Joyce Banda argues sister’s arrest ‘part of witch-hunt and harassment’: Dausi says nope

Malawi’s former president, Joyce Banda, has criticised the arrest of her sister Cecilia Kumpukwe  by police on Tuesday as politically motivated.

Joyce Banda: Arrests of Kumpukwe and Asani are politically motivated

Kumpukwe was arrested at her home in Chigumula, Blantyre in connection to a fake resignation letter allegedly written by Vice President Saulos Chilima.

Former president’s spokesperson AndekucheChanthunya, said JB has described her sister’s arrest as part of witch-hunt and harassment against her family.

She claimed  Kumpukwe was the victim of a political conspiracy after police are accusing her of participation in forgery and false document.

“She strongly condemns the arrest and believes this is part of the long standing systematic harassment the state has been handing out to the former president and her immediate family,” said Chanthunya.

He said the arrest was timed “to demonise” the former president’s family and was “politically motivated.”

Chanthuya said  Kumpukwe police had no arrest warrant  when they picked her.

National Police Headquarters spokesperson James Kadadzera said law enforcers were interested to interrogate Kumpukwe after they have been looking for people in connection to the fake letter.

Kumpukwe becomes a second person to be arrested in the matter after Nyasa Times reported that  another woman, Stella Asani, an operative of  former ruling Peoples’s Party (PP) of Banda was also arrested last week.

She is still in police custody and is yet to be charged.

According to Chamthunya,  both Kumpukwe and Asani has been denied access to lawyers.

“This is  a growing trend of the current administration to intimidate members of Joyce Banda’s party,”

“This is because Joyce Banda is about to return home soon,” said Chanthunya.

He said the manner in which they have been arrested raises serious human rights questions. They were both arrested in Blantyre and  driven  300 kilometers to Lilongwe  to be remanded  as if there are no police cells in the commercial city.

Chanthunya said the State are using police to employ tactics of  persecution and torture.

He  told Daybreak Malawi program on Capital Radio that Banda and himself are not going to be intimidated and they don’t fear arrest.

“I have been in politics since 2001 and i don’t fear arrest. I have fought against third term bid by former president Bakili Muluzi so what is this?,” said Chanthunya who is also a relation to Joyce Banda.

But Minister of Information and Communications Technology Nicholas Dausi  whi is government spokesman told Daybreak Malawi that the spate of arrest on fake resignation letter by the veep are not politically motivate.

“If someone who is related to a politician commits arrest should they not be charged? A crime is a crime no matter who commits it,” said Dausi.

Dausi encouraged Banda to return home “and she will answer some questions.”

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20 thoughts on “Joyce Banda argues sister’s arrest ‘part of witch-hunt and harassment’: Dausi says nope”

  1. Titani says:

    If the Government says crime is crime no matter who. How many people are arrested, who were involved on maize scandle, reffering from the report of inquiry, which recomended, Disprinary action should follow. What happened? Its amazing in Malawi to see and learn that, some other people are arrested while investigating their crimes commited, while others are not arrested as their crimes are investigated. What is happening?

  2. Former JB Supporter says:

    If she has indeed been arrested without court’s issuance of an arrest warrant, then that is a violation of her human rights.

    Sadly one of a great human rights lawyer who could have without doubt helped on this case is one that Madame JB herself violated his rights, arrested him on trumped up charges. In collusion with semiskilled state lawyers and judges, Madame Banda decided to imprison Kasambara.

    So there you’re now looking for someone who understands human rights law to help your sister. And for the first time I won’t cry with you this time, like we did when Big Kahuna was demonising you.

    Always seek wisdom, not money!

  3. bushala says:

    What crime chaponda has committed? a Malawi simuzapenyaso kwanu mkumapusitsika poti akuuzani kuti apa Central region nda tambala. Mwaiwala kodi? Chanthunya anapha Linda Gasa waku Zimbabwe nthawi yomwe JB omwe ndachemwali ake anali m’boma koma anamubisa mpaka lero but umboni owonekeratu a PP, a MCP munali kuti kudzudzulapo. Akanakhala munthu wamba atalowa kale. Ngati walakwa she must be arrested finish.

  4. hatton says:

    Mai Chanthunya, tangokhalani chete, mlongo wanga. Chemwali anu, Mai Joyce Cashgate Banda, once arrested Peter “the Brave” Mutharika in Blantyre at Chichiri Police Headquarters and drove him all the way to Lumbadzi in Lilongwe. Were you a virgin at that time such that you were too young to remember this? Were there no police cells in Blantyre at that time? Chemwali anu, mai Chanthunya, anapita ku maula kukamuona Atupele, aloleni madamuwo abwere akamuone Kumpukwe kumene aliko; mafunsowo ndiye alipo oti azayankhe.

