Kabwila accuses Mutharika of persecuting her daughter

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Publicity secretary, Jessie Kabwira,  has said the termination of  her   daughter Louisa Angella Kabwira,  from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation  internship midway through the duration is “persecution” by the Peter Mutharika administration and politically motivated.

Kabwila and her daughter Louisa

Kabwila and her daughter Louisa

Louisa Kabwila, a final year student at Kenyan university was told in a  a letter dated 2 March, 2016, signed by Brian Ng’oma on behalf of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Dalitso  Kabambe, about the termination of her internship.

“I regret to inform you that due to limited office space in some of our departments where you also supposed to be attached to, we have decided to terminate your internship, Your last day of internship will be therefore Friday 4 March, 2016.” reads the letter in part.

Louisa Kabwira joined the Ministry as an academic intern in January this year.

“I am so certain this is part of political harassment and persecution that the government is subjecting members of the opposition and those critical to President Peter Mutharika,” said Kabwila.letter on KabwilaKabwila ecently called upon President Mutharika to resign from power for failing to run the country.

Soon after the statement, Kabwira was arrested and charged with treason.

“These people are victimising my daughter because of the pressure  I have given them on food crisis and failure to run the country,” said Kabwila.

She added: “The Mutharika government continue to punish me and my family for political issues.”

Kabwila said government wants to use all intimidation and harassment tactics to ensure it does not get the checks and balances from the opposition.

“All they are doing is to frustrate me.Attacking my daughter is crossing the line. They can arrest me and do all they can but not on my daughter and family. That is declaration of war and I will not take it lying down,” said Kabwila.

“They want to scare us and run government without any scrutiny from opposition [and even the media as well as civil society],” she said.

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67 thoughts on “Kabwila accuses Mutharika of persecuting her daughter”

  1. BigMan says:

    chickens coming home to roost

  2. Weekly says:

    Peter is right,mwana wanjoka ndinjoka.

  3. pokopoko says:

    Kkkkkkkkk kma pamalawi eeeesssh am fade up

  4. Flamingo says:

    Bambo ake ndi Lhomwe, very connected a Mwanamvekha, ife amene tinalu ku chanco tikudziwa, she is not a Kabwila, she is a mwanamveka

  5. kuyamba says:

    How is internship related to APM? How can you link everything to APM? Many students have been denied internship in Government for one reason or another. Should we all attribute this to APM?

  6. Chimuzanga Majoti says:

    Nkhani zonse zimatuluka munyuzi muja ndikuMCP munthu wake ndi ameneyu. Njoka saweta!

  7. WA NOMA says:

    if she was a lomwe was she to be withdrawn? my Malawi wea tribe matters most kkkk but its unfair God will judge us

  8. bastard President!!!….. ma vote munachitakubera mutivuteso agaru achabechabe u must resign before u die ngat brother wako

  9. Dikisan says:

    Musiyine mwa apanga tsogolo lake. Ufiti umenewu munaphuzira kuti? Ofunikatsabola inu basi!

  10. Limbani Maxwell Teputepu says:

    I believe Officials from the Ministry are not aware that Jessie’s child is a daughter to young Mwanamveka. mwanayu ndiwakwathu Ku Chiradzulu and terminating her internership is persecuting our own Lomwe children

  11. Kaziulika Chimugonda says:

    I think it is a wrong mind-set that the Malawi belongs to DPP. Malawians of various political affiliations pay tax for Mutharika’s salary. Multi Party politics began in Heaven. So, DPP learn from God. APM is a law professor. Is the law here applied lawfully?

  12. Mpunga Woviika..... says:

    Olo ndili ine kusunga njoka mnyumba mwako eeee tsiku lina idzakuluma.Ameneyo ayende akawone kwina.Security is vital pena pali ponse tisanamizanepo apa.olo ena mukulongolanu mwangodana ndi Peter yo.Koma ng’ooooo wapitabe.Boma ndi Bomaaaaaaaa mwadziwano.

  13. Buyelekhaya says:

    Kachitidwe aka ka zinthu kadzingothandiza kupititsa patsogolo mtima wolipsira. Inu a DPP mukadzangotuluka mboma, anthu anu omwe mudawamwaza ku maembassy onse mukawatute mwachangu chifukwa adzachotsedwa mwachipongwe. Ziri apa sizomanga dziko koma kuphwasula ndi kusonkhezera udani!

