Joyce Banda left us in suspense – PP’s Mzomera

People’s Party (PP) provincial governor for the north Rev Christsopher Mzomera Ngwira is sticking to his guns that former State and party vice-president Khumbo Kachali is the party’s interim leader , saying the party is lacking leadership in the absence of party president Joyce Banda who is currently abroad.

Ngwira:  We approve the budget so the DPP should  keep stealing

Ngwira: PP lost the plot

Banda has been outside Malawi for close to a year now since she left State House after the May 2014 elections.

Mzomera has justified his declarations to make Kachali the interim leader of PP.

“When Joyce Banda went away she left us in suspense; we didn’t know which direction to take as a party,” said Mzomera in an interview published by Weekend Nation.

He said PP were told that Banda had gone to attend a few functions on her departure from Malawi and they didn’t expect her to stay away for so long.

“Now, the type of leadership she left behind was a bit tricky in the sense that all the regional vice-presidents were at par in terms of power and authority. This caused some kind of a power struggle such that we were even failing to hold rallies. It proved too difficult for one vice-president to conduct a rally in another region. Meanwhile, I saw that the only missing link was Kachali because he has all the attributes of a leader,” said Mzomera.

He said Kachali is strategic to “ably take over the mantle of leadership because he and Banda started this party together.”

Mzomera touts Kachali as person to strengthen and revamp PP.

“ We want to bring back sanity to the PP so that when Banda returns she should find a strong party because as it is, she can’t even dare to come to Malawi with the party in tatters,” said Mzomera.

He claimed PP recently convened an National Governing Council meeting in Lilongwe they discussed the issue of an interim leader to run the party, saying the discussions were “unsuccessful” as they could not agree.

PP secretary general Ibrahim Matola said Kachali has been welcomed back as a vice president not as a replacement to Joyce Banda.

Kachali himself has also said he is not the leader as Banda remains PP president.

The former vice president endorsed President Peter Mutharika during the 2014 general elections when Banda dumped him for Sosten Gwengwe – who has also resigned from PP to rejoin Malawi Congress Party.

According to Mzomera, the support Kachali gave to Mutharika was “out of anger and frustration” following his being left out as presidential running-mate.

He said by leaving out Kachali, PP “ lost the plot”.

Mzomera said he went to meet Banda abroad and told her in the face that the only way to revive PP is “to bring back Kachali and Sidik Mia”, saying the two are “ pillars of the party”.

Mia has said he is currently farming and out of front line politics.

Asked if the PP constitution give provincial governors the mandate to announce or unveil a party leader, Mzomera said: “I am a leader of the people. If someone can appoint party leaders from outside the country by remote control, what do you expect from someone like me who lives with the people? My ears are always on the ground and I listen to what they say and I believe what I did is in their best interests.”

Mzomera also dismissed assertions that he is a confusionist.

“ Let those who claim that I am sowing seeds of confusion tell me the exact date Banda will return. I can’t be bought by anyone because I eat my own money. The problem in most parties is that leaders don’t like telling their people the truth when things go wrong.

“ Let Banda tell us when she is coming because we can’t allow her to run PP with a remote control while seated on a chair somewhere. I don’t have any personal grudges with her, but it’s her style of leadership that I am uncomfortable with,” he said.

According to PP secretary general, the party’s constitution stipulates that the president shall hold office for a period of five years.

Joyce Banda’s mandate runs up to 2017 when her position shall be up for grabs, Matola explained.

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49 thoughts on “Joyce Banda left us in suspense – PP’s Mzomera”

  1. Joyce Hildah Banda says:

    Which University Muzomera went to apart from Katoto Sec. School? Why Malawi political parties are led by semi-literate people.

  2. Malawi needs Atupele

  3. the move iS just ok.but kachali isn’t a good option.By the way gentlemen,where is this ABITI MAKIYI? why is she exiling herself? Did she go together with her husband? I certainly saw her last night with Jacob zuma in soweto.