  5. waves says:

    Tiuzeni kaye za a Chaponda then tikumvani bwana Dausi

  6. Chipapwiche Kajhalwiche says:

    Abiti Ntila ndi Che Chanthunya: Please advise JB to stop kuuwauwa kunja like kapirikoni Kanyama Chiume during the Kamuzu Banda era and to heroically return and secure the release of Cecilia, Asani and the blue-eyed boy who once donated 22 vehicles to PP Loot -e- pooh. Also come and clear Mphwiyo and Ntila’s name in the US$30m cashgate. Otherwise shut up and put up and wait for la forty..

  7. Chatayika Phiri says:

    mayi wosadanda paja ndale za kumalawi kwathu kuno ndi choncho have u forgotten how u treated APM and children to late Bingu? A Bakili anatani ndi Kamuzu siuja anammanga(house arrest) munthu wokalamba ngati uja wosamumvera chisoni or pang’ono. Came Bingu he arrested Bakili though with disc problem. So its really not on as if its a revenge some sort but as malawi lets stand as one for unity. However, let the courts do its job and will from there make a conclusion whether its politically motivated or not? because any arrest of anyone in opposition is considered politically motivated all along right from the arrest of Kamuzu.

    Wishing u a nice stay out there.

  8. Ethurama says:

    Pitala Uyambe Wachosa Wapana Mkamwacho Kuti Umuthe Chaponda,uyaluka Boma Likupita Ku Ndata Silizalamulanso.

  9. Kodi inu munamvapo akulengeza kuti ku account number 1 (consolidated account) kuli ndalama zingati?

    Dabwanipo apa.

    This is the money which people play with. Lots and lots of unaccounted money in there……

  10. Shokodido says:

    Ndiye kuti andale samalakwa? Akamangidwa basi “politically motivated”. Ngati a police ali ndi umboni alekeni agwire ntchiti yawo. komanso wina wane za chaponda, ma investigation anachitika awiri, palibe ndi mmodzi yemwe ananena crime imene anachita yoti akhonza kumangidwa. Zimene timamva nzoti ” samasata ndondomeko pogula chimanga”. Pomwe zimenezo kulikonse nzimene anthu amachita when there is a crisis. Pamene Kamlepo Kaluwa ankati ali ndi umboni wonse, zotsatila kungowononga ndalama za Boma.

  11. Mjcentral says:

    Kodi azichimwa dala kuti azibisalira “political manhunt”? Noooooo!!!!!! Osamapanga zoyesa.

  12. 2019 voter says:

    God our creator, its time to strike all people who are harrasing their fellow humans. Why do others enjoy making other people’s life missarable. Kulamulira anthu oti sakukonda nkoopsa zedi.

  13. bakhajoice says:

    joice just come to secure freedom of your bakha sister.

    Come, tikufuna iwe amene jb

  14. mpho matsi says:

    political witchhunting indeed, nanga a chaponda maize bwanji???

  15. Mudzamva liti says:

    Yes, Mr Dausi you are right; anyone who has committed an offence should be arrested and charged regardless of their relations to a president; 100% correct but how about Chaponda? Musamatilankhule ngati kuti ife ndife ana. Ngati mukuona kuti izi ndizopusa, muuzeni Peter kuti apa I can not defend you because he is not walking the talk. Chaponda akukuopsyani bwanji?

  16. William Tell says:

    Solve all those high profile cold cases first then we can talk about JB’s relatives otherwise GTFOH with that nonsense

  17. Zagwazatha says:

    Dausi says “a crime is a crime no matter who commits it” ok! how about Chaponda, was that not a crime? Azikwanje aja ku Mzuzu, murderers of Njauju, chasowa plus nduna zina zinaba ndalama……………….

    1. Chatayika Phiri says:

      nkhani ya Chasowa amwene know this during JB’s regime when she was just three months old in office she got a report from the commission of enquiry she instituted. Now a billion dollar question why did she not walk the talk then to ensure all who were mentioned in that report are taken to book? Because this report came about during her reign. My friend andale amatipusitsa sometimes they say this and that koma at the end of the day amadziwana anthuwa. Iwe ndi ine lets just be where we are zinazi kuzilowelera kwambiri ungodwala nazo.

  18. Cindy says:

    Mmmh politically motivated my foot. Joyce Banda has many relatives but why did they connect her?? Please do not insult President Peter Mutharika’s intelligence, did they not do the same thing to our president. try to falsely accuse him of a crime he did not commit. now that it has changed tune you wish to criticise our honorable president. What did Joyce Banda really do for Malawi except for introducing cashgate, if I was her I would think properly before I speak!!!

  19. karonga says:

    And criminal Chaponda is enjoying his freedom after committing serious crimes visible enough with a lot of evidence. Why not arrest him as well than arrest innocent souls? Check your words Dausi.

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