Kabwila says ‘clueless’ Mutharika fails to win donor confidence: ‘Ruling behind back door’

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) spokeswoman Dr Jessie Kabwila has accused the Peter Mutharika government of being “clueless” and failing to win donor confidence.

Kabwila: Mutharika rruling from 'the back' door

Kabwila: Mutharika rruling behind ‘the back’ door

“This [DPP] government is clueless, the opposition is reminding them what to do all times,” said Kabwila in apparent reference to the effective critique the opposition lawmakers have been making to the 2015/16 proposed budget statement.

She said “there is a disconnect” in government policy and the implementation.

“We have the opposition that knows what they are doing, which is oversight role,” said Kabwila.

“We are talking of budget that has not attracted budget funding. This is a clear indication that they have not managed to win donor confidence,” said the MCP spokeswoman.

She said government should resolve the K92 billion cashgate without any underhand tactics.

Meanwhile, Kabwila has said MCP has been vindicated by the findings of Institute of Public Opinion and Research (Ipor) conducted a survey led by Boniface Dulani, a University of Malawi academic and Afrobarometer representative, which shows that there are low levels of trust ratings for President Peter Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)., saying the party was really robbed victory in the 2014 Tripartite elections.

The survey was conducted in Rumphi, Salima and Thyolo districts and shows Mutharika has a high approval rating of 59 percent but established under political assessment that there are low levels of trust ratings for Mutharika in Thyolo and Salima.

“This is very interesting just a year in office, even people from your own home which a person gets more support, you are not trusted, what more with those who don’t know you, will they walk with you?.

“This just shows DPP are ruling behind back door by stealing MCP’S victory. Even, Malawi Human Rights Commission’s reports stated that elections were not credible. Isn’t the same Afrobarometer which predicted victory to DPP, now is saying something different?” said Kabwila,

She continued: “MCP is the party Malawians must trust. We will be monitoring very closely on other critical issues such as the MK92 billion report which government is failing to release in parliament as reports show that DPP gurus are implicated in the saga.

With the report’s title, “Democratic Governance and People’s Assessment of President Peter Muthalika’s One Year in Office”, the survey established that concerns were raised on the liberalisation of the public media such as MBC, Mana and no major progress on promises to trim presidential powers, lack of leadership on critical issues such as salaries, State-owned Malawi Savings Bank (MSB) sale and “focus on trivia”, among others.

Presidential adviser on Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Mabvuto Bamusi said the results are not true reflection of what is happening on the ground as the survey has largely depended on politics.

The survey had a representative sample of people 18 years and above and used quota system through face-to-face interviews in their Chichewa, Chitumbuka, or English in few cases as interviews were done between March and May 2, 2015.

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50 thoughts on “Kabwila says ‘clueless’ Mutharika fails to win donor confidence: ‘Ruling behind back door’”

  1. I like objective comments! Afrobarometer predicted DPP’s victory; the same afrobarometer ppo r back telling the nation the mistrust of ppo in their president: someone says the findings r biased! biased my foot! swallow your pride n face reality. APM dies today the party ends there! take it or leave! mwina ngati ku america kwanuko munasiyakotso young bro paja mumabwera mukamva zotu money yaphweka pa malawi after zima cashgate kenako mimba tiye tiye tikazibere zi anthu zopanda nzeru zaku malawi.

  2. Azatimva mawa. says:

    Once I come across this party’s name MCP,oh my God.It reminds me all those days of darkness.So u mean u Kabwila can do the right to all Malawians,am sure even in ur own area,among ur family there’s others who say nothing good of u,there’s God who sees everything,think twice before u speak.”Imakhweka akamayendetsa wina”don’t forget.

