Joyce Banda counters Malawi govt statement: Insists on facing victimisation

Malawi former president Joyce Banda has rejected claims by government it has duly provided her requirements of a retired president as stipulated by the Presidents (Salaries and Benefits) Act of 1994, saying government is giving adulterated information.

Joyce Banda: Insists on security concerns

Joyce Banda: Insists on security concerns

According to the Presidents (Salaries and Benefits) Act, a former president is entitled to a tax-free monthly pension, a house or a housing allowance where a house is not provided, two motor vehicles, medical services and six security guards, among other staff and benefits.

Minister of Information, Tourism and Civic Education Jappie Mhango, who is also official government spokesperson, said in a statement on Wednesday upon her retirement, Banda received a tax-free lump sum gratuity of K30 million ($49,931.4) comprising K12 million ($19,972.6) and K18 million ($29,958.9) being gratuity in her capacity as former vice-president and former president respectively.

Banda’s spokesperson Andekuche Chanthunya said although the gratuity was paid upon departure from office, not been paid salary since she left office 18 months ago and insists that she is being denied her retirement benefits, including accommodation and security.

Government spokesman confirmed Banda is yet to start receiving her monthly pension, saying the former president’s pension is currently being processed by the Director of Pensions at the Accountant General’s Office.

Banda also disputed Mhango’s statement that government through the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development asked her through her representatives to identify a house after nine houses which were shown to the retired chief justice Richard Banda on behalf of the former president were rejected in an identification process.

Chanthunya said the house was withdrawn and not that she rejected and also that house that she refused to occupy was “not secure.”

“Malawians should know that when Kamuzu left State House, he was moved to Mudi and the VP lived in Nyambadwe house.  Perhaps Malawians needs to be told by the government spokesperson what happened to Nyambadwe State House and who took it to be their own property.  When President Bakili Muluzi left office he was given a house in Lilongwe.  People need to go and see the house and compare it to the house they are talking about.”

Chanthunya said some of the houses which government showed the office of the former president were rejected for security reasons.

“Among the houses which we were shown, others had neighbours who had upstairs houses which means they would stand on their verandas and see whatever activities were happening in the former president’s home.”

On not being truthful about returning home, Banda said “Malawians can go and check with Bon Voyage travel agency in Malawi who booked her ticket to confirm that she was returning  leaving DC on the 30th October. “

The former president’s spokesman said her return was delayed because a week before her departure, her office was informed of the withdrawal of the house.

Mhango confirmed the house was withdrawn as the owners advised that it was committed to other tenants.

On the security detail, Chanthunya said the police officers have been “grossly incapacitated” as they were disarmed and they only have one gun which they use, something which still provides gaps and she has not been provided with vehicles which are also a part of security as they necessitate her travelling.

The guns were withdrawn by Police deputy inspector general Duncan Mwapasa and that Banda personally phoned him to confirm about this decision. She said the Chief Secretary for government George Mkondiwa also confirmed the decision to disarm her guards when she phoned him.

“Malawians should remember that when the DPP govt. last weakened her security in 2010, on the 19th November, 2010, she was involved in a mysterious road accident. Let government refute this incident,” he said.

Banda has also trashed speculations that she risks facing charges against her, saying she is “innocent” but  accused government for being “desperate” to drum up charges against her from attempted murder of President Peter Mutharika at Lumbazi police station,  treason for allegedly killing President Bingu wa Mutharika (this case is in court and government has asked for an out of court settlement), corruption (claiming they have a CCTV footage to prove it) when in actual fact there was no CCTV facility in state houses in two years of her presidency.

Her office said they have “evidence” of suspects being persuaded to implicate Banda in exchange for shorter sentences.

“JB is not worried about these false claims as she has letters and documents to prove these malicious initiatives by the authorities.  Some of the people they were approaching have been talking,” said a statement from her office.

