Kachama appointed new Malawi Police IG

Malawian President Peter Mutharika Tuesday appointed Lexten Kachama as new Police Inspector General following the resignation of Paul Kanyama Friday on health grounds.

Kachama: New police chief

Kachama: New police chief

Government chief secretary George Mkondiwa said Kachama’s appointments is “with immediate effect.”

Kachama was Deputy Inspector General of Malawi Police Service before his appointment.

His nomination will be presented to the 193-seat National Assembly for approval.

According to the constitution, the Inspector General of Police shall be appointed by the President and confirmed by the National Assembly by a majority of the members present .

Kanyama was appointed three months ago, replacing retired IG Lot Dzonzi and  has become Police IG who served the shortest  tenure in the country.

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88 thoughts on “Kachama appointed new Malawi Police IG”

  1. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Kachama is professionally a good cop. But check on how he has acquired wealth. He is questionably too rich for his position. He owns a number of trucks, farms, houses and mini-buses. Four years ago he imported between 4 and 6 mini-buses at once.

    Are these guys investigated before being appointed?

  2. KUMBUYOKO says:


  3. Kumbuyo Kucheta says:

    Kachama is an automatic choice for the position of Inspector General, no need to attend PAC of Parliament interviews, just confirm him the gentleman is,very much fitting for the post.

  4. Livulezi river. says:

    Apa a pulezidenti ndiye simukukondera ndithu. Just imagine after the parly rejected that Dedza guy( Kanyama ), you have gone further to Kasungu, another central region district for this Kachama fellow! If this guy can be rejected again of which I am 100% doubtful, just pick mwana wa pa Chiradzulu uyu Wiison Matinga. After all he is now no.3 in police hierarchy. Nthawi yoti ma galajuweti adyerereno yafika!!!!! Kikikikikiki!!!!!!

  5. Livulezi river. says:

    If the parliament will not confirm you as an IG, I will personally single handedly confirm you! I have dealt with so many police officers in my life, but I had never come across one like this guy, Kachama. He is a down to earth guy with a vision. He respects everyone in regardless of size, age, status and where he/ she is coming from. Another guy is Mr Chambakata now based at police HQS. He treats people with respect as if he is a junior, yet he is a regional traffic officer( centre). Anthu inu, pitilizani makhalidwe anu abwinowo and god will reward you handsomely. Mr Kachama, all the best!!!

  6. Wolemekezeka a Tcheya says:

    Congratulations are in order to this respected Police Officer who has served his country with dedication. And I wish Mr Kanyama all the best as he retire for the second time. True sons of Malawi.

  7. kaferapanja says:

    Koma maina amenewa nanenso ndasintha dzina ndikhala kasoma.

  8. Patriot says:


  9. mangochi kabwafu says:


  10. Hot Iron says:

    Congrats Bwana Kachama and Bwana President is right in appointing you. You are a capable man. Continue being humble but be tough on the criminals. Strengthen prevention of criminal acts as a priority and may Allah grant you guidance as you serve mother Malawi in your new capacity.

  11. Wampwesa says:

    Congratulations Mr. Kachama. Koma abale everybody engineered the death of Chasowa. God is the best judge and the one who did it will not go unpunished, mwazi wa munthu ndi ovuta, mudzamva amene anachita akupanga confess.

  12. Umunthu says:

    Iwe 22 Guta ndi mmodzi wa DPP Cadets adalembedwa ntchito ndi Kantsaira. Infact if you can check all the thefts that affect policemen you’ll discover that almost all the bad apples were taken into police without following proper recruitment processes. Fufuzani. Nde pano alembanso ena ma cadet kuti azdzathandizire 2019 kuopseza anthu kuti akavotere DPP. If Kachama will work with these cadets, believe you me, alepheranso. Koma nkhawa yanga ndi Jose coz Kachama wakula kale. Very soon he will be retired

  13. Nibgate says:

    Zoona. They indicate 30 officers on duty at Parliament but only four officers reports for duties.Where does the rest of the money go???

  14. Yankeez says:

    Koma ya Chasowa ipitilira or yathera pomwepa? Banja la A Chasowa mudawapatsa zingati ngati compersation? Mwakula mwatha mudzaziona wina akadzakuphelani mwana omalizamaliza school kumaganiza pali thandizo lopezekelatu wina mkuchotsa, RIP CHASOWA!

  15. General Aididi says:

    A worthy appointment. Let us hope that the majority of the MPs who are not graduates will approve this appointment. We need to move forward as a country.

  16. Am reliably informed that DAUSI and his administration staff amangodya ma allowance meant for officers. Clerk of Parliament pls pay them thru their Bank Accounts . Am told up to now Officers haven’t received the October session allowances. ACB findout please something is wrong somewhere.

  17. Ameneyo says:

    Very great man and a true professional.

  18. Kamalo says:

    But he should stop dealing in Mkula business with Chinese Nationals otherwise the public will be informed of underhand deals.

  19. Santhe says:

    Mr. Thaloni do you mean Saudi or DAUSI ?

