I won’t go into politics, says Msosa: Retiring first woman Malawi Chief Justice

A lady of memoir Chief Justice Anastasia Msosa has disclosed that she will not go into politics just like her predecessor Lovemore Munlo, saying her ambition is now just to lead a quiet private life after retiring this month.

Head of Malawi judiciary: Chief Justice Anastansia Msosa: Retiring

Head of Malawi judiciary: Chief Justice Anastansia Msosa: Retiring

Msosa, 65, said she wants a “rest” and as such, does not have the time for politics.

She described her retirement as “normal “and that “there is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary.”

Msosa, who ascended to the office in 2012 after replacing Munlo said: “I am retiring as I have reached the mandatory age limit.”

First Malawi female president Joyce Banda appointed Msosa for the first time a woman head of judiciary position was occupied by a woman.

Chief Secretary to the Government George Mkondiwa said government is working on the succession process at the Judiciary.

Section 111 (1) of the Constitution says the Chief Justice shall be appointed by the president and confirmed by the National Assembly.

Fast Facts

Msosa was the first woman to be appointed judge of the High Court of Malawi and to be a member of the Supreme Court.

She was the first chairperson of the Electoral Commission after Malawi became a multiparty democracy and she is accredited for overseeing the successful 1994 election and performed with distinction when she ably led the team that handled the 2009 elections – the best organised elections since 1994.

Her name appears again in the list of 20 pioneer achievers at the end of History of Malawi Volume 2.

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34 thoughts on “I won’t go into politics, says Msosa: Retiring first woman Malawi Chief Justice”

  1. Mfwethu says:

    She has indeed achieved a lot, though at personal level. Congratulations indeed for time well spent in your career.
    However, a critical analysis of her performance esp as head of mec and judiciary will tell us that she has really achieved much. Yes as a woman she reached the levels that only most would just dream of, but she never performed to the standard that was expected.
    There are so many things happening at mec and in the courts during her time and she would not do anything about it. Yes she is a star among her fellow women, that much we can’t take away from her, but she isn’t among the star performers.
    Eitherway you deserve all the accolades coming your way and I also say you served your positions diligently so congrats and have a good rest. Never say never however!!

  2. wangawanga says:

    Amayi kapumeni ife a MCP sitidzakuiwalani zija mudatichira nthawi ya chisankho cha by election ya ku Blantyre. Candidate wathu mlongoti atasowa

  3. Khuni says:

    This woman is good-always has been. God will bless you Aunt Anastasia. Wishing you a peaceful retirement. By the way, I think this is the best time for you to start cultivating maungu and chinangwa.

  4. Munthu wa mkulu says:

    Well done mama go and rest after serving Malawi nation for the whole of your fruitful life,by the way where is Allan your son? I miss him, we were together at St Patricks in Mzedi,he was a good young boy.


  6. Bonkili says:

    Congratulations and jubilations madam Msosa (Nee MALIWICHI)!!!

  7. Mapwala Mthalika says:

    zina kambu zina leku, you have done your part. u r a role model.

  8. Mai ndakunyadirani kwambiri.Mulungu akutsogolereni,kukudalitsani ndi kukusungani.
    Mwalimbana nako kulimbana kwabwino.Mukugwira ntchito kwanu mwatichotsa manyazi

  9. inkosi says:

    words of mouth can not define u…….all the best

  10. where are Malawians? says:

    Despite all these accolades poured on her, the other question is:

    HOW WAS THE PERFORMANCE OF THE JUDICIARY UNDER HER ADMINISTRATION? WAS IT EFFECTIVE? EFFICIENT? RELIABLE? if yes..handsup mama but if the answer is no….then the praises maybe misplaced…..

  11. Funnah Nakamaghi says:

    Our Icon Chief Justice Anastasia Msosa, I thought judges’ retirement age was 75? You have fought a good fight in ensuring that justice is delivered timely and diligently in the land. Indeed you leave an adorable legacy second to none! You will will go down in the history books of Malawi as one of the most effective and trustworthy head of the Judiciary as one of the arms of government. You leave at a time when your record is clean Mama retiring Chief Justice. Never ever have we heard anything negative about you my Lady retiring Chief Justice like Chief Justicegate etc. You are a noble and respectable lady, God-fearing and down to earth. This is an affirmation that if you were given the chance to lead this country, you would have made a perfect leader! Am sure you are still in your productive years and that government would make use of you in due course. Hearty congratulations Mama Msosa on your retirement. May the Lord continue blessing you.

