How FA Malawi sold World cup decider to Nigeria: Match fixing scandal

In a typical déjà vu fashion that is unravelling for football associations across the globe thanks to the long and perpetuated stay of disgraced FIFA President Sepp Blatter, investigations are gathering steam on events and circumstances surrounding the suspicious manner in which a Technical Director that was still in the employment of the Nigeria Football Federation to take charge, at the eleventh hour, of the Flames, Malawi’s national football team in a 2014 World Cup decider match.

Nyamilandu: Match fixing scandal

Nyamilandu: Match fixing scandal

Here is how the scam went: when it was known that Malawi was going to play a decider match against Nigeria, events which can only be termed as bizarre and corrupt happened.

Walter Nyamilandu led FAM fired Kinnah Phiri under cooked up reasons and immediately   Saintifield , a mercenary masquerading as a savior of the Flames was brought into Malawi by FAM on the bogus pretext that he was going to be a benevolent volunteer who will help Malawi beat Nigeria and qualify for the world cup pro bono.

Sentfield came in and the first thing he did was to weaken the FLAMEs and he fired the Flames most gifted, seasoned and talented players at that time and in that campaign including Captain Joseph Kamwendo on charges that were at best flimsy and in the worst just deserved some tough disciplining sanctions but not expulsion considering that there only two weeks or so to go before Malawi faced Nigeria.

To hoodwink Malawians the architects of this scheme within FAM quickly covered this up by bringing the likes of Kanyenda, a very popular player but who was largely inactive in South Africa at that particular point in time.

One can see that the suspension of Kamwendo and company was an organized ploy sanctioned at the highest in FAM otherwise the normal course of action should have been other disciplinary avenues considering the crucial game ahead.

Next the sensible course of action expected was that having suspended the top players in the squad under such suspicious circumstances, a proper commission of inquiry should have been done. None was done because someone at the very top of FAM knew exactly what was happening and they chose to lose their senses.

Irregular and Suspicious engagement of Sentifield

Prior to any engagement of a National Coach, FAM through sports council has to seek approval because besides the National team being a national asset and a flag carrier, taxpayers money are used to pay the coach.

To circumvent this requirement Sentifield came under the masquerade that he was going to work for free and will only get paid a game Bonus after Malawi beat Nigeria.

Now except for the very daft and most hopelessly naïve, every sane and sensible leader knows that nobody in the world , especially in football work for free; otherwise Zimbabwe could not have been banned for failing to pay dues to a fired coach. The loss of sanity in this case could not be an accident

To complicate matters Sentifield , at this material time of July 2013 was still engaged in a four year USD20,000 dollars a month contract with the Nigerian FA which he signed in March 2012. Records indicate that when he came to Malawi as a Nigerian FA mercenary his contract with the Nigerian FA was still running and that is why he was cared less whether he was paid or not because he was on a mission and his handlers were paying him besides the handsome booty at the end of the journey

Having perfectly consummated the scheme with the complicity of FAM leadership, the Flames were led like sheep down the abattoir to be butchered.

Having seen the merciless annihilation of the Flames under his hands Sentifield never bothered to come to Malawi and escort the dead for burial, he got on the next plane and abandoned ship. Mission accomplished. He never bothered to come and collect his dues let alone his toiletries as his bags were already safe and secured in Nigeria

Now having realized the mess of their business the Nigeria FA and the accomplice in FAM had to cover their tracks. They fabricated a squabble between Steven Keshi and Sentifield whose timing , after the deal was done, was perfectly suspicious, and then in a perfect jungle tactics the Nigerian authorities purportedly preposterously nullified Sentifield’s contract on the pretext of the squabbles with Keshi.

As they planned everything went quite and when the dust settled they all went to share their booty and enjoy it thereafter

The whole fiasco was a scam of the west order that includes all tactics of the underworld including racketeering, money laundering, tax evasion, fraud and most tragically for Malawi betrayal of the highest order of the Malawian football lover and the Malawian flag by the leadership of FAM.

With too match at stake for especially the Super Eagles, including their standing in the World of Football and the handsome bonus that comes with qualifications to world Cup tournaments, Nigeria understood that at the right price they could buy their way to secure success over Malawi by doing what any sane and intelligent leader of an opposing team should have known and said no to such scheme but they played ball because someone at the very top at FAM and Sports Council were in on the scam.

They had to fire Kinnah Phiri and the local backroom staff because knowing what qualifying for the world cup meant for their careers they could not be bought or bribed at any price.

