Joyce Banda welcomes Lutepo jail sentence: ‘Proud’ of Malawi cashgate crackdown

Malawi’s former president Joyce Banda has welcomed the 11 years jail term handed to her People’s Party (PP) former senior official Oswald Lutepo to for his role in the “Cashgate” corruption scandal that led to a cut in foreign aid to the impoverished country.

Joyce Banda (centre) at the Businesswoman of the Year gala

Joyce Banda (centre) at the Businesswoman of the Year gala

Speaking at the Businesswoman of the Year Award Gala Dinner in South Africa,  insists that she has no regrets over her handling of the Cashgate affair in which civil servants, businessmen and politicians were put on trial accused of exploiting a loophole in the government’s payment system to divert millions into their own pockets.

Lutepo was the chief suspect in the fraud, which was the biggest financial scandal in Malawi’s history. Through the media, he has been accusing Banda of using him in the plunder.

But Banda has vehemently denied such accusations, saying its smear campaign as he has never implicated her inside court.

“Lutepo knows in his heart of hearts that I had nothing to do with the plunder of public resources. To make matters worse, Lutepo is on record as having said he was under political pressure to implicate me. He has since changed his statement a number of times, I’m not sure if anyone is still able to follow him,” said Banda through her personal spokesperson, Andekuche Chanthunya, on Friday in reaction to Lutepo claims.

She said it was her personal commitment and her government’s efforts to fighting corruption that led to the arrest of almost all Cashgate suspects currently in court.

And in her keynote address to Business Woman of the Year Gala, Banda who said she is returning home soon, commended Lutepo’s lengthy sentence and added that more work needs to be done to rid Malawi of corruption.

“As has been seen it is hard to fight corruption.  In the end it is hard to know if you are a victor or a victim,” said Banda.

Banda said that even in the midst of the abuse and smear campaign against her , it is a known fact that Cashgate started in 2005.

She said she asked the British government to fund a forensic audit, made publicly available online, that revealed 13bn kwacha was stolen in three months during her administration.

Banda also launched an investigation into Bingu’s last three years as president that uncovered the theft of a staggering K92 billion.

“The tragedy is the former president was alerted, just like I was, and didn’t take action,” she said. “That is the difference. Therefore, I shall always be proud of what I’ve done.”

Banda shall go down in history as the only leader that conducted a forensic audit in government during her time in office.

She said this kind of courage is always evident in women leaders who are prepared to lose all for the sake of justice to the people they serve contrasting with the challenges the current investigation into the K577billion into the Mutharika administration is facing.

A senior official in the Anti Corurption Bureau (AC) Isaa Njaunju was recently murdered in the midst of the investigation.

One wonders if this investigation shall ever be concluded and yet when a woman was in office this whole process went smoothly and the culprits were arrested, tried and convicted, she noted.

The cashgate scandal, which originated in 2005, prompted foreign donors — who provide around 40 percent of Malawi’s budget — to pull the plug on aid worth around $150 million, which made up 40% of the national budget.

Banda said the donors have been very clear: “We will come back but conduct a forensic audit into the K92bn, we want to know who stole this money.’ At the end of the day it is not the donors that have to be blamed. It is us as Malawians: we are not listening to what the donors want us to do. It is my opinion that that should happen, that the forensic audit should be conducted into the K92bn so we know where that money went.”

The former president said she was warned that a crusade against corruption would ruffle feathers and make enemies, but she was determined to stay the course.

“You’re fighting strong people and they’ll fight you back, but I was fortunate in the sense that I decided that State House is not the last place I can be. There’s life beyond State House and therefore I will do it regardless because Malawians are the ones that must come first, and that’s what I did.”

Meanwhile, her People’s Party (PP) has claimed the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government is coercing people to implicate the former president in Cashgate.

“The DPP-led government is spending sleepless nights hunting for people; threatening hem to implicate our president, but the scheme has failed and will fail because truth shall always overcome evil,” said Ken Msonda, PP publicity secretary.