It adds: “The government needs to display evidence of any wrong doing on her part.  In the same vein, JB wants to see the speeding up of the forensic audit because the link will stop these insults.  Malawi will find out that the K577 billion is the genesis of the K20 billion Cashgate with some of the perpetrators being the same people.   All these matters will be proven by the court. “]

Banda prides herself the one who started the cashgate crackdown, arrested the suspects, initiated the trials and conducted the forensic audit with the help of the British government.

“There were no mysterious deaths of innocent ACB officials and there were no breakings into diplomats’ houses to steal corruption files.  It is therefore a waste of time to use false useless claims to intimidate her,” reads the statement.

The former president has been out of Malawi since July 2014.

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84 thoughts on “Joyce Banda counters Malawi govt statement: Insists on facing victimisation”

  1. Jobe says:

    Malawi is at its worst now than the times of Joyce Banda. This is Peter’s time. The problem with the DPP Government is that it is spending a lot of energy and time in attacking Joyce Banda. Look ahead and concentrate on your work otherwise time is running, no work being done.

  2. Furious says:

    Koma amai awa inu, akudzitenga abwino? Nanga bwanji simukubwera kwanu kuno yet ndinu abwino? Bwerani amai mudzayankhepo pa tindalama tathu ta tasoda kamba ndi timasiwiti tija.

  3. felix muloleni says:

    Mbava yachizimayi a coward. If you’re clean come back home and have your day in court to prove your innocence. Munthu osakonda dziko can run away but you can’t hide your day will come

  4. Kk says:

    Banda should not make the reseners blind and fools all what she is a bad woman so far in the world she arest the current presindent from unknown charges now things has changed she must face the consequeses she is involved in cashgate let her built her own house with the money she store

  5. Stinking Idiot says:

    You’re a funny person, former president with no vehicles, no house, no monthly retirement dues 18months after leaving office, security provided by men carrying button sticks. History: 19th Nov, 2013 was involved in a car accident that was never investigated. Expectations; The nation expected cashgaters to link her and to be jointly charged. None did. She was said to have a hand in the death of the former president. Mmmmm would you be comfy my man to come and live amongst the very same admin? KkkkkkKkkkkk

  6. thinktankmalawi says:

    She is working on assylum…she aint coming home..cashgate evidence so overwhelming against her…the more she claims victimization…the better her chances of asylum in usa…she is calculated crooked woman..she is running away from prosecution not persecution..wake up people!especially those still kissing her…..

  7. kapenandiye says:

    The issue here is not about insecurity and retirement home. Hear u donors who listen to her foolishness. She is running away from cashgate. Sources are that when she comes back the ACB will start pursuing her day in dAy out on cashgate matters. The best security is provided by urself. Look at Bakili he built his own house even Kamuzu and Bingu did the same. As far as i know the house she is claiming from government will never be secure than her own. Think of this, what will happen when u pass on to the glory leaving ur hus grand children in that government house? They will be kicked out. I advise u to stay in ur own house for ever for ur peace and security. Many former head of states have done so and we dont hear that they are worried. After all u said u started business while yuong, do u want to tell the world that u dont own a decent house? Ur husband was chief justice for a long period, dont u jointly own a decent house in town? Go and live it and u will have peace and security u r looking for, period

  8. Plate says:

    We are tired of you

  9. Patriotic Citizen says:

    With you or without you Amayi, Malawi remained a troubled land. DPP led politicians have run out of ideas. A country without food for its citizens- not food in villages, No electricity to run industries, No water in towns and cities, No one is interested to pursue the MK577 Billion cashgate under Late Bingu, the economy in nose diving everyday. You better coming back in 2019. It is not the same country you left. Malawi is dead.

  10. elias odala says:

    kungapande tambala koma kuzacha

  11. ngongoliwa says:

    Joice Banda is a mare FUGITIVE. Government should leave her on her ruaway mission or fugitive mission.

  12. phodo says:

    You want to be given security when you are not in Malawi. You want to given a house when you are in foreign land. You are a useless gulugunya. Please the government of Malawi should not bother to respond to her querries. Leave her alone, after all we are leaving happily without her presence.We are free from her parallel structures.

