Joyce Banda pays tribute to ‘patriotic’ Malawian and idealistic politician’ Nyondo

Malawi former president Joyce Banda has paid tribute to National Salvation Front (Nasaf) president James Nyondo who diedat the age of 47, Friday night at Steve Biko Hospital in South Africa.

Nyondo: NASAF president  hailed as patriotic Malawian politician

Nyondo: NASAF president hailed as patriotic Malawian politician

Nyondo, who is survived by a wife and three children, led Nasaf in the 2014 tripartite elections.

Banda said she learnt with “deep shock and sadness” the death of Nyondo.

“Before he died, I interacted with the late Nyondo on several occasions. I found him to be a young, selfless, idealistic and highly intelligent politician.,” said Banda in her tribute statement made available to Nyasa Times.

“For example, when the late Nyondo suspected that there were discrepancies in the course of the 2014tripartite elections, he sought audience with me as Head of State to request me to intervene. When he came to see me at Kamuzu Palace, president James Nyondo’s desire was that whoever became Head of State at any given time must be the ‘real’ choice of the people of Malawi.

“Besides the elections issue, the late Nyondo and I regularly met at State House to discuss matters of national interest, owing to my ‘open-door’ policy that time,” stated Banda.

She described Nyondo as a patriotic Malawian.

“In whatever he said and did as a politician or as an individual, the late President Nyondo always put Malawi and Malawians first. The nation has lost a dedicated and patriotic son whose gap shall be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to fill,” stated Banda.

President Peter Mutharika also issued a statement to pay tribute to Nyondo .

Mutharika, through his press secretary said Nyondo was “one of the finest Malawi politicians who loved his country and the people of Malawi.”

He aid Nyondo demonstrated “courage and patriotism” during the two times he stood for Presidency in 2009 and in the last 2014 elections and that Malawi shall never find a replacement of a hardworking, dedicated, obedient, peace loving and an intelligent person.

United Democratic Front (UDF) spokesperson Ken Ndanga described Nyondo as a budding politician who was trying to bring a new style of leadership on the political landscape.

People’s Transformation Party (Petra) president, Kamuzu Chibambo—another presidential candidate who shared the stage with Nyondo during the first-ever presidential debates—said he was saddened to learn about the demise of his colleague.

Mark Katsonga Phiri, also a presidential candidate in the 2014 polls on the People’s Progressive Movement (PPM) ticket, said he received the news with shock. He extended condolences to Nasaf, Nyondo’s family and all Malawians for losing a man he described as brilliant and dynamic.

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36 thoughts on “Joyce Banda pays tribute to ‘patriotic’ Malawian and idealistic politician’ Nyondo”

  1. singogo says:


  2. Kondwani says:

    Rest in Peace..
    God comfort Malawi.

  3. Katakwe mundale says:

    Ofcourse he was ur bro bt here ppls concern z abt z loss to z nation.u can care dem silently without publicizing coz surely no 1 wants to hear abt yo relationshp here.u want t show off! U must b unreliable + uncivilized.z wakwithu sindrome.ukukhumba kuwalyela chuma wana iwe, Uncle???

  4. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Comment by kizito is out of order senseless careless thoughtless and too personal against JB there is nothing wrong here for her to express5 her feelings on nyondo who has been regarded by many as a great man lets comment wisely

    1. Katakwe mundale says:

      Sorry LD Chatsika, its u failing to complehend what Kizito z seeing in z Message of JB.Personally idont know Kzt but bt i can spot z difference in IQ btw U & Kzt. If u’v never been to Unversity im sorry 4 ya coz thas where we learn such analysis. bt its not late if u r not old bt otherwz am disappointed with z mediocre n yo thinking. THUMBS UP KIZITO

  5. Richard. Banda says:

    where this mafia.Mama may God judge u.tidakaliLab cashgate tadziptseni ulemu mumwelele kaye.please we beg ure silence madam.

  6. nkhata bay says:

    Where is Joyce Banda?

  7. Shadreck Nyondo says:

    james nyondo was my brother, my father, my friend. i am who i am today bcoz of him. I promise brother to always be there for your kids as a good uncle.
    Rest in peace Mbowe

  8. Lost Soldier says:

    Autse mumtendere

  9. thinktankmalawi says:

    So he one of the people who was sneaking out to tell Jb to cling to power and nullify elections…shaaaaa…..I thought it was only Mcp prez…

  10. Wadinkhula Wa Yiwona says:

    He was a role model politician for our generation. Gone to soon. MHSRIP.

  11. Zachisoni Phiri says:

    May his soul rest in peace the strong Nyondo who did not run away from first ever debate during tripartite elections which we witnessed Joyce Banda running away while she was a leader on the driving seat. Oops.

  12. ochewa says:

    RIP nyondo we loved you and God loved u more!

