Kabwila says ‘clueless’ Mutharika fails to win donor confidence: ‘Ruling behind back door’

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) spokeswoman Dr Jessie Kabwila has accused the Peter Mutharika government of being “clueless” and failing to win donor confidence.

Kabwila: Mutharika rruling from 'the back' door

Kabwila: Mutharika rruling behind ‘the back’ door

“This [DPP] government is clueless, the opposition is reminding them what to do all times,” said Kabwila in apparent reference to the effective critique the opposition lawmakers have been making to the 2015/16 proposed budget statement.

She said “there is a disconnect” in government policy and the implementation.

“We have the opposition that knows what they are doing, which is oversight role,” said Kabwila.

“We are talking of budget that has not attracted budget funding. This is a clear indication that they have not managed to win donor confidence,” said the MCP spokeswoman.

She said government should resolve the K92 billion cashgate without any underhand tactics.

Meanwhile, Kabwila has said MCP has been vindicated by the findings of Institute of Public Opinion and Research (Ipor) conducted a survey led by Boniface Dulani, a University of Malawi academic and Afrobarometer representative, which shows that there are low levels of trust ratings for President Peter Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)., saying the party was really robbed victory in the 2014 Tripartite elections.

The survey was conducted in Rumphi, Salima and Thyolo districts and shows Mutharika has a high approval rating of 59 percent but established under political assessment that there are low levels of trust ratings for Mutharika in Thyolo and Salima.

“This is very interesting just a year in office, even people from your own home which a person gets more support, you are not trusted, what more with those who don’t know you, will they walk with you?.

“This just shows DPP are ruling behind back door by stealing MCP’S victory. Even, Malawi Human Rights Commission’s reports stated that elections were not credible. Isn’t the same Afrobarometer which predicted victory to DPP, now is saying something different?” said Kabwila,

She continued: “MCP is the party Malawians must trust. We will be monitoring very closely on other critical issues such as the MK92 billion report which government is failing to release in parliament as reports show that DPP gurus are implicated in the saga.

With the report’s title, “Democratic Governance and People’s Assessment of President Peter Muthalika’s One Year in Office”, the survey established that concerns were raised on the liberalisation of the public media such as MBC, Mana and no major progress on promises to trim presidential powers, lack of leadership on critical issues such as salaries, State-owned Malawi Savings Bank (MSB) sale and “focus on trivia”, among others.

Presidential adviser on Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Mabvuto Bamusi said the results are not true reflection of what is happening on the ground as the survey has largely depended on politics.

The survey had a representative sample of people 18 years and above and used quota system through face-to-face interviews in their Chichewa, Chitumbuka, or English in few cases as interviews were done between March and May 2, 2015.

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mnyamata oyikonda nyasatimes

I like objective comments! Afrobarometer predicted DPP’s victory; the same afrobarometer ppo r back telling the nation the mistrust of ppo in their president: someone says the findings r biased! biased my foot! swallow your pride n face reality. APM dies today the party ends there! take it or leave! mwina ngati ku america kwanuko munasiyakotso young bro paja mumabwera mukamva zotu money yaphweka pa malawi after zima cashgate kenako mimba tiye tiye tikazibere zi anthu zopanda nzeru zaku malawi.

Azatimva mawa.

Once I come across this party’s name MCP,oh my God.It reminds me all those days of darkness.So u mean u Kabwila can do the right to all Malawians,am sure even in ur own area,among ur family there’s others who say nothing good of u,there’s God who sees everything,think twice before u speak.”Imakhweka akamayendetsa wina”don’t forget.

Concerned Citizen

winning donor confidence? If we do dat den we’ll never be independent/developed. Let us fight on our own. Everyone shud work hard then we’ll graduate from backwardness.
We’re tired of being a dependant country. We’ve been missusing donations since Kamuzu. See Malasia, we were at par in poverty but now Malasia is too far in dev. from Mw

Mhango yona

Lets love our country to move, so of u r just loud


We thank you kabwira for the good job that you do. Most malawians don’t understand you becoz of ignorance and the ignorance is the reason why crap hands to the corrupt leadership.


Mayi kabwira, mayi Lunguzi, bambo Mayaya,Aphungu nonse a opposition ndi a speaker Athu
chonde pulumutsani dziko ku wokubawa



Kabwira angakometu uyu. Koma vuto ndikupanda nzeruko. Umbeta wamupengetsa. MCP=Oposition basi!

Zanga pheee

Jesse uziganiza ukafuna kulankhula sitinaiwale zijazo,ok unanena kuti onse omwa ma ARV ndi mitembo kape iwe kaya ndi chamba.chakwera kutaya mulungu kaamba ka ndale shame in u.

Lutundu Wa Lutundu

Kabwila thinks MCP will bounce back. Never

ignatius matiyasi

mai uyu thas why she is a bachelor

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