  3. Concerned Citizen says:

    winning donor confidence? If we do dat den we’ll never be independent/developed. Let us fight on our own. Everyone shud work hard then we’ll graduate from backwardness.
    We’re tired of being a dependant country. We’ve been missusing donations since Kamuzu. See Malasia, we were at par in poverty but now Malasia is too far in dev. from Mw

  4. Mhango yona says:

    Lets love our country to move, so of u r just loud

  5. Malawian says:

    We thank you kabwira for the good job that you do. Most malawians don’t understand you becoz of ignorance and the ignorance is the reason why crap hands to the corrupt leadership.

  6. A MPINGO says:

    Mayi kabwira, mayi Lunguzi, bambo Mayaya,Aphungu nonse a opposition ndi a speaker Athu
    chonde pulumutsani dziko ku wokubawa


  7. Nalimata says:

    Kabwira angakometu uyu. Koma vuto ndikupanda nzeruko. Umbeta wamupengetsa. MCP=Oposition basi!

  8. Zanga pheee says:

    Jesse uziganiza ukafuna kulankhula sitinaiwale zijazo,ok unanena kuti onse omwa ma ARV ndi mitembo kape iwe kaya ndi chamba.chakwera kutaya mulungu kaamba ka ndale shame in u.

  9. Lutundu Wa Lutundu says:

    Kabwila thinks MCP will bounce back. Never

  10. ignatius matiyasi says:

    mai uyu thas why she is a bachelor

  11. limzy says:

    Mcp will never rule malawi

  12. Ernest says:

    Stupidity is not spirituality

  13. mphatso says:

    this is the same kabwila who asked for a jet lift from zimbabwe?

  14. Village Boy says:

    Kachanje said ” Why have a legal system that delivers no justice” By extension, why should a few politically connected criminals steal money from MSB without facing justice. Peter has it all for his political survival. But I do not think Malawians are ready to sink with him. he knows that there is single foolish donor that can entertain cashgating government and there he is gloryfing it by doing hide and seek gaming and hoping donors will listen to his cheap cries over 2014 floods and drought. JB won donor confidence by doing the right thing at the right time and she paid a price for the same. We need leaders that die for their land and their people. Why should Malawians accept suffering due to the evil and dirty acts of few DPP criminals? Peter please act on MK92 Billion to win us back the donors we need them back we do not need your few DPP Criminals.

  15. Shonai says:

    mai ameneyu ndi okwatira ?Alibe ulemu.Moti gulu lonse laboma akungosewera.adzinamiza mbuli zawo.Moti APM ndi size yake.Who can believe you when you are always negative.Do be an educated savage mukuchititsa manyazi chipani cha KAMUZU.Abusao ndiye mwaakwatira…..Akukuopani.

  16. chucks says:

    why do you always have to talk about donors? Damn it! change you old folks! New blood is needed here. shame!

  17. Jelbin mk says:

    Mr Malawian it’s you who found it expensive to buy the queen’s language from the article they said the so called president has high rating of approval of about 59% but has the low rating of trust simple and straight forward English mwina akanalembako muchiyankhulo chanu mukanamva nawo bwana.

  18. namarokoro says:

    MCP, MCP, MCP! Look who is talking. It seems you are just good at criticising the government and you are doing a good job on it. Come next election we will vote for DPP and keep MCP as official opposition because you are doing a good job as opposition. uhh! Kabwila is very handsome

  19. Omex70 says:

    Kabwira is right. DPP led government is clueless.

  20. Man R says:

    lets support ourselves to avoid whats happening to Greece

  21. malawian says:

    So even Dr Kabwila doesnt understand that if 42% of Malawians do not trust Peter Mutharika, then it means the majority of Malawians (58%) have trust in Mutharika? Shame on you Jesse!

  22. mahara says:

    kabwila akuyankhula zanzeru kwambiri,kunena zowona Peter walephera kuyendetsa dziko lino.Timanena kuti ameneyo ndi mtchona zadziko la Malawi sakudziwa

  23. maiwamai says:

    Kabwira is a stupid whore who does not even know the difference between donor aid and zero aid budget let alone making pronouncements that a spineless Malawian can have Chakwera rule this country. Kabwira, those meetings that you conduct in Salima with the teachers will not help you or Chakwera. Please let Chakwera go back to the pulpit. If you think MCP will ever get a vote from the South, then let Chakwera go back to CCAP Nkhoma Synod since AG wont accept him. To hell with you Kabwila and doom to Chakwera.

