Jumbe, Bwanali back in court over K11m theft case

After years of case stalling, former minister of Finance Friday Jumbe and former minister of Sports Phillip Bwanali will be back in the dock to continue answering charges of theft of K11 million from government through the Sports and Culture Trust Fund.

Jumbe:  Case revived

Jumbe: Case revived

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mrs Mary Kachale has reaffirmed the accusations, formally renewing the criminal case in Jumbe and Bwanali were implicated.

In 2004, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) arrested Jumbe and Bwanali, alongside the then chairperson of the Sports and Culture Trust Fund,  Vincent Mpaluko, for the alleged disappearance of the K11 million.

Jumbe was charged with misuse of office and gross negligence by a public officer for advancing the K11 million to the Ministry of Sports which Bwanali allegedly took and gave to Mpaluko for the purchase of some footballs that were said to have been distributed to United Democratic Front (UDF) candidates in the May 2004 general elections.

Bwanali, who is also a former member of Parliament (MP) for Thyolo North Constituency under UDF, is facing charges of misuse of office, gross negligence by a public officer in preserving money, theft by a public servant, uttering a false document and obtaining money by false pretence.

The case resumes through High Court Judge Chifundo Kachale (related to Mary Kachale – husband) – who earlier handled the matter when he was Magistrate in Lilongwe.

But private practice lawyer Manuel Theu defending Bwanali has said he will file prelminary objections questioning the justification for the High Court to handle the case instead of the chief resident magistrate (CRM).

Theu want the High Court, in the “wider interests of justice” to direct that the case be heard by a competent lower court.

“On review of the matter and recent proceedings that took place in the High Court’s open court, the defendants raised a hitherto muted issue [on] the justification of exact capacity in which and the implications of the presiding court herein being a High Court is proceeding to handle the matter which is a lower court matter,” Theu objections reads.

Jumbe, who flopped in the presidential race in the May 20 2014 Tripartite Elections on the New Labour Party ticket, is expected to head yet to be launched state-run Malawi Development Bank.

He has hired new lawyer Maxwell Tembo as he was previously represented by Kalekeni Kaphale, who is now the Attorney General.

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29 thoughts on “Jumbe, Bwanali back in court over K11m theft case”

  1. Charlie Hebdo says:

    It all proves the treason case could be resurrected once APM is out of office. It is too early to celebrate. But what are we doing with the acheya’s case. It seems as a country we have our priorities upside down.

  2. Yakobo says:

    ATrick by DPP government. This is one way of rewarding Jumbe using Tax Payers money. I wish I was not born here

  3. Kokotowa says:

    Philip wasanduka wogulitsa mahule ku Blantyre!

    Koma amakhala ndi type ya boo!

  4. Cocoon says:

    You are trying to create another job for Lawyers to make money and government to pay compensation anthu okuba nonse ku Malawi kuno palibe chabwino apa.

  5. benard riviel says:


  6. Agaru inu kumango bwebweta umbava unayamba patali

  7. koma abale, za current zikutivuta ndiye tikuyamba za kale! what has gone wrong with this country?

  8. Apa nde game zonse simunawawuza abwana kaphale!

  9. Ashraf Kumar says:

    Another acquittal in the offing!

  10. Sub.T/A says:

    By the end of the day the state will have no evidence it another time wasting cases

  11. Phwado says:

    Wa Atcheya ulowanso liti?

  12. ujeni says:

    Can ACB revalue the amount as per todays rate. This should be about K200m now

  13. Chidzukulu cha Akwitusya says:

    Kkkkkk. this is what happen when the govt is out of money ….this govt would do anything to give a pic that it is doing something. Let’s solve cashgate issues. Including the 92 billion which is the so called an audit query….

  14. CALLISTER says:

    Plot to reward another huge sums of money to Jumbe

  15. Feel good says:

    I CAN’T really trust the Dpp government on this one. I suspect that this is being used as smoke screen to divert the focus of Malawians from the yawning shortfalls this government has shown us in as far as the application of justice is concerned. This government is rewarding Jumbe the the guy who helped them through the thick of the election scandal by giving him a lucrative position of head of the Malawi development bank, and at the same time dragging him to court for a meagre K11 million? When it is at the same time rewarding others for loyalty by letting them off the hook of a staggering K1.7 billion kwacha case? I beg to differ. These are mind games.

