I’m at pains, says Kachali over Malawi food situation

Malawi former vice president Khumbo Kachali who is now Member of Parliament for Mzimba South West has told parliament that he is at pains with the food situation in the country.

Khumbo  Kachali with Deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje

Khumbo Kachali with Deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje

There are long queues of maize buyers at state grain trader Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) depots throughout the country because of shortage of the staple grain.

Kachale said Malawians have been queuing overnight to buy the grain which in most cases has not been available

“Mr Speaker, Sir, I am at pains. What is happening at Mzimba ADMARC is that women with babies are spending sleepless nights waiting for a truck [of maize] to come all the way from Lilongwe. These are the people who have come all the way from Mzimba South West which is Edingeni,” Kachali told parliament.

He asked Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development Allan Chiyembekeza to decentralise the distribution of maize “instead of waiting for a truck to leave Lilongwe for Nsanje or Lilongwe for Mzimba.”

Said Kachali: “ADMARC has got offices in all the districts.  Why don’t we flood this maize in the districts so that in those districts, distribution can be done in various ADMARC markets.”

Kachali received applause from the members.

He said if they w continue with the pace of sending the maize in “a piecemeal form,” the problem of vendors buying in bulk to overprice the grain shall always be there “no matter how many policemen you deploy to ADMARC markets.”

“Instead of the maize leaving Capital Hill or Lilongwe, let the maize be flooded to our districts and open more satellite markets in our various constituencies,” advised Kachale.

Presenting a ministerial statement on the food situation in the country in Parliament on Monday, Chiyembekeza  has 9 300 metric tonnes (MT) of maize in stock.

The minister explained that there was high demand for Admarc maize because it was selling at K110 per kilogramme (kg) compared to K240 per kg on the open market.

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33 thoughts on “I’m at pains, says Kachali over Malawi food situation”

  1. Winston Msowoya says:

    Mr Kachali,what did you do to the wretched people of Mzimba and the north as a whole.You are an opportunist of the highest level in line with H. Ntaba.You have been knocking the doors of every political party in the country,but as they know you very well,you were denied entry all together.Why can’t you have a luxurious retirement as you have accumulated immense wealth through dubious channels.There are brilliant political operatives in Mzimba or in the whole of Nyikaland.what is wrong with African politicians,they never want to live politics even if they become obsolete.A good instance was Mphonongo Banda who retired after being defeated by Muluzi at the age of 105 years and Robert Mugabe at the of 94 years who has lost sense of hearing,sense of articulation and always sleeping in international conferences,what a shame these so-called African leaders are bringing to Africa?

  2. ssp says:

    kachali kachali!! kachali nkhumbo ndakuyitana ka ngati udziganiza mopepela ngati jese iwe

  3. Dr Thapatula says:

    Kachali are you sure we were not going hungry when you were VP in JB’s regime? You sold all our maize in silo then you cheated Malawians that our maize was rotten. You are worse than a dog, ask comrade Mugabe about it.Gulugunya iwe eti. When did Mzimba spent a hungerless months of October to March? These are hunger striken months in Malawi. Wosamalankhula kunya ayi.You cant be a president of any part in Malawi unless you create one party.

  4. kangaonde. says:

    Asipusitse khumbo alilimodzi ndi pitala.

  5. kangaonde. says:

    Khumbo I think you should go back to your drawing board bcoz it seems you lost direction. Before pointing finger to others judge yourself about what you was doing to malawians when you was vip. Kuba mabedi ndi Halima Daudi ku Dowa have you forgotten? Asatipusitse atsogoleri opanda masophenya tatopa nawo.

  6. Dziwapo says:

    Last year the northern region had adequate rain, i dont understand why the northeners have no food.

  7. Manzy says:

    Let’s wait and see mmene zitathere.

  8. patrick says:

    Let the kwacha appreciate to 620 to a dollar and imported maize will be cheap, then vendors cannot overcharge as there will be plenty imported maize in the market, then there will be no shortage of maize in the country

  9. mbelwa says:

    khumbo,khumbo, khumbo. how many times did I call you?. The whole country heard you as you were pleading with people of mzimba to vote for peter for presidency and they did. Now what are you saying . You think we are fools?. No! use kugona pawalo pa admark chifukwa cha uchindele wako akatipusika tivotere Chindele chinyako. uonenge vimwekumweku mu 2019

  10. Cosmas jackson says:

    Kodi uyu ndiwakuba uja eti… Ndamukumbukira ndikaja amkaba mabed ndimatres mzipatala uja.

  11. SUZGO says:

    All politicians are worse than a dog,kudzikundikira chuma

  12. hasnot says:

    Boma ili ndi lokanika ndipo silidzatheka mpaka Peter Muntharika atafa. Don’t forget he became president by crook. He stole the rights of Malawians by stealing the votes through disturbing MEC netwrok. Peter Muntharika this is the beginning of the results which some men of God were telling after God revealed that you stole the votes and is angry with you and your government. let me tell you peter just do what men of God have been telling you otherwise you will die of your own sins.

