Kaliati awarded with honorary doctorate degree

Minister of Civic Education, Culture and Community Services , Patricia Kaliati has been awarded with Doctorate Degree by the Africa University in conjunction with Royal Acadamy of the United Nations.

Information minister Patricia Kaliati challenges Kamlepo Kalua to disclose names of cashgate ministers

Kaliati gets doctorate

Speaking during the ceremony held in Lilongwe, Africa University Vice Chancellor, Dr Jacqueline Chazema said the award has been given following scrutiny on the minister’s achievements which started early August this year.

Kaliati said she was honoured with the award.

The minister said she will dedicate her award to Malawians and the entire nation.

“I dedicate my award to all Malawians especially people of my constituency these are the people who have been with me since I joined politics in 1999,” said Kaliati.

During the ceremony Minister of Labour, Sports and manpower Development Henry Mussa, commended the institutions for the award.

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22 thoughts on “Kaliati awarded with honorary doctorate degree”

  1. Waphuma says:

    An honorary doctorate does not entitle a person to call him or herself a ‘Dr.,’ and so far many of them have used the title quite dishonorably. It is some title-hungry abusers who prefix their names with the title ‘Dr.,’ as though they followed a PhD programme, wrote a thesis and defended the findings of their research before grey-haired academics. I consider it a bastardization of academic integrity and scholarship. Please let us learn to learn

  2. be humane says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk not that one but the one in Zimbabwe kkkkkkkk

  3. Maunits says:

    It is here by area 28 Roberts en route to airport opposite Total filling station.

  4. be humane says:

    ndikumva chisoni kuti enanu you are failing to update your knowledge. She was T2 when she left teaching. So you mean mpaka lero is still at T2? Vuto lanu ndilimenelo anzanu masiku ano akupanga sukulu munjira zosiyanasiyana inu mukungonyoza muli phwii mmakomo mwanu. Kusadziwa kumene kuti African University shows you true ignorance kuti zasukulu mulibe nazo ntchito. Mukayidziwa African University mukubera anthu ntauni? Wina akuti PHD in what? Which means simunawerenge your question has the answer already in the story. Wina akuti amaphunzira liti iyeyo? kumvetsa chisoni a Malawi. Honorarly ndiye kuti muntu anali mkalasi? shaaaa Malawi sadzatukuka chonchi nkumamunena Pitala kuti Mbuli? Poti wamisala amanena anzake abwino kuti ndiwo amisala pamene wamisala ali iyeyo. Pepani

  5. Jim says:

    Very stupid honorary! I loathe the giver and the recipient!

  6. Logic says:


  7. Ngalamayi says:

    By the looks of recent award ceremonies, the requirements of such awards are that you should be totally useless at your government post. That’s how you get honorary degrees! We have 2 recent pieces of evidence hat this is true. Dedicated to her constituents??!! They’d find maize at reasonable prices, reliable, clean water supplies, regular electricity much more useful.

  8. zondiwe says:

    Never heard of African University. Where is it?

  9. Mjomba says:

    Akweni u deserve to receive wat you sow, mai ndinu olimbikila ndimakunyadirani mai ndipo ndikusilirani kuti mMalawi muno mukanakhala amayi 20 ngati inu akwenu malawi bwezi ili patali.
    KEEP IT UP MAI, ukunyozawe limbikira udzapeza yako yamabodzayo.

  10. J B Musama says:

    I am very delighted, whether you are a Bembeke Teacher or not you have been a awarded a Doctorate degree. Congratulations. You have contributed much to the Nation.

  11. Nambewe says:

    Congratulation Akweni!!!!

  12. Malita says:

    Congratulations Dr. Akwenei

  13. akweni has a bachelor degree from Amity University. Enanu kuzolowera kunyoza basi. Thus her achievement leave it to her.Nsanje siyabwino , T2 is another qualification to take her to that level.

  14. Zayakunkhongo says:

    PhD in what?

  15. be humane says:

    Dr. Kaliati? anyway we have so many doctors today like Dr. Nyangazidana, Dr. Moffat Moyo, Dr. Akufa Adzauka, Dr,. Sambakunsi, why then not having Dr. Akweni Kaliati? Bravo akweni work hard to become professor kaliati soon

  16. sniper says:

    Come on!!! Why do you allow yourself to be insulted like this? Your brain size is like a chombe teabag and they want you to call yourself Dr Kaliati and in your stupidity you accept that… Oh dear me!!! Congra-bloody-tulations Dr Patricia Kaliati.

  17. Opals says:

    Here we go again! Another day, another self-serving charade for a spotlight-seeking Uni! Another honor to massage some honourable backside. Good on you Akweni! This will veritably improve your constituents’ well being.

  18. Chabuduka says:

    Awards are now being given out like khundabwi. No merit at all. A primary school teacher becoming a Dr – my foot – what achievements! kulalata?

  19. Nyovest says:

    good news eeh cabinet yama doctor okha okha …and for you bembeke teachers training college alumni and current students know that its possible after obtaining you T2 certificate to cruise all the way to becoming a doctor so and so just look at akweni Dr. P. Desiderata Biata Kaliati

  20. Achimphamba Oyera says:

    If Akweni would receive the honorary degree without Mtengowaminga around, it would not be seasoned. Many congrats. What does ‘dedication’ mean by the way? Sometimes we say a lot of things without the HEART!

  21. Africa University nde yiti imeneyi

  22. DPP Supporter says:

    This bogus academy has nothing to do with the UN as the name suggests.

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