  12. mwana mulopwana says:

    you are a role model Madam Chief Justice and I pray to God that my daughter should follow your footsteps in Jesus Name

  13. Kanyimbi says:

    Good role model.

  14. Chindazi says:

    Mama….. kapumeni bwino ndi mtendere wanu….. will miss your services……. she is the type of person we want in the civil service…..

    Abwino akuchoka…. akuba kutsala mommo…..


  15. Truth says:

    loaded brain, humble personality, kind hearted, honest and dedicated government worker. Proud of her natural black beauty – no plastic hair, no painted face, no 1950s hats, no western designer clothes, just mapeto chitenje. All the best angel.

  16. Zoona zake says:

    Have a wonderful rest dear.We are proud of your achievements to Malawi.

  17. Kes munthali says:

    Highly incompetent. No notable achievement to write home about. Three things come to mind (1) millions missing without a trace at MEC under her watch, the money is yet to be recovered. (2) recent judicially strike, with her demanding a new Toyota 4×4 and doubling of salary, while Millions of Malawians are suffering from cashgate and floods (3) a very highly incompetent, in efficient and corrupt judicially were it is a norm for judges to sit on judgements for up to 7 years, were judgement can be passed by a judge who hasn’t sat on the case. A judicially were not one single reform has pushed though for over 20 yrs. lastly I will always remember her rejoicing at Joyce banda’s inauguration due to the hatred she had for Bingu, who rightly fired her from MEC.

    1. Wa pa Bvumbwe says:

      Ine ndimangowakumbukira Chipongwe chimene anawachita Alamu ao Aku area 18 Achimwene Ao atamwalira. Aliyense amangoti mai oyipa nkhope ndi mtima womwe

  18. Kadakwiza says:

    So who will replace her? Justice Mbendera? I think its time for our President to reward Mr Mbendera for job well done. Malawi politics taking advantage of the poor.

  19. Lusako says:

    will miss u ma Hop anga……9c retirement.

  20. Munthuwamba says:

    If truth be said, you really are one of the most professional Chief Justices the country has ever seen. It is sobering to discover that we still have some honest, dedicated, fair and impartial personalities in the likes of Mai Msosa in our midst. Trust me, these qualities are not easy to come by in these days of so many gates.

  21. MRA STAFF says:

    This lady loves money too much. She could claim fuel reimbursement from judiciary and yet was refunded to wherever she goes by virtue of her position on top of her monthly allocation. Munlo was the best

  22. Shoes says:

    She used to be my neighbour in Mandala. She has always be professional and God fearing person I can’t fault her to any malpractice. She is phenomenon as a mother and a great judge. All the best…..

  23. Zanga Phee! says:

    Short hair for life no mesh no what but remains beauty this is the cream of Malawi, if they offer you ambassadorship to North Korea are sure you will ignore it ?oh okay see my Name.

  24. Weni weni says:

    One of the legitimate chief justices we’ve had. Some came faster than their turn to be one.

  25. Nkhombokombo says:

    Samaye sinhle mosade mogolo, you always shall remain great. Rest well!! Respect!

  26. Jebison Slindine Nyoni says:

    Ku retirement kukupita anthu anthu kusiya DZITSEREKWETE in m’bomamu dzomwe dzikuba. It’s better to have old civil servants who knew work ethics than have newly recruited money-hungry and cash-gate infested minds.

  27. Munagwira ntchito yabwino mayi pukapumule bwino

  28. Mwiza says:

    Mama, pride of Malawi, go and rest. well from the hassles of office work. Malawi will miss you but I am sure that you will be kept busy with many other national responsibilities. May God bless the Almighty continue blessing you abundantly. A Malawian to remember indeed!

  29. player wa silipasi says:

    mama ulemu wanu pa ntchito yomwe mumagwira kuonetsa ku mtundu wa amalawi. maganizo omwe muli nawo alimbikeni ndipo mulungu ngwamphamvu ndi ganizo labwino kupuma kutsatenga mbali mzabziko mulungu akudaliseni mmene mukupuma pantchito yomwe mwagwira

  30. alexander says:

    Pamene mai wa. Amagwila panalibe court gate mukuyenera kupumadi. Ndikulandila ulem pantchito yomwe munagwila. Kaya wandale kaya ndani sanaloze chala colakwika kwa mai awa good work mai awa.

  31. alexander says:

    Nsosa I respect U for agood job painu mai no mistake

  32. mwiithotho says:

    Mwagwira ntchito amayi. Mulungu azikudalitsani

  33. Chabwanda!! says:

    Tataya mun2 wanzeru bwanji?

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