Govt stops Chewa chief Gawa Undi from visiting Malawi this month

Chewa chief for countries of Zambia, Mozambique and Malawi, His Majesty Kalonga Gawa Undi, has been asked t reschedule his visit to Malawi to a later date, Nyasa Times understands.

Gawa Undi following the program during the wedding.

Gawa Undi to visit Malawi

Malawi’s Local Government Minister Kondwani Nankhumwa confirmed the development on Sunday through a local radio.

Nankhumwa said the decision was made because government was not aware of his visit.

The minister said the government was supposed to be informed so that they prepare for among other things security for Gawa Undi.

The chief was expected to visit Malawi from 9th to 27th September, 2015.

Meanwhile, Nankhumwa assured the Chewa grouping that their chief will visit Malawi soon as government engage the Chewa Heritage foundation in preparing for his visit.

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62 thoughts on “Govt stops Chewa chief Gawa Undi from visiting Malawi this month”

  1. Hendrix says:

    Idont think there iz a need of special vist for this u call a king!!!! hey listen guys lets stop playing pipo in MW anthu akufa ndinjara kusowa magazi mzipatara bwanji abwerayo agwiritse ntchito ndarama zake plz and what ever u planed to use for him help the poor plz im with all my knees

  2. mulomwe wakumpotonyirenn says:

    Tamkhazika so what? Kkkkkkk

  3. Mirella K says:

    Wch security the ministry is talking about? Basi mfumu mpaka dziko lichite kupanga special budget of security for his visit? Our country sucks!!!

  4. Bonnie Mndala says:

    Had it been was a Lomwe chief all these hindrances would not been their bt this government favours one tribe only instead of it to be neutral.

  5. Joseph Banda says:

    Obaba Aubrey Banda #51, zoona ndiizi: Ata kumwera kulibeje A Chewa. Nditi kulibe a Chewa ata ku mwera. A nyanja tribe does not want to be a branch of chewas. Where can you find Gule wa nkulu kumwera apart from Lundu’s area? By the way Lundu is supposed to be the Chewa King in Malawi. But the so called real Chewas want to associate themselves with the Zambian King. Why?

    The Chewa gathering that happen in Zambia started long time ago, where did you read that the Nyanjas were asked to go to Zambia?

    LISTEN TO THIS. Malawi was deceived to think that Lhomwes were inferior, but the world has been shown that they are a force to reckon with. Even HKB did not consider the existence of Lhomwes and were included as Chewas. Now Nyajas will rise up and be considered as such and not as an appendix of other tribes. TAKE A NOTE OF THIS!.

    Have a lovely day. Ata kulibeje a chewa ku mwera

  6. Chwayula says:

    what kind of security does the Gawa need in Malawi. I believe he has his own security and what is this DPP nonses now?

  7. maCopa says:

    shit leaders of dpp

  8. From when the Chewa’s doing these? Dont come to Malawi to separate people please,come with industries so that we can reduce hunger not that shit and remember to use your own money for security reason.

  9. Blantyre says:

    Ochewa onse a Dpp dziwani kuti Dpp ndiyachipongwe, yamwano, ilibe ulemu , Yamtudzu, yantopola, yakhaza, sikufunani. Ndipo tionani lero akuchotsa mafumu yachichewa mkumaika alomwe mmizindamo .

  10. Mfumu yachewa kumphoto says:

    Asa bwere kunoso mafumu tiliko asatipusitse.

  11. Aubrey Banda says:

    Mr Joseph Banda, do u read history? Or u r illiterate? Hw wud u say ther r no chewas in th southern region..In th history of Malawi, ther z no nyanja or mang’anja tribe in Mw..These r chewas who left mankhamba n went southwards..The group tht wz led by Lundu n Kaphwiti settled in Southern region while those led by Undi 1st settled at Maano in Mozambique b4 setling at Mkaika in Zambia..Mind u, this isnt politics but fact..Becz of politics, chewas 4rm th south refuse 2 b called Chewas..pliz, read more about history of Malawi..

  12. Nathan says:

    Chitetezo cha Kalonga Gawa Undi sichingachokele ku Boma. Iye amatetezedwa ndi Nyawu. Ulendowu walowa ndale. Yikanakhala mfumu ya Alomwe a Boma akanati yibwere mawa. Koma poti simfumu ya Mlakho wa a Lomwe, afisiwa sangavomereze kuti Kalonga abwere. Kumeneku ndikulakwira a Chewa!

