Immigration to open foreign currency account for Malawi embassies’ revenue remittance

In a drive to provide reformed and quality service delivery and at the same time improve accountability on public revenue collection, the Malawi Immigration Department says it plans to open a Foreign Currency Dominated Account (FCDA) so that all Malawi foreign missions can be remitting all the finances collected from immigration related services into it to ensure transparency and fiscal discipline.

Medi: Transperency

Medi: Transperency

Chief Immigration Officer, Masauko Medi says, this is in line with the ongoing Public Reforms being championed by the government of Malawi and spearheaded by State Vice President Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima.

In a telephone interview with Nyasa Times, Medi said Immigration Department has decided to open a Foreign Dominated  Account to ensure that all the money collected on immigration related services are accounted for, but also at the same time, the department keeps track on the revenue collected by Malawi foreign missions.

Said Medi: “At the moment, it is hard for us (Immigration Department) to keep track of the revenues collected through fees on passports, visas and other immigration related matters because there is no proper system for remittance.”

The Chief Immigration Officer, Medi, a career police officer and currently holding a rank of Commissioner, emphasized that money collected through immigration services is public funds that must be properly accounted for saying his department makes a lot of money through foreign embassies.

“Malawi, as one of the world’s best tourist attraction centres makes a lot of money through visa fees and other immigration related services. Our foreign missions across the globe deals with Diaspora Malawians on issuance of passports and temporary travel documents and makes a lot of money out of such services but we normally do not get such money because it is very difficult to account for it,” said Medi.

Medi explained that with a Foreign Dominated Account for the foreign missions to remit funds, it will be easy for his department to account for all the monies that has been collected through immigration services in foreign countries from Malawians in the Diaspora.

“We need to account for every penny. Our country needs such revenue for its development and the only way to do so is but to put in place systems that will enhance transparency and accountability on public funds and my department will leave no stone unturned to ensure that every penny collected from immigration related services is put to good use and not end in someone’s pocket,” said Medi in a matter of fact tone.

Under Medi, the Immigration Department gone through a massive revamp on service delivery by increasing productivity and established Lilongwe and Mzuzu as independent Passport printing stations in order to reduce congestion and overcrowding the Blantyre office, the department’s headquarters.

The Immigration has launched SMS Passport Enquiry Service through which passport applicants enquires or keep track of progress on their application by sending the bar-code number to 343 for Airtel subscribers for the time being.

‘Technological Approach’

The highly ambitious Medi says his department is also working on developing an electronic Visa issuance (E-Visa) which according to him, will allow application of visas online from anywhere across the globe anytime.

“We are in now living in a technological era where everything is electronic. We must move with the times and thus we need to take a technological approach if we are to remain relevant in the cyber world in which we live in,” explained Medi.

Medi said that times have changed and therefore there is need for Malawians to change their way of thinking to match the modern trends stating that he has made it clear at Malawi Immigration Department to everyone to change their thinking and adopt a new wave of think to match the modern wavelengths.

Furthermore, Medi says, the rolling the rolling out Integrated Border Control System (IBCS) project which is aimed automating all immigration border posts is on the right course.

Medi appended that the process to computerise the permit of issuance system has already commenced and that the procurement of consultancy services for review of the permit issuance procedures is underway with support from World Bank.

‘Eradicating Corruption’   

The tough-talking Chief Immigration Officer said the Malawi Immigration Department is committed and dedicated to providing efficient and effective service to the public saying that there is no room for corruption warning that anybody caught playing graft games will be brought to book.

“I would like to emphasize that as the head of the immigration department I will not tolerate any of my officers doing any form of corruption. I have made it clear to everybody that we need to be committed and dedicated to serving our country and we all must resist from corrupt acts.”

“I am very much passionate on eradicating corruption. I will severe deal with anyone caught in corruption and bribery and ensure that that person is punished accordingly,” warned Medi.

He added: “Corruption is a disease that eats the very fibre of our society. We cannot develop if we resort to corruption. As public servants, we need to commit ourselves fully to doing our job with honesty and sincerity. This is our country; let us not sell it out to ‘others’ because we are greedy. Hard work pays and there is no short cut to success as a short cut to prosperity is always a wrong cut. I appeal to all Malawians to join hands in eradicating corruption. Together we can win the fight against this cancer which is eating our society.”

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35 thoughts on “Immigration to open foreign currency account for Malawi embassies’ revenue remittance”

  1. nzelu says:

    Few good men. Medi is one of them.

  2. No laughing Matter says:

    Mr Medi All your plans are good and you really rock but one thing you need to do urgently is teach your officials how to protect or safe guard your citizens. The USA does this very well. Malawians travelling from South Africa via Zimbabwe and Mozambique are often harassed by officials from these countries. Please explain to these two countries that they are taking advantage of vulnerable people by forcing people to pay them simply because they have overstayed in South Africa. This has been going on for years yet no one seems to come the rescue of Malawians travelling on this route. Sir intervene fast, most of these people do not have much when going back home. It morally so rotten for Mozambican officials to be treating people like this. Malawi wake up from this slumber and do something. This is an appeal to all officials who Malawi interests at heart. By the way am excited that boarder posts will have to go electronic there is no need to register people manually. It is a recipe for more corruption

  3. Ndikudikila says:

    Abwana, I am still waiting for the Government receipt until now here over seas from one of your departments.Watch out, I am coming back to claim it.

  4. Mnunkhaludzu says:

    I totally agree with my good friend Medi on the need to open an FCDA for the government to where all payments in foreign currencies should be deposited. A slight caution is that this process should be handled by Treasury and not individual departments for transparency and accountability. Such accounts might be easily abused by politicians if opened without legally binding mechanisms.

