I have brought foreign investment deals from US – Mutharika

President Prof. Peter Mutharika says he has clinched foreign investment deals with various investors during his stay in New York, USA where he attended the 69th Session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA).

Mutharika disclosed this upon arrival at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) in Lilongwe on Wednesday.

President Mutharika on his arrival at KIA from the United States of America

President Mutharika on his arrival at KIA from the United States of America

He said the 69th UNGA had been a very fruitful event to Malawi and that the President and his delegation had met various business people and serious investors with whom they had discussed investment opportunities available in Malawi.

“We had meetings with several business communities and investors and they were also interested to meet us,” explained Mutharika.

“We discussed foreign investment and I hope to see them coming to Malawi very soon.”

Mutharika said he would soon call for a press briefing probably to be held in Blantyre to give the public a detailed report of what transpired at the 69th Session of the UNGA which was held at the UN headquarters in New York from 16 – 29 September 2014.

The President was welcomed by the Vice President, Saulos Chilima, senior Government officials and ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) supporters.

The Malawi leader inspected Guard of Honor by the Malawi Defense Force before he addressed the press and later cheered the ruling party supporters.

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61 thoughts on “I have brought foreign investment deals from US – Mutharika”

  1. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Forget about any deals to do with mining in North, agalu inu mwatidyera kokwanira. We will sign our own deals soon!

  2. Ndele says:

    That is cheap propaganda Mr Mutharika, we know you right from the beginning, chimbwe pala wafuma kusilya ili kuluta ku sily alinyakhe kuti wakusintha yai. Mbaya mwe tawina chitimba

  3. Naganza says:

    Why Malawians are complaining they wanted American professor rather than a Malawians who has lived here all the years. If Peter has negotiated with investors in America then suspect bribe. He can only give contracts to those companies who can give him 20% like his brother di with Kayelekela mines. Do Malawians know that Bingu was getting 20% from nature resources to his bank account? NO. Malawians are too dull to know. so Peter who has lived in US whole his life what du you expect to make a deal with American companies? These old dogs are playing with you. Peter is a thief and a good one. He wants to chop the money and give it to his children in America. president in Malawi knows that Malawians are fools. They can not do anything even if they find out about stealing. E.g Cash Gate. and corruption of Bakili Mulizu. Where is the case? How do you expect others to be convicted, when they have not solved the past cases of corruption. When Malawians will wake up and do something to these people is when they will realize what is to steal.

  4. Kulira says:

    Where are the investments????????

  5. chatty man says:

    kumvesa chisoni a president better keep quiet.

  6. crispen kandido says:

    hahaha koma malawian presidents

  7. Aferazao says:

    Did Peter learn English and its proper use in school. It is very wrong for him to tell Malawians that he has brought foreign investment deals from the US (literal translation ‘ndakubweretselani …………………..’ to mean I held negotiations with investors to bring investment deals to Malawi.

  8. rosie says:

    I hate this APM guy, all he does is lie to us and increase taxes and puts Malawi more at risk!! He can shove his presidency right up his arse, just because his late brother didnt like the Tumbuka minority he has to say something against them.. When his late brother was against Bakili Muluzi they carried out unneccesary arrests and killed so many people!! wake up Malawi how long must we suffer this injustice towards uS. He is not fit to be a president plus anabela ma vote!!

  9. Magetsi says:

    The headline is definite but the article is not. Desires stated at a meeting are not always followed through. We’ll see!

  10. Gimbogo says:

    Its a lie

  11. Aceton says:

    Good development,thus what we always expect from dad once he goes in the bush.

  12. Geo says:


    Please think positively if you are Malawian. Investors goes to a country not just because of considerations you are making here.

    Think of other factors as well ask yourself how and why such countries you mention are developed or are developing?

    1. rosie says:

      Why don’t you take constructive criticism. “Ine” is right Malawi is not an investment destination… I wouldn’t invest in it either because of weak govt and we are very under developed, not developing at all, Look at how Zambia is better than us, even Zimbabwe still do better despite their short comings. Malawi will never move forward because we vote for presidents like APM that are communists in democratic country and promote nepotism.. They will go to extremes just to hurt somebody because they are greedy and have selfish desires..

