Information Director forced out of Presidential trip

Malawi deputy Director of Information, Diana Nkhulembe Phiri had a rude awakening when she was forced to return home from President Peter Mutharika’s Malta trip after it was discovered she imposed herself on the entourage, Nyasa Times can reveal.

Mutharika left the country on Sunday 22nd November, 2015 to attend the 24th session of Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting.

As per procedure, Ministry of Information assign a journalist and cameraman to accompany the President, however Phiri jumped on the opportunity and abused her powers to assign herself for the trip.

Phiri according to confirmed reports, as authorizing officer, withdrew allowances and processed all papers for the trip herself without her boss and State House’s knowledge.

However, whilst in Malta government ordered her to return home when it was discovered that nobody had approved her travel but herself.

She returned home last week is expected to face more consequences for her conduct.

Nkhulembe has reportedly been pestering the Aide de Camp (ADC) to book an appointment with the First Citizen for months now but to no avail as the aide deemed her reasons to see the President not convincing enough.

Nkhulembe was married to former Education Minister, Yusuf Mwawa. Their wedding led to the downfall of the minister as he has had been accused of stealing $1 360 to fund his wedding party at the up-market Mount Soche Hotel.

Mwawa was fired, taken to court and later convicted of fraud, a sin whose sentence was a five-year prison term which was later curtailed on health grounds.

While still married to Mwawa, Nkhulembe used to work as Press Officer for former Vice President, Dr. Cassim Chilumpha.

The President led a Malawi delegation at a Commonwealth summit in Malta and proceeded to United Kingdom where he is attending and addressing a business forum.

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20 thoughts on “Information Director forced out of Presidential trip”

  1. Titus scot says:

    Pepa mbale wanga, zimachitika! Just that kuti iwe wagwidwa, kuli ambiri anebe akuchita zachinyengo nkumabera boma ndalama zambiri. So sad!!!

  2. KoKolikoko says:

    Yusuf mwawa apite ku court akasume.Pamenepa amuphera ufulu coz sizikugwirizana ndinkhaniyi za yusufu mwawazo

    You jounalist pliz be specific!!!

  3. So not everybody can not see the president??????

  4. Mesenjala Wongozionera Patali says:

    In fact, Diana is not the only culprit. Even the Director himself Bright Mollande and his other Deputy responsible for Film Unit Ndasauka also assign themselves to foreign trips meant for their junior s. More than a week ago Mollande went to Switzerand on MACRA ticket when actually the Macra bosses wanted a junior officer. Days after that trip he went to Lesotho. It is the Managing Editor for Malawi News Agency who is supposed to assign reporters to foreign presidential engagements. But the two directors have hijacked that role for their own selfish reasons. Sometimes, the Managing Editor is kept in the dark only to know about who is covering the HE when the ‘reporter’ starts filing stories.
    As for Ndasauka, instead of sending juniors to film Presidential engagements in Europe, America and Asia, he makes sure that it is him that goes often. He reduces himself to a video camera man just to pocket millions of kwachas in allowances. Information ministry is full of shit at the top that need reform if the ministry is to be genuinely part of public reform programme underway.

  5. Kumametsa says:

    Why is Yusuf Mwawa being featured in this story?
    Kulakwatu kumeneko.

  6. Dolo weni weni says:

    This is just political witch hunting! No senior government official can travel outside the country without the knowledge or approval of the responsible Minister….. Being a presidential trip, the name was supposed to be submitted to OPC for approval. Unless, you tell me this is the same fruits of incompetence Malawi is blessed with of this current government!

  7. Mavipatako says:

    Zochititsa manyazi, koms you will see she will be left Scot free, for this misconduct. Shupit.

  8. Ndata says:

    This would never happen in Tanzania. The new President is kicking ass, love it

  9. Ability says:

    Poor Diana. I can’t even sympathize with such people. Umafuna uzikataniko?

  10. MWAPIYA says:

    This is the problem of earning top positions through political patronage,sexual favours and tribal affiliations.What Diana and her fellow topbrass colleagues is scrambling for foreign trips to do assignments which can be done by Cub Reporters.No wonder,the once vibrant department has plunged to bottomless depths.They are miserably failing to publish and circulate consistently government publication like Boma Lathu etc.They are also failing to manage manaonline.
    Some districts information offices are running without internet connection.The service providers pulled off plug due to non payment of bills. Worse more some officials, government departments, cabinet ministers nolonger recognize the importance of Mana reporters in information dessemination.

  11. choka phiri says:

    Women and men are the same chasing allowances. This Will never finish. The only way is to check the list of people and what The are going to do there. If they with their own. NO one will go. Also should cut the number of travelling. The only problem is each government in Malawi has been taking a large group abroad and royalties. This is drying Malawi. Malawi is a begging which depend on aid. How long? Its shame when they shut their aid. Its like we nothing no pride. Now he is going there to convice them to investing in Malawi.

  12. ben phiri says:

    hyena get out

  13. Mo says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk koma guys penapake tamalembani nkhani imodzi what is the interest of who….will….be with come in this story kkkkkkkkkk musiyeni,it would be avery interesting if you told us how she travelled back and anali ndi manyazi otani

  14. Bodza la n'nanu says:

    Hahaha! Nsabwe yakumana ndi chala!

  15. where can i apply to be a cashgater? says:

    i bet you’re feeling kinda silly right now huh?

  16. chatonda says:


  17. Enawa says:

    Kubatu uku

  18. David. says:

    Ingomukhulukirani abale. Ndani samalakwitsa. Just warn her

  19. Tina says:

    Noted. Thank you for pointing where we can minimise costs.

  20. Truck says:


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