  13. mcmorris says:

    mudzaziona tamapangani

  14. Ujeni says:


  15. Lt. Col. Chibwatiko says:

    I think the best would have been for Government to provide the Man with complementary accommodation, Vip security and all protocols befitting a person of his stature than postponing his trip altogether.

  16. Nasan says:

    Boma likuopa chani ndikubwela kwa galaundi chilipo tiziva ikafika thawi yake mbweeeeno

  17. Joseph Banda says:

    TO BE HONEST KUMWERA KULIBE A CHEWA. Kuli ANYANJA/AMANG’ANJA. It was Kamuzu who deceived the nation in order to plant our Chichewa into the easy going Nyanjas. CAN WE REVERT TO THE ORIGINALNYANJA. Chewa is a minority.


  18. Tili Chenene says:

    I hope someone is not intending to have Mulhakho first before Chewa

  19. Prophet Ineyo says:

    Let him come and take over his country.

  20. Davido says:

    This government is nonsense, how could you mix up traditional issues with politics? Soon you will interfere in churches…bunch of idiots. Foriegners lined up to torture Malawians.

    1. zoshola says:

      paja DPP boma lamantha. Mwaiwala zija adamuchita SATA

  21. Joseph Banda says:

    I thought people like Malewezi, Pro Kanyama Phiri are in the think tank of this Chewa grouping? Why could they not advise this man who seems cannot think on his own about this mad decision. I thought Chakwera wants to be the President of Malawi, why did he not advice this man on good order of doing things? If he becomes the President will gawa undi dictate the functioning of the govt that will bend to his thinking?


  22. Malawian!!! says:

    This is the best decision any Executive would do, as far as office protocols are concerned. Cancelling somebody’s visit does not mean he will not visit again but following procedures, let’s learn to appreciate one another. We thank God for allocating this time for Kondwani to be a Minister. We all can not be ministers at once despite our education backgrounds and qualifications whether a Professor or Dr, please don’t feel jelousy God’s time is always the best. I was born a Chewa but was trained to appreciate when others have done good. I thank God for giving Malawi Kondwani Nankhumwa as one of the Cabinet Ministers may the good Lord protects him from evil ones and may you make your powers to be perfect in all his weaknesses in Jesus name.

  23. savimbi stevovo says:

    Fellow Malawians ,Govt has a SINISTER MOTIVE here. Wise people say,”When a WISEMAN says look at the MOON, a FOOL always looks at the MOON instead of looking at the FINGER. that is pointing. ” Here is the same CASE.” NO SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE .Chief Mbelwa or Mpezeni sabvutika chonchi Abale.DPP has a a Problem here. The REAL TRUTH will COME OUT SOON,just wait.

  24. KARU UNITED says:

    I totally agree with, palibe chanzeru, Malawian authorities better quiz, foreign chiefs, with grand territorial ambitions.

  25. KARU UNITED says:

    The Malawi Government, keeps Chewa chief Gawaundi in CHECK! king ki ki ki ki ki ki!

  26. Zangazatha says:

    Adzimwale zitsiru za anthu

  27. KARU UNITED says:

    The Malawi government, keeps Gawaundi, in CHECK! 😁😀😁😀😂😂 ki ki ki ki ki ki!

  28. nyanya says:

    A chewa nanu kupusa. mukamavotera DPP kuthawa MCP kaya mumati mukudyola chani kaya? ndi izi. anzanuwa sakuwelengani ngati kanthu nde bolaso ife a mbwenumbwenu sitidabwitsika ndi zotelezi.

  29. MAN G says:

    So in Malawi we have two tribes. Lomwes and Chewas ! One day something big shall happen between this two big headed tribes.

  30. palibe nzeru says:

    There is no kingdom that cuts accross borders. Alhomwe aku Mozambique ndi aku Mozambique. Achewa aku Zambiya ndi akonko ku Zambiya. Anyakyusa a ku Tanzania are Tanzanians. A malawi tiri ndi a nyakusya athu. Gawa undi is therefore day dreaming thinking that his constituency stretches to a sovereign state like Malawi. Akhale ku Zambiya kwake konko kuno tiri ndi Chief Lukwa ku Central Region amatikwanira. Ku South tiri ndi Lundu anaamuna. Gawaundi ndi osokoneza.

