Govt chase street children out of capital city Lilongwe

Officials from the ministry of Gender, Women and Elderly are now walking shoulders high in Malawi’s capital city, Lilongwe having successfully chased away street children and relocated them back to their parents.

Shawa : Successful operation

Shawa : Successful operation

Principal Secretary in the ministry Mary Shaba described the whole operation as successful.

Street children never go to school and are blamed on petty thefts and rape on the streets although sometimes they are trained and used y professional robbers.

“We are remaining with 200 only who have completely no single parent and we are placing them in rehabilitation homes like Chisomo Children Home,” she said.

She said with the help of the police, they managed to round them up and took them to their homes where their parents are.

Shaba ruled out the possibility of the street children coming back to the streets, saying the parents have been sternly warned of the consequences.

“If they come back on to the streets, then we will charge the parents with a criminal offence. Any parent whose child is found on the streets will be charged with a criminal offence, it is provided for in the laws,” she said.

She said the same operation to remove street children forcibly away from the streets will hit Blantyre next month.

Most rehabilitation homes in Malawi, which are private, face acute shortages of resources including money to run their institutions and look after the welfare of large numbers of street children.

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Let Us Pray

A mai Shaba boza bwanji? May be my eyes are not able to see properly or my mind is not able to interpret who street kids are and who are not


good development, make surprise checks every quarter for these street kids to completely disappear

My surprise is northern region has no beggars nor street kids. Tiziti kumeneko ana amasiye kulibe? You will hardly find a beggar in Mzuzu city. But we have been on the forefront, fellow southerners, calling this region as dead north. My question is: why us, as developed as we claim over north, are the worst financially? No northerner begs for maize husks to use as flour but central and south its like our culture. The dead north does not beg, people from dead north are what dominates in govt offices, NGOs. Why don’t we borrow a leaf from them? Why… Read more »

Which part of Lilongwe are we talking about here? After reading this article, I was happy but passing through bwandilo traffic lights I came across 3 or more and in the evening at City Mall, you meet the whole family by the exit into M1. They have made a home there

nyasa reporter

Good and excellent movie


Which lilongwe are you talking about?come and see for yourself.there are street kids as well as adults everywhere,so they shouldin’t be lying.Just come to Usave shoprite and Pep store in Area2 and you will be greeted by them

Man wa rural development
Man wa rural development

Good move. I support your move Mary Shawa dr of Agriculture. After LL please to to BT. If the parents have not job please engage then in tree planting work or dam building to rehabilitate the environment why while they earn a leaving to support their families. And make sure school places are found for the kids.

The man called Analysis is a complete fool. You have no idea about social issue and how to deal with them. Calling children and their parents savages. Idiot!!!!

The Analyst

Man a Rural Development

If a man calls another a savage, foolish, idiotic, stupid and fail to take it when he himself is called such by others; he is yet to learn the art of living. I will take it . . .


Well done Dr Mary Shawa. Komatu ndinu aku Chiladzulo ndiye dzina lanu muzilemba Dr Mary Romoriwa Phaiva Shawa.


Jumini, parents should take responsibility. Poverty shud not be used as an excuse to let children go onntge streets. Some children are sent by their parents. What is surprising is that many of these children are in Lilongwe and Blantyre. Have you seen children begging in Mzuzu?
It has also to do with the social structure of people in Lilongwe and Blantyre.


Zengani ma school yanandi

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