  20. joking samulani says:

    He is my classmate and I know him as the best man. He is good mannered, Humble and educated. Doing second masters degree with Leeds Beckett University

  21. truth weapon says:

    Good coming, you deserve. may the spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ abide in you with his wisdom n understandind for the challenging post

  22. Thaloni says:

    Well done Prof. Continue restructuring the security system. Mukhito can make a good Director General of NIB while Saudi can make a good Presidential Adviser on Communication and Strategy

  23. ANALYST says:

    I think Kachama should sail through parliament without much-ado. But if you had appointed Jose (him of the Robert Chasowa case), mukanaputanso mavu-nkhomola ku parliament! Congrats Kachama!

  24. Proff. Ngangabulawayo says:

    Congrats Kachama, maintain ur good behaviour, remember ur subordnates while on the new hem. Wishing u good luck.

  25. Kwangwagwa says:

    Tingodziwako maphunziro anu bwana. Munatulukiranso pa windo nanu ngati? Comment number 20 by Truth. I wonder if it can unit Malawians. Let us take Malawi as one country and not be regional in our thinking.If someone from the Central Region has been given such a position, should it be news. Amalawi, let us be wise. Regional thinking is of the old and uncivilized.

  26. Happy Eduardo says:

    Congrats bwana Kachama. I knew you would rise to such a big position. Munkandikhozera bwino Research Methods when I taught you at ShareWorld Open University. I also enjoyed supervising your thesis. What a humble man we have as IG! Parliament said last week they need an educated person for IG’s role, so let’s see what they will say this time around. God bless you.

  27. ndadabwa says:

    musasinthe khalidwe lanu labwino Mr Kachama.

  28. Phodogoma says:

    Chewas have started becoming selfish like the Tumbukas. Look at their comments accepting Kachama simply because he comes from central region, Kasungu. Useless members of gulewamkulu.

  29. Bristol says:

    Congrats Mr. Kachama and I wish you all the best as you take up the new challenge. I agree with comment 18. Nyasatimes you like posting half-baked stories. Some of your readers would like to know briefly how long has Mr. Kachama worked in the police service and positions and places where he has worked before this appointment and also his educational qualifications.

  30. Mnngulu says:

    Long life long life Bambo kachama. We need sober IG for a long time and be there for a long time. Congratulations.

  31. AKETE says:

    Please Mr Kachama change all the CIDs at Kanengo police! They are the ones who connive with thugs and they share the stolen property. One of them is staying at Nangantani in area 25c. He goes out with another thug every night and comes out with assorted items but because I reside at the same compound and he knows that I know. He can kill me if I report directly to the station

  32. IMPI says:

    koma ameneyu Kachama amaziwa chimene akuchita osati nzungu uja (welesike)

  33. Kenn says:

    Zabwino zonse a bwana.


  35. You have been appointed by government not party.So please refrain from foul-mouthing,Otherwise will show you an exit door.Congratulations

  36. Northerner says:

    This new IG is retiring next year in February. However, this should not be an issue as he should be grooming a replacement during the one year. The region does not matter. He is also a staunch Catholic. What is his CV like?

    I am glad Rodney Jose has been passed over. He was not going to make it thru parliament with the Chasowa issue that will haunt him forever.


  37. TAWONA BEWULA says:

    Congratulations. The long arms of the law should come here Ku MRA msanga msanga. Sauti Phiri, George Mankhwala, Amanda Mkonda, Mbilizi too much theaving

  38. Ana ofewa says:

    you made it bwana, congrants

  39. Shimwitwa says:

    A learned IG at least. Hands up

  40. Congratulation Mr Kachama for being the head of police services.

  41. Tsono mutinji? says:

    I knew some Nyikans would be interested to know where this guy comes from, with their vuvuzelas on lips ready to blow loudly as usual if Kachama was from the South! Apatu ndiye APM 10: 0 Nyika. Boma lenileni ili ngakhalenso anyamata ndi atsikana opalatsa fumbi a MCP zimenezi akudziwa. 2019 Wina adzalira pyoooooooooooooooooooooo! Forward with APM, Chilima and Kachama. DPP woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Ifetu a DPP sitiona nkhope, khaya ndi Chilima, Kachama, Goodle Gondwe ife zomwe tikufuna ndi chitukuko, chitetezo ndi chilungamo basi!……..

  42. Emmatuwa says:

    zilibwino APM

  43. Norman says:

    One of finest Police officer MPS has ever had.Very profession,humble & dedicated @ all times.One who does not @ race,wealth,class,tribe,age among others but any person as God created.

  44. Gwede says:

    Ine ndimangoziwa kuti ndi no nonsense,ogangalama kwinako I dont know

  45. freedom says:

    Bravo Mr president and the team
    we need a more clue well DIG though as kachama is more reserved and quite.yes who can make arrest of those under cashgate cases.

  46. olira says:

    Ankolo Congrats , God bless u

  47. mfana wa boo says:

    Zikomo Mr President. Uku ndiye kusankha, ngakhale maonekedwe akuoneka kuti ndi a umunthu.

    Congrats Kachama!!!

  48. chirwakankhande says:

    Congratulations your Excellency President Mutharika for swiftly appointing a well deserving Kachama the new IG. Congratulations Mr Kachama and God bless.