  13. Geo says:

    This is What we want From the President APM

    1. crispen kandido says:

      the president said ‘ i hope to see the investors coming to malawi soon’. what a joke.

  14. Fan Geo says:

    APM Woooooo yeeeeee!

  15. Happy says:

    A Malawi tidziyamika pazabwino ngati izi APM akuitha abale!

  16. ben says:

    APM please have a look at the kwacha slide, Why follow IMF policies of not controlling the kwacha when they are not giving any aid

  17. Ine says:

    In its presnt state, Malawi can never compete with Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Rwanda and Uganda as an investment destination and no serious investor would put his money in Malawi while these other countries are beconing. As such, celebrtating at this APM speech is like gazing into the blue sky above and assuming you belong there. I love Malawi and I want it to succeed. But to do so, we need to address our self made challenges.

    1. wobeba wanga says:

      foolish you

      1. Eastwards says:

        It is you Wobeba who is foolish because Ine is saying the truth. We are not a preferred investment destination as compared to our neighbours and instead of improving our ranking we are busy with power consolidation through appointments smacking nepotism. In addition we have heard this crap before from all our previous leaders in an attempt to justify the wasteful expenditure on conference tourists. Unless we put our act together lets continue to allow the Chinese to come and invest in retail trading with their shops full of Chinese manufactured goods with little or no locally manufactured goods on sale in these shops.

        1. Yonder says:

          Let people tell you the truth. What you have said her is nonsense

  18. yuona says:

    Same old song.

  19. MaiMai says:

    fotseki who can invest in Malawi you have NO ENERGY SOURCE …MA BLACK OUT THROUGHOUT and you think an investor would come here? Secondly, safety concerns, everyday robberies, which investor would come here? That’s how dull DPP your professor is. If you have enough energy, safety forex and infrustructures, INVESTORS just come on their own you dont need to sit at UN Assembly you poor so called professor.

    Koma U Professor wamkalasiwu abale. ONLY INDIANS CAN COME TO INVEST HERE, SO GO TO India and invite them to invest here in small, small cooking oil plants,,,,selling spices etc….Devraj whatever that means.

    1. Inu says:

      Malawians very good at shooting themselves down. With that mentallity can Malawi really be developed? We need to start putting a good image of our country out there

  20. chechipapwiche says:

    Action speaks louder than words. You may have discussed anything but we need action in Malawi Mr President.

  21. A tumbuka at work with castigation. A cursed tribe in Malawi. Have never produced a president and will never produce one, despite political ambitions. Us chewas we are happy we ruled this country for long

  22. Dumerang says:

    hahahahahaha kikikiki i have brought investers they will soon be coming, shupit zako

  23. loveness says:

    so that means we will have more expatriates and now whatever jobs are left for us will be filled by american’s. mayooooo where will we go. Peter have murcy on us. we are really suffering in this country, this is our country but we are treated like second class citizens.

  24. PEARSON SADALA says:

    unveil them sir. may be they are stocked in that small plane

  25. truevoter says:

    True true Ngwazi ameneyoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo original basiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  26. Lo pee says:

    Welcome back Mr President……

  27. namwali says:

    Makolo a ana anajombetsa ana ku school? olo anali ataweluka? Ngati ajomba, makolo awo should not do that again, those are future presidents and ministers, they should not fail to go to school just to do a one minute activity. Can’t there be welcome without flowers, ana apite ku school and do the flowering on weekend trips.

  28. Change chathu says:

    Malawian Presidents will never stop amazing. All come with empy talk satisfying empty heads. Investors are good & bad. Good when they bring in jobs. Bad when they give peasants to their employees but rip off the country. Did you negotiate on those terms? What has Malawi benefited from Kayerekera mine?

  29. Lusa says:

    APM Continue Boooo maaaaa!

  30. Laura says:

    Mwaitha a President!

  31. Geof says:

    Thumbs up

    APM woyeeeeee!

  32. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    That coming from Muthalika? Sizachilendo, Bingu used to show us cheques each time akamtsika ndege. Anachita kangati? Ndi izo pano tikumva za MK92 bn. By the way, one only hopes the investors will consider the north.

  33. BBC says:

    Foreign deals are not all good and please be reminded of this. Deals are only good when they materialise n benefit the entire population in one way or d other. Every 1 has piles of positive plans but they are useless coz they don’t get implimented.

