JB to lead election observer mission to Botswana: Informs Malawi leader

Former Malawian President Joyce Banda is to lead the African Union election observer team for  Botswana’s general elections, an AU official confirmed to Nyasa Times.

Banda: On African Union mission  in Botswana

Banda: On African Union mission in Botswana

The former president’s public relations office  and State House officials also confirmed that Banda will be in Botswana and she formally notified President Peter Mutharika on her observer mission.

Mutharika, said State House  press team,  gave an “Ok” to the letter she received from Banda on the Africa Union assignment.

Banda is expected to arrive in Botswana this week.

AU mission would issue various statements regarding their observation in the run up to the elections day, including a pre-election statement on findings of Long-Term Observers (LTOs), a preliminary statement that would include LTO findings and Election Day observations and a comprehensive final report that would include recommendations.

The pre-election and preliminary statements will be issued by the mission leader.

The final report would be issued by the chairperson of the AU Commission, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma at the AU headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

AU expects Botswana to live up to its history and hold free, fair and credible elections.

Botswana held its first multiparty elections in 1965 ahead of the declaration of independence.

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57 thoughts on “JB to lead election observer mission to Botswana: Informs Malawi leader”

  1. goody says:

    AM WATHING AT A DISTANCE, JUDGE ME AS STUPID NOW AND REVERSE IT B4 DECEMBER 31 at 2359hrs! Politics at its best worst or worst best?

  2. But the call-log has been authorised,so do it abit faster in Botswana with the observer mission as a last assignment,tidzamvere limodzi this one from the album cashgate by Oswald featuring you,our beloved mum uuuuuuhmwa.

  3. Nyapapi says:

    Kodi nawo a AU alive nzeru eti, akasokoneza uyu! Incumbent akangoluza akamuuza agwiritse ntchito section ya fake kuti apitirize kulamulira.

    Plz pipo ask for references before you hire somebody you might end up getting anthu a CV yokaikitsa ngati awa!

  4. Che Mbuje says:

    Kusheto, ajende chene akakamule masengo ku Botswana. Tukuyamichira upepe niwerewo.

  5. golo says:

    All the best at least you have the blessing of APM.This is how it should be .We need to see that our current president and immediate former president are working towards a more credible Malawi.

  6. Joseph Jana says:

    Why Always Disgracing Others Those Are Bad Manners.

  7. little jojo says:

    PANO NDE MWASANZIKA! HEHE! President ndi President!

  8. Mdzukuru says:

    All the best Mama we know you have potential and God will guide you all through.

  9. Lebose says:

    You cant be ignored mama Africa, you are larger than Malawi thats why malawi couldnt handle you, leave Malawi with its mediocrity leaders, you are too good for Malawi

  10. Mtaya says:

    JB is well recognised worldwide hence the assignment to Botwana.The azungu also know her as a person with intelligent.

  11. Mau says:

    Pitani Amayi!

  12. wankulumadzi says:

    what i see the comments is that most of us think negative of our own people. Remember that JB is putting malawi on the map. Our problem is recognitis (english from Dausi’s Dictionary meaning your sense of recognition is inflamed). You wait for the mzungu to recognise what is good for u.

  13. concerned Citizen says:

    slowly and smartly she is being taught how to be humble, even though she’s is a slow learner.

  14. mai nsato says:

    What is she going to observe there??? Is she to rig for govt or who? Is she going to advise the looser not to attend the swearing-in sermon or handover of power to hide in the Kalahari desert? very shame! shame! shame as Mugabe described USA and Britain at the UN.

  15. Benson njelulila says:

    Iiiiiiii nazitere nazitere bwenzi zikoma pitilizani kuwalemekeza azitsogo athu zabwino zonse mamie.100/100

  16. Chitipa Wenya says:

    This is JB. Booooma iloooooooooooooooooooo!.

  17. Think Tank says:

    Why cant we just comment without refering to Bingu or Peter. Tiny brains have forgotten that Bingu became president courtesy Bakili Muluzi. On his own he was a flop in 1999. By extension,Peter is there because of the foundations Bakili laid by choosing Bingu. If JB was chosen by Bingu,then fine. He also benefited by doing that. You cannot quantify how many people voted for him as Bingu and those who voted for him because of JB. Same with Peter and Chilima. We can say Peter is now the president because of Chilima and vice versa. Those who voted him in bcoz of Chilima made the diferrence between the candidates! Although we know how dpp treat vice-presidents.

  18. Dick says:

    JB is proving that she is a leader!!