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59 thoughts on “Joyce Banda welcomes Lutepo jail sentence: ‘Proud’ of Malawi cashgate crackdown”

  1. enoch samuel says:

    All these people are not faithful & they just westing our time to read & listen their stories. You publishers,please write stories of prayers not these issues of cash gates. They know the truth but they dont want to come out to rescue Malawians. Instead,millions of money are still going but our court are failing to speed up to finish these casses. I’m a concern citizen,dear God,come & destroy Malawi like you did with sodom & gomora.

  2. ndine says:

    Mmene akuvuvutikira amalawimuja ndikumabela anthu inu ndiagalu ndithu

  3. Last Witness says:

    Hellow! he-lo! Is that SA will U put me through to Madam President JB [depose)? Oh right! I want to inform U madam that the courts & the ACB in your mother land are trying hard to conclude Cashgate cases. However, the people who you once led hear that there a number of key Cashgates memtion your name. As for me that’s not good. Please come to challenge through legal means to prove that you are indeed inocent. Otherwise Malawians will take mouse or remote controlled utterances seriously.Just come home!

  4. Wamuliyenda says:

    Uyu ndi mayi amachemelera kulandira magalimoto 22 kuchokera kwa Lutepo ndipo amati ukamalandira zakuba ndiye sikuti unaba nawo.How gullible are we Malawians to be hoodwinked by these cheap politicians like the Joyce’s and the Muluzi.Muluzi has been feigning about the cooked disc problem and yet he is jumping at a very trip given these days without having back problems from long distance of travelling..And you think u will end corruption by shielding these useless politicians?Why was Muluzi immune to prosecution for the 1.7 billion case?That useless selective justice will not take Malawi anywhere.Kaya zanuzo izo keep enriching yourselves on expense of those sleepy docile Malawians who thinks politicians are gods to be worshipped.Ife ndichifukwa enafe tinatuluka muka dziko kauchitsiru kopembedza ma politicians.


    awone mbonawona,nanga amathawiranji ngati amaziwa kuti sanalakwise?

  6. Palibe chikamba apa takumana tokha-tokha adyera amalawi tizafa aphawi basi.

  7. wales banda says:

    Malawi wasopano, chonci u expect ma company kubwera ku mw frm overseas, shame, azingobwera ma burundi omwewo

  8. Tamva kukana kwanu koma ndalama zochuluka chonchi kutuluka kumpatsa Lutepo inu a President osadziwa zosamveka.Bwerani mudzalankhulire kuno mwina tidzamvetsetsa mai wanga.

  9. Snipper from Ntcheu says:

    its all vanity …..

  10. Nkombokombo says:

    We are a poor nation that really needs someone brave enough to rescue us the this ugly situation are in today. People will easily get convinced with these petty cheer campaign gimmicks. If call our country democracy then we trully are misusing the true meaning of democracy. Everyone yes, has his/her rights, but they should have limits. Most of the comments put forward herein are a parallel of democracy. We must not ever give leading comments on the issues which are in courts. If we believe we have evidence let’s come forward and present them to the courts. There is no way you can see a chicken before you can see an egg and the opposite is equally true. So we must careful with our comments.

  11. emmanuel says:

    Amayi sadalakwe kungoti amalawi tili ngati ana ndikufuseni kodi nkhani yosolola munayamba liti kuinva ndipo atsogoleri anthawi imeneyo amachitapo chiyani kupatula amayi.

  12. Kingman says:

    You said cash gate started in 2005 wat action was taken? Y didn’t you alert the ppo? You took over the government nothing was done yet You are such a liar

  13. Poor Peoples Voice says:

    Akuyankhula dala uyo wokuba wamkulu ndi iye amene. Akufuna kusokoneza anthu mitu kuti tizikangana tokha iye Ali pheee. Finye uyo. Chozidziwa dziwa icho nkhuto wakalulu. Hure ameneyu ukuyetsa ndife ana eti. Chita manyazi unagwa pa mpando and ngakhale DPP ili yoyipa koma iweyo ndi PP iwalani kuzalamulira Malawi. Ukumuthawa mamuna wako wodwala stroke Yi ukuyesa ukupanga chani. Bwerani kuno wamva. Ngakhale mwana akudziwa kuti unathawa kumakhala kunja chomwe ukuchita kumenekp chosadziwika. Za uhure basi

  14. city shooter says:

    Amayi musabwere mungazaone za Anjaunju kuno. Mwaiwala DPP mafiaz?