Similarly Joseph Kamwendo and the other senior players dream was to go to the world Cup and they could not be bribed or bought at any price either. The best bet was to weaken the team and suspending them was a perfect excuse. See.

Racketeering and underhand dealings have always been the norm and the culture at FAM because they were simply following the cue from FIFA whose shenanigans are unravelling every hour.

One can only hope that nobody involved in this scam will be let to go unpunished and that a full investigation by all international and local crime busting agencies including the FBI, Interpol and the local agencies especial in Malawi will investigate to get to the bottom of this scam.

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61 thoughts on “How FA Malawi sold World cup decider to Nigeria: Match fixing scandal”

  1. Dr love says:

    apa mwango funa ndisokoneza mutu mumpira muli zinyengo koma team yathu imalephela cosafa or cecafa ndiye apa mukamba zichani SIYANI KULANKHULA ZOPUSA PANGANI KAMPENI WABWINO POGANIZILA PAMAWA

  2. Chigawaneni says:

    Was Kamwendo our best player at that time or is he one today? What impact was he(Kamwendo) going to make if he played the game. This story is shallow to believe for sober minded people.



  4. . says:

    Campaign yavuta. Amijiga ife sitimavota nawo koma ma affiliates why not focus your energies on them? Surely I could have voted for you but I can’t because am not an affiliate. You are my candidate. Please refocus and win the polls. Blessings

  5. Phwado says:

    FAM has always fixed games if you never knew.Haven’t you noticed that Flames conceive silly late goals?They do that deliberately and I always feel sorry for you who take Flames with all your heart.You will die of BP on useless things like loving soccer.Take it or leave it officials and keey players who are chosen know the outcome of the game before it has been played.

  6. Mute Gama says:

    If you read the book “The Dirty Game: Uncovering the Scandal at FIFA” by Andrew Jennings, released August 2015 you appreciate corruption and vote buying was the order of the day at FIFA for decades. This extended to all its country Football Associations including Malawi FA and its leadership. Sepp Blatter and his predecessor Havelange legalized corruption at FIFA and the FAs. These guys are rich beyond your imagination – all through theft.

  7. Ndaniso says:

    Mwana mulopwa number 40 you are very stupid defending the lousy. Malawi lost 2-0 and not 4-0..ndiwe galu

  8. Malawiano says:

    just reading from the author’s name… can smell hate . The article is full of hate. cant waste my time reading all this. shame on you who posted this.

  9. Mbiri says:

    Komadi a Mijiga musatiseketse….You really think we will buy your story that Nigeria would fix a match against Malawi…..nanga poti atha kutichinya even if they had no goalkeeper…..koma nde bolanso Walter apitilizebe if the competition is that shallow. Enaonso sakuti amakhala ku Canada nanga. Mpira waku Malawi audziwila pa Internet? Mwatigwilitsa mpweya wachabe!

  10. John tee says:

    I normally don’t comment but this time I am forced. if its all about the forthcoming elections
    then the other camp is not even worthy to be voted for. This is too bad, positions aside we are all Malawians and let’s fight clean fights dear brothers.

    Kamwendo?? Any one with any football statistics for him? National team goals last five seasons : zero; Assists; zero; shots towards goal:2; offtarget 2; no shot on goal; penalties worn: zero: misplaced passes: average of 100 per game: pass rate 12.2%; tackles; average of 3 per game.

    He is a below average player and he can not by all means influence any game dear brothers.

    Let us fight a good fight and may the best candidate carry the day and who so ever carries the day let’s give him/her total support for the good of football.

    if coaches at national team level still trains the so called national team players ball control what do you expect? A win against Nigeria in a competitive game? Thanks for dreaming I’m colour but reality is that they are not at our level.

    What do you think?

  11. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    I am just amazed at this website allowing such pieces to be written and presented, like this. Articles which are NOT newsworthy, but full of innuendo and no real evidence. It seems there is an anti-Nyamilandu sentiment, albeit hidden, here. Someone really hates the guy! No less.
    Can we really expect to beat Nigeria in soccer?

  12. I thought this is an English platform – does it mean most Malawians can not converse or write good English. My Kenyan friend once asked me ‘ I thought you guys were once colonised by Britain like us Kenya but how come you Malawians struggle speaking in English ! LOL,

  13. Mashamase says:

    Mapwevupwevu Walter

  14. mbanga says:

    so you say this is what happened. okay.

