I remain UDF leader – Atupele Muluzi

Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Affairs Security, Atupele Muluzi has said he remains the president of United Democratic Front (UDF) and its voice in parliament and cabinet .

Atupele Muluzi: I am the leader of UDF

Atupele Muluzi: I am the leader of UDF

Muluzi said UDF has one command structure led by him as president.

“I am the leader of the party, I speak as a leader of the party in cabinet, in parliament. When it comes to the voice, I am the voice as the leader of the party,” said Muluzi.

He was fending off criticism that UDF has lost its voice in parliament since its members have relocated to government benches.

Muluzi said the party’s chief whip Lilian Patel still represents it in the Business Committee of Parliament.

Meanwhile, UDF secretary general Kandi Padambo, chief whip in Parliament Lilian Patel and spokesperson Ken Ndanga led by party president Atupele Muluzi yesterday called for a meeting with the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) to seek clarifications from the the interfaith democracy watchdog and advocacy grouping which has beenf agitating for the removal of its MPs through Section 65 of the Constitution which forbids crossing the floor.

The PAC delegation was led by chairperson the Reverend Felix Chingota.

UDF leaders explained the procedure which led to the decision to move to the government side, including seeking a legal opinion from a private lawyer David Kanyenda before submitting a request to the Speaker to be moved to the government side.

A legal opinion from Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale to the Speaker also cleared the party’s move.

Chingota said he had received assurance from UDF that the party would abide by the Constitution as its president pledged during the pre-election interface meetings.

The Speaker is on record as having said that his office can only act on the matter after being pushed or petitioned.

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59 thoughts on “I remain UDF leader – Atupele Muluzi”

  1. UDF,DPP & PP are one party don’t be fooled Malawians. People can talk as much as they think but one thing to put into consideration is that these people are not enemies are just politicians who play with ignorant peoples’ minds so don’t worry about section 65 or whatever it can’t just work.

  2. ochewa says:

    Let Lucius be the udf leader he is more wise than atupele. Kodi udf mmasankha ana bwanji!

  3. Botawkaju says:

    ngati mukufuna tizagulitseso mapwala kapena machende pa town tizavotelenso udf.bakili amati anyamata kutakata pa town meaning kugulitsa ziwalo za anthu.

  4. hassan says:

    sanakule uyu and udf sizawinaso ngat awawa apitilize za chimwana zawozi

  5. Zanga Phee! says:

    It looks like 2019 is very far, i wonder what mechanism is UDF trying to do now.this is the time where they can rectify all problem they went through,he will recall this moment.See my name.

  6. Zatha says:

    I remain a UDF leader in DPP

  7. limbikani Miyambo says:

    Mr Speaker Sir, I want to stand on a point order. Hon Atupele Muluzi has been quoted out of context. What he wanted to say is that “My father is President of UDF”.

  8. mputeni saizado says:

    You are really Udf leader.Forget being a Malawian leader.Malawians will never make a mistake to have another Muluzi.Your corrupt father messed up Malawi big time.Malawians have not forgotten how corrupt he was.

  9. wapankhata says:

    Atupele mbuzi yamunthu palibe ndichimodzi akuziwa,soldier Lucius akutenga mpandowu uzayaluka nazo

  10. Zoopsya says:

    Pati bii pali minga, usi sufuka popanda moto. Kaya zanu izo muzazindikira nkhwangwa ili mmutu.

  11. duma wa duma says:

    Dyela atupele akuononga oposition a UDF akungochulukisa chinambala mupaliament. If u can’t cook get out of the stove let others do the job.

  12. mbani says:

    uchimo waatate ukuyamwira mwana

  13. Kholophete says:

    Voice for which YUDEFU Mr. Atupele…? UDF is dead and we are in the process of burying it in blue soil kkkkkk. Adzakuvotere ndi akwanu kwa Kapoloma. Malawians pano anachangamuka you have demonstrated the stupidity in you. Education does not cleanse stupidity in a person ndaonera bebe!!!

  14. Kavuluvulu says:

    Nkhachindere aka.Ung’onoung’ono wachani.Zamukutu zaziiii !