  15. ras says:

    Tonse tikudziwa kuti cash gate inaululika chifukwa chakuomberedwa kwa bwana mphiyo, nobody took action, nanga action ikunenedwa apayi ndiye iti osachita manyazi koma aaah. Is it because people talk without thinking what people will think. Please we are human beings we reason

  16. ras says:

    As a country Malawi will not develop because of its people. How can someone suggests that it’s witch hunting by persecuting these thieves. My Malawi full with dull people indeed

  17. Bob says:

    Bwerako kumeneko uzayankhe zomwe ukuti sudapange nawo. Also tell us the one you said shot Mphwiyo. Dont be full of rubbish talk while outside the country.

  18. Foster Liphale says:

    Tilipo kumvera wachilungamo sadziwika palati pa anthu a ndalenu.

  19. Last Witness says:

    BaChizeleza Ngwira nimbembe yayi! Ine nikaboni waumaliro [I’m The Last Witness] Malawians know there were certain good things JB did. For instance, I’ve always wondered which button JB pressed at /in ESCOM during her time that Malawians xperienced “Power All Day; Every Day; that current leaders fail to press for the nation to enjoy a good lifestyle?
    But this virtue cannot be a measure for us to conclude that that te whole world that Malawi was better with JB. Am assumption or a guess? Is yous statement based on a formal surveys or the fact that our former mastes awarded JB honourary accolades [based on unilateral rapid democracy assessment-URDA]. The issue is about who is or was the best president. It is about JB. I as the Last Witness after all have said their part, including you Mr Chizeleza Ngwira assert that we better dwell on assessing why JB is busy commenting on Lutepo’s conviction while she is in hidding in South Africa. If she is clear, then let come home for the Law to exonerate her

  20. humphreys says:

    amayi ooooyeeeeee!!! Indeed this country was better in ur hands,coz now we r living as we don’t have aleader

  21. dumisani chideya says:

    Wat r really the exports of malawi apart from malawi gin lol, anyways dont u think that its about tym now to tell doners to just build up the country instead of giving funds which they know r gonna disappear . We all know u cantt really trust politians

  22. Dr Ben Phiri, Ph.D. ( Cypruss International ) says:

    Is Andekuche CHANTHUNYA related to Misozi CHANTHUNYA who murdered LINDA GASA from ZIMBABWE? MAI HER EXCELLENCY Dr. Joyce BANDA Ph.D., Ph.D.( 2 Honorary doctorates). Timamva kuti Misozi akubwera kuzayankha mulandu kuno kumudzi, kodi zili pati? Mu ulamuliro wanu nkhani Yi inati ziiii. Ndiye muziti tinamiza Ife za nkhani yi. Pano muli Ku sasa firika kukajudula milandu kuti mwana wa abale any zimuyendere. Musayese kuti Ife tinayiwalatu. Abwere kuno ameneyo. Maifa iwee eti. Wokuna ndi iwe Ife zimenezo tikudziwa. After just 6 months chipani chanu chinali cholemera ndalama munatenga kuti? Za nsete basi

  23. chawanangwa says:

    Most of you who are making comments on this article are hypocrites. There is no evidence linking JB to cashgate. That’s why DPP is trying very hard to blackmail those involved in cashgate to implicate JB. They have absolutely no evidence – nothing. Lutepo stole this money on his own and gave PP hoping to be shielded from facing the wrath of the law. JB is not running away from anything – they can charge you even if you are outside the country. Let DPP probe the K92 billion they stole. They cannot because it will reveal that the elite in the DPP were involved in plundering resources. Big Kakhuna was referred to as a Mr 10% in industrial circles because that’s how much he used to pocket from any new business. Donors are saying probe the K92 billion cashgate and we will release money. Peter Mutharika is not confident this will end well and could end his presidency. Mark my words – he will not probe this cashgate.