  13. nyando says:

    Big coward, osamangokhala kumeneko bwanji? Inu a boma mulekeni uyo osamunyengelera, typical fugitive

  14. Moses Makoko says:

    kodi maiwa ndi saddam ndi pa chibale? taonani nkhopeyo

  15. Gift Natro Kondowe says:

    PM must step down

  16. anamalira says:

    a mayi amene asakukuyamikirani ndimfiti

  17. ninja says:

    joyısı anatıkwana ıfe…….tıpızerenı nkhanı zına…..

  18. Berson says:

    i 4 one cannot understand JB.Where in the world do we find a former president who stays in a foreign country?????

  19. GRM says:

    This woman is arresting herself outside the country. He is making Malawi look like Syria when 16 Million leave in that “Syria” and are calling it “Warm Heart of Africa”. She has a woman heart indeed and is making all women look like fools. If i were her Spokeperson i could remain quite . Why did government gave her two terminal benefits for VP and President? I guess she could be given one which was highest? PANOPA MAI HAVE A CLEAR PICTURE HOW THE CASHGATE NOOSE HAS BEEN TIED UP BY THE REVELATIONS IN COURT. Sangabwere coz she is not man enough to face her past.

  20. Razaq says:

    Mayi bweraniko zinthu zasolobana kuno, magetsi tinasiya kuonera kanema angokhala ozima. Pitala angombwambwana ngati si munthu wamwamuna akusowa mtengo wogwira. Bwerani muzamuphunzitse kayendetsedwe ka govt ankayesa njerengo, ankaona ngati Malawi ndi Ndata. O Pitala dziko lawalaka ili kuposa presidenti wina aliyense. In 2 years munathetsa kuzimazima kwa magetsi pano we are moving 50 years back.

  21. Green Grass says:

    I think the whole Presidents Benefits Act needs urgent review. Why should the taxpayer be placed with a burden of looking after retired Presidents and their Vice for their lifetime? The benefits should only be available to them for 10 years as they adjust to ordinary life. After all Khumbo and Chulumpha have shown that these people can take a step backwards by becoming ordinary backbenchers so let us stop this lifetime waste of taxpayers money.

  22. Mafulufute says:

    Zatitopetsa izi! If she feels it is safer for her to be wherever she is let her stay!

  23. Mafikizolo says:

    This JB issue is now past its “Best Before Date’. Zatopetsa . If she is not carefore, Malawians are going to forget some of the good things she did for the country in her two-year reign, and will only remember a very petty woman who had no courage to lay in the bed she herself had made.

  24. mphatso says:

    Economy ya Malawi zavuta, Bola JB zinthu sinali choncho

  25. phelezunje says:

    something u are fearing not security alone.just come home even if u may be face with a case.

  26. phelezunje says:

    Even if u stay away but kwanu ndi kwanu muyenera kubwera,kudzabwera.Koma issue of security i doubt something u are fearing.God will show us.

  27. Yonas says:

    My million dollar question is ” Where was she residing before she became president or vice president of the Republic”, this to me is utter nonsense and useless jibe aimed at confusing people and blaming somebody who is not party to the problem. Come home mupite ku Malosa kumudzi, that is all.

  28. sikusinja says:

    This nonsense has to stop. Joyce Banda has personal houses. Is Bakili leaving in a government house. Doesnt Bakili have security. Why cant she ask Bakili his arrangement that since he is in a personal house, how much housing allowance does he get etc and just go the same route. Its really shameful for such a woman with so much wealth azililira to be given a house by government. Come here and fight your battles.

  29. Mayi Joyce Banda are you sure you are not returning home because you have no house? Where were u staying b4 u became a president?

  30. Viyazi Tembo says:

    Joyce uyabora manje, just come home……….

  31. Issa Kabudula says:

    I have been commenting heavily on the issue of Mai Joyce Banda – while she is famous elsewhere in the world, she is not a darling in Malawi because of herself and the people around her.

