JB, Malawi govt differ on house issue

Controversy has erupted between the State and former President, Joyce Banda after she turned down an official house government provided in June last year.

Nankhumwa: We provided the house but was rejected

Nankhumwa: We provided the house but was rejected

Nyasa Times has established that in June, 2014, government offered Banda a house in Area 43 in Lilongwe as part of her retirement package as stipulated by the Act of Parliament.

However, Banda’s aides rejected the house as inhabitable, and demanded for a new one with new furniture.

Both government and Banda’s office confirmed in separate interviews that the house was indeed rejected although the former President’s office is still keeping the keys.

The housing controversy follows Banda’s accusations that government is not providing her with any of her retirement benefits, including a decent and secure home, transport and salary since she
left office in May 2014.

”As government  we offered the house and the former President’s aides verified it and confirmed it was suitable. But some days later they told us it wasn’t befitting the status of the former Head of State,” explained Minister of Information, Kondwani Nankhumwa.

Nankhumwa said after the house was rejected, Banda’s camp did not return the keys and, that government was currently waiting for them to choose a house of her choice.

“We are currently waiting for them to tell us which house they have chosen although we are yet to come to terms with her demands for furniture, which we find very exorbitant,” added Nankhumwa.

Nankhumwa claimed Banda’s office demanded a new furniture worth K150 million.

And Banda’s personal assistant, Andekuche Chanthunya while confirming to have rejected the house as it was ‘uninhabitable’, described the K150 million furniture claims as exaggerated.

Chanthunya said they rejected the offered house as it was in poor condition and that government did not offer them any alternative.

”After we inspected it (the house) we noted it wasn’t habitable at all. We have not been told to choose a house of our choice, if so, let government put that in writing,” argued Chanthunya.

Chanthunya added: ”We indeed made the demand for furniture but am not sure it was worth K150 million. I think the said amount is exaggerated”.

Asked about the house keys, Chanthunya confirmed were still in their custody as government officials were refusing to take them back.

”We dont know who to hand the keys to as noone from government is willing to accept them. We have been pushed from one office to another”.

He therefore demanded government to start delivering on its promises including the replacement of former President’s removed official vehicles.

Banda in this week defended her prolonged stay abroad, claiming she faces imminent danger if she ever steps her foot in Malawi considering that government weakened her security.

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26 thoughts on “JB, Malawi govt differ on house issue”

  1. Za kaisala kwa kwakaisala basi

  2. ochewa says:

    Munthu akukhala kuja nyumba yachani! Kodi ndalama zobedwa zija mnthawi yake watibwrzera? Aaaaa tingosiyani apa. Enafe sitifunaso kuva dzina la JB.

  3. Chembwiye says:

    Does JB really deserve the benefits? Is she a retired president to be given a retirement package? When did she retire? She lost the elections so she isn’t a retired president. If the package is for former president and not retired president,she deserves it. In my opinion,JB isn’t a retired president just like Kamuzu was. They both lost elections. Its only Muluzi who retired after serving his two terms though ankapanga matukutuku ofuna kubwereranso… Boma lionepo bwino apa otherwise muzingotibera. Pitala akaluza 2019 naye adzapatsidwe retirement package,zoona? Asaaa,konzano malamulowa

  4. Mbava iyo says:

    Poor souls ! This nyasa is developing hatred in Malawi, people mulungu will punish you. You write all sorts of rubbish, shit yet most of people are christians &moslems. Nyasa times remove this space fr comments you are promoting hatred in Malawi

  5. Namisako. says:

    Ife zanyumbazo timgokumvani,ife timangoyendera bola tulo muno mu 49 Dubai kkklkkk

  6. Chimani. Game says:

    You say mayo woman da.nzeru but things were much better in Malawi when she was in power than this blood clot you have now who you think is educated

  7. guyz mukamalemba ma komenti muziganinza kaye, simukuziwa kuti zinthuzi ndi zandale? Mwaiwala kuti a Chair anapangidwanso zomwezi? retired president mst b given a gud house, enough guards, cars,salary e.t.c.

  8. LIZULU says:


  9. clement says:

    That stupid lady doesn’t deserve decent house after all she was president by accident. Satan

  10. Who can believe this government

  11. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    She will get her benefits after the death of the stupid trained dog.kkkkkkkk

  12. Kwangu says:

    CheNankhumwa asakutayiseni nthawi mai wopanda nzeruYU

  13. namarokoro says:

    Was this woman really a President of a Country? She is an embarrassment. She wants a house in Malawi yet she is refusing to come back home. She wants new furniture – She is losing her mind and she needs mental help

  14. yemweuja says:

    Munthu ali ku joberg akudyelela ,nyumba akukhala yokhayo ya nyatwa ,tangozitayani

  15. Mafuta says:

    Former president don’t be a joke. Most houses in malawi are not habitable but people are living in them. When u are in power create living standards that suit all of us and you won’t have to complain when you become one of us one day. Real life is when you move out of state house

  16. john says:

    Why ask for furniture?The President and benefits act does not provide that furniture be given.only the house.its embarrassing that she could not build a house

  17. Ozisata says:

    MK150 million furniture? Madness……

  18. Tithatonse says:

    Why can’t you give her Mudi, Mtunthama, Mzuzu or Chikoko bay. The terms should be strict. The house remains government property and only given to the former head of state. After death the property reverts to government.

  19. The real Ujeni says:


    Bakili was given a government house in Area 9, the house Atupele is living in, and he is getting millions of kwacha as house allowance, Malewezi also has s govt house bit he already had a personal house in Likuni. Njomba andalewa. Joyce Banda got houses but as per conditions of service, they have to provide her one.

  20. kanyimbi says:

    Dr Banda, Bakili Muluzi and Bingu set good examples. They built their own houses. Even Khumbo Kachali accepted the house given to him. My question is: What was JB doing with her salaries? I understand the state presidents are given free housing, free airtime, free food, free dressing etc but she failed to build her own house? very disappointing.

  21. proudmalawian says:

    This madness of giving houses to former presidents should be stopped immediately. How many presidents will Malawi have and how many houses are we going to lose?? After ruling a country, can one fail to build his or her own house??? Our constitution needs to be changed immediately!!!!!!

  22. Chidzukulu Chakwitusya says:

    The right of JB to choose the house should be respected. The house is not from DPP it is from the Govt after all DPP never built those houses….WE R BEING RULED BY UNBELIEVABLY SICK PEOPLE….

  23. Chikopa says:

    Zomwe zija za 2010 umapanga ndi a Billy mayaya, mwakasungula zoti anthu azimva chison ulendo uno imeneyo sigwira, aboma mpaseni kamuzu palace kapena sanjika ndimene akufuna

  24. Boyd Kilembey says:

    An inhabitable house in Area 43, for somebody who hailed from Domasi in a grass thatched hut? Shoot my foot. This JB circus has gone too far now.

  25. chefourpence says:

    koma hule uyu asativute mwamva? Who does she think she is? Panyini!

    1. Wokhudzidwla says:

      Are you serious? Do you mean what you have written? I wonder!

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