  24. choka phiri says:

    By saying CashGate started in 2005 its menas JB agrees that she has been a part and she knew but did nothing until it exrated to maffia. The she went out because she
    Could not hide anymore. Don forget she was in The government all those years. UDF,DPP,PP All The CashGate are former government employess and business froiendskap and familjen. This is why Malawi has been still under developed. Its ruled by same thieves. Bing stolen more of all president. Peter used The moneh for csmpagain. All are thieves. Evil People. Listen to donera. Why The want 92 billiga to be included.

  25. mbex shana says:

    Justice is always vibrant can you see Malawians the game is just midway let’s wait and see the credibility of our judicial system.Police has been trying tremendously to maintain peace and order ensuring Malawi’s safety but when such gangs visit court it is always as their exist door.The court hasn’t been cooperative with the police and ACB,this time around I can conjecture doom for the criminal networks.And this is the way for all arms of government should have been going collectively as one.I commend the judge for handling the cash gate case more professionally without fear and favor such that all other judicial officials will move in accord with his exemplary.Let’s all build Malawi of hope for the next generation do not rush for superiority and enjoyment more especially we youths under fifty to twenty five years every thing has its own time that’s why our parents used to give us soft foods when we were kids up to toddler stage when we could at least masticate strong staff foods today we are too english in terms of acquiring wealth so please guys stop it,its nasty watch out!!

  26. chimwerekumunda says:

    Amalawi tiphunzire kugwira ntchito molimbika kuti tipeze zofuna zathu mmalo mongofuna kulemera tisanagwire ntchito mapeto ake ndi izi tikuonazi akuona anzathu a cashgatewa. Kukhala kundende zaka 10 ndi imfa imene,ine ndinagonapo mu cell ya polisi atandigwira a vagab koma one night inali ngatitu ndatha one week!!!! Ndili ndichikhulupiliro kuti Oswald Lutepo akadziwanso kuti watheka basi.

  27. Denguzman says:

    Ngati nkhani ya cashgate Amalawi mukuyitsatira bwino, anyamatawa ankaba ndrama zaboma kuzera mu dzina la JB. Akagawana ndrama zakubazo popita kokamutsa ndrama JB ankakhala ngati ndramazo zikuchokera mumatumba mwawo and JB ankawona ngati anthuwa ankamufunira zabwino koma kunali kumuputsitsa JB. Koma nankhani ya cgate mwini film wamkulu cashgate ndiye ndi Paul Mphwiyo and ameneyu nde amene ankasokoneza kwambiri mitu azinzake amene ankaba nawo ndrama coz ankati akaba ankawanamiza azinzake kuti ndrama zambiri zikupita kwa JB koma ine am sure that JB is innocent kungoti nkhanizi zikumukhuza JB coz she over trusted Lutepo and Mphwiyo without knowing that these guyz ankaba ndrama zaboma giving her tima half toti aziyendetsera chipani ngati anthu abwino. Kodi kupanda kulimba mtima kwa JB kuti nkhaniyi ikhale poyera Amalawi tikanadziwa kuti muulamuliro wa Bingu munabedwanso ndrama zambiri? Sikuti Bingu ankatuma anyamatawa kuti aziba koma anyamatawa ankamupatsaso ndrama late president ngati ma gud samaritanz koma pano zikuoneka ngati boma la malemu Bingu ndilimene linkaba ndramazo and gulu limeneli silinathe muboma moti APM akaputsa nayenso alowa mu system ya cashgate. God bless Malawi.

  28. Tingopenya says:

    Zimbava nontchenene munamala m’bojim’boji ngati miti ya macheso.

  29. ALOSWEA says:

    Kkkk Amai Mukunena zoona inu ,mwanayu wafera zanu deep down your heart you know that you took part ,kkK Mulungu wanga taonani anthuwa ndamalama alinadzo ngati udzu waku thengo AMEN!!!!!