    The fear she is drumming will harm her hard – no matter what happen even if they said sabola wakale sawawa, but still chilli’s is chill’s, just by seeing it you think of its burning test.
    It does not matter 5 years stay in foreign countries, the day she will be in Malawi, people will have mixed feeling, some for being first women president in African, and some why she run away from us?

    The why she run awy from us will need many answeres to an extent that, those who are arrested today due to cashgate and at times the news papers tells us of she being witness and some pointing the Financier Director Mphwiyo to be the master minder f the scam, on whose direction? People will need to know why she did not hand over the reign of power to the APM? Why few days after inauguration, she chose to go out of the country?

    If the house and security is an issue – where is Bakili Muluzi? Based on the richest individuals in Malawi she got a good number, she can contruct or buy top of the range retirement home and buy/pay 100 security guard for herself and eat every minute for years, but there is there is……..tizanzimva sikale.

  32. Mkazi wa Masiye says:

    Amai bodza akunama musabwere khalani kaye konko. Kulimbikira kuti mubwere akulimbikilira chani? Something fishy. Stay where you are. I will never forget you Mama, you rescued me and paid school fees for me. I will be grateful to you for ever. May God bless and protect you wherever you are. Mdima ungachuluke bwanji, koma kunja sikulephera kucha. Mchipululu simofera koma kungodutsamo, pangakhalitse bwanji mudzatuluka basi, you will have the LAST LAUGH!

  33. Sinalo says:

    We always remain haunted by our past so let us be sincere in our dealings

  34. Mwalusya kuvotera wamama winu....kkkk says:

    A victimiser doesn’t want to be victimised because she knows how victimisation victimised a person.

  35. Mzozo kununkha says:

    First was Misozi Chanthunya who killed Linda Gasa and buried her in his own cottage and the fool called Andekuche has actually forgotten this, now its the mother. Why is it that these bastards have all this at stake? Chikauluka chimatela. its very unfortunate that the hunted is seeking the hunter. Misozi ndi mayi ako Bwererani kwanu.
    Ngati munalakwa face the law if not you will be free like a child yes just like a bird………

  36. molande says:

    I think Malawians are no longer interested to worship and celebrate or symphathise with presidents who mismanage this country in any way.
    Most Malawians are suffering, empoverished, getting meagre wages,patients given single meal a day in hospitals while the presidents claim big salaries and allowances, pay no tax and embezzle tax payers money without punishment.
    Let presidents who mismanage the country’s economy suffer like the masses.

  37. SONG says:

    Joice Mtila Banda sabwera kumudzi believe me chifukwa akuthakuliwo lupanga layasama kufuna iyeyo. Musiyeni mzimayi paja PP yiripambuyopathu tiyisamalira yimeneyo.

  38. Sapitwa says:

    I don’t see any victimization after reading the story. She is in fact contradicting herself on the two issues, the house and the security. In one version, she claims to have been denied a house whilst in another version she says she rejected the houses. She REJECTED/REFUSED it. She wants to be housed at Mudi or Mthunthama like the Ngwazi asa! Look at Muluzi, he stays in his own personal house because he planned for his retirement.Bingu could have stayed in his personal house. You could have built your own in just 18 months if you planned this after all you were a VP. Inu koma mufuna ya Boma!
    On Security, it just takes a phone call to ask the Government to restore the guns the ensure you are covered on the day of your coming. As a former President, am sure through your PP, you can organize a private security to cover you on your day of your coming until you sort out all your issues.
    All those other issues in the story are irrelevant.

  39. Ndinunkha says:

    Before State House Joyce amagona panja? Her husband is rich alibe nyumba yoti angakhalemo while she sorts out her state sponsored housing? Why does she want people to look for housing for her when shes ouside the country. The long and short of it Amai abwele azasankhe wokha pamene akufuna kukhala and spare us this circus. Otherwise we are inclined to conclude chilipo akuwopa mai.

  40. Good Samaritan says:

    If there is any truth in her statement, why speaking under curtain?
    We know that she is applying for sympathy from the outside world while her conscience has already convicted her.
    Amayi ndinu mbava inu. Ndi liti mudathawa lija?Nanga mudathawa chiani? and how are you earning a living?