  15. msumba-Bolero says:

    kanthu ako!!! suzgo buliii!

  16. Malawi wa Lero says:

    The young Muluzi should have seriosly looked at why UDF fared badly on last elections, and be seen to revive the party again. What he is doing is expected of an old politicians desperately working against time. We have a man who thot a Yao vote was already in his plate and got confused after results. Surely he needed some panel beating after elections because the kind of language coming from ung’ono is that of a desperate munthu who has already lost direction.

  17. Nyamata wakwa Mayaka says:

    kikkkkk uyu ndi mwanadi ndithu

  18. james mailosi says:

    Atupele thinks we are all daft eti? How can he say that he is the voice of the UDF in cabinet and the voice of the UDF in parliament? When has he ever stood in parliament as a leader of the defunct UDF? How can he go to cabinet and speak for his party? cabinet speaks DPP agenda for government and there is no way, during a cabinet meeting , that the President would say whats the position of the lone UDF member in this cabinet. Shut the hell up and eat the money you are enjoying. That UDF party is finished. Come 2019, no more than 5 MPs are returning to parliament.

  19. Onse akumalawi ndi choncho musamayiwale

  20. Denis Tembo says:

    Voti ndi yako mfethu 2019,unachita bwino upeze xperience yoyendetsera Boma,UDF moto,PP ndiimene ikutha ngati makataniyi kkkkkkkkkkk!

  21. ndatero ine says:

    Mwana ndi mwana basi
    Like father like son.pali za serious apa?
    Am starting to believe it the southerners for one party, regionalism. Nde atumbuka aja ankafuna zija sizimenezi ife ochewa angwazi odatilesa zopusadzi
    Forsake zanu

  22. shakila says:


  23. vilimumu says:

    Tupele wakula eti? mpaka kuyankha chonchi?

  24. Ndangodutsamo. says:

    Atupele,!! Atupele, !!! Atupele, !!! Atu,!!! how many times did i call your name.? 3 and 1/2 . Then go and buy yourself some sweets .

  25. Uje says:

    He was a leader of the defunct IDF. All we used to be UDF supporters and well wishers are now in MCP. We already met BJ Mpinganjira who advised us to do likewise.
    I wonder if u can find people talking or going back to the denfunct UDF party. Atupele was taking us for granted, had I known before May 20 mmmhh

  26. atupele wadya chipere chopera…kkkkkkkk

  27. SALIMA BOYS says:

    Yudefu basi apa palibeso inailiyose..

  28. Karonga Boy says:

    Musova,amayi Woyeee,

  29. Kadakwiza says:

    At Imran, I would like to remind you man and my fellow Malawians. UDF as party died when DPP was formed now the name have Muluzi Enterprise Company. Now UDF is not a political organization but a company. As I said is called Muluzi Enterprise Company.

  30. Tiresome boy, won’t vote for you again.

  31. yeboona says:

    koma mwana ameneyu! asaaaaaaaa

  32. Moya says:

    munthu sungasiye wana padzuwa iwe mkukhala pa mthuzi,ndiyekuti pena pake pasokonekera chifukwa anawo ndi anthunso amafuna buledi wa sitoko,fanta cokakora etc pachifukwa ichi ndipofunika kuganiza mofatsa chifuka kutsogoloku mungayambe kuwona za AFORD.

  33. mulopwana says:

    chitsiru cha munthu.wa utawa mwayi wa next president.You are showing off your real colours.

  34. chiwa kogoya says:

    Atupele chipani mwachigulitsa ndipo chitha ngati makatani , usayiwale a Chair ananena kale kuti zipani zinazi zitha ngati ma katani.

    Atupele mwabesa chipani ndipo onse oyikonda UDF takhumudwa nawe.

    plz act before it is too late.