  4. choka phiri says:

    Malawi really does not need DDP or PP. What Malawi need is new clean fresh party in order to survive. Malawian wake up and see that Malawi is backwards despite two edicated brothers. When are u going to wake? I dont know what kind of people u are. a Zambia married to Malawian, I feel reslly pity for my wife. She loves her nation and wish Malawi was like Zambia. Your leaders are just thieves. Why giving a beautiful nation to brothers wo has no desire and dream. APM did not hide that when he wins he will continue where his brother stops. And where did his brother stops? Blackouts, bad economy, making himself and his family rich. APM Took back his inlaw Callista and many Lhomwes.

  5. Sandiwelo Kaliyati says:

    Chenji Golo ndiye mwiniwache. Apo bii, chipani chatha. Abiti ali mliyenda kudya ma hamburger.

  6. Boven banda says:

    Khumbo is the right replacement if there is need for someone to run PP

  7. Hawa says:

    For a sake of a party Mzomera couldn’t make a decisions without consulting other members in such party. It is exactly mean Mzomera want his Kachali as tribemate to be the leader. He thinks he could a president through such scrupulous way.

    The PP party is dormant how can somebody struggling for leadership. Beside Joyce Banda doesn’t want to be ruled by cashgaters like Muthalika. As a matter fact Kachali is childish can’t lead anything even his own family, in short he is weak. Atumbuka mwangokhala adzeru koma sumuzatilamula kumalawi kuno. Ndipo dzeru zake zomachezera kuwerenga osati being genius. Zomwezi paka sticking to his guns…chako chani?

  8. kazeze says:

    Who would be a better leader between Mussa change golo and Kachali? Abiti mai Bandanso naonso nzeru ndizoperewera, chipani chatha ichi.

  9. not myname says:

    Maiwa kukhala kunja kwa nthawi yaitali sikuti chipani chatha ai chilipo ndipo maudindo ena alipo amene angathe kuyang’na zochitika m chipani.Ma Provincial Chair mbali yawo ndikuyang’nira madera kulimbikitsa grassroot level pamene pamakhala anthu ambiri kuposa kuntunda. A Ngwira dandaulo lanu ndi lomveka koma mukadanena mawu owuunikila anthu kuti maganizo anu akuti bwana awa ndi amene akadayenela kutiyembekezela pa udindo otiwu.Kusiyana ndikugamula pa inu nokha padera kuyiwala akulu anu kusokoneza kumeneko, kodi District Govern,angalengeze udindo Wa Region asanatumidwe?Polankhula muziyang’ana kutengela udindo omwe muli.Kodi mutapatsidwa umembala wa ku NEC ndiye mutha kuchita zinthu kuposa waudindo ku NECko.Pepesani kwa anzanu kuti muoneke anzeru zonzama ,,

  10. Christian life says:

    Kodi muzisankha matofotofo okha okha you are not taking a lesson that people counted in tones are no better than those counted in numbers like Prof Ken Msonda. If you PP folks had Three or four Msondas you could have a strong party but alas! The trush is more than the seed to count, the best is just to stop counting or else you be all dust. Mama was all abroad when she was state president and now she has not obliged to return. Let her enjoy pock sausages she always admired when you kept pocking your fingers on her nose kuti matako akana pansi. She could book another plane while in transit.

  11. felixgama says:

    Chipani cha pp chinatha chifukwa joice banda ndiwosalimba mtima ndiwamatha

  12. peter mshali ku salima says:

    pliz JB just tel ur party members that u r not the president and money to run the party ulibe,since lutepo has bin arrested,CASHGATE