  41. nthandalanda says:

    The Muthalika government just has to come out open. Why are you not reporting about the MK 577 billion Malawi kwacha? We know how the DPP govt works. It is full of mafias. Don’t worry. God is always there to save us. where is Bingu now? How is Chila treated now? God wants to show the wickedness of these people.

  42. Kanyimbi says:

    So she has no house? we need to build our own house while working. Good examples are Bakili Muluzi and Bingu wa Mutharika. Failing which it shows foolishness.

  43. Mahinya says:

    Mama weraniko uko kuwaro. Ise tikhumba tikioneni and muone umo wanthu mumawatuma tukatora makopara ku Boma imo wari kusuzgikira kundende. Nyumba kwa imwe ndikhaniCha. Mufikira kura ku Chinthechi, mbwe muwa tchaja rent ya wa waBoma Basitu. Lekani waka kupurika soduka mutu

  44. Ochewa says:

    Ngati mulibe m’landu omayi bwerani Koni! Ochitsiru bwabokha apa!

  45. The real Ujeni says:

    No sane person can trust this government, Chasowa was killed, the killers are members of the DPP party, Njaunju was killed the killers are members of DPP and nobody has been charged. Now you want Joyce Banda to be next to be killed? They failed first time with an accident when she was vp, do you think they will fail this time with her out of government and with minimal security?

  46. cameo says:

    This is another bull shit, Amai why keep on fighting your benefits outside your country?

    I am challenging you to come and take the Government to task for refusing your salary and also meet challenges Emmanetting from kachilombo known as cashgate which you wanted to fight at your High office at Capital Hill and you run away with its virus.

  47. Dusty says:

    Pokhapa Mayi ndinu munthu opanda chilungamo,Mayi was bodza.

  48. sain it like it is says:

    hehehehe ndipo unyolo wanu ulipo musakaike mai…apanga prepare package bwanji malo mopanga prepare jail cell?inu ukayidi mugwila

  49. Mwakipik says:

    The problem is she still wants to be treated as state president and not former state president. Come on and accept reality

  50. pinango says:

    Mukulephera kuyendetsa dziko agalu inu a Dilu PhwiPhwi. Leave JB alone

  51. Even the bible says, Woipa athawa yekha wopanda womuthamangitsa

  52. kabotolokamo says:

    Reading the comments someone really does not want good of Joyce Banda ! It is tipical Malawian way of thinking , they like to see people suffer and they get happy ! what a shame on us !

  53. peter mshali ku salima says:

    nyasa times dont waste ur time to publish stories of this idiot joyce banda,she is a bad woman,u mean she has no house of her own where she can reside while waiting ma benefits akewo,kaya ubwera olo subwera izo ndi zako ndi abale ako if a malawi kuno dziko lathu likuyenda,fool,cashgater

  54. elias odala says:

    mama wathu just come ma benefits wotu ndi zapansi pompano kumwamba kulibe zimenezo, come takusowana Mama.

  55. Mbwindi says:

    wrong doers fear jistice by running away.just come and prove your innocent.

  56. Monile says:


  57. Angoni says:

    Amayiwa anditopetsa

  58. Joyce Banda has the right to stay whereeva she likes.Why saying she should come home.Peter Muthalika stayed abroad for many years was he called to come to Malawi.What will she be doing in Malawi becz we are made to believe that she us with running the state so what will b her advise to the same state they say she failed.Afta all the state has a village of advisors.Come clear why u want her home.What r u doing with Muluzi & these retired VPs.Ask them for advice.Do u mean to say u appreciate what she did to the country the 2yrs she was the president that she is the only one u r missing her advice inorder to turn the fortunes of this country malawi.

  59. Kamukhaty says:

    kusyeto agambeje kwika. Mboma mwangali promotion. Machenje tukupochera nigawo galagala. Yindu yisawisye mnope. tukusosa boma lisyesyene. Atikululuchire maye wetu. vinthu vyasuzga.

