Japan grants Malawi K17bn rehabilitate Kamuzu International Airport

Japan on Wednesday gave Malawi a K17 billion (3.7 billion yen) grant to finance a project to expand and rehabilitate Kamuzu International Airport (KIA).



Kamuzu International Airport

Kamuzu International Airport

Japanese Ambassador Shuichiro Nishioka exchanged grant notes with Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe during a ceremony held in Lilongwe.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Nishioka observed that the buildings at KIA need major rehabilitation and maintenance to revitalise and expand the terminal building. He said there is also need to install new equipment such as aircraft surveillance system.

Said the Ambassador: “The operational space is usually congested as it cannot accommodate the current demand and certainly not the future.

“Concerned with these challenges and also in an effort to be more efficient and effective to improve the services at KIA, the government of Malawi made a request to the government of Japan to rehabilitate and expand the terminal building.”

He also said the bilateral relationship between Malawi and Japan complements an earlier grant signed in March this year for Tedzani Hydro Power Plant.

In his remarks, Gondwe said the bilateral relationship Malawi has with Japan has helped the country reap huge benefits.

Commenting on the same, Minister of Transport and Public Works Francis Kasaila said the project will help KIA accommodate more aircraft capacity when it is completed.

“Malawi should be a safe landing place where people will have confidence getting on and off their flights without congestions that we are facing at the moment, “he said.

He also said by the end of the project, KIA will be able to scan luggage and other things before getting on the plane, thereby reducing any risk of carrying dangerous items.

The project of extending and maintaining KIA is expected to start in 2016 and completed in 2018.

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31 thoughts on “Japan grants Malawi K17bn rehabilitate Kamuzu International Airport”

  1. Wisdom Of Karonga says:

    Developing Malawi is very simple because of its small size.The Japanese are the ones that funded the construction of Kia but the then government didn’t negotiate for a bigger airport of international standards with at least three terminals and two runways,an airport that would serve a future big Lilongwe city.If the Japanese settled for a small sum of offer to construct the airport, the MCP government had an obligation to plan to save some money to top up the Japanese amount in order to fulfil an ambitious project which would be the pride of the nation.It is safe to conclude that the Japanese have realized the mistake they made in giving an insufficient aid to Dr Banda because they know what a modern airport looks like.Why couldn’t they model our Kia on Osaka international airport? At least the Chinese are able to build structures in Africa similar to their own e.g the stadium in Lilongwe is a carbon copy of some Chinese stadiums.

    The Malawian government should target areas that would directly bring revenue when considering airport projects.Lilongwe deserves a massive airport because it is the melting pot of the nation.Blantyre deserves a modern airport due to its status as the commercial capital.Mzuzu needs a modern international airport because it is the gateway to the north and will serve the future untapped tourism industry in the north.Mangochi or Cape Maclear needs an international airport in order to raise the profile as Malawi’s tourist capital.

    Due to internal economic activities that potentially will change the fortunes of Malawi’s economy,Salima,Kasungu,Chintheche,and Karonga will need construction of modern regional airports not like the ones we see today.

    Added to airport projects,the Wisdom of Karonga is suggesting the creation of a highway department.This department will have to oversee the construction of important corridors connecting the country.President Peter Mutharika talked about land linking when opening the Lilongwe West bypass-He was right.A country with good roads and highways is highly respected and attracts investors and tourists.These are the multi-lane highway corridors suggested all with toll gates:Connecting Mchinji,Lilongwe,and Salima; connecting Nkhota-kota,Kasungu,and Mchinji,connecting Karonga,Mzuzu,Kasungu,Lilongwe,Dedza,Ntcheu,Blantyre,Chikwawa,and Nsanje; Connecting Karonga,Chitipa,Rumphi,Mzimba,Kasungu,and Lilongwe,connecting Nsanje,Chikwawa,Mulanje,Thyolo,Blantyre,Zomba,Liwonde,and Mangochi;connecting Mangochi,Balaka,Neno,and Mwanza;connecting Karonga,Rumphi,Nkhata,Nkhota-kota,Salima,and Mangochi through a Lakeshore highway;connecting Mchinji,Dedza,Ntcheu,Balaka,and Mangochi bypassing Lilongwe;connecting Blantyre,Chiradzulu,Zomba,and Mangochi bypassing Machinga and Liwonde;connecting Mchinji and Chitipa;connecting Mwanza and Zomba through Balaka, Liwonde,and Machinga;and finally connecting Nkhata-bay and Mchinji through Mzuzu and Mzimba.

