Harry Mkandawire, under pressure, resigns as PP veep: Remains party member

Parliamentarian and wealthy businessman Harry Mkandawire has stepped down from his position as vice president (northern region) of former governing People’s Party (PP) but said he remains a member of the party.

Mkandawire:  PP member but not VP

Mkandawire: PP member but not VP

PP appointed Mkandawire as the president (northern region) replacing Khumbo Kachali.

Mkandawire said he has resigned “on principal” denying assertions that he is repositioning himself with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

There are reports that Mkandawire met President Peter Mutharika and he was promised a cabinet post but was sidelined in the recent cabinet reshuffle.

The parliamentarian is also reported to be under pressure to seek amnesty over reports of possible prosecution on timber smuggling  in Chikangawa forest and tax dodging crimes.

Announcing his resignation, Mkandawire said he was concerned that some PP oficials maybe involved in cashgate scandal, claiming he has just realised that now

Mkandawire said he was  also worried the party was “inactive” due to the absence of its founder and leader, Joyce Banda.

The former president has been out of the country on private engagements since June 29, 2014 when she left for the United States of America (US).

Banda is however scheduled to return home this month from South Africa.

Reports are rife that Banda’s absence from the local political scene created a power vacuum in her party, leading to internal wrangles.

But Mkandawire was among PP officials who were invited by Banda in South Africa last month where she told them the exact day of her arrival this month,

PP secretary general Ibrahim Matola could not immediately comment on Mkandawire’s resignation but said the party is “delighted” that Banda is “finally returning home.”

Before being appointed vice president, Mkandawire was the party’s treasure general and his position was taken by Ephraim Mganda Chiume, the former Foreign Affairs Minister.

Mkandawire dumped DPP when he was arrested on political motivated charges after criticising late President Bingu wa Mutharika for promoting tribalism by championing a controversial university quota system.

He was DPP director of political affairs and governor of Northern province but at the height of DPP’s autocracy, he wrote a critical open letter questioning Mutharika’s endorsement of the quota system in which students were selected for university on the basis of district or region rather than merit.

Mkandawire also raised concerns about undermining the rule of law as a result of Wa Mutharika’s backing of the system, despite a Malawi High Court order outlawing it.

He was arrested for alleged sedition.

The quota system was introduced by the late despotic ruler Hastings Kamuzu Banda in 1988, on the grounds that students from northern provinces were entering institutions of higher learning in greater numbers than their compatriots from southern provinces. But the system was abolished in 1993 following a court challenge.

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No way Tumbukas can say that there is no problem losing Mkandawire. That will mark the end of feudalism. Who will stand for north in parliament? We will use Mkandawire as another Vuwa Mkaunda. That will mark the end of north.You are idiots. Tumbukas do complain a lot.

Poor man feel it

None of my concern


The North will not dare to trust Harry again. we hate Dpp, so if he decides to join Dpp, we have nothing to loose. The North as a region now is only looking forward to winning the fedralism fight! PP failled us! DPP killed us!! UDF failled us MCP wanted us to be young for ever, so we are only remaining with the chance of a self governed region.


we in dpp dont care


It has been proven that success does not depend on education. There too many people in Malawi that are so rich but never went to university. They are smart, take risks that are feared by those so called educated idiots.
If they become richer and richer and grow their businesses, then they employ those so called university graduates as their clerks. Sweet smart! So education is not a guarantee for the roses in the world as there so many stupid educated fools.


notherners u refused billy kaunda and u choose mkandawire us zambians we work wit that man in timba he is crooked u leave young billy u voted for a killer,a crook and a man without direction.


Why are you saying northerners rejected Billy Kaunda. Was Billy Kaunda MP for Northern Region? This shallow mentality is the reason Peter Muthalika is taking your taxes to bail out his fellow DPP thieves.

A big caution to Mr. President. Pipo like Harry r not the pipo to be trusted by u. Why ru worried Mr. President? Moreover, u re running this govt smoothly so why ru troubling urself enticing pipo like Harry join ur govt? Kunjaku a president kuli anthu anzeru kupotsa anthu ngati Harry woti atha kudzakuthandizani kuyendetsa dziko. Now its time to allow pipo to judge how u re running ur govt not spending ur energy looking for pipo to join ur party. Zinthu zikamayenda aliyense amawona kaya ndi supporter wa MCP, AFORD, PP or UDF amatha kuyamikira coz all wat… Read more »

Malawi critically ill


The truth is that Harry is on the list of timber smugglers and is running away from incarceration. That is why he wants to join DPP. Mbava yakufikapo!


OMEGA BEMA 0999195520 —–That’s the deasease of many politicians when is an mp wil wants to b a minister ….harry is looking 4 ministerial post – he might get it but he wil not return the seat come 2019 ,,,,,,respect to pple like njobvuyalema who are not greedy as harry # that’s why they are long serving mp’s

Inhumane Rights Activist
Inhumane Rights Activist

Return his seat???????? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Tangolembani mchichewa mayi.

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