  16. boma lalephela they should all resign or impeachment

  17. dafuq??? says:

    mwangoyambana nawo china chake inu. nthawi yonseyi mumatani? you continue to embarass the law profession and our country daily with your lack of planning and misguided priorities.

    didn’t you know that he has a case when he was standing as a presidential candidate? would you have pursued it if he won? how many cases are still in your files gathering dust? where is chanthunya, chasowa, ujeni….

  18. big thought says:

    Khoswe akakhala pa nkhate sapheka. mulandu ungoyenda wash out, anathandiza boma kuti mdziko musaukhe mwazi pachitsankho pamodzi ndi judge Kenyatta Nyirenda. I predict that the case will be dropped and if anything the Kachale will not handle the case due to conflict of interest.

  19. Jelbin mk says:

    Achimidzimizi ndinu achimidzidi Jumbe is earmarked to heading the newly to be introduced bank after selling MSA thus why MPs denied the bill saying it doesn’t make sense to sell a tomato farm on the pretext of buying another farm which really sounds ridiculous to sane Malawians except you Mr, you should try to follow issues b4 commenting otherwise ur naivety escalates

  20. zte says:

    achimidzimidzi your really what your name says….better ask first than make pathetic noise

  21. Mark Markc says:

    Mulandu wa Muluzi uja ulibe phindu eti?

  22. Balamanthu says:

    People like Jumbe should have never been given any useful position anywhere.Munthu anaba magalimoto ndi ndalama zomwe ku Admarc komanso ali Minister of Finance.Wherever he has gone, the guy has thieved(wosolola)-starting with NOIL,ADMARC, MDC.Yet these DPP guys give him CEO position for a new development Bank.Why does this government use its feet rather than its brain when assigning people to positions.Amalawi, tell me, who thinks in our current government?Is thieveing a mark of patriotism.This is why we dont develop because everywhere you look, you have dishonest and core thieves given positions that aim at filling their pockets to the brim

  23. Kadakwiza says:

    Anthu akumwera akutiwonongera dziko lathu lokongola la Malawi chifukwa cha kuba. Cashgate alikomweko, nacgate alipo inu. Kuba mavoti akupezekanso inu. Kuba magalimoto aliponso, kuba muma banki ndi awo alipo. Iiiiiiii zanyanya. Nkhani ya mafupa a ma albino ali konko. Anthu akumwera kuba too much. Pamene mtumbuka ali pheee! Kuwerenga mabuku ati iye akufuna kuwonjezera degree ina, mtumbuka ameneyo. Malawi siitukuka ataa!

  24. gabbage says:

    koma inu zina zimachitika mmalwi muno zimandidwaitsa mutu ndithu. pena ndimakhala pheee mkumati kodi ife amalawi a ndale awa ali ndi misala? inu zoona mungakhululuke mulandu wa K1.7 billion ndikumataya nthawi ndi K11 million ndithu. Ma lawyer awa akulephera kumanga a namandwa ake a cashgate ndikumalimbana ndi K11 million. zomvetsa chisoni.

    1. Lip service says:

      Amazing indeed and I wonder what is going on in Jumbe”s after trying to win favors from the DPP government

    2. ujeni says:

      That is no small amount in todays term. In 2004 stealing K11 is like stealing K200m today

  25. Elijah Don Mfune says:

    Justice delayed for too long is justice likely to be denied.But when will such cases reach verdict?

  26. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mlandu suwola. Nkhani sintha musanakambe. 11years old case.

    And Jumbe will a CEO for Malawi state run bank, that cannot be true. This reporter is wrong. Hey, Mr Reporter don’t you know that government is selling MSB which is state run?

    I cannot see another bank being opened by the same government.
    That is completely out question. Not APM.

  27. chakwanuleka says:

    Number deserves to be punished. He is a serial thief. His latest crime being stealing our votes through dubious court injunctions. Mulungu langani mfiti.

Comments are closed.

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