  30. Zanako says:

    Kodi mabus Ali Ku area 30 adawakana mayiwa Ali kuti bwanjii no one is saying anything .ma galimoto lutepo anaperekq ngati Mpatso Ku pp alipobe?

  31. dungulinya says:

    Mrs Joyce still fighting bingu ati at least she acted, missing the point take responsibility mai. Your boys stole under your watch, your campaign was a marvel and out of this Malawi, must have cost massively…… Cashgate at play… are forever tainted….. Mizimu ilankhula posachedwa

  32. Iam glad that atleast my upstairs is sharp that I can ably understand what this lady is saying.. Atleast these thieves have returned the portion they took during her era… I may wish to see the same in the 92billion plz….rather than murdering the innocent investigators & the burgly @ the royal house of the ambassodor…lol shame on u men..!!!

  33. Kanthu Ako!! says:

    I appreciate that Malawians are dull, but?

    How can people believe that someone like Kalonga can just wake up one day and decide from nowhere ” I will implicate Joyce Banda” It does not make sense.

    It is very rare that more than one person can from nowhere implicate the same innocent person, unless that person was present when the act was being perpetrated.

    There are so many people that we Malawians hate.

    We keep talking about CashGate started with Bingu, Lutepo was there during Bingu, has he mentioned anything about Bingu, who we all want to be the Cash Gate father? No. Is it because he likes Bingu, I doubt it. I believe it’s because Bingu never directly asked him to steal on his behalf, while Joyce Banda did.

    This is not to say Bingu was clean, he had his own people who will finger him, people he sent directly.

    The human being has a subconscious, which always tells them to finger dirt-bags.

    Joyce Banda is not an innocent, being implicated, Joyce Banda was the initiator of all this.

    And if there are people out there who sincerely believe Joyce Banda is being implicated into something she knew nothing about, then they are what is called “Dimwits”.

    Unfortunately Malawians society is composed of Halfwits and Dimwits.

  34. Last Witness says:

    I will begin to factually, comment when President JB comes. Surely, not now! As long as the deposed President remains outside Malawi her inocence shall always remain questionable. An inocent person should always be prepared to defend his or her innocence.

    Malawians will clear JB of all blame once she returns home to defend herself agaist all the allegations Cashgaters have made.JB will never be justified to comment on Cashgate issues; evils of the beast; referred to as cashgate while in hiding. She has no audacity to assess the adquecy of penalties given to Lutepo but not the penalties served to other culprits. JB does this in SA without experiencing even an iota of the pains Malawians are Xperiencing presntly.

    Come JB! come home! Its getting; the longer you take the more suspicions you raise among Malawians. Come and use all admissible evidence & witnesses available. That way you could restore confidence among Malawians & even Members of yousr party. As me, I remain your Last Witness.

  35. Baba wa boy says:

    What a Hypocrite!!!

  36. Chizeleza Ngwira says:

    The whole world knows under Joyce Banda Malawi was in good hands period

  37. Yakunowa says:

    A Mafikizolo mumandilembera chizungu chabwino, chokoma kuwerenga!

  38. mzungu wa nzeru says:

    Let almighty God be true and every humanbeing a liar.Let’s wait and see

  39. Kwangu says:

    Koma ndiye pali atsikana okhaokha pachithunzipo

  40. Manjie says:

    Joyce, just come back home and answer our questions! Let the court acquit you stop your tricks. Who were these well wishers who supported your campaign? Fwefwefwe! The thunder that will strike you is still making its pushups, come before it sets out to strike you

  41. wH -D says:

    is not fair to give only 11years, becz many lifes of Malawians are facing more problems following his activities , plz ma jaji tamuwonjezeleni zaka ameneyo

  42. Thyolo Thava says:

    Joyce joyce joyce….are u serious?

  43. Arthur Bwampini Mutharika says:

    Well said JB. Well done JB. Proud to be your supporter.

