end of government propaganda and smear campaign run from the storm this man is able to confront it. I like his courage and it this courage that many people support and follow him. Between Ben Phiri and Chiza Malawians would vote for Chiza, he is not corrupt, I saw his interviews and listened to his debates on radios Ben Chiza Mkandawire is articulate and smarter than most Malawi politicianso. I don’t agree with him taking DPP singlehandedly but he needs to UNITE with the Ntatas and Undules together DPP will not last a year. Mind you my fellow Malawians we have a tendency of destroking our bright young men and that’s exactly what you are doing with Ben Chiza.

  5. Mongisi says:

    I knew BEAM was a corrupt machinery and I have known the first lady to be a woman who loves money, by the time DPP is out of office in 2019 BEAM accounts will be empty they are crooks stealing from unsuspecting Indians who are forced to pump money into the beam account so Ben Phiri and his brothers can shop at macys in New York. Iwe Collins Magalasi nawenso wayamba kuba?

  6. Chopwicho says:

    Ben Chiza continues to be a thorn in the DPP path he is the only one who can lead a movement to remove these Lhomwes from government. I have known this man for years and all the talk about money and his woman are nothing but propaganda. Ben Chiza is probably one of the richest young Malawians only that he is smart enough to move his money, we know he bought a house in London in a very posh area, some of us who know him will support him to the end. Mwana Mtumbuka simungamuthe, DPP will cry for bringing him back in the ring nde akunyetsani. The only thing you can attack on Chiza is his wife or girlfriend you can’t find Ben Chiza corrupt or give us evidence of corruption where Ben Chiza is involved. Ife we know Ben Phiri is scared of Chiza 2019 musamuphetu mwanayu.

    1. Wangari says:

      This is pure comedy!
      You want evidence? Osadanda. Evidence ilipo mpwechepweche. He himself knows this fact! Ngati ali nzako Ben yo, you will advise him to stop these delusions of grandour, challenge him to declare his assets and you will see the idiot has no penny to his name and can’t even afford to pay for his own cigarettes and bear.

  7. Whistleblower says:

    Ben Chiza, it’s high time Malawi gets to know you for who you really are! A big liar and a thief.
    Guard yourselves against this man! This lifestyle that you see him posting on social media is financed by those that fall victim to his deceit. From his friends to business people, politicians and unsuspecting vulnerable women.
    He will weasel his way into your circle as he sets you up as his next mark.
    When you begin to take him as a friend he will request from you “small” favours like paying for his bills or loaning him money because his card is not working or he cant access his account etc. He will assure you that you will get your money back the next day but once you have done him the favor he requested he disappears and moves on to his next mark leaving you chasing after your money.
    Someone here commented that they have evidence that he is a con artists, I too have evidence, he has stolen from me too.

    Nyasa times, investigate and expose this man! He is going around on social media like a straightforward man. He keeps saying 2019 this, 20 19 showing that he wants to run for office?
    Dont fall for his stupidity. Nyasa please save Malawi by exposing him. You will find several women and business partners he has deceived who will verify what I am saying!
    Start your investigations by finding out how he tried to clean out one of Bingu’s foreign bank accounts after Bingu’s death or just get a hold on one of the several women he has kids with or even the guy he buys coccaine from in Lilongwe. They will tell you the thruth!

  8. nyapapi says:

    This has just showed that Mr Mkandawire is as roten as the regime he claims is roten,kukuwa komwe ukukuwa panoku zangoonetselatu kut ukufuna chibhanzi.what kept you silent all along??

  9. Raphael mbwenu says:

    Ben Mkandawire ia attention seeker. Pano akuvutika ndiye akusowa pogwira. Ben ndi munthu mmodzi anali wonyoza malemu Bingu kwambiri. Analalata kwambiri pa radio ndi english yake yophwasukaphwasuka zonyoza Bingu. He is not an activist at all. Amafuna podyera koma zizikumuyendera. Ndi munthu wofuna azidya bwino yekha. Ukapepese pa manda a Bingu ndiye mwina azimu akumvera otherwise uzakhala munthu wosaika pakana kale kale. Inu amene Ben Chiza ali Mnzanu chepesani kucheza naye akuonongerani mbiri yanu. Ndi mthira kuwiri.

  10. timve samusa says:

    Ben Chiza ndi kamunthu kouma Mutu or Munfunse mnzake Chipangula avomereza. Wachepa. Ben Chiza sungathane ndi DPP. Iweyo unachoka ku UK utalephera sukulu kumeneko ndiye utisokose apa. Mtumbuka wopanda ntchito iwe. Ntchito inakukanika ndiye ukusowa pogwira. Our President alibe nawe ntchito uziwe zimenezo lero. Join UDF yotha ngati makatani. Iwe si Activist olo ndi dontho lomwe. You know nothing apart from kusewera bawo. Umayesa pa Malawi ndi pocheza ukuimva kutentha tsono. Bola ukanangokhala ku mangalande at least unali bwino. Ndale ndikanyama koipa Mkasa anaimba dero.