  35. Mphwere says:

    Uleader wakukanika baby Atupele. Where is the Agenda for Change? Will you do it while in DPP? Pure greed! Atate ako ndi awa achila tsopano. Ikayamba ijay msana uyambanso koma pano adadya matako a galu as sakukhazikika

  36. akilen says:

    anayimiradi chipanichi pa elections so he is right to be the leader

  37. mwahana says:

    Atupele your reasoning is that of a confused person. The point here is about our constitution
    Section 65 and not president of UDF??? That Lilian Patel is UDF Whip in parliament is an anomaly as government can’t have Two (2) Whips one from DPP and another from UDF. Your MPs are on the wrong side of parliament and section 65 should be applied!!!!! Period!! Sit alone on the government side as a privileged cabinet minister from the opposition just as other cabinet ministers who are not MPs e.g. Goodal Gondwe and Bright Msaka.

  38. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Baby Muluzi is restless, now. If you were assured by lawyers, why did you meet PAC on the same issue?

    Point of correction. You are president of the party, UDF because it was formed and financed by your father. In short the party can be called Muluzi Investment. No one can disagree.

    Lastly, it is a lie to say, whatever you say in parliament is representative of UDF. You on the government side to support, therefore you can’t do your own agenda at the same time.

    Zimenezo mwina mutamanena muli kumudzi anthu amva.

  39. Kenkkk says:

    So you have now sacked Soldier as leader of the house and replaced him with yourself? Was this a udf exec decision or just yours? Has Soldier been told officially that he is no longer leaDer in parliament?

    What has udf decided on the future of Soldier?

    You have lost any credibility as a leader and your rumblings are not convincing!!!

  40. Che Matola says:

    Man tamangodyani,pano anthu ambiri anachitsika kale chipani chanu,kosokoneza anthu wochitsatira kosonyeza kuti chilibe msanamila yeniyeni,anthu atukwanidwa kwambiri chifukwa cha inu,pano anakutoperani,2004,tate wanu kukakamira third term,2009 tate wanu kukakamira kuyimaso,2014 inu mkudzabwerapo kusiya kuwonera Thom And Jelly mukuti agenda for change mkugwa nayo,pano mutiwuza chani?

  41. nyayo says:

    Your theories can’t apply to Atupele. A prudent fighter retreats when the battle field is too risky. You said he lacked experience and now you say it’s wrong to work with government. You wanted him to learn football outside the pitch.interesting!

  42. kygon says:

    A atupele chipani cha UDF chinatha tagolengezani kuti mwalowa DPP

  43. ZENIZENI says:




  44. Kulibe kantu says:

    Effectively speaking, you have crossed the floor. By relocating to the government side , it means you have crossed the floor.

  45. umodzi parck says:

    Like father like son. Greedy family. You will have no place in heaven. Malawi is facing problems today because of Muluzi family. We cannot blame the Mutharikas. You had a choice to hand power to AKB or Justin Malewezi but you chose a southerner not on merit but!!!!!!!

  46. ULADI MUSSA says:

    change golo anene kikiki

  47. mbuzi iwe says:

    A Chingota ali mtchire. Sakudziwa kuti kodi PAC iyenera kutani. Looks like he has some political interests. Koma za Section 65 zokhazi zitayeni mupusa nazo

  48. nYAU SITHOBWA says:

    Mwana uyu kunsava what is he looking is cash not wellfare of the people

  49. Short-sighted individuals are the ones criticising Atupele,it’s not Atupele’s problem if you’re failing to see the big picture
    Atupele Woyeeeeee!

    1. phwado says:

      By the way when are you joining Isis or Boko Haram Mr Imraan Sadik?

  50. osman usu justin says:

    Am not satisfied with your remarks mr young Muluzi,plz tel us the truth of all these nonsense rumours kut mwagulitsa chipan ku dpp pamtengo wa 1.7billion ijaa!

  51. chomoncho says:

    Atupele. That’s my man.

  52. Chinthumwananga says:

    Message for Lucius Banda: You don’t go to a gun fight with a catapult. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  53. Malawianmom says:

    Chingota not doing Malawi any good. Greedy on its best.

  54. bwidzedze says:

    Abwana apa nde Angenda for Change ivutatu!!


  56. JB says:

    Greed my boy is what has killed u . You are DPP puppet bootlicker

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