  13. Atupere Muluzi says:

    Why listening to this big mouth of mmzora pple? This ignorant guy is the one making malawians to think that northerners are tribalistic. U can’t imagine this guy is doing this bcoz he thinks after federal government khumbo will be a hero of North & him will be the second in comand over northerners, very foolish thought. He is imposing khumbo bcoz he thinks all of us from North are for pp what a stupid thought. I am luwinga singini myself but i can’t support this nosense from ignorant mzomera & khumbo. We have wise pple in North & notthis mzomera thing who stole money from his work place when he was an accountant. Went outside & later cheated donors that he is helping the needy. When they gave him the money he used it to compain for his seat in parliament. The guy is full of scandals. We have realized now in North that we always support losers & bcoz of not cooperating with our friends in central & south,we ecceralates in choosing incopitent pple like Peter on leadership. We will 2019 support a wining matured party. How can u alone impose this ignorant unstable fellow who once damped pp to be a leader? Who told u, you controlled norther region?

  14. Kuvota Kwanu prevails says:

    Ndi deal yotsiira chipani cha PP kupita ku AFORD chifukwa mpoto ikulingalira kuzutsanso chipani chawo cha AFORD chimene chidabweretsa multiparty mdziko muno . Mpoto siikufunanso chipani china koma Aford basi. mmodzi mwa anthu awa ndi Humphres Mvula, Green Mwamondye, Frank Mwenefumbo , Lovenes Gondwe , Bofomo, Raph Mhone, Raph Kasambala1

  15. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Oohhhooo!! Akuti kutha ngati kamisolo kkkk, kaya ndiye kuti chani?

  16. Domasi says:

    The only person Joyce Banda listens to is Joyce Banda

  17. anadimba says:

    chenji goal sangakhale president wachipani.amatha kuyankhula.koma zimakhala zopanda nzeru.amapupuluma kwabasi.mzake ndi mzomera yemweyo.anthu opanda mzeru.

  18. Kodza Umuna says:

    Mzomera Ngwira is talking sense. Chipani cha PP chatha ngati kamisolo! By the way, the bonafide President of PP is Chenji Golo

  19. GANYAVU says:

    Kkkkkkk Mzomela ngati khumbo akukutuma akupweteketsa khala duiuuuuu your STL young

  20. Truck says:

    Chipani Chimathadi ngati Makatani eh!

  21. Koma Mzimerayi love him or hate him akunena zowona.palibe chanzeru apa. Mayi azithawa ndale.

  22. Patriot says:

    Wadya Zomera uyu, zamusokoneza ubongo.
    Koma atumbuka enawa mxi

  23. truth says:

    For once ndigwirizane ndi mtumbuka…. he is talking sense

  24. gambato dambisa says:

    Ife nkhani za PP zinatikwana.Chipani ichi chinatha ngati makatani.The proprietor has bolted to exile.So what do u expect from it?

  25. Kwataine says:

    just checked in my dictionary. Mzomeea Ngwira = C☆nfusi☆n. Confusionist!!!

  26. guta says:

    Mbofyo! mbofyo! nama mapwevupwevu. Useless lady

  27. Laston majola says:

    What a provincial chair.

  28. Hon Uladi Change Goal Mussa, Why you are so quite like that? Mwaonatu nokha apa kuti inu ndinu MADEYA, Kodi vuto ndichiani kuti inu mutsogolele chipani pomwe Abiti Mtila anathawa? Pajatu munali ndichipani chanu cha Malavi Peoples Party, Lero kukatenga Khumbo Kachali inu muli potelopo, Ganizani bwino Mufti, Khomotu ku MCP lidakali lotsekula muchedwanazo izi, Takamuthandizani Mchemwali wanu Jessie Kabwira ku Salima, Kapenatu munachita kuchekera kuti anzanu adzikugwiritsani ntchito ngati KONDOMU, Mai Margret Chiponda, takavinilani Obaba Ochakera inu tele mulu chedwa zedi, Obiti Mtila odathawa! Wakutsina khutu ndi Mnasi.

  29. cypress says:

    A flock without a shepherd. The blind leading the blind.