  13. KK says:

    A Kachali munthwi yomwe munali VP mumkaba ndalama ndikumagula ma truck lero mukuti anthu akuvutika. Kawuzeni anthu a ku Mzimba zimenezo. Other wise some of us can’t take you seriously.

  14. Mpunga Woviika..... says:

    Ma queues amakhala tikamavoterani tsiku lonse mwaiwala nde asakhale kuli chimanga forsake


    I support Peter Mutharika to be president of Malawi-Akhumbo mutiwuza chani lero?

  16. wa noma says:

    keep quiet u betrayed us

  17. Khakhabada says:

    If we have enough maize in our admarc deports, we will no longer buy 210 Kwacha per kg from vendors,so the best solution is to distribute the staple grain in all admarc deport continuously.

  18. Tesalonika says:

    At pains at pains what do you expect apm to provide rsin? Apa it’s not about wat to do now but how do we face the future. Improving our agricultural skill n technology osati decentralisation. Tinatopa nazo izi anthu akuba heavy even with u stupid proposal katangale achuluka munthu okuda amafuna diso pa diso. I know u still wish u were vp but sorry u had 2 yrs make that policy change but u dint pano uli pa bench u ave become too wise? Zero wait for 2069

  19. Bright Mkosi says:

    Vitsilu vimafumu va chichewa umanyoza ana awo omwe kati anavituma ndindani

  20. dzina langa says:

    That’s the problem of our politicians. a Khumbo akunena izi poti ali kuja if he was inside he could have spoken the contrary. look at jappie now. he is speeking shit yet he claims to have wit. poor politicians. if it were in SA something could have happens to such stupid Ministers.

  21. gwamba says:

    A kachali kodi kudera kwanu kulinso njala. Tidaonatu ife Kuti munthu wapondamwala uyu. Inu kuteroko mavutowa simunkawaona akubwera? Mwana olowerela.

  22. One Day 2 come says:

    Not these useless speeches plz! what the DPP gvnt z planning 2 do in this yr to avoid food shortage in Malawi ! Next yr ll b same thing! How many ppo r u in parliament for failing to come with a point 2 turn Malawi hunger free! N very stupid so called minister v Agriculture n irrigation ! Where’s the irrigation food ? If there’s irrigation y ppo r starving ! Just syphoning money in the name v irrigation ! Idiots

  23. kanchacha says:

    Its too late for mr kachali u r one of cadates

  24. Joe Theu says:

    Big up Balala! Apa mwadumba!

  25. Mapwiya says:

    its sad that the minister is now changing tune now. I heard him on MBC TV telling the nation that Government has enough maize over 50,000 metric tones and that people should not panic and he said they only problem they have is logistical that’s why ADMARC depot had no maize and today to hear him saying he has 9,300 metric tonnes if sad and pain.

    why do Malawian politicians always politicize food? This is an issue. These guys are not serving Malawians they serving their political masters and their stomachs.

  26. gringo says:

    munthu ndiameneyi,timuvotele lero wamuona waombera mfiti mmañja

  27. kadamanja says:

    Kachali that was a good point, you could have also said people from Kapopo, Kaulila travel to Mzimba to buy maize, shame we are dying of hunger while our mps have big tummies.

  28. chalemba says:

    Nanga vimafum vachichewa vongofunika uvithilira temeck kuti vife vozerezeka kohotel kumene vilugonako ,inuso okachale padachipatsa support chibwampinichi

  29. ngolingoliwa says:

    Mwaona Kuipa Kopsa Mtima Pochita Zinthu ,mudachi Supporta Chintchonachi Mmayesa Chidzakusani Unduna Mzimenezo ,popeza Mwazindikira Tiyeni Tilimbikire Chigwa Chimenechi, Osakhala Ngati Vimafumu Vachichewazi Voti Ovipatsa Mk2 Vayambapo Umatukwana Ana Awo Ozawo Oli Phe

  30. Kennedy says:

    Great speesh exactly what malawians wants to hear. Dpp and its supports won’t agree to this because they want to steal.

  31. Too Late Mr Ex Vice President says:

    Good point Mr Ex Vice President. But the problem is here to stay, because that is DPP. Some of us saw it coming, surpring that you could not when you had lost your mind two years ago supporting them instead of either PP or MCP, or even late Nyondo.

    Like Allan Ntata, one thing I make of people like you is your serious lack of mental agility.

  32. Akuzike says:

    Kachali U are special in the ayes of God! thats strategic thinking.

  33. Mbwiyache says:

    That’s good idea this is what we are expecting from such people to bring good ideas rather than speaking senseless things in parliament. Big up Mr Kachali indeed you have a heart of a father,,,,

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