  14. bulawao says:

    to be more educated it doesnt mean you can run a state. Such an incompetent

  15. Zanga Phee! says:

    This is insane, what is the connection there?the big virus in Malawi when shall we differentiate between government and politics or party issues.immaturity of Malawi Democracy full of nonsense.I think it is too late for Peter Mutharika to rectify the country.See my name.

  16. Mapwevupwevu says:

    It is a national security risk to put at the ministry of foreign affairs the daughter of a person who is calling for the unlawful ousting of a democratically elected government.

    I mean, seriously, what matters of international cooperation will she be pushing?

  17. Njolinjo says:

    Stupid government full of empty skulls. People will keep talking more and more. You have failed Malawians. Ask for a return of your green card and go back to Ohio. Don’t mess up our country. Shit!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Mchewa says:

    Kadwira,Zatikwana zopusazi. Close your toilet otherwise we will close it for you. Dziko lonse lizimva za iwe? Umaziona ngati ndani?

  19. timo kammawa says:

    bola zithe bwino coz Mulungu akumasinthatu nyengo pamene wina akuponderezedwa.you shall be my witness one day,not so long.

  20. Dickson says:

    Firing her daughter was the wisest decision my president has ever done in his entire life.
    That daughter could destroy the whole international corporation by leaking the confidential information to her mother just to bring the government down.
    Whom will accept to keep the daughter or son of the serpent in his bedroom . Can kabwila employe Tapita or any relation of Mutharika?????
    Come on Kabwila and your MCP, why crying now? I thought U claim to be educated so how come you didn’t calculate this consequence to you stupid loosing battle you started?????
    Never fight government you will not win. Look here you are crying like a baby.
    Ask Chakwera or Uladi to employ your daughter

  21. yako ija says:

    Did you tell us when she was awarded internship? None of our business!!!!

  22. Nkhuyu zodya akulu zinapota Ana
    Kabwila akuonjeza musamusiye choncho angazolowere

  23. clement says:

    You deserve to be punished because of your fucken mouth. Who is Kabwiri? I will see you later once I don there.

  24. Grey Mpithi says:

    Hehede ine kundimvetsa kukoma Mutharika. Ndikuti Prof. APM kundimvetsa kukoma,nchifukwa chake alidi prof. Komanso nchifukwa chake anthu adzamusankhenso 2019 kkkkk, iye samayankha koma action yokha ife timangomva mukufuulanso. Boma ndi boma, ngakhale mutani muzingotaya nthawi yanu. 2019 DPP ndi bomanso. Chiwerengero chathu ndichokwanira kumwera kutenganso boma.

  25. Roberto says:

    There are always many options to take. That’s not the end of the world for her. Ife nthawi ya UDF Bakili Muluzi akulamulira samatipatsa ma udindo a u Director chifukwa choti timachokera mu Chigawo chapakati tinangozisiya za m’boma. Tinangopanga register business yathu pano tinangolemba ntchito anyamata akumudzi. It’s as simple as that…aphuzitseni ana anu kuphuzira ntchito za manja. forget about internship ya m’boma. It’s just one of the silly things, she wouldn’t learn anything apart from kumangojomba.

  26. zebron henry banda says:

    Cheap politics.If you are incompetent,you are incompetent,bwana.You took on a post that was way too far for you.You are practically a lame duck president.you are clueless when it comes to governance issuies.Malawians are unhappy and that’s what they are saying.She only echoed people’s displeasure.Now you opt to victimise the innocent daughter.how does that solve people’s grievances?Komanso!

  27. Gerald mapanga Phiri says:

    I believe she is purely persecuted. But for me I wonder why children of politicians in Malawi they don’t take science careers all of them wants to sign papers in offices if she was in careers like engineering,medicine and other technical she could not face those evil people they have all opportunity with them but love soft way out

  28. Uisova says:

    Akuchita bwino ungalimbane ndi boma I we? PAKAMWA?