  30. Muhilima says:

    Nzomvetsa chisoni azibambo akuluakulu ngati inu mpaka kumaputsitsidwa ndi mzimayi wakuthawirani sazabweranso ganizani bwino

  31. vendort says:

    Mzomera is very right. The party will finish

  32. Chizeleza Ngwira says:

    Start your own party and shut up

  33. Mzomera Chiheni says:

    Bark louder!…wadya zowindaaa!

  34. mixed reaction says:

    No wonder, tumbukas

  35. Lhwomwe Belt says:

    Mzomera Ngwira wadya za Dpp iweee JB akuuze kuti abwera liti iwe ngati ndani?…you are full of bullshit!…an arrogant idiot and a rabied hyena!…paja you were abusing a pp vehicle for Matola which JB withdrew from you hence your anger

  36. Katakwe Prudence says:

    Mzomera you are a big fool. Bingu tried to fight JB he died a miserable death. So who are you? Your days are numbered.

  37. Zondiwe says:

    Instead of talking to the press, Hon Mzomera should convince his members within the party. They should then hold a convention and follow all the stipulations of their constitution.
    Democracy is not easy as it depends on dealing with majorities and not minorities.
    Whether Mzomera has good intentions or not, it is unconstitutional for him and some people from the North to call Hon Khumbo Kachali and declare him an interim leader. Leaders are voted for by a properly constituted convention. Mzomera cannot run away from this process. Hon Kachali also knows this point.
    What Mzomera and his friends in the North are doing is bringing shame to the Northern Region as a whole, regardless of the fact that not all Northerners belong to PP.
    Please Hon Mzomera, Hon Kachali and your followers, stop being clowns and follow your own constitution . You will gather peoples’ trust in the whole country that way. Avoid doing things like the MCP under Kamuzu Banda did. The country has now moved on from those days of death and darkness. Be sensible with yourselves.

  38. Tili Chenene says:

    Too much wine is dangerous. Some you who might have ready my posting five years ago would agree that Christopher is not a person someone may trust. Ask members of Apostolic Church of Great Britain they will tell you how he plundered the grouping. Those who were at Rumphi Secondary School from 1993-1996 when he was living with his brother.

    PP rest in peace

  39. Manjeretsa says:

    Pothawa Sasazika Ndipo Iwe Mzomara Mgwira Osazayerekeza Kutero…

  40. 2019 voter says:

    Forget about Joyce Banda in her self imposed exile

  41. MBEWE wa PP says:

    Koma Mzomera ndi akatundu, all the truth he has stated here is just true without subtraction or addition!Bravvo Mzomera with ur courageous, kuimilira anthu kuzitere stand on truth zan maboza ngati ku DPP!I salute mzomera, if like him bwenzi PP is strong even to beat or parties @ the election.

  42. Analisti wamkulu says:

    Palibe chimene chikuchitika apa.This is just a total waste of time to Malawians.Why can’t you get your loyal boy Ken Msonda as a president?A pp musatitopetse ndi abiti Mtila wanuyo ali Ku exile.Pp kwalero?Pano zipani Malawi zilipo ziwiri zokha Dpp ndi MCP the rest is trash.

  43. chefourpence says:

    that’s the price you pay

  44. maritchara says:

    Kodi akuthawa chani? PP is not her personal estate,its better to allow others lead the party rather than leading by remote control

  45. drogba says:

    Ngwira is right. These are tears of desperate children. Children who are scattered like sheep without a shepherd. The best Joyce Banda could have done is to resign from the party and quit politics for good. For how long can her followers wait while she is outside Malawi, still nursing the shock from her election humiliating defeat last year?? Inu olo kulirako JB mpaka one year?? Kunyanyala is a sign of shear immaturity. Honestly, this lady JB isn’t “sophisticated enough” to be a party president let alone to be in politics. I agree with Ngwira that it may not be soon until she returns to Malawi. Ladies and gentlemen, I declare today that PP is officially finished

  46. simba says:

    Kodi akuthawa chani amayiwa? It seems to me she is running from something.

  47. Chekambewa says:

    Tiye nawoni muziwona ndi abiti mtila KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

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