  34. Happy says:

    Tikamati zitukuko ndi zimenezi

  35. Happy says:

    Good development

    APM thank you. We need to attract a lot of investors achinyamata apeze ntchito

  36. iwe pitala usatikwane ndi zonama zakodzo, ntchito ilipo ndiyoti tithamangitse anthu akumpoto amene akudyerera kwanthu kuno .we need to fire them and chift them to their destination .federism ndiye chani pack and go to nyikaland we dont want u here . Youth southerner are organising antinortherners campaign tidzimenya ndi kumanga nonse akumpoto go go plz to ur nyika musatipwanyitse mutu

  37. Saulo says:

    Thank you Mr. President We need such things from President osati kugawa Nkhuku.

    Kupita kunja kukakambirana ndi ma investors that’s a positive actions

  38. Mtumbo Lende says:

    Ali kuti nanga? Nsete zili thoooo. Chindere chakufikapo

  39. Mtumbuka says:

    We are waiting to see, you did fine to woo these guys to come to Malawi to invest. We have ever heard these songs being blown before and where are those touted investors? Build by action not promises.

  40. EasyBlack Jalibu says:

    This is Investment song you are singing Mr President,Your Statement is just concealing lies of DPP to buy time! Your time is over very soon we will have fresh elections because DPP is involved in K92b Cash Gate! Malawians and the International Community we don’t have confidence in your administration!

    Za ziiiii What type of Investments are you talking about? The World is Skeptical About your Government Mr President! You are surrounded by same crooks who deceived Bingu wa Mutharika!

  41. jok says:

    whether he has a phd or not we need him to deliver. The truth is that no president goes to the un or any xternal travel without saying it was good for malawi but look where we are now. How many meetings shall malawian presidents attend to reverse the situation. Its not being pp or dpp its about malawi. We need change and not phd. USA was once rulled by an actor but he delivered admirably education without integrity and patriotism is nothing to us. I rest my case.

  42. Namu! says:

    Kodi ana amene amapezeka kokalandira a Pulezidentiwa amapita kusukulu? Chonde tisawaphere ana ufulu wamaphunziro.

  43. Hazrat Pillane says:

    All Malawian leaders have uttered the same before, but have any Malwian benefited from such self praise? Waiting to see the difference if at all it shall be noticed. Sometimes its better to keep quiet rather than blowing the vuvuzela for a loosing team. False hopes trying to build confidence.

    1. Very true! We have heard this blaah blaah before from ex-presidents. This is just another fool fooling fools.

    2. lomwewhohatesAPM says:

      he is a fool!!

  44. DPP swagger says:

    That’s Malawi’s president! Anyone who is not happy can go back to their region of origin. PP Thugs, tikuswani. Fotseki

  45. mheni wa mphande says:

    bask in this shortlived glory or is it ‘vanity’ you senile political misfit with your botched up face reminiscent of a rotten mango. you’re going down, this you should realise.

    1. burton says:

      Musiye Mulungu akhale Mulungu. Dzanja linalemba whether you like it or not!

  46. mai nsato says:

    The real Professor that Malawi should be proud of. The first Malawian to lecture at London University College in 1971. He has no honorary degree but the only studied ones

    1. wayengwa liro says:

      Ka London University nkachaninso. If i was as old as him, I would have taught at Harvard in 1971

    2. Mtumbo Lende says:

      Koma zoba as far as running government business is concerned

    3. Hamu says:

      Ali kuti nthawi yonseyi the so called professor? Ayao ndi deal amalamula dziko angakhale ali ndi maphunziro ochepa koma anthu kumakumbukilabe. being professor doesnt mean you have leadership skills my friend.

    4. Chemwali chimwene says:

      Kkkkkkk. Check his un coordinated upper body movements and speech some congenital anomaly, wished the whites he was lecturing corrected it when he was still young, azungu ndioyipa. Anamulekerera munthu wathuyu. Lutata lokhalo akanamudula.

    5. Greencardless Malawian says:

      Check his ratings as a professor online! The dude is a failure but a good thief!

  47. John says:

    Arg! Of course you did. WHERE ARE THEY?

Comments are closed.

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