Kaliati bores delegates at FUM launch of HIV/Aids Policy

Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare Patricia Kaliati on Wednesday evening stole the show when she was guest of honour during the launch of the Gender Equality and HIV/AIDS Policy by the Farmers Union of Malawi (FUM).

Kaliati (2nd from left) on high table during the launch event

Kaliati (2nd from left) on high table during the launch event

The minister made a speech for about 45 minutes, making most people in the Capital Hotel’s Marquee tired of listening.

A greater part of the audience, which was made up mostly of farmers from across the country, started dozing due to Kaliati’s long speech, which was also preceded by another long presentation by a FUM consultant, a Dr. Vondai Kandiva.

When organizers gave her a “Time-up” note, she told the audience she was not going to cut her remarks because men too had spoken for long and that her speech was being cut simply because she is a woman.  But no man before her had spoken that long.

Kaliati then raised more questions than answers about her academic achievements when she forgot to mention the area of her Master’s Degree, sending people into stitches until the minister’s personal assistant reminded her that her Master’s Degree is in HIV/AIDS and Counselling.

Kaliati, who filled her remarks with HIV/AIDS messages of being faithful to each other and satisfying each other in marriages, then said she would obtain her Ph.D in Gender so that she continues fighting for women’s rights.

United States Ambassador to Malawi, Virginia Palmer, who also attended the event, observed in her speech that women in Malawi work hard in their fields but do not get full benefits from it due to their limited participation in processing, marketing and trading activities.

“The policy will also go a long way in addressing Malawi’s rapid population growth, which, at current rates, could reach 40 million by 2040, placing untenable pressure on scarce land, straining already-stretched social services, and threatening Malawi’s hard-won development gains,” Ambassador Palmer said.

FUM Chief Executive Officer Prince Kapondamgaga noted that Malawi as a country is dominated by agricultural activities with women being the key providers of agricultural labour.

“It is therefore appropriate that the Farmers Union of Malawi should prioritize the empowerment of women farmers so that they gain their rightful place and are enabled to fully partake and benefit, both socially and economically,” Kapondamgaga said.

FUM is implementing a project called Malawi Agricultural Policy Strengthening (MAPS).  The project is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and is strengthening the policy environment for the country’s agricultural sector.


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46 thoughts on “Kaliati bores delegates at FUM launch of HIV/Aids Policy”

  1. Matama siwabwino, nthawi ya Chanco saga on academic freedom, mayi wophodayu ankalimbana ndi upgrading, kenako wasiya chifukwa cha manyazi. Lero ati ali ndi Masters, mpaka 45 minutes speech, ngati National address by HE, a Kaliati?

  2. Ingangasyungu Yunyeghela says:

    Hahahahahaha mwati Masters in HIV/AIDS? Hahahahaha koma zilikoliko sukulu. Kkkkkkk

  3. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk that’s my first time kumva kuti munthu ali ndi Masters mu HIV/AIDS

  4. Alungwana says:

    Maphunziro enawa. Nanga Edzi ikadzatha?

  5. not myname says:

    Masiku Amatha Ndi Kugona

  6. tain kutala says:

    Kenako mudzapanga Masters in Ebola, Malaria etc. Why not doing Public Health or Medicine and have those long speeches.

  7. tain kutala says:

    Masters in HIV & Aids. Hahahaha.
    Zili ku Malawi.

  8. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Zaulesi basi!

  9. jimbo says:

    Some people love the sound of their own voice, especially when they have a captive audience as this ‘mzungu’ woman had. She needs a PhD like I need a hole in the head. As someone has already observed, ‘degrees don’t necessarily signify wisdom’. Yes, for some reason Malawians are in awe of someone with a degree, especially a doctorate. Perhaps she will follow Mr Chilima to Bolton Uni. to get her PhD. I am from the UK but have never heard of Bolton Uni. until I read about Mr Chilima’s ‘success’ there. Actions speak louder than degrees. This woman will be judged on her actions and not on the number of letters after her name.

  10. Ndi aphunzitsi awa: she planned her work more than enough

  11. Youn says:

    Munalakwa kulowanso m’boma chifukwa utsiru wanu onse ukhala pamtunda. Verily verily you will wish mukanapanda kubera zisankho zija!! Ulendo uno ng’ombe zayang’ana ku dazibomu…..

  12. Muchikumbe wa Bunda says:

    Useless Masters and PhD from internet based universities. She is a silly teacher this one, her friend is has PhD in agronomy but wants to behave like an MD. Anyways just eat the HIV money since donars are fools…

  13. Bodza la n'nanu says:

    Don’t worry folk, those masters degrees or PhDs won’t earn themselves a job outside Malawi borders. Even if Mrs Kaliati decides to apply for one at UNFPA with her Masters in HIV/AIDS or PhD in Gender, she wont be hired. Those are briefcase qualifications from University of Cyprus/ Cypress.