  24. Patriot says:

    kkkkkkk aisolva gogoyu kkkkk

  25. Boy says:

    The comments by all these readers indicate that you Kabwila are a liability to both your party and Malawi. You talk rubbish and if you claim Peter and DPP are doing nothing, at your party level, show us what you have done. Indeed, there is nothing and you are busy making analysis of others. Tell us what you have done so far, if at all there is anything. People of this caliber waste precious time pointing fingers at others and forgetting themselves. Kabwila wants to show Malawians as if she thinks better than anybody else, you miss the point. Kabwila, know that you are not a person who people can say we have a thinker like Vera Chirwa, she is a woman of integrity and respected by Malawians, not you rubbish and stupid woman.

  26. Jessie Kabwila and again Jessie? What do you expect from a president who is a sojourner? People who have reached the end of the journey cannot help us whatsoever. Somebody who left Malawi in 1960 can’t be that patriotic.

  27. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    1. Ms. Kabwila-Kapasula herself would have no clue as to how to go to about
    implementing policy ideas. DPP has akaswiri (experts), and there are many such in the
    government. Please, do not belittle our civil servants: they have been implementing
    policy ideas for many year years; and for various governments.
    2. The lady is still living in the world of academics! The sooner she gets her mind free
    from Chanco, the better for her. The learning curve of politics is proving to be a steep
    one for her. Evidently.
    3. The opinion survey she is referring to, by Afrobarometer, has been trashed by many in
    the know. The worst that can be statistically inferred from that survey, regarding APM,
    is that he has a favorable rating by the majority of Malawians. So, take that Jesse
    Kabwila-Kapasula. Learn to interpret stats in stead of being spoon fed by dubious
    4. If desirable, confidence of donors can never be won overnight. After her “sister”, JB,
    ransacked our treasury with impunity. And with MCP’s – K-K ‘s party, approval.
    5. As some people have already pointed, there is a political school of thought out there
    that encourages us to wean ourselves of foreign aid. For our own good. As opposed to
    the benefit of NGO’s, some of whose leaders are just getting rich – a way of stealing
    from foreign governments and their citizens.

    But will K-K run out of things to say, when DPP wins again in 2019? When MCP has no credible strategy to win in the populous south? And when many voters in all regions will constantly be reminded of MCP’s brutal rule or misrule, for thirty odd years. And when her party show no remorse what so ever?
    It is reasonable to suggest that she will always have something to say, even if it is nonsense. Because she likes the limelight too much. She should know that overexposure to “sunlight”, even for us Africans, can be detrimental. Even after apply protection with adequate SPF.

  28. Malawian says:

    Mzimai ochititsa manyazi uyu. Kodi ku MCP kulibe angamuuze kuti akhaleko chete? Inu amene munasankha Kabwira never give her any chance come 2019.

  29. Vakabu ya amphawi. says:

    A Kabwila mukuwaputawa ndi alhomwe kapena titi angulu, zokudya zawo ndi njoka, bwampini, namfuko, kalongonda zina ndaziyiwala. Zomwe akunena Kabwila kuti mutharika ndi wankhanza ndizowona ndipo ine ndikugwilizana nazo. Inu tawonani mmene akwezera ku road traffic kukhomera license? Anthu kugwidwa vakabu 10 koloko mammawa osatitu usiku koma mammawa ma 10 ati akumwa mowa ndalama azitenga kuti. Ndikunenazi zachitika lachitatu lathali ku Bangwe ndi ku BCA ndatitu 10 am. Anthuwo atulutsidwa atapereke ma 2500 kwacha. Kodi nkhanza zipose apa?

  30. White Rabbit says:

    I AM monitoring the Cashgate case too.


    I want MORE FIRE!

