Kaliati orders sex empire reopening: Malawi activists irked

Reports in Malawi say Malawi minister of gender Patricia Kaliyati has ordered authorities in Ntcheu district to reopen  a Mama’s Shabeen, a brothel closed last month.

Mama's Shabin

Mama’s Shabin

Kaliati: Orders Mama's Shabeen to reopen

Kaliati: Orders Mama’s Shabeen to reopen

A blogger Moses Masiye, has quoted Kaliati gIving the directive after the owner of the brothel Rabecca Bakuwa dressed in ruling Democratic People’s Party (DPP) regalia at a youth open day in Ntcheu west confessed in front of the minister that she will no longer allow teenage girls to sell sex but just run a pub.

Bakuwa confessed in her speech that: “My business has been affected, I want to run the bottle store only, so that I should at least have something to bring food on my table.”

“I will never operate the brothel again apart from the bottle store.”

The minister immediately grabbed the microphone before her turn to speak, to respond to Bakuwa’s confession.

“It takes a gentle lady to say sorry in public, and I ask the officer in charge for Ntcheu and other stakeholders to re-open Mama’s Shabeen immediately,” ordered Kalati.

This did not however please some children rights activists, who said the directive is un procedural.

Youth net and counselling (YONECO) district manager for Ntcheu Sewenthe Chipopsya Mahwayo said things have not changed on the ground.

“We have a liquor board in Ntcheu that was supposed to visit Mama’s shabeen together with other responsible stakeholders, before reopening,” said Mahwayo.

She said many of the young girls who were at the brothel are in other bottle stores at Ntcheu boma, hence a need for a round table discussion with all bar and bottle store owners.

It’s only a month since the shabeen was closed, after the media exposed that there was a brothel.

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40 thoughts on “Kaliati orders sex empire reopening: Malawi activists irked”

  1. Iden size m says:

    Beyond the limit,

  2. saziwi wankulu says:

    kaliyati iwe mphavu zimenezo wazitenga kut?apa mayi mwangooneseratu umburi wanu chifukwa kusegula kapena kuseka bar simbari yanu

  3. chamz says:

    sometimes I wonder how ignorant our honourable ministers can be. Kaliati being someone who has served as a minister under 3 different head of States should have known better the separation of the powers between her ministry and the judiciary or the assembly. She doesn’t have that authority to instruct the reopening of the shabeen . As a minister of gender…. she has to be in front championing the rights of vulnerable girls. is it because the perpetrator is a DPP sympathiser. Again, if it were a man she and other women would be making a lot of noise crying for stiffer punishment for the offender. Anduna, mudziwe malire amphanvu zanu, don’t interfere paza Malamulo.

  4. mphwache wa bingu says:

    The business should indeed reopen. It’s good for the economy and employment

  5. mtumbuka says:

    komatu kaliati,samala cancer yapakhungu,kuphodako wawonjeza


    Kodi minister ali ndi udindo woseka kapena kutsegula bar/tarven/bottle store. Hey jump of chain of command. Zayamba kutiopya

  7. Makwale says:

    Accept her confession.

  8. Mwanawane says:

    Mbuzi ya minister

  9. zaluma says:

    it is laughable APM is assenting the Law to protect girls and on the other hand, his minister, possibly the one who defended the bill in August house, is promoting the abuse of girls. What an ambivalence? Hamba nazo Kaliati my old bedmate.

  10. Zanimuwone says:

    Mwaiwala 5 April 2012.

  11. chatonda says:

    But why Did Kaliati stoop so low that she as Minister who is responsible for protecting girls open the same place that was deemed dangerous to the lives and the future of the girls she is supposed to protect?
    Why can’t the NGOs organize a match against this stupid decision? Why can’t the President fire her for this corrupt practice?
    Malawi belongs to the dogs.

  12. Nankungwi says:

    what measures has Kaliati put in place to monitor what this Shabeen does?



  14. Mathanyula says:

    Kodi Kaliati nkhopeyo bwinotu cancer. Too much cosmetics are dangerous. Usadzati sindinakuuze.

  15. chakhalira says:

    Headless Chickens!

    Whether Politics or not, you will one day be answerable to all this Nonsense. No sane person with integrity, (the Owner of the Shabeen and this Minister Kaliati) could honestly do this.

    What really does this mean to the youth ( Young Girls) and the society at large?