  15. Bwande says:

    Amenewo ndiye ma Naija. Go anywhere in world. There is at least one Nigerian in a Jail in any country around the world. Those of you doubting let an investigation clear Walter and his team at FAM. Otherwise his hands are dirty. The coming in and departure of Saintifield raised left a lot to be desired indeed. No procedures or whatsoever. And the timing eeehh! But as usual some Malawians will not understand what happened and will still be behind these thieves. Only in Malawi

  16. zikomo pondionetsa ku new york ndi misonko yanu says:

    i still wonder why you people can’t see that malawi teams sell their games. football ndi netball onse amalandila kangachepe from the opposition. our athletes are too poor to do otherwise. akakudyeleni ku chipatala?

    just think about it. nthawi ya kamuzu tinkatibula zambia, zim, moz, zaire, cameroon, angola, north africa yonse etc etc….why are we so useless now? that’s just my opinion

  17. myao says:

    Off the wall. Idiots think flames cant beat Nigeria…zankutu

    1. DOBO says:

      In Malawi, there are still idiots who think negatively that Malawi can not beat Nigeria. Egypt or Cameron or Algeria are one of better teams than Nigeria. Malawi had beaten these teams once or twice. So, it is idiotic and primitive to think that Malawi cannot beat Nigeria. Don’t mix up personal support to individual with football issues.

  18. mtochi says:

    good tiding

  19. peeping lizard says:


  20. mzunguwanzeru says:

    This bad politics to say the least.

  21. mwana mulopwana says:

    The author is very stupid, there was no scam at all, you cant compare the super eagles with Malawi, for your own information Nigeria played In Karaba and as per histoly, it only lost one game in Karaba and we lost 4-0 in Nigeria, so where is match fixing coming about

  22. ABM says:

    Football politics at its best. Why now? Your guess is as good as mine.

  23. chinguwo wa chinguwo says:

    Amijiga focus on your manifesto, with or without Kamwendo Malawi could not beat Nigeria, so you want to tell Malawi that hiring of Ernest Mtawali and dropping of Joseph Kamwendo from National team squad is Matching fixing? you are wasting your time concentrate on things that can help you to win elections. so of the Nyasatimes readers they don’t vote…

  24. crazy stuff says:

    All these are stupid lies.
    How can it even happen. We malawian are just shit at everything except for netball. Lets face it!!!amaskini okha okha.
    Ha ha ha
    Hell with the football. The bloody whole country is going to the dogs!!!!!

  25. The real ujeni says:

    Fokofu mwayesa Ana akhanda Ife eti?, How can a top African team fix a match against a nobody. Malawi have no chance of qualifying for Africa cup for the next 20 years even playing against fellow minnows’

  26. peeping lizard says:


  27. Ndaniso says:

    Nyamilandu must GO!!!!!!!!!!!! Nyamilandu must go!!!!!!!!!!!! Now!!!!!!!!!!!! Galu uyu anagulisa dziko

  28. Dobadoba says:

    Malawi beating Nigeria !!!!!!!! that is a pipe dream. As your right you are entitled to it.

  29. Gaga says:

    Conspiracy theory at its best……… I just loved the way you meshed up the whole events.

  30. dapalapa says:

    kkkkkkkk i do not know. whether its true or its politics as go to FAM elections. But change at FAM is needed. we need new blood, new thinking.

  31. owen says:

    That’s moroni…

  32. Messi says:

    Nawe writer iwe,. it is apparent that this is typical propaganda. for a start, do you believe Malawi can beat Nigeria at its backyard? the answer is obviously no!. The game which was played in Calabar (Nigeria) where Emenike and Victor Moses scored goals for Nigeria was one of the difficult games for Nigeria. they scored goals in the 45+ and 51 minute of the game and thats an indication of how stubborn we were to let them score despite them choosing to play us on one of their poor stadiums. We need to accept thet we are abit backward and can not beat Nigeria on a very serious encounter other than kungogwera. Ife olo TZ imatichinya kwawo, how dare you think beating Nigeria pakwawo?

    FAM has procedures for hiring and firing. When hiring, it is always a committee that does that and like wise when firing. it is not a one man show like how you run your house, FAM is always audited and flaws could have been unearthed if there were any. it simply means the the writer is a savage trying to put up a propaganda. Just wondering aswell as to why choosing words that people can not simply understand? Do you follow football?

    If it is really true, do you have evidence to put up to the nation? why do you bring out this only now that the elections are close?
    Pena pake we need to applaud good leadership. Football has its own problems and those guys in football really appreciates the way football administration is today.

    am not a good fan or Walter. I love football

  33. Even if kinnah could have been maintained Malawi can never win against Nigeria.

  34. Spencer Chingwengwe says:

    I hate this man. He used to blind Malawians when using our tax money for personal gains. Son of bitch.