  60. Ayobeee de Zobue says:

    Let the former president come back home and argue her case here. It is baseless to make such allegations whilst in exile. In Malawi we have courts of law which can best handle the case if she has a substantial claim. How can govt offer such luxurious accommodation to a person who is not living in that house. You don’t offer security to a non existent thing. Her presence is vital here.

  61. dungulinya says:

    Mxii.munthu wopeza mpando chifukwa cha imfa, atachotsedwa Muchipani, munthu wokanidwa ndi wanthu pa elekeshoni, munthu wonyoza mizimu wa mamuna wake wakale ndi Bambo wa Ana ake, aaah. She’s entitled but she’s overplayed this game. Tatopa.

  62. Jon says:

    Here is the woman who once stood on the podium and said she fears not even death. Now she fears coming back. As usual, she talks too much. As usual, she overestimates her significance. Now she looks for sympathy. Searching to hide under a wasted leaf in a storm.

  63. sibweni says:

    This woman is a problem and a shame to malawians,why has she been out of the country if she knows that she is innocent and what kind of security is she worried of? Let me tell you JB and all pp members that Joice is not a threat and a hero neither in the eyes of sober minded malawians.we already killed her on that general election day and after that nobody can harm her except justice in courts.

  64. choka phiri says:

    Malawians wake. Dont trust a saker. DDPIS a saker. Banda is in risk. Dont fortet she has god investgators than stupid one of DDP machete. She did not runt away because of Cash Gate. But was tipped by western. APM
    Will do everything tog reverge what he call aarrest. Look at Nyaunji Who killed him and why? A poor thief where did he get the Gun? And why burning the body? Ar u going to believe her when she Will be killed. There People in DDP Who lov her. But are DDP because of money. You will what they will do 2019. APM Is not loved. The man is power hungry.

  65. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

    The word on the street is that the former President is in bad shape, health wise; and she’s seeking competent help outside Malawi. And she has a right to do that: so she should stop using other reasons as excuses.
    It seems she will not be happy unless she’s given one of the palaces to live in. She should accept that she is “former” head of state, and downgrade from her previous standards. As many people do, after retirement. Who does she think she is?
    She’s lucky (so far) to have a pension being worked on, when she lead the second worst kleptocracy in this country.
    The worst being the one during Kamuzu – the country was plundered by that regime, so much that even experts in money laundering cannot track all the loot. What a wasted generation that was! Malawi could have developed twice, and more, by now.

  66. Oliver Twist says:

    Andekuche Chamthunya, your mother has been out of Malawi since 2014. Are you not ashamed of yourself to keep on blaming the Government for the wrongs of her not returning home. Can a former President be offered a residential accomodation in absentia??? Look you people know what dirty tricks you are playing. Don’t compare with Kamuzu and Bakili. These were presidents for Life and elected respectively. Your mother only stayed for two years in office and was not elected but you are making too much noise. Does she not have a house? Where was she staying b4 becoming President? Or joining Politics??? Bakili Muluzi stayed in Naperi for some months b4 moving to Sanjika while as Head of State. Who’s house was it??? Government or personal??? Did you hear Him making noise that Kamuzu is refusing to come out of Sanjika??? Instead he championed that let the Ngwazi have enough time to clear his personal belongings b4 going to His retirement home at Mudi. Now you want Government to act on remote?? Shame on you, I know it’s desperate times trying to buy time but don’t think Malawians are stupid to buy your stories. We are watching you.

  67. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    DPP is govt of thugs, they seek, they kill and they disappear!!!!

  68. Jimuni says:

    Why cant you be humble like Justin Malewezi??

  69. levelheaded says:

    Iweyo unali m’boma momwemo ndiye ufuna kutiwuza kuti umafuna kuthana ndi katangale wochitika mu ulamuliro wako kusiya K577 billion yomwe inali yoyambilira my ulamuliri wa Bingu?
    Udzikawawuza azibale ako Ku Malosako ndi azilamwako Ku nkhata.
    Komano basi a Richard Banda Ali khuma kuyang’anira kunjira kuli zii.