    As everybody can notice,if all these highways were to be constructed,the ministry of transport would collect a lot of revenue through toll fees as managed by the department of highways or private investors. Construction of such modern roads would also minimize accidents and provide access to tourist sites thereby also fastening the transportation of people and goods-we call that a country on the move or a fast country.Development is done with a mind for the future.

  2. John says:


  3. John says:


  4. I mean banda says:

    haha 17 bn for airport rehab. a facility that serves the needs of about only 300 rich people comprising ofgovernment official. .businesses NGOs, afew tourist, diaspora. ..let the ones who benefit foot the bill. i.e bus passenger levy be put on bus fares to renovate bus deposits.mwaiwona

  5. kaya kwathu says:

    Malawi needs good aviation infrastructure …

    A second runway and a brand new terminal building west of the VIP building, complete with spacious new car parking lot. Sounds fancy but I bet very strategic for this country’s future needs. The current KIA terminal building should all be for flights to domestic destinations and short haul routes like Lusaka, Kafue, Dar es Salaam, and Tete.

    Mzuzu desperately needs an airport and schedules flights. So does Mangochi. An international Airport of high quality standards at Cape Maclear is not just wishful thinking. Imagine an airport that is ready to process passengers who may want to fly in straight to our legendary Lake of stars without the hustle of going through our cities of Lilongwe and Blantyre (where there is not much for tourists to see or do, anyway).

    Senga Bay needs an airport, and a complimentary motor way connecting The Grand Beach to Ali Maunde. Karonga and Mulanje too need good airports. I think that’s all strategic.

    If Parliament wants to approve bills that allow government to borrow money. These are some of the projects you lousy MPs should be debating. Not bills to allow the government to borrow money for construction of public toilets at district bus depots. Our prisoners can construct those toilets!

  6. I mean banda says:

    how many passengers turn left at the m1 junction from the kamuzu international airport. air malawi financial report was reporting an avarage of 4.7 passengers per flight to mzuzu

  7. Issa Kabudula says:

    The best thing with Japan and China is that they don’t bring money, they bring in the project finance it and hand the keys – if you want to steal the key. For those opposition and their supporters, the airport will start and finish within a year and before the campaign – so when talking please we must count our words – people want development, jobs through these building of colleges, subsidised houses/malate, roads and schools – jobs which will bring food in the households.

    We must measure time and divide it into 3;
    1. Campaign – when lost keep quiet
    2. Family – it comes first
    3. Development which every one is looking for.

    Free advise – noise never built Rome/China/Japan – these countries they work and their production is too high per day compared by America/UK.

  8. dayfri says:

    Thats good development….but coming not in good time. thats not what the malawians want, in other ways that thing is not a priority.

  9. Antoni apaphata says:

    Kodi airport ya Ku dedza ija ilipobe?

  10. Truth says:

    KIA was financed and built by the apartheid regime of South Africa in the 80s, after three decades we have failed to expand and maintain it coz we are so greedy with money so short sighted that we want to steal money for the next election. imagine if that cashgate money was used for such a project? We had to wait for another handout for this project? This is embarrassing, guys! I think it’s true to say: Munthu wakuda ndi wakuda basi!!! Anada zonse…

  11. Ndata says:

    Thank you our father Christmas for the donation. While our chicken leaders are clueless with arms stretched in anticipation of gifts from your government, you are busy making life for your citizens better.

  12. wise says:

    Airport that’s good for a start but don’t forgert mzuzu airport in near future

  13. Kadakwiza says:

    It’s good news to hear. Thanks very much. May be one day we will hear about New Mzuzu International Airport and Mzuzu Stadium.