  31. Kandapako says:

    Boma likungofuna kuti azikamukaniza kupita kumene akufuna Gawa Undi. Azikamuuza Gawa Undi kuti ayi uku sikuli bwino ndiye simungapiteko. Who does not know your primitive and shallow tricks you DPP?

  32. GRM says:

    This Gawa chani want to be more important than the Presidents he is under. Nchifukwa chake chaka chino palibe nd President olo mmodzi anapita ku Kulamba kwakeko. Ali mmadzi ameneyo

  33. Chenda says:

    It is normal that a visit could be postponed with any reasons. We shall therefore indeed welcome the Chief when the Govt is ready .

  34. mdk says:

    Chitamuchitikila China hake who will you blame?zinazi tazionani ndi maso oyela not on tribal lines.the minister is doing this as the minister responsible not as a lomwe.mayesa mumavotela MCP kumene so what will you not voting for DPP change?this is just a formality if you don’t like it yambitsani dziko lanulanu,simple

  35. Che Ngana says:

    Chewa Chewa Chewa How Many Times Hava I Called U?Lhomwes Can Do Without You Even If It Means Your Votes.Since 1994 Yo Have Been Voting For Ur So Called Tambala Wakuda But Never Won Any Election.What Is So Important This Time That U Should Vote For Dpp.We Dont Want You In Any Of Our Abilities.Leave Lhomwes Alone.Call Ur So Called Chief To Come It Will Have Nothing To Do With Lhomwe Pple.Mulowe Bwinotu Kumwera Mukuti Mukulowako Mufunse Anzanu Kuti Ndale Zakummwera Amatani??Where Was Joyce From??Search Me If You Think You Can Win The South!!!Kuzikweza Kumeneko Mkuona Mmangolira Pa Vote Iliyonse Kuzitenga Ngati Owina.Goliat Wake Uti Kuli Mcp Ko.Sungani Ndalamazo Muzapangire Campaign Munthawi Yake.Mutangodyeredwa Za Zii.

  36. Chipula Kapeni says:

    This is total insanity. The Maravi Kingdom does not have boundaries. King Gawa Undi does not even need a passport to come to Malawi. We already have state of the art security for Gawa Undi. Inu alendo ochoka ku Mpanyira ku Mazambiqui musatibowe mwamva? Mtundu wakuba komanso osakhumbirika.

  37. chilewe says:

    Kufuna mtundu wanu okha uzitchuka basi uku mukupondereza wa anzanu. Stupid government

  38. Moses Makoko says:

    Kodi sizingatheke o Gawao okabwera osapitenso kwao ozintilamulira?

  39. kinlos mphonde says:

    Gentlemen & Ladies let me give you the events happening between GAWAUNDI & GOVT. you know that peter mutharika was in china so gawa’s visit was suposed to start on the 9th-27th sep 2015 the time when peter was not in malawi. You can see the thinking of govt. You know the president of MCP that he is chewa guy was busy conducting meetings in nsanje and chikwawa where chewas are. Govt was afraid of a coup, thats why they blocked Gawas coming to Malawi. Chakwera was drumming support from chewa people to support him whatever action he is going to take against govt so that he take over govt. take my word

  40. kagawi says:

    Fellow Malawians and mostly Achewa anzanga, Let us learn kupatula ndale ndi chikhalidwe chatu ngati a Malawi. What’s wrong with Hon Nankhumwa and DPP Govt kuyimitsa His Majesty Gawa Undi kuti ngati aMalawi, pamodzi timukonzekere mwaulemu wake than only tokhafe aChewa mmene zinalilimu.
    Nonsenu mukutukwananu, you are not Chewas but MCP affiliated members who always feel MCP is for a Chewa only. To hell ndimaganizo oyipawo opanda.
    You comment mwautsilu pomwe or K1.00 simunasonkheko koma pakamwa fwekufweku.

    Komanso ngati ndinu a ndale mukunamidzira kuti ndinu achewa, you will not even prosper in politics should you continue with that approach of politicizing zinthu zina zili zonse.

    Mulungu akutsogolereni pokhala aMalawi odzindikila ndikutsata zinthu ngati anthu amodzi amene dziko lathu ndilokhali.