  70. Mashamase says:

    Nanu muzanene kuti mukudwala ngat muluzi



  72. San says:

    This story is becoming rather tedious to say the least. We expend too much energy wrangling with former presidents instead of focusing on what’s important; the future and developing our nation.

  73. njolomachipilingu says:

    Shah you are or number one you are stupid useless and insensetive.Amako ali Moyo kapena adafakale?Stupid

  74. stupid mbuzi ya munthu all what you want is create bad image for Malawi kuti Donnas should not resume their aid, after all you say you love your country.

  75. phodo says:

    Joice Banda is a problem here. Imagine she got her pension long time ago. But she is going round the world that she has not been paid her pension. You mean the sane government paid her long in advance.The what is she complaining about. This woman wants to come back in 2019 after DPP is out of government. Ndi mfwiti mayiyu eti. She is complaining because of only ndalama ya pa 14 basi. Useless. Bwera udzanjatidwe kuno. The arm of Malawi Law is long enough to catch you anywhere when you come back to Malawi.

  76. lackison says:

    Accordingly to the explanation, she is not really safe based on previous incident, koma ndalama munaba nawo mayi tisanamizanepo apa

  77. The Analyst says:

    So after you tell us the govt is lying by saying you were given your salary or whatever or didn’t find you a house, then what will you have us do? Cry? Or sympathize with you? You? My foot . . . should be spared!!
    Kodi who is telling this lady that she is news in Malawi?; coz that the impression that we are getting! Its like everybody in Malawi is talking about JB, JB, JB yet nobody does! Its only when she speaks to Jappi, that we wonder she still exists. She thinks Malawians are looking forward to seeing her yet its her who looks forward to coming here someday, only that she is not sure. Coz of reasons best known to herself n some of us.
    Mphini yobwereza imawala: Andy (JB’s speaker or microphone or transmitter or transformer or microwave); may you please tell JB that we Malawians are fed up hearing JB’s security-insecurity-coming-home-not-coming issues.
    . . . Tell her that the govt is also tired of responding to her. And we have already advised Jappi to redeem himself from the fool that JB thinks he is and stop responding to her.
    . . . Most importantly tell her she is wasting our time coz we seriously have a lot of more important issues to discuss or listen to than JB, this n JB that.
    . . Tell her that if she has time, ife we don’t. And we are sorry!

  78. Talibo says:

    Satana Wa Mkulu Wa Pa Malawi Pano, Moti Mulungu Wafuna Kuti Uonekere Zinchito Zako Za Mudima Umachita Zija.

    Ndipo Zuzaupezanso Mtendere Wa Mutima Mai Oipa Iwe.

  79. flyton Manda says:

    Oh we r sick and tired hearing about this absentee mother of cashgate! Please come home and face charges you maternal larcenist!!! Congenital pick pocket of govt resources. Why didnt u build a house with gratuity monies!! Useless infidel! We need a revolution in Malawi!

  80. Mangulenje says:

    Zoonadi asakunyengeleleni kuti mubwere CHITETEZO CHANU NAGTI CHIRI CHOPELEWERA.
    Issa Njauju tikumulirabe mpaka pano koma palibe yankho lenleni pakufufuza kwawo.

  81. matombodya says:

    Joyce stop the talking come home and face the challenge

  82. Shoram says:

    Koma akuluakulu ma title mukupatsanawatu musakayambitse mopungwepungwe kuchanya. Wina atampeza Prophet Elijah ndi Elishah nkumati major prophettu ndi ine! KKKKKKKKKKKKK

  83. Mlomwe says:

    Mayi dziko lanu iri. Mukuopa ndani, kwathu kuno predessor sakhala ndi mlandu

  84. Shah says:

    Anthuni musamatikumbutse za mai uyu. Funso ndiloti kodi atauyamba wosabwelera, will her remains be repatriated to Nyasaland?

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