  19. godobaman says:

    amayi omwewo kuti wawawawaawwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  20. mphatso says:

    welcome to botswana mai malawi

  21. JB has always lived to her expectations. We are proud of her.

  22. Kangwazi Kaboza says:

    “Former Malawian President, Joyce Banda is to lead the African Union election observer team for Malawi’s general elections set for May 20, AU official confirmed to Nyasa Times” Realy???? You see the problem of copying and pasting???

    1. WAMISALA says:


  23. Mr Missing says:

    The most productive ex Malawian president ever produced.

  24. opportunist says:

    All the best mama

    1. Malawians, lets be honest enough. This woman is more than a witch i tell you!!! she doesnt have any quality in all aspects of a leader. She can not theefore be a good adviser in any elecion set up. She will advise the army to disrupt the tarry centre and use very ellevant sections of the sections with the slip of the toungue to cancell the eections. She is the worst President Malawi as ever had. A form four drop out of NABW initiative. Let her answer to her involvement in the famous Cashgate Scandle. Awoman who can cererate some body’s death , she is really a shit. APM pls do not give her an inch so nearer to you. She will kill you. Dont by in what she says about the forgotten items. She want to charm you pls.

  25. Ine says:

    So this will delay her arrest for a few more weeks. Shame

  26. pearson sadala says:


  27. munyepu says:

    Isn,t Peter a dunce in politics or just a mere fool okying everything?

  28. Joya says:

    Try To Lead The Team Frankly Not As Malawians Know You.

  29. kelhi chubhwi khelabuile-chati chubwi sichinaoloke,bweranikoni mowe bonya akoma ndi kudyerana uyu asa!

  30. MaiMai says:

    Koma nde akutenda malonda JB kuposa Kalitatuka and Seode Munthari…Mulipo a Seode????

  31. Kawamba says:

    Muli Bhoo Mama

  32. Mulhako says:

    Congrats Joy though i do not admire ur type of leadership but i love u. Keep it up,,,,,,

  33. thom tsegula says:

    Gwirani ntchito amai

  34. Baba wa Boyi says:

    Why inform Government now? That means she wants allowances from Malawi Government.

  35. Nkhawena says:

    Boma lizitero kumatandizana poyendetsa dziko

  36. MKWAPU says:


  37. Alungwana says:

    I think amayi zikuyendatu tsopano. Wishing you a great job.

  38. Karonga Boy says:

    Am Proud Of U Mama.I Can See&let Me Tell U My Fellow Countrymen This JB Will Be UN SECRETARY GENERAL One Day!Mark My Word!!

  39. venom says:

    Why JB? Coz they know this woman is credible and very fair

  40. Martin phiri says:

    Jb big brains. we never forget you madam.

  41. handsome says:

    Thus the spirit, cases aside this is how business. Should be like. BRAVO to both camps


    Mai, ntchito za manja anu zayamba kuonekera. Odi uko mai adutse osapinga-pinga.

  43. Patrick Jailos says:

    Good move

  44. Not well articulated article,you supposed to tell us in details if she has offered her services or been assigned to
    Honestly I am feeling sorry for our former President she’s has been working overtime recently she needs a rest!

  45. nkunthamasese says:

    Indeed JB is a model woman which Malawi should be proud of. Amai mikutichotsa manyazi. U are indeed a great woman. No wonder women like PK envy you. Keep it up Amai.

  46. omar khaliffa says:

    I love Joice Banda very much.she is a true Malawian she loves malawi. A lot

  47. petrol kali says:

    koma jb yaaaaa i don’t know

  48. YAKASHATA says:

    Useless, she does not deserve that she is a bad person who was happy with Bingu’s death, I will never forget that.

  49. Mbanangwa says:

    Malawians who hate JB will be very vocal and derogatory as to why amaNyaBanda has been picked for the mission. Arthur Peter is calm and he has given an okay but you will hear some comments from rotten mouths.

  50. chidiso says:

    for what?????? mama!!

  51. Akilly 2 says:

    Inu sinu president opuma BUT President oluza, mukunjoya2 mayi.

  52. Chikoko says:

    mafuno abwino pokusankha ku pita Botswana elections but kuthokoza kuti Bingu anakusiyirani mtendere ngakhale paulamuliro wanu mukamunyoza chala cha Bingu ku dzera mulungu chinakuloza tikuthokozanse Peter pokulolani koma pobwera timve report kwa president

  53. Akuliainga says:

    inde inde jb go go dont tell the world dzinali bwino pomwe kunali nyansi. mayeso amenewo.

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