JZU Tembo offers to mediate in MCP crisis: Jumbe claims ‘politics of dictatorial attributes’ is back

Former Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president John Tembo has put himself on offer to mediate on the continued problems rocking his former party.

Tembo:Offers to mediate

Tembo:Offers to mediate

Tembo said he is not happy with the protracted war between party president Lazarus Chakwera and some of his senior party leaders.

“There is need to be tolerance in the party, as of now the party is divided and that is not good for the MCP,” he said.

He however did not give details of his line of negotiation, albeit to say the problems in the main opposition party can easily be dealt with.

Deputy director of research in the party Felix Jumbe told a radio station on Sunday that Chakwera is “intolerant to criticism and self centred. ”

He claims that Chakwera’s personal body guards organised that  Jessie Kabwila and Jumbe should not attend a rally in Salima which the party president organised.

“ Honourable Kabwila’s supporters were beaten up so too district party officials and a former regional chaiman who was chased away,” said Jumbe.

He also told a local daily that “politics of dictatorial attributes” is quickly creeping back in MCP and that the people around the leadership are busy using “old tricks in the book to upstage innocent people like me.”

Jumbe said: “We have to be sober when analysing things. If you demonise people without proper justification and in the end they are vindicated as telling the truth it is the party that suffers because it develops divisions.

“To the leadership I say open your doors with soberness and listen to reasoning and not look at personalities as threats or whatever you call us. Kholokolo imene ikunenedwayo idzaoneka pamawa. The macro-dictatorship may be gone legally, but we now remain with it culturally in micro institutions like companies and parties. “

Chakwera has however played down the issues, saying he is working round the clock with divine intervention, to deal with them.

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Winston Msowoya
Yes,politics in Malawi is a dirty game.JZU to mediate Malawi Confusionist Party (MCP),one wonders what sort of mediation would this blood-thirsty rogue bring to the Party?Tembo has his hands drenched in blood of innocent Malawians for decades to defend the foreign-bred rogue Hastings Banda who kept his niece Cecilia Kadzamila as sex-slave for decades.As I can see,MCP is fastly and steadily approaching to the status of dianasours like UNIP in Zambia,TANU in Tanzania and KANU in Kenya,the faster the better.Candidly,Tembo is a failure in life to the extent that Banda even sidelined him to take over Presidential leadership which if… Read more »

Tembo is senile how can he mediate?

Pension Nenereko

A Jumbe adaya mamillion DPP ndi a Jesse APM agulira Fortune then dpp cadets adabweza chifukwa a kabwira akupitiliza kunyoza – Pa Tauni apa


Deal with the matter quickly, Laz. Have a friendly meeting with jumbe and Jesse or other dissenters to iron things out. Some of jumbe’s comments or grievances are reasonable and should be listened to.

Also be aware of dpp thugs who may be behind some of the confusions. If jumbe remains truly mcp, then no problem. But if behind the scene is also colluding with dpp thugs, then his whole credibility falls.

prof. Odiyayo

This is the MCP I know. This is true colour. If Malawians will make a mistake to vote MCP in power, crocodiles will celebrate again. If DPP can savage people and kill people merciless, what more MCP the Nazi Party of Nyasaland.

Wa ku Dedza

Unity,Loyalty,Obedience and Discipline.These are the 4 corner stones of dictatorship and slavery upon which the MCP is founded.Any member whose views are different from those of MCP leadership is taken as a rebel or dissident.If MCP members want democracy in their party,they must go back to the drawing board and replace the 4 corner stones with democratic principles.

Bubu Leze

I have liked the decision Tembo to mediate and he will do it. Sizimalephela kusemphana maganizo pamene pali awiri atatu. If people from the same mother and the same father amasemphana maganizo what more people who have been brought up from different angles. It is likely to happen. Kwinanso uko kumbali iyo ziliko zosambika. Tiziona posachedwapa ndipo zikhaphulika zakumenekoko ndi zosagwirika ambwiye.


Is obaba Otembo still around?

Let’s all agree – there’s no smoke without fire. As much as Jumbe is not a likeable person he is making some points there about Chakwera that seem to be coming up more and more often from various people. What is frustrating about Chakwera is that he refuses to face the problems head on while he seeks “divine intervention”. Zoona zimenezi? Chakwera came unprepared to this position. He has so much potential but he is just failing to deliver. Between him and APM he is 100 times better but he continues to sabotage himself at every chance he gets. He… Read more »

No issue here. Jumbe and Kabwira know what they are doing with DPP


How can two party members bring confusion in the party, kabwira and Jumbe should be fired from the party thats all, they are being used by the DPP, he claims “the people around the leadership are busy using “old tricks in the book to upstage innocent people like me.” – is going to a government TV station and start castigating your own party innocent? people are angry with you and Kabwira thats why they chased you away from the rally.

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