  11. True Northerner says:

    Iwe Ben Chiza mano ngati suntche!

  12. Chalume says:

    When did Ben Chiza mkandawire become DPP? I thought these were the same people he was fighting before 2012? Wachiona chisikono kukoma kwake?

  13. Robin Hood says:

    ” More snakes than wolves” Cheap talk Chiza less action. You always was a talker even in high school. Take a sit son you’re just a pawn on a chessboard. Don’t waste your leverage on mediocre.

  14. EViews says:

    So all the activism is based on who is your friend and who is your enemy? huh! In this case you only engage in activism against your enemies. Sad indeed and I for one will never take your activism seriously

  15. Josphine Mwangolera says:

    I have known Ben Chiza Mkandawire for sometime and have known him to be someone who you can never trust. If indeed he is as straight as he claims to be, why did he not report issues surrounding BEAM to the relevant agencies? Why now? As regards his private life, yes many Malawians and Britons know him better and its an issue of discussion another day.

  16. Chilungamo says:

    Koma Chiza mkazi wako eishiiii. Umfunse ku mbale Lodge amakagona ndi ndani mu room ijayi dzuwa lili pewee!

  17. Chiza Mkandawire we as a nation are suffering because of greedy people like you who only want to fix things for personal gains, agalu inu mwatikwana tsopano, nthawi yonseyi udali kuti kapuku iwe? mapwala anu anthu inu mukutionjeza!!! ndakwiya nanu

  18. wakumalawi says:

    akulu palibe khani apa, threats aer overrated, get the info, leak it to CNN, BBC Zodiak, THE NY Times and let the population decide what to do, threats and threats ndizachimwana akulu zaku primary tidzaonana potsekela aaaah tikuvutika kaya spill let us revolt and get done with these people, komwe kukulowela dzikoli simukukuiona kodi? kukoma 2L moakana 3 pin kodi.

  19. Maule says:

    We saw this day coming, some of us knew Ben Chiza was not corrupt and they try so hard to bring him to their levEl. Iwe Ben Malawi is behind you, awa akukanika keyendetsa boma akufuna ayambe nkhondo. Tiafinya and if you want someone to deal with Ben Phiri we are there for you.

    1. Victim of Ben the Conman says:

      Speak for yourself! Malawi is NOT behind this drug addicted delusional con artists!
      How he has people like you fooled is beyond comprehension. Wakuba uyu!
      Wabela so many people including myself and several people that I know and yes I have hard evidence to prove it but we chose not to was dirty laundry on the open because some of us are mature enough to admit it ehen we have been stupit enough to be duped by fools… we cut our loses and move on.
      Be warned however, especially to you ladies: Ben Chiza is NOT to be trusted at all!

  20. Maunisi says:

    We all know what the regime is doing and for your own information know that DPP is party right from the beginning of Bingu and his brother is known by corruption and bad dealings. But these will come out one and we know you guys who are playing foul to put Malawi on an awkward position.

  21. DPP Diehard says:

    Ben Phiri and his brother have embarrassed Malawi for so long ENOUGH is ENOUGH time to stop them. Don’t worry Chiza we know they want to smear your name but soldiers like you March on.

    You did well sending a warning short to them.

  22. Concerned citizen says:

    Mr Ben Chiza, if you are the activist who has the best interest of the people at heart that you sell yourself to be why then did you not bring to light this issue of BEAM board members pocketing donated monies when you first learned of it?
    Whatever skeletons lie in you and your spouse’s personal closet are your business but your reaction to the allegations made by Malawi independent alone raises questions about your character.
    You have dirt on the regime yet you only “threaten” to expose it for personal gain when it suits you to vindicate you and and your spouse…Where is the interest of the people in that?
    The regime has “attacked” your spouse and you “attack” APMs spouse by leaking this said letter in return? Mud slinging playground tactics that prove you are just as dirty as you say the regime is!!!!!

    1. kkilembe says:

      This bugger is overrating himself too much. He is too small to bring down DPP. The corruption scandal should have brought DPP down. What can be bigger than buying a mansion for K1million and hewe povos smile?

    2. Risbon says:

      Nice comment. He is only leaking now,why not when everything was going smooth in his family life.? Malawi is full of selfish people…

    3. Make wa ana says:

      Nice comment. Where is the like button on this website?

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