Gwamba dumps Soul Rabel Entertainment

Malawi Hip-hop artist Gwamba has parted ways with Soul Rebel Entertainment (SRE), a week after launching his first album under the label.



Gwamba real name Duncan Zgambo joined SRE in May this year- as artist and share holder- two months after he terminated his contract with Prime Time Media.

SRE based in Lilongwe has been managed by Hip-hop artist, Third Eye, Gwamba himself and Chifwayi Chirambo who is a Law practitioner.

Third Eye revealed on Saturday that Gwamba and another artist, Krazie G have left the label.

”We would also like to inform the general public that Gwamba and Krazie G have left Soul Rebel Entertainment both as management and as artists,” wrote Third Eye on his Facebook page.

”We wish them well in all their endeavours”.

He did not disclose reasons why the two left the label but one of Gwamba’s close associates revealed to Nyasa Times the artist grew tired with Third Eye’s big-headed behaviour.

”Third Eye thought he owned the whole grouping; it was more of him and others could not swallow it anymore,” explained Gwamba’s associate.

Gwamba launched his album ‘Chako Sichanga’ last Sunday. He also released a video of Munthu featuring Tay Grin under the same label.

Recently Third Eye born Mandela Mwanza dragged Gwamba and other artists under the label into a scuffle with another local Hip-hop artist Revolver.

Gwamba once described SRE as a youth movement that is there to work with up and coming artist with the aim of uplifting and showcase their talents, and also to bridge for international organisations, branches and corporate to the youth target market.

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17 thoughts on “Gwamba dumps Soul Rabel Entertainment”

  1. Sir Bentby says:

    Gyz bwanji mutapanga upgrade chamba cha local chija amaimba achina makawa, katerere, and gwaladi, monga momwe ma artists aku RSA Akupangira ndi kwaito to house.

  2. suspect!! says:

    umatha gwamba…….upange zako apange zake….kip it up…..

  3. ntema says:

    Nonse ndi ana kwa Fredokis…..learn from that guy…..

  4. AR precision says:

    gwamba deserves better

  5. james says:

    looking at the comments….. i am happy to notice that some guys know that third is the owner of malawian hip-pop…..osati palasada ya mwana wa m’mudzi prop ndi tiaziphwake uko basi kumanena kuti ndine dolo…..hahahah

    third next tym do collabo with othe hippop kings lyk….classik….

  6. Emdeez says:

    Hip hop gone wild. Third eye feel u man….

  7. Viyazi Tembo says:


  8. nyompeza says:

    Third Eye ndi dolo wakusekondale,tinyimbo take ndita andagraundi,anayamba ndikale koma zikukanika kutchuka,
    Gwamba ndi Dolo ,amatha,ali ndi touch yakeyake.
    Ngati Third Eye wakhala akumwa tea wamkamka its bcz he partnered with Gwamba.
    R.I.P Third Eye.

  9. Onlooker says:

    Nayeso Krazie kumangosatira kulikonse basi. It’s high time he stepped out of Gwamba’s shadow and established himself on a serious note.

  10. I believe the say that says birds of the same feather flock together, nde ndimadabwa kuti what is it, where is the feathers to point out, the feather that shows similarities,
    I only found one that your all artist. The melody making a great different wina PUMBWA wina TCHETE two different tone s that twist peoples mind
    But in this case Mandela will stand.
    Hip-hop will live again good lucky Gwamba and feel free from real Hip-hop bondage you can move freely the way you like

    Mandela we are here for you and No matter the conditions but TILINAWE give to US zomwe watikonzera
    And we will shout to the world VIVA!!!!!!

  11. Star Bornie Stubborn says:

    hehehehehehe!! “Chichewa ndi Chizungu”

  12. young says:

    third is the best no matter what.

  13. amilli says:

    Good lucky Gwamba aka malawian Phyno

    Third Eye the Hip Hop GOD father in MW

  14. Dennis says:

    Third eye ….umatha chabwinooo…….komaa kuzitengaaa dolo palipooseeee….aaaaaaahhhh…….vuto lakeee chambaaa lweeee…..ndiponsooo anthuuu osaphunziraa ndizimenezooo mumapangaaaa…….go tu school ……kukula kosekoo…..bax umafunaaa uzilamulilaaaa anthuu oseeee………lameee mov…….u shit…….komasooo chot uziweeee………Young kaysoo atulukaaa pompanoo….hhahahaaha….kenakooo MARSTE ……usala ndi makapee enawoo……..kaphunzireni lnuuu…osat zimene mukupangazooo ayiii….

  15. I see you Third says:

    Third Eye is the king and I’m finally happy he has parted ways with this new school artist.Working together wasn’t a problem,but kuimbira limodzi zimandikwana heavy coz its Immortal Technique collaborating 2 Chains.

    Good luck Gwamba,but Third will never fade.

    1. tifu says:

      i don’t like gwamba’s music and style but i think he is currently Malawi’s number one artist. .. his songs are enjoyed by everybody, old or young… his mistake was to leave prime time… third eye currently samatha kuyimba… he doesn’t know what he is doing , his music carrier won’t go far, coz in past 5 years I’ve not seen him being invited to any major shows and he hasn’t been nominated for any awards. ..

  16. i'm the guy in the ma units video says:

    boss ndi boss basi. iwe gwamba panopo wafikano level yoti upeze manager weni-weni. it’s about time our stars start to shine.

    komabe the chief boss is still NYAU KING, the grin man. meet up with him and D-1 (dominic/dominant) mupeza way forward.

    peace and love and happiness to all our artists.

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