  35. zandile says:

    Story siyikumveka bwino. Tale bani nzomveka. Do write to impress.

  36. Bayangwe says:

    Akuchita kusekelera Nyamilandu

  37. Banda sikiza George says:

    Thanks Sir that you had a will to communicate something to the nation. But be reminded that the aim of language is to communicate and not to employ your readers to consult a dictionary for each and every word. what we are interested in is information. thank you for taking the advice.

  38. team Nyamilandu says:

    mukuchepa nonse amene mukufuna kupikisana naye, zinthuzi zimafunika school tu izi kaya zanu izo

  39. team Nyamilandu says:

    so u have started blackmailing Nyamilandu? musiyeni munthu akalemba walemba palibe angafufute, ma jealousy basi mpandowu akutenganso kachikenanso muisovenge

  40. Kanyimbi says:

    Yes tell us the truth. We were wondering how Flames could be losing like that. Investigate some players again.

  41. Chiluwa says:

    Apandiye yalakwa imangidwe basi

  42. Karonga boy says:


  43. chizamsoka munthali says:

    Nyamilandu is worse than Peter Fote, vote for the Canadian based billionaire Willie Yabwanya Phiri pama elections akubwelawa if you want FAM to be saved from these monsters

  44. chifwede says:

    it seems there is a personal fight to discredit Walter. Much as i am not a fan of his fourth bid, i don’t think using slander on Nyasa Times is not the best thing to do. I have been reading several reports here that are specifically targeting Walter.

  45. lawrence says:

    Time to resign and pave way for investigations. Well written article though coming late

  46. Bertha Chisale says:

    Zayambika…tiyeni nazo

  47. bwande says:

    Umboni palibe mani apa. corruption or no corruption malawi sinamenyepo nigeria bola munakanena mozambique kuti inapanga bribe bola koma nkhani iyi ndiyabodza la mnkhuniza. ngati mukufuna kutcherana ndale chifukwa cha zisankhozi mungonena mfundo zoti zikuthandizeni anthu akuvotereni osati cheap propanganda ngati imeneyi imenenso ikhoza kupangitsa kuti malawi national team ipangidwe ban kwa zaka zambiri zitatati zimene zalembedwazi ndi zoona. be patriotic gentlemen/women . ndipo kuyika dzina labodza la olemba nkhaniyi chifukwa chiyani? whats the motive behind this story?

  48. Funzo says:

    Cracking story and probably another example of why Malawi is not developing. It’s corruption everywhere.

  49. Bad timing says:

    Ok. whether the story is true or false but its timing leaves a lot to be believed. It is like someone has cooked it in order to paint someone black. By the way, can Malawi beat Nigeria even if the team is led by by Kina and blessed by players of Kamwendo calibre? check me. Wina wangotengapo zambi apa!

    Good luck with your elections.

  50. zanga phee says:

    WHERE IS THAT ANIMAL CALLED CORRUPTION, is it arrive or not , can you go to FAM and it the carcus there ,which are the remains from Nigeria,
    komadi ukatamba tamba kumayang`ana kunyanja kungakuchere.,komanso kanthu mkavumbu kunaulura vumbwe mende pachitsa.

  51. pido says:

    We said it. How could the they hire a person at such awkward time and free for all charges. In Zambia he was just shouting at players like Kamwendo and thats why Kamwendo refused to take penalties. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Anthu osankhidwawa safuna ktukula masewera a mpira koma kudyera ngati ndale. If Government wants development in sports performance let there be government agency in each and every sport federation. One will be enough to hold the vision of the nation than these so called volunteers

  52. Issa says:


  53. HEMASO says:

    Reading between the lines II sense some fablication in the whole story, truth will out. AMENNNNNN

  54. musova says:

    Walter must fall!!

  55. Njolinjo says:


  56. Kamwendo says:

    Wakwithu syndrome.

  57. kutheba says:

    Why can’t you just use proper english to describe events

  58. Mukapeza olakwira lamulo m’mangeni basi ndimadabwa NYAMILANDU ku mangokakamira kuti akhaebe Nkulu wa FAM apa ndiye wagenda katauluka man amangidwa ameneyo

  59. Timve says:

    What? Bull shit shit!!

  60. mapwevupwevu says:

    Yes this is very true! Apart from killing his wives for satanic rituals, he is very corrupt he can even re-sell his soul to Satan’s young brother!

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