Judge Kachale steps down from Kasambara money laundering case

High Court judge Chifundo Kachale has recused himself from hearing the the K5.7 billion money laundering case involving former minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Ralph Kasambara.

Kambara: Gets his wish

Kambara: Gets his wish

Justice Chifundo Kachale: Recuses himself

Justice Chifundo Kachale: Recuses himself

Kasambara had asked the judge to opt out arguing that Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Mary Kachale cannot prosecute a matter before her own husband without offending the rules of natural justice.

“It is trite law that justice should not only be done, but seen to be done.,” Kasambara said.

In his ruling on a similar application in a case involving former minister of Finance Friday Jumbe and two others, Kachale said throughout his judicial career, his wife had served in the office of the DPP apart from a brief stint as chief legal aid advocate, saying “in this era of gender equality, it is quite surprising to find someone seeking the kind of restrictions that are being proposed by this application on a couple whose professional careers happen to straddle different sides of the criminal justice system.”

Ruling on Kasambara’s application, Justice Kachale said if the trial in Zomba—where businessperson and politician Oswald Lutepo was convicted of cashgate on his own plea of guilty—presided over by judge Redson Kapindu was being prosecuted by anyone else from the DPP’s chambers, other than the DPP herself, Kasambara’s application would have failed.

“The court has upheld the request by Kasambara alleging the court’s close social ties with the DPP, who has been conducting an allied trial before Justice Kapindu, raises reasonable apprehension of some perception of lack of impartiality,” said Kachale in his rulling.

Adding: “Principally, it has been proposed that the court accepts that such perceptions are bound to rise in a context where the two separate trials are being presented by the State as part of the interrelated criminal enterprise.

“One may thus question whether there are exchanges of evidence or inappropriate discussions between the court and the Director of Public Prosecutions, any outcome from such a trial would lack the legitimacy and integrity pivotal to the inspiration and preservation of untainted public confidence in our judicial system.”

Kasambara’s co-accused, Pika Manondo, also asked the judge to recuse himself on grounds that Pika’s brother, Dauka, is alleged to have threatened the DPP; hence, Pika argued he could not have a fair trial. However, Pika’s application was rejected.

On Pika’s application, Kachale said his spouse is not presently involved in the proceedings, and that the proceedings are about Pika’s alleged involvement in criminal acts.

Kachale further said the court remains conscious of the reality that the institutional legitimacy and procedural integrity of the criminal justice system is in serious jeopardy of being imperiled due to the sudden increase of applicants for recusal.

In the case of attempted murder of former Ministry of Finance budget director Paul Mphwiyo, judge Michael Mtambo refused to step down as per Kasambara’s application, saying he will remain impartial.

Kasambara, Pika Manondo and businessperson Oswald Lutepo are answering on money laundering involving K785 million and obtaining money by false pretence.

In count one, Kasambara, Lutepo and Manondo have been charged with conspiracy to Section 35 (i) (d) of the Money Laundering Act.

Count four has Lutepo, Manondo then Kasambara and lawyer Wapona Kita trading as Ralph & Arnolds Associates charged with money laundering involving K55 million.

The charge for count three reads: “Raphael Kasambara, Oswald Lutepo and Pika Manondo between 26 July and August 2013 at Standard Bank Ginnery Corner Branch in the city of Blantyre, acting in concert and furtherance of a common unlawful purpose, each or the others or all of them had in their possession proceeds of crime, namely seven hundred eighty five million one hundred and five thousand kwacha (K785 105 000.00) which they knew or had reason to believe represented in a whole or in part directly or indirectly money stolen or unlawfully obtained.”

The other accused persons are Fletcher Kaizo and civil servant Roosevelt Ndovi.

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28 thoughts on “Judge Kachale steps down from Kasambara money laundering case”

  1. Tau says:

    Kukhala tambwali pakufunika ukhale wozindikira, bra Raiph you are the top man.

  2. Kadushu says:

    if this is the case then Kasambala should also stepdown from representing his co accused and also must hire someone to represent him in court. he not act as a hero


    Iwe nambala 24 Ralph si Mtumbuka koma Mtonga waku Luwazi ku Nkhata-Bay.

  4. Mbwiyache says:

    Ngakuba awa akufuna azingogula ma judge basi koma pamaso pamulungu palibe chinyengo muziona nthawi ikakwana

  5. najere says:

    Mtumbuka anachenjerapo liti?zamkutu.Ralph ndi woipa.Azibale ake enaso akuziwana .onse ngausiru awa.

  6. abdul al barghdadi says:

    never mind the Tumbukas are intelligent in any sphere,,,,bravo Ralph you will never save a jail term.

  7. namatikitiki says:

    Gas Machine Head comment no. 8, I agree with u 101%, that’s the more reason why Malawi Law Society refuses to accredit and register lawyers who obtain degrees from other universities BUT only recognize Chancellor College law graduates. Government must give accreditation to BIU and others graduating from other universities!