  14. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    @ 13 Its bether not to comment on issues you don’t understand.

  15. Patrick Phiri says:

    That’s the way, Great APM. Then we hear some drunkard claiming that DPP govt has abandoned previous govts’ projects. What nonsense!

  16. womenslib says:

    This is very good news. A security upgrade is badly needed in light of the things we are seeing on the news these days.

  17. Chemjambe says:

    I hope these thugs in government will not steal these monies meant for this good cause…..see what these wonderful people from Japan are doing to this country. I wonder if we’ll reach this far of helping others, a Malawian fails even to help his own blood child so shameful

  18. sokonombwe says:

    Japan and China are the best multilateral friends of Malawi. This is very good not the other donors only interested in social work like Meals.

  19. Piper says:

    Long @ last …

  20. Achimidzimidzi says:

    There was no development done during MCP era.

    How old is the Kamuzu International airport? You just renovating and rehabilitating the old infrastructures repeatedly.

    Koma Pitala

  21. Jimbo says:

    It is about time KIA was updated and refurbished. It is a pathetic little airport and doesn’t merit the title ‘International’. How many flights a day does it handle? What sort of ‘congestion’ are we talking about here? Also there is far too much over-manning at the passport check-in desk, etc. London in the UK is served by five airports -Heathrow has five terminals and is soon to get a second runway. There are at least four other international airports in the UK, so let’s not get carried away with thinking that KIA is something special. Those readers of this site who have travelled through Oliver Tambo Airport in Joburg know what I mean.

    1. i miss kamuzu and john tembo says:

      jimbo #9, mr. world traveller, heathrow supporter, o.r. tambo enthusiast, kia hater, airport size and air traffic and are directly proportional to population size, land mass, distances between trade areas and the monetary capability of the populous to travel by air.

      kia is called an international airport because it proccesses international flights. for example, omar sharriff, madonna, rio ferdinand, gary neville, busy signal, hillary clinton, ban ki moon, prince charles, his mother, muhamar gaddafi, nelson mandela and 80% of the sadc presidents, tay grin, atcheya, bushiri, nkazi wa billionaire bill gates and many foreign football/netball/athletics teams have all landed at kia from some ‘international’ place and they didn’t complain.

      anyway,have fun in london, manchester or south africa or wherever you are at the moment. send me a real madrid t-shirt ok? cheers!

  22. The Analyst says:

    i wish the Japanese could borrow a leaf from China and adopt the Chinese model of grant-giving, particulary when dealing with a developing country like Malawi where corruption by officials, little mindedness of leaders n abuse of funds is common.

    I doubt if the Malawi government knows what it really means to rehabilitate the airport. Otherwise we run they risk of knowledge gap on priorities here allthough the govt officials wish to make us believe otherwise. The govt may just fix the tattered luggage handling equipment, general lighting, painting and maybe the toilets. The rest of the billions will disappear. And these trivias will even take more than a decade to work on. In the end Malawi will have lost, yet the money shall have to be repaid by the posterity.

    Had the the Japanese handled this project themselves (as does China), there would be timeliness in completion, little or no abuse of funds and the quality would be spectacular, I can bet.

    I just wish . . . for I fear for what my govt will do OR will not do, for I know my govt!

  23. Fenali A L says:

    More resources still required to expand the airport

  24. John says:



  25. Professor LUKA TCHOKA. CHIEF wa aKweri says:

    Sizoti munyambite makopalawo agalu inu a DPP

  26. WAMISALA says:

    Dear japan;
    Please bring the international airport
    To MZUZU .

  27. everybody wants a prado says:

    thanks; but make sure you send your oen guys to do the job otherwise kumangidwa ma upstairs ena mu lilongwemu.

  28. pido says:

    Lets see physical change not just seminars from the grants.

  29. Truth says:

    Koma, mapwiya mulupale ali ndi mwayi. zimuyendera. on a serious note, this is sweet news to our country following the secure of financing for the dilapidated and archaic Chileka Aiport. KIA also expansion and modernisation.

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