Hunger for power puts administration of Northern Region football at stake

A struggle for power has ensued among some administrators of Northern Region football who– for no apparent reason – want to run football in the region as personal endeavours, Nyasa Times understands.

Insiders within the Northern Region Football League (NRFL) executive committee told Nyasa Times in separate interviews that Peter Chavula, NRFL Chair and the Secretary General want to monopolize positions concerned with the running of football in the region as prescribed by new FIFA statutes.

According to information sourced, Football Association of Malawi (FAM) – subscribing to FIFA statutes – wants to centralize the administration of football in the regions for efficiency.

The move, sources told Nyasa Times, has seen such other football administration committees as Mzuzu District Football Region Committee in the North being dissolved.

In the other regions, Central and Southern, there has been a smooth relay of power between sub-football committees and the regional ones.

But that is not the case in the North.

“Chavula [NRFL chair] and his secretary general want to resume their positions in the new structure which most people are against to,” a source said.

The source added: “People, instead, want [Alfred] Gunda and [Lameck] Khonje who are administrators of the smaller Mzuzu District Football Committee. They have impeccable administrative skills and are transparent in their undertaking.”

NRFL has a record of football leagues mismanagement. Most of the leagues they have orchestrated have been marred by mishaps.

Chavula could not be reached for comment, but Gunda; Secretary General of the Mzuzu District Football Committee said he couldn’t comment on the story, arguing he was a concerned party.

“I will not comment. Let others do,” he said.

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Ollens msonda

Sports in the North ius in shambles. If you look at Chavula and his group have nothing to offer but they have taken sports as a means of generating income as a result clubs and development is at risk. Chavula is just too old and if you look at him you will see that the mans head is empty.


I think each district of the northen region should be a stand alone state!



Ambuje ku lilongwe

Nyikaland federal state imeneyo. Eeeeee koma kumeneko atumbuka kukanganila mipando basi. Nthawi zonse kufuna kulamula basi. Ambwenumbwenu


A Malawi anzanga tiyeni tiyitanise mapephelo tonse pamozi tiyapephelele anzathu aku mpoto kuti anthu amenewa Mulungu awamasule muziwanda zimene alinazo. Tisachedwe ndi kulimbana nawo, ofunika kungowa yikisa mumapephelo basi. Chifukwa ziwanda zimene alinazozi zikuwoneka kuti ndizochokela ku makolo awo. Tawonani kwawo kukumakhala kuba, kupha ndi kuwononga. Akumawuza azungu kuti alese kuthandiza ziko lokhala lawo. Kulimbikisa moyo ogonana amuna okhaokha, akazi okhaokha. Chifukwaso kuti apasidwe ziko lawo ndiye anthuwa azaphana. ANTHU ANTUNDU WANJI KUMALEPHELA KUYENDESA PAMOZI ZITHU NGATI ZIMENEZI ZOSAVUTA NGATI ZIMENEZI ZA MPILA? AKUYAMBA KUFINYANA OKHAOKHA, SINDIKUTHA KUWANVESA ANTHU AMENEWA, MULUNGU AWUNIKILE UMUNTHU WAKUZIMU.

Very bad Nyasulu

Almost all football committees are corrupt in the north. Most of the football officials own teams which makes it difficult to decide on things as each one wants his team to win. We need to make very big changes. football is going down


Before, No media was interested or gave a damn in reporting what was happening in the Northern region but after the word federalism and secession ringed in their ears, they are reporting at anything bad and not good just to tarnish the region to discourage and frustrate its people from persueing the above mentioned agendas but it will not work and now,we are going to add one, two or three steps into it.


Monopoly kkkkk north hahaha dats why SIMAMA referees are payed k300 per game shame achoke amenewo


This is more reason enough for federal govt.Tolerance and malice ndiye yobvuta Ku Nyikaland. Look at central and south.


No FIFA wants to ‘decentralise’ not ‘centralise’ as your article reads. There is more efficiency and effectiveness in obtaining results on the ground with decentralisation unlike centralisation ie power at the centre

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