  41. We as chewas we r lady to give our king seculity inu alomwe mmakonda kulowelela zaeni bwanji?

  42. woooooo! says:

    Nankhuwa you are so stupid

  43. puludzu says:

    JIMUNI. GAWA UNDI is not coming for govt. We his people ndamene tamuitana kotelo all the costs we are the ones responsible not your so called govt. Watch the space.

  44. Ameneyo ndiye mlomwe ndimmadziwa ine. Achewa tonse tigwirizane never to vote for dpp again in 2019.

  45. Malawian!!! says:

    The minister is just formalising things here. How do you think a high ranking king like him to visit Malawi without informing the government? The government wants to include him on its schedule, nothing else. I’m also a Chewa but do understand what Kondwani is trying to mean. We are one country no tribalism please.

  46. Malawiyano says:

    Since The King Gawaundi started coming to Malawi has the government been meeting some expenses for his up keeping or security ?
    Don’t play DPP politics on the Chewa King , what are your problems ? Chewas have more security background than however you are trying to block The King for. You want the King to be more answer to Peter like the Northern Region Parmount Chief called Kyungu , so useless Chief since the Ngonde Chieftainship .

    Don’t downgrad our King , Peter and your DPP government.

  47. becks says:

    Please DPP Gawa is not coming to your house. Leave the chewas alone

  48. becks says:

    We didn’t want your security details and we knew government has no money that is why we funded Gawa’s trip. DPP what is wrong with you?

  49. ANGITAU says:

    Gawa Undi his majesty wants his people to be united on everything.Tieni nazoni not only on gule wa nkulu,

  50. botomani says:

    Something fishy.

  51. Matchado says:

    To be quite honest, this whole Gawa Undi thing is beginning to irritate some of us now . I think Chefo, or whatever they call themselves, must be told that Malawi is a sovereign state and cannot be made to dance to the whims of some tin-pot “king” who is essentially a citizen of another country . That’s why I miss the late Kamuzu . He would never have tolerated this whole Gawa Undi nonsense that is slowly gaining ground now . I don’t mean any disrespect to my fellow Malawians of chewa origin, but for once, let’s put our country first .

  52. zachabe says:

    Chigawenga Gawa must have been coming with a sinister motive. Boma laonera patali. Asazabwerenso munthu osokoneza. Security on my tax, never?

  53. JC says:

    Coz my chief wants to visit chiefs in the southern region like Nsanje, Chikwawa and ithink Mulanje so zikuoneka abomawa akuchita nsanje polowetsa ndale za Chilomwe.

  54. Mapiri says:

    He’s has his own security. Why make it political? U tell me if a chief from Malawi goes to Zambia, the govt there wil provide security? DPP is not serious. Undi is here on family business, why make it a govt issue. Who will pay for security?

  55. @Jimuni who told you that Kalonga Gawa Undi will use govt monies when he visits Malawi?Let the govts(Zambia,Malawi and Mozambique)give Gawa Undi an open SADC visa to enable him visit his various chiefdoms in the three countries freely without any qualms.

  56. True Son says:

    Alohmwe majerous,mtundu opanda mfumu yosililika

  57. Professor Dr Kwapata says:

    A Chewa nonse never ever support DPP. A CHEWA ENANU YOU HAVE BEEN VoTING fo DPP despising your fellow Chewa and look what DPP is doing to your chief! Wake up Chewas. Had it been Gawa Undi was a Lhomwe or linked to DPP, WOULD GOVT bLOck his visit basing on such flimsy reason? The major reason is political since Chewas arê pro MCP.

    Nankhumwa dont put the emotions of malawians to test? Wherever you are going you are making huge and expensive political blunders! Shame on you.

    MCP dont get distracted with DPP`s primitive politics. Continue penetrating the south as you have started. Infact Peter Mutharika is not popular even kwao komwe kwa Goliath…

    Peter is a person who knows politics of marginalization like nepotism, tribalism and regionalism

  58. ... says:

    Mmmm sindinamvepo zoterezi.
    In fact sizinachitikepo.
    That’s Peter Saul Mutharika for for you, bringing more misery on malawians.
    This man was not chosen by God.
    Koma mulakho….

  59. Jimuni says:

    18 days in Malawi??? He hoing to cost taxpayers lots of monies huh!

  60. tadala says:

    ndiye kuti boma lathu lilibedi chitetezo

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