Govt advertises Lilongwe City Council CEO’s post: Hara booted

The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development has advertised a vacancy for the position of Lilongwe City Council Chief Executive Officer (CEO) despite reports that the title holder Richard Hara’s contract has not yet expired.

Chief Executive Officer of Lilongwe City Richard Hara:  Facing the boot

Chief Executive Officer of Lilongwe City Richard Hara: Facing the boot

It is reported that Hara was deployed to eastern district of Machinga where he will be District Commissioner.

But he declined the post, asking to be posted to a location that is near his home Kasungu and has since
proceeded on leave.

Lilongwe city council public relations officer Tamara Chafunya said she did not have details regarding the advertisement of the council’s vacant post and referred the media to the Ministry of Local Government.

The advert, which appeared in the local press also calls for applications from qualified individual for the similar positions at Mzuzu and Zomba city councils on three year contracts “which may be renewed subject to satisfactory performance”.

Meanwhile, it has been learnt that Lilongwe City Council Director of Health and Welfare Services Vito Mulula is being addressed as the council’s CEO in an acting capacity.

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19 thoughts on “Govt advertises Lilongwe City Council CEO’s post: Hara booted”

  1. nsalunakuwawa says:

    Hara has all academic qualifications required not through correspondence. He has 21 years of progressive experience with dedication. DPP led government wants to replace all CEO’s of City Councils. So they have told Gowelo to do it at all costs regardless of who is there. Dowa people like Hara have no future in the current government. Resignation/retirement is the best for him.

  2. shaaaa! says:

    Abambo a J C awa.tikuwadziwa bwino ife.kasukulu kakuukulu,kokokera kokera pamodzi
    ndi achina mwenda.

    mwina abwereyo adzachotsa zinyalala chifukwa nde tauni ya vunda

  3. Mau says:

    I urge Local government officials to treat your employees with care. I hear Many of the senior officers are demotivated.

  4. Mwana Mvula says:

    I understand the pain inflicted on Hara. There might be others too who are are experiencing the same . Authorities at Local government should know this; Someone who has been CEO for Lilongwe city council and has all what it takes to be CEO ; any professional manager would not make a mistake to send him to Machinga.. PS Kang’ombe mwazipeza but screen the people heading various councils you will realize that you have more work to do. Hard workers like Hara are being victiized while lazy bones are rewarded. Public sector reform singagwire chonchi!!!!!. Achilima pali ntchitotu apa. Iyanganeni bwino Local government

  5. koma apitedi zeni zeni asabwelenso anatikwana ameneyo anakamutumixa ku Likoma kkkkk

  6. OMEGA BEMA says:

    Politics @ work

  7. Mwanamunkhonde says:

    That’s demotion of d highest order

  8. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    That’s what we call Civil Service Reform in Malawi.

  9. wanangwa says:

    There is nothing wrong to advertise before the term of office of the CEO expires. This is to ensure that a new CEO is identified before the other leaves.

  10. M says:

    Richard Hara is one patriotic Malawian, he had Lilongwe city at heart. he had a lot of plans which have been compromised by his greedy directors. lilongwe city council is one corrupt institution. he tried to champion a lot of development projects which were never supported by his own office. he has worked at city council as a lonely person. he had some success in Mzuzu that is why Mzuzu is one of the clean cities with great potential to develop quickly. i wish him well

  11. mr handson matipa says:

    mr R Hara are u owning Lilongwe city as the MD? who are u that u should turndown transfer. remember everyone is an employ hence u can be posted anywhere in mw but if u dont want plz come back to mtunthama kasungu and own ur own farm where u can choose not to be transfered. this is not a political move plz

  12. nakuwawa nsalu says:

    Hara was set to report at Machinga but was stopped by new PS Kang’ombe. As usual he is quick to leave office when told to do so. He is a Civil Servant up to now. Therefore issue about contract does not rise may be you should talk of under depolyment since CEO job is equal or above PS. He has been short changed. He requested to be redeployed last year away from oppressive Kaphaizi and Dakamau. The latter hqve not been happy that Hara came to the post to their surprise. They had their own preference. Check them.

  13. Kokotowa says:

    Yendani bwino a Hara mwina capital city iwone chitukuko!

  14. Angozo says:

    It is normal to be posted anywhere the employer want you to go the question of politics does not hold water, this is not politics.

  15. No. 2. ndiwedi PHODO!……Hara was deployed to MACHINGA and not MANGOCHI…..abale zinazi kumamvesa khaniyo…..shaaaaa!

  16. mpopoma says:

    It’s political influence. So go mr. Hara azakupeza nthawi ya campaign. Stupid politicians

  17. yuona says:

    Signs that DPP is dying at a fast rate.

  18. Mc Phodo says:

    Richard you could have gone where your employer posted you. Transfers are normals of the every employer and government is the worst in transfers.Ask police officers about transfer. At times even promotions are attached to transfers, here it means refusing transfer you also refuse promotion. Obvious allowed an ax to ax you which you could have avoided. By all means Mangochi is better than Kasungu. Come and visit Mangochi Township. Life here is better than KSG. Kaya xenophobia ndi imene iti ibwezere mbuyo. There is no employer who not transfer his employees.Is it Chakwera who has given you this maladephia. Then just hands in your resignation communique. Tibvyalapo mlomwe pamenepo. Pachoka wina pali malo.

  19. Greencardless Malawian says:

    I knew it. I told you Hara not to play with Bisnowatty; the fugget is DPP, he just hasnt come out yet and he knows the people he is representing would chuck him if he did declared his true colours.

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