  29. 2016 welcome says:

    One just has to go through the comments here to see how Malawians have lost the moral yardstick to tell what is wrong or right. I mean it’s okay for those who sound pro government that government machinery should be used to victimize political opponents? In other words we should glorify politics of appeasement? If anything, those in power should realize that government systems run largely on tax payers money and it’s foolhardy to too much politicize this. Anyway, there is always time for everything. Ecclesiates 3:3

  30. ajasi says:

    Next time u get STI it will be APM n gvt.shaaa activism in mw.

  31. mjomba welewo says:

    Chakwera moto…!!! Kabwila moto…!!! wina asakuputsitseni ndi timakomenti tawo tabozaboza…zaziiiii…wait enawa azalowa pansi ngati nyelele…

  32. chilipo says:

    Ndiye mmlhomwetu ameneyu mayi,mungodikila 2019 adzakhala first lady ameneyo.

  33. Phwisa says:

    Kabwila should have been the first one to know the consequencies of her foolishness. And most stupid is MCP. Why one person’s personal hatred with Peter the whole MCP is dancing. Tembo’s MCP was profeessional unlike Chakwera’s. Govt is right to terminate her daughter’s employment.

  34. Chikakuda says:

    Ndani angakondwele kusunga mwana wa njoka mnyumba. Iweyo kakabwira ndi mamunako chatsika analuza mavoti ukuganiza ungalimbane ndi boma. Bomatu ndi la ife anthu osati anthu ankhanza inu. Muuze mamunakoyo amupatse unduna mwana wakoyo. Kuluma chala cha mkomba phala zotsatira zake ndizimenezo

  35. Fabiano says:


  36. sqeedo ghama says:

    be wise when doing things mai .dont be too cleaver.
    learn from Hon Tembo .how to opposise.
    he never ask any presedent to leave office before his or her time.
    thats undemocratic.
    those of you who are doing that you are enemy of democracy,
    you dont need to be readers.
    if you were wise enough ,you could have find the solution of
    the present problem now, and show the world that you are capable
    ot do the job.
    but because you are cleaver not wise you have no solutionfor the country
    problem yourself.Therefore keep quit leave it for deserved people to solve
    the country`s problem

  37. masa masina says:

    Desperate people using children as pons on a political chess board. Politics is an adult game and children should not be part of it.

  38. DRAKE says:

    People have feelings, you hurt them in return they will react. Jessie should expect more on her way, you started it and be ready to defend yourself. The Government was generous to employ your daughter while our children have graduated 2 years ago but they cant get any opportunity from the Government. Madam you are too arrogant and rude not befitting a woman and your history is very bad even your time at CHANCO some people suffered because of your bad and bully behavior. This is Government and you fight Government you get arrested simple, people may cry scream but the truth is if you are not going to change you will suffer. instead of you fighting for your constituency in Salima you are busy fighting Government, ever since you have gone into Parliament you have never presented your constuencies problems

  39. mbewe says:

    Inu ife tavutikapo kwambiri ndi MCP this is just minor issue. Do you know relatives ĺate 3 Ministers and MP butchered by MCP Suffered. The relatives of Muwalo, Gwede and Chakuamba suffered. She should God her child is still schooling whiles others are struggling with life today because of MCP. Ambiri you are commenting are youth of today you dont know any atrocies commited by the party. Ask bwana JZU how he commandered arrest and killing the very same saving members of the party. A Kabwila tatopa nanu kumva ma stories ngati awa.
    What persecution are you taljing up. Why should your daughter save the very stupid government your are brandishing. Zili zonse ndale basi. We are fed up. People really suffered not these. We know very well you just want to draw proples attention. Who doesnt that you hold dual citizen. You are just confusing the country knowingly will settle safely in dual cpuntry. Work up Malawians we are tired with these accusation.
    MCP inapangitsa anthu ena kusaphnzira ask the Chapingas from Ngabu. Ana anakhala mbuli chifukwa chochotsedwa school on flimsy issues. Thank God kuti akuphunzira she get employment in other organisation

  40. kanthiti banda says:

    Everything bad happening to you is political persecution. Next time get Malaria it will be APM. You make a lot of unnecessary noise. We have so many important people in Malawi but they respect themselves but this woman eeeeishh.

  41. pakhonde says:

    kabwila u 2 stupid u boring us get the hell out of here

  42. Jenala says:

    This is a MOST SILLY answer from a PS. Where was the girl when she was doing internship? Was she not in the office? DPP is behaving like old MCP.