    BURN their castle in the clouds!

    Little boy peter and his comrades / thugs will soon beg for mercy!

    Forgiveness only comes by repenting.

    So far I see none of them repenting!



  31. Shams says:

    Ndiye mbili ya munthu okuda imeneyo, kodi ndimesa mudavomeleza kuti DPP idawina nanga mukulimbananso chani, kodi mmene mukulankhuliramo atakhala kuti mdela lanu MP ndiwa DPP akufuna akupatseni chitukuko kodi muchilandira, mmalo moti tithandizane ndikulolelana ayi koma kukhalira kumangowanunkhisa anthu nkamwa zoona? Tapitani mukasamale banja uko mukutinyasa, anthu okuda a NYANI.

  32. aneneri says:

    ati kuti anthu adziwe kuti kuli akabwila kkkkkk.kumangovwanduka kuyankhula zopanda pake.nkhani yakalekale malo mopita chitsogolo.chakwela be careful with these empty tins,oterewa ndiomwe amaononga tsogolo la chipani ndi mkamwa mwao monunkhamo.mthamangitseni wachabechabe uyu

  33. Mnunkhaludzu says:

    Kabwila is one the great women in Malawi! Your ranting against her just shows the message has reached home with a big jab on the lower side of the buttocks…… Her assertion that APM has failed to woe donors is 100% correct. Joyce Banda restored donor confidence within weeks and not years. Zigubu in your car boots disappeared within few weeks after fuel became abundant due her tactical way of handling relations with the global community. Don’t underrate women and JB performed well in her two year rule. another crisis is looming! Just wait…. She had her challenges but this is worse!

  34. wagwa says:

    mcp singawine oro pang’ono.mukhalira zomwezo.ife tilipo ambiri

  35. Tili Chenene says:

    MCP? My foot! Be quiet

  36. Damamoyo says:

    Jesse! Isn’t that the actual role of opposition? Why complain when you r just doing your work of over sighting government ? Too much chamba Jesse?

  37. Aliyawo says:

    MCP was indeed robbed of its victory due to its regionalistic tendencies and clueless leadership. You couldn’t feature candidates in 36 Southern Region constituencies and expected to win. By failing to feature candidates,you knew you didn’t have the support. You didn’t care about the South,yet you wanted to win the elections. Its time you stopped grieving over the loss and stop scratching Muthalika like a cat. Malawi,Jessie,isn’t Central Region. Your president was on position one in the centre,four in the south and three in the north. Mathematically,he would be on position one… Sukuona Kabwila,Mayi Kapasula?

  38. NYONYO says:

    Kabwila you must be an educated fool…how in earth can you be advocating retrogressive thoughts of dependency..is it not the right time now for us as a country to learn to stand on our feet? Yes we could be facing hard time BUT its the freedom we enjoy to determine our fate seriously Kabwila you reason like foolish JB …do you think Mzungu has you at heart? please search me

  39. munyalika says:

    masapota a dpp kodi a pulezident anu ali ndi litata or mano alibe muziwawona polankhula

  40. munyalika says:

    kabwira ukunena zowona iyi ndiye mbuzi ya pulezident

  41. P. M says:

    Kabwila why contradicting with our boss chakwera on issues of donor suppport, u r even saying afrobarometer has done the research instead of telling us the truth that its Boniface Dulani who has done he once workd with them and this one is his research, atleast be sober when tryin to win political milage, you are a shame to our party. MIGHTY MCP, PARTY OF THE NATION

  42. A M says:

    Chilungamo chimawawa

    Inuyo mudzimwa thiyi wa noni noni
    wanthu mmidzimu ndi mdzipatala
    akuvutika inuyo nkuganiza mupeza mtendere ???