  44. Brazilian wax says:

    Tcheya ,Bingu, Joyce Banda and Peter are all thieves. I will spare Kamuzu because at least systems were in place. For example children of poor people could go and study at Kamuzu Academy from all the districts in Malawi so long one was academically good. There is nothing like “smear campaign “apa. Ngakhale mwana wa standard 1 akhoza kudziwa kuti ndalama zoyendetsera chipani kaya nda a Tcheya, Bingu , Joyce Banda ngakhale Peter palipano akuba za boma. Fotseki!

  45. Trad says:

    Mulandu sukambitsa ndi atolankhani kapena pa misonkhano. Zimenezo mudzayankhulire mu khothi osati pa media. Lutepo wanena kuti munamugwiritsa ntchito. Paul Mphwiyo anagwiritsa ntchito dzina lanu kutulutsa ma cheke mu dzina lanu. Ngati mukukana izi muzakanire ku kothi osati kumangoti ine this ine that. Manga mwakhala mukuthawa chani? Nanga mmene munkanena kuti mukudziwapo kanthu pazakuwomberedwa kwa munthu wanthu Mhwiyo munkatanthawuzanji? Kodi anamusankha Paul Mphwiyo kukhala budget director ndani? Ndiye mukuti chani apa. Kodi mumawona ngati aliyense ndi chitsiru ku Malawi kuno?

  46. Dowa Beast says:

    Mr Dausi ur comment pliz

  47. Mafikizolo says:

    Whether rightly or wrongly implicated, whether justly or unjustly smeared, does JB fully appreciate the level of damage this whole Cashgate issue has done to her name as a politician in Malawi?

  48. Lady Dee says:

    So, these guys would claim 10 – 30% when they cashed out cheques. How much was Mphwiyo’s percentage? Kwatsala this main culprit to just admit who he was giving the money to. Soon we shall know where all those motorcycles, bicycles, cars, the 2014 joyce banda double deck coach, campaign clothes etc came from (unidentified well wishers). The family used have parties all the time. The problem is, when people are living in the moment they forget these things. At the time, I saw people who have never smelt ink having money they couldnt even count it. Inu mpaka antchito of these boko harams just kumakatapa ndalama ngati ndi bonya.

  49. Right Rochester says:

    Jb my hero

  50. Nathan says:

    Ngati mukunena zowona, bwerani ku mudzi kuno mudzaziyankhire nokha za milandu yimeneyi.

  51. Where have you seen buttocks shifting from the rear to the front.Lutepo is thief by nature.Why did he accept to be “used”as he alleges/claims.The idiot wants to implicate JB for nothing.Anagwira matuvi ekha but afuna kupaka matuvi azake kuti anunkhe monga yemwe.Ayo matuvi unagwira wekha mambala.Limba cabe mundende.JB is clean and that is why she set sniffing dogs on you shameless thieves until you got caged.

  52. Boyd Kilembey says:

    The typica Joyce. This was a gala and she delved into her personal battles. There is something wrong with this lady. She speaks too much…She was campaigning at the wrong place. Shame. Shame

  53. Kodi munaona kuti kumene matako yacoka kumbuyo na kubwera kutsogolo?Buttocks will never move from behind to the friend.Who stole K92billion from 2005 to 2012?All schemes will be used to implicate JB but that is impossible.Where have you seen a thief breaking the scam and set up foreinsic audit on herself/himself.JB did very well to expose the shameless thieves in Malawi.Long live JB for exposing Cashgate thieves.They are now under panic button.Hence, some incidence of stroke in some thieves.Let them lot in jail.Stupid idiots.

  54. drzeus says:

    Mwatero mai, moto umapita kumene kwatsala ntchire, chonde musamalize mau.

  55. learnedmi says:


  56. Aubrey Norman says:

    Ngakhale Joyce akutelo Iyenso monga mboni wankulu pa kuwombeledwa kwa Mphwiyo akuyenerera kuzayankha Milandu ingapo ndithu.Komanso ngati Lupeto wanena yekha kuti Joyce Banda amamugwiritsa ntchito iyeyo posowetsa Ndalama akuyenerera kuzayankha Mlandu.

  57. chifundo wa allena says:

    Hahahaha koma andale inu mwatikwana tatopa nanu

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