  5. M'Malawi Weniweni says:

    Be very careful about this move, you may not see that money. Current Public Finance Management lwa requires all money to be deposited into account number one first for accountability. Multiplicity of accounts is a sure source for abuse.
    Malawians do not accept sugar coated statements from civil servants and politicians. You may one day institutionalise cashgate in foreign accounts

  6. womenslib says:

    Malawi embassy has never helped me do anything. Always have to go home to renew passports etc. Things that they should be able to do overseas. Focus shouldn’t just be on tourism all the time it should also be on helping people in the diaspora who send foreign currency to relatives in Malawi on a regular basis.

  7. akukonde akukonde Osaopa says:

    Really, after 51 years we cannot account for money collected in foreign missions? We are not serious.

  8. mihavani says:

    These assholes are very corrupt,I don’t like them

  9. wez says:

    Mr med, did u know that malawians r illtreated by mozabique borders and zimbabwe borders, they want money from malawians who were overstays in south africa. How come we overstay in SA then we have to pay money to them too ? Pls Mr med do something ur ppl they come home with nothing all the money it goes to these mongers. How come we bribe the immigration officer inside then the police offecer outside then army at the gate after we have already paid the find into SA border R3000, We end up going home with nothing. Pls help Sir our hope depend on u or either explain to us of how it work so that we will b aware. Its just too much of this day/knight robbery they even fighting once they so malawian bus fighting to serve the but cause of money

  10. Patriot says:

    Musayerekeze akasakaza ndalama zimenezo pitala ndi mkazi yake ku Amerika.

  11. Mmalawi says:

    Thats a good starting point but i think we need more than that. I don’t see how remittances into an fcda will improve accountability, unless they talk about the embassies not handling cash anymore. If those involved in current malpractices are to be charged with the responsibility of banking the revenue, what will stop them from banking less than what has been collected. What we need is an airtight system that links issuance all documents or provision of paid services to cash receipt system do that back home someone can compare receipts issued with documents issued and other services provided over a given period.

  12. Mabvuto says:

    Foreign Currency Dominated? Really?

  13. john says:

    By the way Malawi is not world’s best tourist country

  14. john says:

    Malawi is not world’s best tourist attraction by the way

  15. Kafodya Imdzomdzo says:

    We need such kind of personal commitment and visionary if malawi is go forward. Tiyeni nazoni izi a Medi, we support you.

  16. mphatso says:

    i doubt if this account is not for politicians.what happened to our Kwacha?i thought we are independent country but alas we are slowly becoming another zimbabwe using other peoples currencies

  17. gladys phiri says:

    uku nkuyamba ambiri atsegula mmimba that`s a gud move.

  18. Tina says:

    Eeesh kumangowona anthu akuti Odi. Ati kudzapempha line ya ma passport achangu. Immigration serious fraud existing. Anyone working on this yet. E visa ndi foreign currency ndi imeneyo. Amabisa kayatu uwapase kaye ndee akatenge ndee ati akuthandiza pamenepa

  19. Jamison Lungu says:

    Zabwinotu izi. Ndizonyaditsa kuti zinthu zina mu dziko lathu lino zikusintha motele. Zikomo bwana Chilima, zikomo bwana Medi; please implement so we can move the country forward.

  20. Nansani wa chingoni says:

    Congratulations Shemi!! Keep going!

  21. Diplomat says:

    Thanks Kaka for the good ideas. However, with regards to the foreign currency denominated accounts issue, what you should know is that the problem is not having the account per say but there are laws in the respective countries where our embassies are which govern the issue of externalisation of the proceeds on visas or passports. So the first thing you need to do is to negotiate with the foreign countries to pave way for externalisation of the funds into your account otherwise the story will remain the same.

  22. peter says:

    you mean there was no accounting system interfaces bwn embassies an treasury or capital hill?

  23. Mabotcho says:

    You have a vision but don’t let it be derailed. We need people of good will for their country

  24. Chemjambe says:

    These are some of the good decisions as a country we should be serious with, not siphoning the already hard earned money from the Malawian citizens through excessive taxes and abuse of public funds through mapwevupwevu. Good thinking Medi, i just hope these politicians will take such kind of thinking seriously.


    Thats the way to go.

  26. sayamika says:


  27. Isaac Banda says:

    Please can you promote Mr.Zulu passport officer in Lilongwe he is such a good man, if all civil servants were like him Malawi could be better.

  28. mbuli ya ku south and central says:

    Something positive and forward thinking for a change coming from malawi. Wishing you all the best in implementing these changes Mr medi. Let’s hope MRA can follow suit as we need to pay and clear duties of goods before starting off and not wait ages at border posts

  29. yake says:

    Medi as I know Him he is a very passionate guy who wants to stir things in a good Direction. I remember when He was the Service administration Officer for the Police, things changed for the better, Its just unfortunate that such efforts are usually barred coz of internal politics

  30. Viyazi Tembo says:

    Malawi, as one of the best world’s tourist attraction centres, my foot! how dare can you that? backward………..

  31. mike says:

    Well planned indeed but implementation iii a malawi zimativuta kwabaxx

  32. Sambaukwatiwe says:

    Some times its gud to change things when things are at critical point, however sometimes the changes are of disadvantages to other group of people. Overall the changes at Immigrations Department are some how a gud move

  33. saiton phiri says:

    That’s a very good and transpersonal speech. Of which any Malawian can benefit from if well considered and followed. Thanks Mr Madi

  34. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Try it, very good move, bola that account is not accessed by politcians, these are thieves. Kkkkkkk

  35. kaonde says:

    It appears the man is patriotic and visionary. Keep it up. Bravo Medi

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