  49. Tilibemau says:

    Very good choice and deserve it.So humble with clean record.He comes from Lilongwe and holds Masters degree.

  50. andrew nyondo says:

    the man i expected to be an IG before Kanyama was appointed. what a humble man, a man who has a sound academic stand. continue being humble Mr.Kachama, parliament will clear you outstandingly.

  51. nyayo says:

    It’s not easy for Malawians to appreciate APM appointment. This means there is something great in this IG. Bravo APM!

  52. Isis says:

    He will go through. He has a BA (HRM) University of Malawi

  53. OBM says:

    From kanyama to kachama

    koma yah

  54. Jescano says:

    I know the man he is very good. May God be with him.

  55. hassan says:

    moh fire crimes by th men in unfom shld cme tu an end

  56. Kadakwiza says:

    Is he a Lomwe? Because everything is lomwe when comes to Malawi Police Service IGs. Anyway congratulations. Wish you the best IG Kachama. May God guide you as you are fighting crime and install safety and security in our beautiful country. Good luck…..

  57. Peter Muthaliki says:

    Great man he used to head the traffic department and there was no corruption

  58. Shema Banda says:

    Congrats The New Ig God Bless

  59. ngangaube says:

    i second this appointment. now appoint a lady DIG and remive Jose

  60. mtambo says:

    very good choice!

  61. Great man, super cop, munthu wodziwa kucheza ndikuzichepesa, congrants IG Kachama

  62. Weakliks says:

    Chilobwe Police need further cleansing. too many con policemen. Guta is back and only comes in the night and residents are worried because he is out of work and might plan some roberies.

  63. Well deserved he has been long in police force that s how people must be rewarded as I know him he his very humble person may god protect you and bless you and your family well done congrats

  64. Truth says:

    Now government going back to central region. Kachama is from KU and Chilima will soon be acting president.

    1. TAWONA BEWULA says:

      Point of correction, Mr Kachama is from Lilongwe

  65. DJ?????? says:

    Should this be acting position until confirmed by Parliament? If not confirmed, can he go back to his old post? Just curious regarding these confirmation procedures……Its more comforting to be in Acting position unti l onfirmation than be ‘IG’ and not confirmed……!

  66. Galu Wagalu says:

    Can you please share with us:
    Who is kachama? What is his CV? Thanks

    1. Toto mwano says:

      @ Galu wagalu
      Kachama is “KACHAMA” and his cv is his ” PERSONALITY”
      Oh ! Alibe mbiri yoyipa ngati ya bambo ako .. Thanks too

    2. Njokaluzi says:

      Kachama is a student at Malawi Institute of Management.

  67. Yona says:

    Good choice. Bravo APM

  68. loloka says:

    Delayed Appointment of course good Education and Humble. Mnyamata weni weni wosayamba at least Peter you scored now .

  69. kapolo says:

    Abala Immigration give us Chief not wa std 8 akugwirizirayu. I beg uuuuu!

  70. aphiri says:

    Mjomba tsopano. Zilibwino

  71. Mute Gama says:

    Congrats Mr Kachama, you deserve itand continue to be humble as you always have been. Once again we have a clean IG after Olive Kumbambe and Loti Dzonzi. The others in recent history were something else.

  72. Bob says:

    Congratulations you seem to have no bad record but don’t compromise your profession with politics. Be non partisan.

  73. Odi Ukoo says:


  74. Mbewa zikatha mbambadi swiswili amanona

  75. kalokesha says:

    Mulungu ndiwabwino ndakunyadilani bambo including the president Peter muthalika

  76. Jacob chitseko says:



    Ndakunyadilani bwana You deserve.Abwana osakonda zolongolola. May the Almighty God guide you day by day

  78. Namalila says:

    Congratulations Achimwene for going up the ladder.
    May Almighty God Guide and Bless you abundantly.

  79. He has chasowa blood in his hands he is the one engineered the death of a young man durling bingu time but god will judge one day

    1. sukutumpwelembwe says:

      Iwe Mac William Shumba
      Do you really know what you are talking about ? Yes , indeed God will judge you ndi pakamwa pako pamabodzapo one day
      Just shut up and give other people space to write something meaningful osati zamkutu mwako !!!

  80. support says:

    Congratutions boss.You deserve it.

  81. Mulopwana Wa Mamwene says:

    Waiting from parliament,but he looks like deserving it. Boss start with your inside police thieves, I mean those officers who conives with thieves to commit atrocities to citizens and foreigners. Sit down with unprofessional officers. Have financial discipline in your MPS not overspending with over 160% within six months. Protect everyone in Malawi despite the political afffiliation

  82. BONYA says:

    Mr IG Mukuziwa Zomwe Anaononga Kanyama. Mukonze Zimenezo. Sibwino Kuti Ma Officers Azigwira Ntchito Modandaula. Revertion Ndi Yowawa Bwana.

  83. john phiri says:

    Apa nde mwapanga za nzeru, uyu nde munthu uyu, akuthandizani bwana komanso atumikira bwino dziko la malawi

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