  14. aurora says:

    ine nde behind akweni…………if u got the money BLEACH madam.siinu nokha opanga bleach…kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  15. aurora says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkk koma masten.iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih ndi dhilu

  16. Namukachapa says:

    How can someone without a first degree or diploma get a Ph.D? We are seeing more and more of this these days, and a certain institute in Lilongwe is at the centre of this. That institute should be investigated but that’ll not happen because the illiterate ministers, the very people who should institute the investigations, are the ones getting the fake degrees.

  17. Mphwake wa Muluzi says:

    Iwe No 18…zakumva kupweteketsa mutu ————you are an idiot very stupid….just like your Kaliati. You think Kaliati was speaking while saeating? Do I have to tell you that the photo used here has Kaliati sitting in the audince meaning that she had not yet stood up to speak and therefore the delegates had not started dozzing. Uziganiza before defending nonsense. Kaliati is a stupid annoying woman who appeals embarrases herself everytime she opens her mouth. What has a long boring speech got to do with whether you are a woman or a man? Azimai stop using gender all the time as an excuse…

  18. agnes wanzeru says:

    Kaliyati woyee

  19. Koma ma Phd apweka pakana Kaliati

  20. Jimuni says:

    Every speech or presentation that takes too long, the presenter looses his/her audience. Was this a prepared speech or taking steam off over issues that had nothing to do with FUM? WAS THIS WOMAN MINISTER TALKING OF HER PERSONAL ISSUES BUT NICELY HIDDEN IN A PUBLIC SPEECH?

  21. Trevor Manyi says:

    Bleaching skin leads to madness becos of hydroquinone

  22. Trevor Manyi says:

    Stupid Kaliati, mpakana kupanga bleaching of skin!! Very embarrassing ndithu

  23. alice says:

    Komabe Patricia sungafike pa jb. Jb wadutsatu ndipo akamafika uko kumalawiko ali professor.lero ndiye ukufuna ulemu wa amayi.

  24. jomba says:

    Hahahaha akweni mfumu ya azimwale hahahahahahaha

  25. Chief says:

    Phd? from diploma mills?

  26. daro says:

    Tell kaliati to look after her mother well, she give hell to others while she don’t do so at her own doorstep shame on her. Her mother is selling tomato at limbe market.

  27. Bratusha says:

    Minister appointed on merit. Koma yaa! pa Malawi

  28. zakumva kupweteketsa mutu says:

    where are the photos of the dozing delegates zinazi osamangoti tamva basi tilembe…

  29. Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila says:

    What an embarrassment!

  30. mtumbuka1 says:

    She is simply a curse of a woman and a disgrace to all women who knows where to draw the line. she will never tame her mouth . I pity the husband that he will have to share the rest of his miserable life with such a creature!

  31. Prison Warden says:

    akweni ali ndi masters degree? hehehede! mukunamiza ndani?

  32. Patriot says:

    DPP Village Idiot.
    A disgrace to all women.

  33. anadimba says:

    kodi kulibe phd yolankhula osameza mate.amenewa angakhonze ndi distinction..

  34. Patrick Phiri says:

    Surely Kaliati did not prepare the speach. Blame those who prepared it.

  35. vilimmwera says:

    she needs another degree in KUTUKWANA ZANKABUDULA, this will be nice,nice, ma degree aphweka thats why akuiwala kuti anakhoza chiani mama mayeso olemba okha, does it require an aide to remind you your qualifications? empty tins make lots of noise ,so goes an old adage

  36. Up to now you mean you don’t know that this woman s a fool of herself.

  37. Mayi ndi Mayi mzache says:

    This is Akweni i know.She can spit anything with her extra large mouth even if it is not relevant with the function.Invite her at your own risk.

  38. piere says:

    Masters in Hiv ndiye chani?, zaulesi basi.

  39. taifa says:

    Please someone give her Honoraray doctorate degree in makeup, lipstick and powder. Dr. Akweni Eyeshadow Mascala Kaliati.

  40. MUCHINGA says:

    It is being fashionable now to get Phds,but when you observe countries which are developed or developing,you will struggle to find a minister with Phd and never mind a Professor.For some reasons beyond me,it seems the least developed countries tend to have the most “educated” cabinet.
    Classroom intelligence has little connection to Wisdom which you need to run and govern effectively for the genuine benefit of the country.

  41. Dr Bright Msaka-Cypress University says:

    another PhD from Cypress University in the offing. Thi is nyerotically propelled machinations of DPP. Masters anapangila kuti Kaliati?

  42. The real ujeni says:

    Every meeting, be it stadium rally, conference in a hall, we put these stupid coffee tables in front with stupid flowers on top, who is doing this village decoration in this century. Foreign guests just laugh at us.

  43. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Akweni woyeeee kuiwala area of specialisation ya masters degree zoona ????????? KOMA degreeyo ilipidi kapena ndi degree ya one subject in three months from the country called cyprus

  44. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Akeeni woyeeeeeeee

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