  8. Miko says:

    Who told u kuti raph is a good lawyer,mudzisiyanisa utabwali ndikuzindikila mwava.

  9. Dambudzo Mwasanya says:

    We also need the issues of 577 billion sorted first.All the Chejumos should be brought to the book instead of wasting time with timausipa tating’ono.577 billion is damn alot of money.It can change alot of things in Malawi.

  10. decent citizen says:

    Justice in Malawi is only meted out for poor people who have no iota of this law thing and cannot afford a lawyer.A person stealing a goat in Malawi languishes for 20 yrs in prison while a 1.7 billion thief like Muluzi gets away with case by faking some back pain illness.Look now he is just jumping at every other trip on foreign issues without any back complaints.You have money,hire good lawyers like Kasambaras you will be enjoying the loot all the way to the bank while the hard working taxpayer is toiling to make ends meet.This is how the justice systems works in Malawi.Ndalama za Ku capital zinaphweka ngati anthu anawina.People were buying cars like bicycles.Mowa unamweda ndi mahulenso benefitted alot from this loot.Mupezekanso mwamulipiranso Ralph ma billion enanso.Milandu iyi ikukhudza anthu akuluakulu kwambiri.It is only the small fish that is netted in this case.Have you seen any Chejumo been prosecuted on this cases?Nope.Just a waste of time.Tonseto tima lawyer taphunzitsidwa ndi Ralph Kasambara.So do you expect to corner him?

  11. Chimani. Game says:

    Jail peter mathanyula.first

  12. BigMan says:

    kicks of a dying horse

  13. MAFUMU says:





  14. munyapa says:

    amangidwe basi. akafere kundende

  15. the abductor says:

    Kasambala ndi deal

  16. Vyaya says:

    Looks his Kasambara keeps on buying time always looking for excuses, at some point he wanted Kamdoni out, and then winanso ndani kaya out,,,achimwene or muchedwe kupita ku Maula mupita basi kaya ndi 2015 or 2016 I bet mulkalowa basi………..

  17. Trevor Manyi says:

    577 BILLION woyeeee

  18. J. Jons says:

    Kodi ife ndife akapolo anu amene timakubweresani ndalama kuti muzitibera bwino mulungu wakumwambayo azapeleka yekha chilango popeza inu mumati ndinu anzelu kwambiri.

  19. Tili Chenene says:

    It seems Kasambara knows law more than our judges

  20. MAFUMU says:





  21. Gas Machine Head says:

    Am fed up with the delays in the justice system in Malawi. Look at how quick Oscar Pistorious was tried in the South Africa, within a year of the act and then jailed. He is being freed on probation on Friday but in November a new trial starts on appeal. That’s how quick our learned friends are. Another example is that of Shrien Dewani, accused of murdering his newly wed on a honeymoon in South Africa. After battling to be extradited, he landed in Cape Town and the trial was so quick. We have similar cases like the Boston marathon bomber, etc

    But these Malawian so called lawyers, or judges, am baffled. I do not even know where to start or end. All these guys have studied at Chanco and then they have attained further degrees in the UK, the US, South Africa, name it. They have been there and seen how the trials are expedited. What’s wrong with you guys and you so called Malawi Law Society? Traditional Courts in Kamuzu’s time were even better. Chiefs are wiser than these lawyers of ours.

    Jose Mourinho said the match last Sunday against Man City produced a fake result and I say you Malawian lawyers, both in private or the civil service are “fake”. All the lawyers in Malawi were taught by the same lecturers. So in otherwords, classmates are on the defence and others on the prosecuting team. What do you expect? Kachale’s wife said it before that ” I learnt a lot from you Kasambara.” Holy mackerel! What a piece of balderdash!

    Probably we need another university to start producing lawyers, hopefully UNIMA’s Chanco will not stand in the way as they have always done. Probably then, only then, we will have a truly reflective justice system. As of now, what we have is just crap and drunkards pa Sikwese, Ku TJs while texting with other men’s wives on clients’ money. Baloney!

  22. anadimba says:

    kodi kasambarayu milandu yake izatha liti?tammangeni.mukumuopa eti?zatitopesa

  23. makito says:

    Kachale here you have just wasted our time. You should just have admitted the application long time ago.

  24. namatikitiki says:

    Delaying tactics, it will take over three months for a new judge to familiarize him/herself with the case, by then Kasambara will have another trick up his sleeve – more delays!

  25. Kavuluvulu says:

    Amangidwe basi . How special are they ?

  26. Mhesha says:

    Raphael. ..yet u denied others justice. You fear that this Judge will not be bribed.

  27. bay says:

    solution ndi kundende basi zatikwana ife

  28. Anangozo says:

    Good call judge

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