  43. Akungolonje says:

    Osadanda Jessie and Louisa, omwa tiyi ndi omwa basi kapu ikasweka ina nsanga imagudwa. Take it easy. after all was just an internship.

  44. Kaka says:

    Mwanayo anyasilenji ngati mai, Jessie unya manyi iwe ndipo allowance ya USA yakuponya. Government is government u cnt fight against it. Ugwa ndiwe. Iya ife tilipheeeeeeee

  45. The Analyst says:

    While acknoledging that what has happened is regrettable hence condemnable, no storm should be created out of ths cup – this is a price you pay for practising uncivilised politics against a govt. run by uncilvilised people, in an uncivilised political environment like Malawi’s.

    You seee, when we were told that APM (the DPP torch-bearer) is a professor of law and has been living outside Malawi for a good number of years, some of us thought he would be different and practice civilised politics. Alas! APM is just as uncilived as you are Kabwira.

    . . . You Kabwira decalred yourself an enemy of the state since the academic-freedom era. Good thing is, you have consistently remained such by continuing to call APM all sorts of such untypable, unsavable and unprintable words as inept, incompetent, failure.
    . . . While this is true; as just poor people feel offended to be called poor, average people do not like truths – and APM is way below average (in all senses of the word).
    . . . You Kabwira should know that it is possible to hold govt accountable without launching personal-attack missiles on anybody; as do, other MCP and other opposition party members.
    . . . Its just sad that while you well know you are an enemy of the state, you are ignorant of the price you have to pay for being such. I will tell you some: You can be sent to jail for no wrong, cant be appointed to any public office, your family, property or associates will be victimised; and worse still, you can even be eliminated.
    . . . The sooner you realise and accept this, the better. You will grow a crocodile skin, move on and stop playing the victim or buying public sympathy.

    You should just be grateful that no physical harm was done to your daughter. After all, with or without that internship; your daughter will still find a job if she has the brains.

  46. maxwell jussah says:

    Thats political ,bt why malawi?

  47. mjiba says:

    This is news to us. Is there an active internship programme in Malawi Government? Under what regulations is it governed? How is it announced to potential young persons who require to undergo internship? What are the terms and conditions of internship in Malawi Government Ministries? or is it internship for the privileged in other words a corrupt system of favours available to few?

  48. Milward Malidadi says:

    Unakakhala wa nzeru mu 3 months ago mmene boma la APM limalemba ntchito mwana wako ngati intern unakabwera monga wabwereramu kuyamikira boma la APM kuti ndi labwino zedi lalemba ntchito mwana wako ngakhale iwe uli wa opposition. Kodi kulankhulaku tidzilankhula zoyipa zokhazokha? Iiiii amayi!!!

  49. Zitsiru za ku mcp says:

    U are very stupid.Ifeel sorry for the daughter for she is being punished for the stupidity of her mother.Jessey pliz do not subject ur family to unnecessary attention all because u believe u are the only able person in mcp. Dont forget that in mcp there are big veterans who have been in opposition for the past decades but they dont just expose their stupidity any how because they know in one way or the other they hv relations to protect as you have seen here. Basi apite ku Headoffice ya mcp akamalizitse internaship ndiye poti galu ndi galu

  50. Patriots says:

    Ulterior motive can be a cause to this wrangle. The political landscape is bruising relations where allegiance is concerned as much a lot has been said about Hon Kabwila we can smell a rat here from government side failing to clarify the reason of termination.

  51. Mlangeni muwalo says:

    Louisa dont worry, i too also go through the same political issue! But now i do own my empire that even the veri same bad egg came to borrow, ndie asie

  52. Concerned malawian says:

    Utsogoleli umene tilinawo pano ndiwoipa kwambiri,ndipo since malawi got independence boma ili ndi no1 kulephera,iiii ndikudabwa nanu amene mukuliyika kumbuyo,kaya mitu yanu imaganiza bwino kaya!

  53. Parallel Market says:

    Jessy Kabwila, please don’t bore us any more with your petty criticisms to Govt on everything that happens to you and your family. An internship is not a permanent job and it can be terminated at any time. Many unima students can agree with me on this and most of them including me have had our internship contracts terminated and we accepted honourably and move on with our lives. Why do you make noise on petty issues?