  13. mtumbuka1 says:

    I’m deeply saddened by the passing of this brilliant soul of the north. He was humble and intelligent a true patriot indeed.Malawi needs a young dynamic mind to steer this country full of crooks and brutes into prosperity and not the bunch of recycled politicians we call our leaders. Rest in peace young man and join the crop of great sons of Africa the likes of Nelson Mandela, Julius k. Nyerere, chakufwa chihana, kanyama chiume, dunduzu chisiza,Levi z. Mumba, Aleke Banda,ndabaninge sithole,j. Nkomo,kamuzu Banda,Kwame Nkrumah and all Great sons of this land. Your legacies will live forever, thank you and will thank you again.

  14. memory chanza says:

    I was once told that most of the times people who talk of tribelism are the worse than those who don’t….in all fairness those who many are supposed to be given based on their numbers while protecting the minority to minimise conflict…if not handled well the majority can cause trouble that can be difficult to repair

  15. JB Original says:

    Amayi muperekeze nawo malirowo akamabwera kuno. Paja mumaziwa nkhani zophika pa maliro monga munachitira a Mandela aja.

  16. Analyst says:

    From this death I come to learn that Malawians deep down their hearts do know what is good for them but they deliberately choose to ignore it and opt for madeya and mapwevupwevu instead. Basing on the comments, it is clear that many of us had high respect for Nyondo but very few showed this by giving a vote to at least encourage him. Indeed chitsime chimadziwika kuti ndi chakuya chikaphwa. Let’s learn to love and appreciate other people’s efforts when they are alive and not when they are gone. You were a great man Nyondo. You fought a good fight. RIP

  17. Mussa says:

    Rest in peace

  18. Dr K.K. says:

    Rest in peace Nyondo.

  19. I remember Nyondo as someone who strongly questioned the wisdom of joice banda in her kabaza motorcyls programe when agriculture field officers did not have even a bicycle. Joice’s priorities were simply upsidedown.

  20. uyuni says:

    My condolences

  21. bozwell makaranga says:

    I have pasted below what Nyondo had written a few months after the last heated national elections. It is justifiable that Malawians of goodwill pay this man the respect he truly deserves.

  22. Wat abg loss to northerners,we had Mnyenyembe, Chihana nw ts Nyondo……. May hs soo RIP

  23. Mwana Mai says:

    It is unfortunate that this man is no more. In him a lot of people have lost out, not only his family members and friends. The first time I encountered Mr. Nyondo was when he had an interview with VOA. From that interview I saw an upright person in him who only needed nurturing. But as usual all of us are heading the same way, the only thing we can do is to extend our commiserations to those affected. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

  24. Mwenelondo says:

    RIP Nyondo. Thank you JB and ALL

  25. Mtochi says:


  26. jokujoku says:

    Even the President of NATIONAL PEOPLE’S PARTY,Mr Muhajri Mbewe has learnt with sorrowness. He was indeed a patriotic man as he first urged on principles of regime with Bingu wa Muthalika. He had good manifestation to abolish khasu farming to tractor/ machinery farming. May his soul rest in peace

  27. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    May his soul rest in etenal peace he was a great man

  28. vyakuchitika says:

    Surprising. We could not say all this while Nyondo was alive. Shame on us. May HSRP.

  29. Kadakwiza says:

    Very sad indeedn May His Soul Rest In Peace

  30. achimwene says:

    RIP James Nyondo. You indeed loved your country. Whilst many of us could had wanted government to pay our medical bills, you independently managed to do so shaming the greedy rich. As a giant, your deeds shall still fight the good cause for the mother Malawi

  31. malawi patriot says:

    I, Prof Chisi the president of Umodzi Party, I am saddened by the passing away of President Nyondo. We worked together in several fora and we were very close in our political views. I and the whole of Umodzi Party will greatly miss President Nyondo. He taught me a lot and I will miss his wisdom. Malawi has lost a dedicated selfless and committed citizen to the cause of our national building and pride. May the good lord look after him in his kingdom until we meet again in god’s glory.

  32. Kizito Linyamula says:

    Joyce Banda should learn to tame her publicity drive. Here we are talking of a departed fellow esteemed citizen. It is not time to use his death to brag about ‘open door policy’ during your time as president. uoi dont have to use his name and lie about late Nyondo coming to you to question the arnomallies in the electoral process. Every one knows late nyondo practiced civilized politics and was so mature enough to accept that there can only be one winner in any election and that is on record. Besides that time you were hysterical it is doubtiful if you had time to meet any sensible people except MADEYA in your party. So madam JB stop the chuff and lets just mourn our departed brother ndale kapena CV polishing muzapanga nthawi ina.

  33. Kajirirwe says:

    Tinanena kale kuti ku Malawi sikomabwera munthu udakali mwana. Taonani tsono taluzatu mnyamata apa. Ine kumeneko ndidzabwera mano atatha mkamwa ngati amuna ake a Ben Phiri.

    Mwationengera Dziko inu anthu a UDF ndi a DPP. RIP Nyondo.

  34. John says:

    We have to learn from this that all presidential candidates should reveal their healthy status during campaign. RIP James.

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