    Ayi ndithu pepani
    mtendere mmtimamo mulibe

  43. Zagwa Zatha says:

    Nonse amene mukumunyoza Kabwila, you are a shame. Dziko lopanda njira yopezera chuma ngati Malawi Lori monga munthu woti sali pantchito (Lova) Alibe ufa,alibe ndalama yogulira ma groceries, alibe pogona and alibe chovala.Munthu ameneyo mungamuuze kuti usamapephe zakudya zigona ndinjala? Usamapemphe zovala ziyenda maliseche?. You have commented ngati anthu ophunzira koma from what you have written, it shows ndinu mbuli. This is not the right time for Malawi to stop depending on donners,its rather time to ask our donners kuti Malawi akufuna asiye kudalira thandizo lanulo choncho mukamabwera ndi thandizolo likhale loti litipezere chochota chomwe chidzidzatipa ndalama mpaka kale. Siutsiru wanu mwalembawo. Kabwala is right. Stop insulting her. Malawians want the 92 billion audit report be made public. Chomwe mukubisila ndichani? Tulutsani report lo if your hands are clean.

  44. Abk says:

    She’s on the vague of legalizing marijuana as she intends exporting high grade ganja in order to win donor confidence. otherwise she is eccentric person.

  45. johntembo Kuffor says:

    Kabwila is a shame….big shame…..big fool….big mouth stupid person whom, education has not benefited her.
    Do you think you can keep on ruling a country from Donor Monies? Look at Greece.
    Malawi can rule itself through ZERO BUDGET. Go to MRA and verify this. Its just unfortunate that some unpatriotic citizen like you KABWILA defraud on TAXES.
    MCP has empty headed leadership who is always confused with his own pronunciation.

    Let us use our own TAXES to build Malawi and not depend on nyumba iyo muli kufuka moto, andigawira chakudya. Stupid Kabwila. Speak and argue like a graduate, or else go back to Zimbabwe where you were born.

  46. Yahudah says:

    1 Timothy 2:11-15
    Let a woman learn in silence, in all subjection. 12 But I do not permit a woman to teach or have authority over a man, rather to be in silence. 33 Because adam was formed first, then hawwah. 14 But adam was not decieve, but the woman, having been decieve fell into transgression.

    Proverbs 22: 14
    The mouth of a strange woman is a deep pit; The one denounce by YAH falls in there.

    Be on guard of the Jezibel woman. You dealing with a creature that is ruthless, manipulative, seeking weak individual to control manipulate and destroy for her personal gains. She is hearthless, covet and jealous, greedy for gain and she is an habitual liar and a whore hunting for the next victim. Jezebel is a savage wolf seeking to turn man away from the knowledge of YAH to the path of the dead. She hungers for a mans authority and the enemy used these creature against righteousness. She is a hypocrite too.

  47. freedom says:

    Kambwila you big mouth talks too much.audit report has taken how long by the auditing film? Now you expect it to be in parliament without the prior view of the government machinery.how will the ministry responsible responds to you parliamentary committee.take this with soberly mind not as a political gain.this is for all of Malawians.be mature and make nose at the collect time.it seems that you have the report already and you know what it contains so why can’t you share that with us before your blasting.mai kabwila lets love our country truthfully.people who elected you are regally waiting to see you delivering responsibly please.fueling tribal leaders in their work is not the best way to go on.you are educated enough to guide most of us.

  48. Madzi ndimoyo says:

    Kambwila needs to know that President found a mess of JB. Jessy, this will not help Malawi right now. Let us fix what is broken first and move on. You are part of the problem. Why cant you just shut up!!!!. The president has dealt with a lot of issues like flood, and now hunger due to flood. Your sister JB store money. Remember? Handout from donors is out MAI. Change is not easy. Kodi mukatenga boma mudalila ma donor? You are on the wrong road. MCP has a big baggage from the past. People have not gotten over with the khanza munawachita anthu.

  49. Lutundu Wa Lutundu says:

    Tiyeni uko. No party can rule minus a seat ku mwera. A Kabwila kuli an any ophunzira kupita panopo

  50. BigMan says:

    Kabwila, you complain of Peter failing to win donor confidence? Your party cant even win a national election!

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