  16. King Zude says:

    Both Patricia Kaliati and the owner of the shabeen …..

  17. Bambo wanu says:

    Kodi this Mama Kaliati is not even someone who could be used in the Brothel! Chisiru woman opanda nzeru or any sense, she should not be representing anyone, let alone our innocent Mslawians!

  18. read btwn lyn says:

    no wonder they say politicians dont think,,hands up,gain favour and talk nonses..

  19. Biyisikolo says:

    Kaliati has a very wide mouth and small ears. Why reopen a Shabeen which is facilitating the destruction of girls just because she is a DPP diehard?

  20. mnyamata wa nzeru says:

    This is the type of human specimen which gives black people a bad name!!! Do some of us really have a brain!!!

  21. Fred Gerson says:

    Welldone Min. of Gender for the reopening of Mamas Shabeen in Ntcheu. Indeed the owner has really changed

  22. kate says:

    NO COMMENT Only God knows. DPP Woyeeeeeeeeeeeee, Boma ilo!!

  23. amakhosi mukulugenzi says:

    Mnzanu akanatani member wa chipani chake akudandaula . Mukanakhala inu mukanatani. Kuli 2019 kutsogoloko

  24. shaaaa says:

    this is now what we call crap……dont take us as folks pliz….the matter was not of politics so as some one to confess at party function…if she was serious about what she was confessing let her meet the officials in proper manner….kaliati for this one you got zero support

  25. Wailing Soul says:

    Brothel or no brothel. Yoneco at al. Will you manage to canvass in all drinking joints in Malawi to investigate the prevalence of teenage girls selling their bodies? In fact, in an indirect way, bottle store owners indulge in this practice because they let in young girls, whom they are not aware of their ages, to sit besides very old men, let them buy them drinks and then have sex in the end. What do you call that?
    Go kwa Kamba in Blantyre, Bvumbwe, Lunzu, Green Corner, Chez Temba, all over the country, very young girls below 15 are there. The only difference is that some are sold directly and share proceeds with the owners like it was the Ntcheu case, while others go to the drinking joints themselves, sell their bodies but in a way, bring in customers to the bottlestore owners, who is ultimately raking in more profits. This is the way its is, pronto. Mai Kaliati knows that its what is happening pa Nkando, pa Losa and even that bottle store right before the Namulenga bridge in her constituency. No one can stop that, its in the game.

  26. ujeni says:

    Koma kumeneko ehe! Kaliati is now issuing orders like Idi Amini. Ma rubbish of a minister

  27. mapasa says:

    Alibe nzeru

  28. Alungwana says:

    Its not your duty to open or close a brothel. Kodi Kaliati sunasinthebe? Take care!

  29. Ngongoliwa says:


  30. Tatyata says:

    Whose duty is it to check in other bottle- stores?

  31. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    The liquor board in Ncheu can still inspect the place of the business. And report their findings.
    But I think akweni Kaliati has, once again, shown her “humanity”. She’s showing reasonableness, and is not out to humiliate the lady owner of the business, who has a family to feed, just like us all. Besides, she was not convicted of any criminal act.
    Again, the minister is using her discretion, just as she did in ordering the closure.
    Good to go, as long as minors are no longer “employed there.

  32. Kalyati, you are still very powerful. Go ahead and misrule the country.

  33. godobaman says:


  34. Charter says:

    A Rally is no place for split-second decisions. You have a big office Mrs. Kaliati – use the tranquility of your office to think through issues before issuing orders. Bad leadership!

  35. brutsha says:

    Kodi abale a Lhomwe a ngakhale anthu olamulira dziko? Ayi ndithu sizoona. Za mabindi zenizeni. Mlhomwe by nature ali ndi nzeru ngati za mwana. Olo at aphunzire bwanji olo akule bwanji sasintha.

  36. Mkanachigwada says:

    Kaliati has shares in Mama’s shabeen. They jointly operate it…

  37. mthako wa alhomwe says:

    akakambirana a nyasa mutiuza

  38. Chemtukanika says:

    Eetu.Ndiye Akweni ameneyo,Kaya mumutha kaya.Ine kwanga nkungoonerera basi.

  39. phiri says:

    Its the resiponsible of teenagers’ parents to look after them. Not closing the business of someone that brings food on her / his table can be asolution. They just move to another business place for their source of income.

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