Kabwila ready to face MCP  disciplinary hearing ‘on conditions’

Former Malawi Congress Party (MCP) spokesperson Jesse Kabwira has agreed to appear before a party’s disciplinary committee but on conditions following her suspension from the position.

Kabwila (right) Njobvuyalema: Yet to face party hearing

Kabwila (right) Njobvuyalema: Yet to face party hearing

Kabwila and others were alledgedly suspended from their positions in August for sowing divisions in the party and also for  allegedly plotting to torch MCP structures at the headquaters.

Speaking to journalists in Lilongwe on Monday upon arrival from Sadc Parliamentary Forum, she said, she is very free to attend the hearing as long as the party meets the conditions.

“If thé party invites me through à letter or any written document, I will obey but if it is communicating verbally then I will not attend that meeting, ” she said.

She also told the party to press charges for arson, make sure the décision for her to appear before the committee comes from the party’s National Executive Council.

Also as part of the conditions, she said, the party should make sure the placé of à meeting is open and safe not at the headquaters.
The conditions have been put in place in order for justice to prévail on the said issues.

Kabwila said she is à staunch member, loyal and gives her total allégeance to MCP together with her constituents in Salima.
Some of the members who were suspended include Joseph Njobvuyalema while Felix Jumbe à member of Parliament for Salima Central,  Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma and Azam Mwale, Dennis Nathumba and Lyton Dzombe were expelled from the party.

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10 thoughts on “Kabwila ready to face MCP  disciplinary hearing ‘on conditions’”

  1. gologolo says:

    What is wrong with MCP. All these Njobvu and Jessie have postions in SADCC. Why shaming them? Mai Jessie work up and fight for your rights. Your slogan i do remember, it is you never fail when you start it.Let them make a documentary summon which should contain all necessary offences you committed. This is political offence not reliogious offence which Chakwera is familiar with.In church , elders just inform the offenders verbally but not in politics. Chakwera you have to grow and act accordingly.SO JESSIE NO WRITTEN SUMMON NO GOING THERE.a WORD OF QUATION TO SOMEBODY WHO DREAMS TO BE DAVID TRUMP OF MALAWI, THIS IS A BIG ISSUE AND IT IS A TOOL FOR MEASURING YOUR ABILITY IN SOLVING NATIONAL ISSUES OF A COUNTRY DEMOCRATICALLY. SO TRADE CAREFULLY. OTHERWISE DAVID TRUMP WILL REMAIN DAVID TRUMP AND LAZARO CHAKWERA WILL REMAIN LAZARO CHAKWERA TOO.

  2. Mwananyanian says:

    Never contrite, nor apologetic. And arrogant. That’s classic Kabwila-Kapasula.
    MCP, and not her, should be setting the pre-conditions for this hearing. She still thinks she is the BOSS in a classroom, like when she was teaching at Chirunga! Aaaaaa.
    If she is defiant and doesn’t attend the hearing, for whatever reason, or if found “guilty”, she should not be spared the chop. MCP has to set an example baasi.

  3. Wandale Thupuwela says:

    If we look at the expulsion it has affected leadership problems ( Rev Chakwera ) failed to handle crisis in a proper management skills ..From the Pastors angle and President of the National party angle .Both he goofed big time . My advice to Jesse Kabwila just take Chatinkhas root of taking Chakwera to court – The NEC which fired you is illegal and unconstitional . Its a slam dunk case .Chatinkha paved a away for you .

    1. kanchenga says:

      Very poor advice indeed. You see in politics it is not what the courts say on matters like this. It is her disposition with the General membership that assures her of her popularity. So far Kabwira and Njobvuyalema still have a sizable number of following in MCP. Members who would be happy to hear that the two are now working together with Chakwera. However this can change drastically if the two went to court. The judges have the power to reinstate the two but they can not force the general membership to work with the two. I don’t know how you would react if the whole NEC was meeting but you have not been invited despite being reinstated. Upon inquiry you are told that it was just an oversize by a junior clerk who did not amend records to include you on the mail list. But that is repeated many times. Malawi Congress Party has suffered some damage on this issue but I can assure you it has come out stronger than before. The real casualties are the lebels themselves. Ask Jumbe now if he still feels popular enough in MCP to make noise. My advise to the two. Read James Hardly Chase ‘How they kill monkeys in Brazil ‘

    2. Charombanthu says:

      Poor advice. This is politics and not religion. Donald Trump was rejected by senior members of the Republican Party during the campaign, including Speaker Paul Ryan; but look at what happened, he is now the President elect of the most powerful nation on the globe because the electorate thought otherwise. Courts, Chatinkha, etc will not solve Kabwila’s woes with the party. The general membership of the party holds the card to her survival as a politician. I am not a politician but I would not take this useless piece of advice if I was Kabwila.

  4. Mario pei says:

    The accused setting conditions for a hearing, who does she think she is? Madam Fifi.. She does not belong and has no future in MCP , jusf take a walk to the tea estate we will not miss you

  5. Lelaki bola ada Nkhoma says:

    Loyalty, Unity discipline are the only carry over from the one party state era that I can subscribe to
    Obedience is another thing, what if the leader is a corrupt idiot . MUST one continue to obey. With that type of mindset MCP can never win an election I’m

    1. kanchenga says:

      And Malawians shall continue suffering under the Nsanje hyenas

  6. gogoto says:

    This woman’s head is bigger than the party itself. Please just finish her straight away. Ife a DPP timutola.

  7. Maunits says:

    I understand that these people have learnt a lesson. Why I am saying this I mean that we in MCP believe in four corner stones upon which the party was built. These are Unity, Loyalty, Obedience and Discipline. If I look at Kabwila, they qualify three of MCP cornerstones but what is a deficiency here is discipline which has to be corrected. I know Kabwila cant be bought by DPP the lady is just loyal which I think is a thing that can be forgiven to her. I have never heard any voice from those other team. Lets be united and pose to win elections come 2019.

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