  54. levelheaded says:

    Kabwila acts like she holds abig office in government why? She is just an ordinary MP without perfume.

    My question is, why can a failed government employ your daughter?

  55. WAMISALA says:

    If somebody closes this door for you
    God will open another door
    For you
    Dont worry The devil
    Is a liar
    Keep praying
    Help is on the way.!

  56. Aubrey says:

    That’s typical of Malawian politics, we are still in stone age. We believe in tit for tat politics. How can we develop as a nation? How on earth can you terminate someone’s internship all because of lack of space? How many people have been affected with that problem at the office? Malawians, Malawians, let’s learn to accommodate each other despite our political affiliations. No matter how we oppress and suppress those with opposing political views, it’s not possible for all of us to be DPP. This is why Malawi held the referendum in 1994 to change from one party system to multiparty. Let’s begin to practice civilised politics for the sake of our beautiful Malawi. That I think will also help us to develop this nation as we do not have any other home apart from Malawi.

  57. Kabwila Mbolo says:

    Jessie Jessie Jessie. For once, you cant keep quiet? For sure, an internship for your daughter is not a national issue. You can continue fighting government on pertinent issues not an internship please. By the way, how did your daughter get this internship opportunity? Were there any interviews or she was handpicked by people who have enjoyed blow jobs with you or your daughter. Koma tisaname, anthu amakuyamikila jesse kuti umayamwa bwino mbolo. Keep it up. I hope umuphunzitsa mwana wakoyu kuti nayenso adziwe mayamwidwe amakono ngati ako aja. I am sure a Sipika anyumba yamalamulo nawonso amakumva kukoma!!!

  58. Tan'gatan'ga says:

    Kabwila’s daughter must be re-instated immediately. When they were taking her in, there was office space, where has the office space gone?

    If we allow this to happen, a lot of people Will be victimised like in Kamuzu’s days.

    This will also set a bad precedence for future administrations. Peter must know that what goes round comes round.

  59. Tit for Tat says:

    Don’t cry now,reserve your tears for 2019 landslide victory in favour of APM.

  60. Mbwila says:

    Kabwila unayamba kundibhowaaah, nazindikila mochedwa kut ndiwe ofoila. Paliby wabwino. Azungu azatilamulile bas. Amalawife talephelana

  61. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Uchitsilu sudutsa apa a pitala!

  62. Vwidede says:

    Nkhuyu zodya akulu zapota mwana how do u expect a failled government as u claim jesse to work with your child? I dont see anything wrong here even if i was muthalika i would have do the same dikilani nthawi yanu ngati zingazatheke nanu muzachose anu

  63. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Wow! Ms Kabwila-Kapasula, without fail, has almost always something to complain about. In public. Especially against this government.
    Get this: other students have had their internships revoked or terminated prematurely, but we do not hear about them because their parents/guardians are not well positioned in society, like the mom. In a way, by championing her daughter’s case in public, like this, Ms kabwila-Kapasula is actually abusing her position? For her daughter’s advantage, crudely.

    Perhaps she could approach the German embassy; see if there may be an opening there for an internship! Kikikikikikiest.

  64. Matako Abwino says:

    this daughter’s father is a Mwanamvekha, the Minister of Trade’s brother. Zanu izo ife zisatikudze

  65. lipenga says:

    This very sad and pathetic you mean the whole government can’t sleep because kabwira? intimidation by DPP led government at its best in fear of 20l9 .

    I am still wondering why the opposition parties not attempting to bring a motion of impeachment like what main opposition party in South Africa DA did last week to remove Zuma ?
    if you wait too long people will think you are afraid to lose 20l9 election. the time to remove Peter mutharika is now! DPP has already began preparation to rig 20l9 election, wake up MCP and PP ! just noise and crying here want help action is needed

  66. lipenga says:

    This very sad and pathetic you mean the whole government can’t sleep because kabwira? intimidation by DPP led government at its best in fear of 20l9 .

    I am still wondering why the opposition parties not attempting to bring a motion of impeachment like what main opposition party in South Africa DA did last week to remove Zuma ?
    if you wait too long people will think you are afraid to lose 20l9 election. the time to remove Peter mutharika is now! DPP has already began preparation to rig 20l9 election, wake up MCP and PP !

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