Joyce Banda appointed in Africa’s high-Level security forum

Malawi former president Joyce Banda has been appointed as board member for Tana High-Level Forum on Security in Africa.

Joyce Banda now board member

Joyce Banda now board member

The forum provides a hospitable setting for African Heads of State and Government, leaders of business and Civil Society, leading scholars and representatives of Africa, and Global partners, to examine and debate central issues and challenges facing African peace and Security.

The former Nigerian President and chairperson of Tana Board, Olusegun Obasanjo, confirmed the appointment of Banda in the board.

“Malawi former president Joyce Banda has indeed been appointed as board member for Tana High Level Forum on Security in Africa,” said Obasanjo in response to a questionnaire.

Banda has also been appointed Patron of  Disability, HIV/AIDS Trust (Dhat)  of Zimbabwe.

The former Malawi leader  welcomed the appointment, describing it as an honour.

“It is my honour and privilege to serve Africa in these capacities,” Banda said.

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So who lost in the 2014 elections? JB? No! By not voting for Dr JB, Malawians lost everything, including their land. The majority of Malawians are not only illiterate – they’re absolutely silly people, a laughing stock of the world. And there cannot be a poorer country than Malawi because its people are simply imbeciles. Why on earth would they leave JB and vote for the inconsequential? Look, if JB was still a president of Malawi,this country would have advanced in economic terms. This lady is the only president who can really help Malawi, leave it or love it.


The blind always leading the blind in Africa

kampango mlamba

Lucky her


Za ziiiiiiiii. What security training does this lady have. All these appointments always get into African’s thick head.


Malawians are cursed from their forefathers mudadzolewera kupha kuba ndi kuwononga kuchita kwa atate wanu mdielekizi satana amene adakulozani and mudakana iye wakukuthandizani kuti mupulumuke kenako mudayamba kuvomela ndi pakamwa panu osati ndi ntima wanu, adzakhalilanji kono Joyce Banda ngati iye ndi ntsogoleri wa dziko lino lozala ndi akupha ndi akuba komansso kuononga ngati iwe Chidyamakanda, She is leading Africa not this small poorest and shameful citizen like you Tell DPP THE DAY IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Other former Heads of States are being appointed while they are staying in their respective countries; why not our Joyce? Leadership is about showing courage! Even if she thinks she may be a victim of the DPP government once she returns; seriously she is also indicating she has abandoned her people. Face it and be vindicated! It’s long time Mrs President!


Azikhala konko; a person can live anywhere; mukufuna chiyani choti abwerere kuno; Adzadye mice; Munankana kuno ndiye mukumfuna adza ku seveni, You abandoned her during campaign did she complain? What do you mean? You abandoned Atupele Muluzi, What does atupele do Purnishing Malawian with Land Bill; Malawian are very stupid people I have ever seen on earth; President akalakwitsa m’mati mulekeni amalize Term yake, Pamene maiko azanthu kulibe zimenezo yekha amachoka, umphawi ndi umbuli is at the rate of 75% in Malawi;


kuti azamuphe


Africa needs her alive not dead hero. Don’t come back JB they will kill you.


The world knows Malawi rigged the elections. Joice shut stay there as long as these guys are in power.

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