Kaliati says no hard feelings towards Mutharika

Fired Civic Education, Culture and Community Development minister Patricia Kaliati says she has no hard feelings towards President Peter Mutharika for sacking her from the cabiet.

Kaliati : I am cool

Kaliati could not say why she thinks she was fired, saying it is the prerogative of the President to hire or fire a cabinet minister.

President Mutharika fired Kaliati on Wednesday morning and immediately replaced her with Cecelia Chadzama, ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  deputy secretary general.

“I am not bitter, this is normal,” said the upfront talking Kaliati.

“ I thank the President for appointing me to serve the people of Malawi as a cabinet minister all these years,” she said.

Her comments come as speculations are rife on social media as to why Kaliati was dropped from the cabinet.

Some people say this was as a result of growing friction between her and Local Government minister Kondwani  Nankhumwa while others claimed on Wednesday, during the launch of the Malawi Rural Electrification Program in Mulanje, Kaliati allegedly openly quarrelled with party secretary general Grazieder Jeffrey.

The new minister Chadzama said she will prioritise in instilling the sense of culture among the youth.

Chadzama is also MP for Blantyre north east.

Kaliati becomes the second powerful minister to fall in months after former Agriculture minister George Chaponda.

Both Kaliati and Chaponda come from the DPP strong base of Mulanje and Nakhumwa is now the strongman in the power wielding too much power.

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19 thoughts on “Kaliati says no hard feelings towards Mutharika”

  1. undani misomali says:

    love her or loathe her hon kaliati has been helpful to the poor not just in her constituency she has been proactive fighting for the good of girl child gender based violence particularly for women and children fighting for proper family planning enafe tamaliza xool ku university chifukwa cha Mayi amenewa pakhomo pao sipakata anthu ofuna chithandizo chosiyanasiyana she may have her black spots just as every mortal being but she has kind heart nthawi ya ma flood anayesesa kupeza thandizo kwa anthu aku constituency kwathu Ambuye akhala nanu Mayi

  2. Graciano major says:

    The wolrd and heaven change its seasons,therefor the same aplies.Jst work on your base madam.God bless Malawi!!!!!

  3. Charles says:

    Kaliati is lying! A normal person should be bitter after loosing one’s job and Akweni is no exception! Although I do not know the reasons for her dismissal, I welcome it! Maybe we can rest from hearing nonsense from this chatterbox!

  4. wakuno mphiya says:

    muziyankhula ngati kwanu amakuziwani kaliati ali khomo uli ku rent kumalalatira anthu akwawo pepa koma iwe uziyankhula andzako alima nseu wa ku lilongwe sos kupita ku 24 ndiwo ofunika kutchosedwa ndi kunjatidwa ndi iwenso loimodzi

  5. World things are for go but for heaven are for permanent.The best of all is to praise the Lord almighty nothing else.Look at your back thing about your ancestors where are they definitely our brothers,sisters,parents they are under cumbersome kissing the ground.Remember how far it will be we are going to meet them in heaven.remember what our father Jesus left with us in this world,Love. We are visitors on this earth that is WY we die after birth or on youthful or old stages.Think about your tour heave who are you going with?Pena ndimaseka ndikaona mmene anthufe tikumangila manyumba padzuko pano kuyiwala kumanga manda omwe tidzagonemo nthawi yaitli.Uwu ndi umboni kuti anthufe ndife akhungu sitiwona chobwela mawa.the best of all lets all pray for our last journey that you not your hasband,children,parents to go with but Jests will hold us our right hand to escorting us where our father God is.Eeeh basi know yourself.

  6. CitizenX says:

    Wellcome development, now ACB can start investigating this WITCH she has stolen alot of money. No more protection from the President now. One by one they have to face the law for the suffering of millions of malawians, its time to make example of these greedy ministers for plundering our money and destroying our country.

  7. Lisa says:

    Tikuziwa kuti mnzokonza kale mwauzana zochita kale ovutika ndi anthu oonelela

  8. The Partriot says:

    I knew that this day, when Kaliati would be fired from cabinet, was coming but did not know that it would come so soon!
    For Akweni, please smell the coffee, be shrewd and streetwise, know your political enemies and you will see what we ordinary Malawians are seeing: that political positions are not for eternity lero mulipo mawa palibe!! Watsala u MP, komano a Kweni kupanda ndale mungatani???
    I for one am happy that Akweni is no longer a cabinet minister….this is not a career…..its a priviledge and Akweni has outlived her usefulness, no new ideas! Kwao gule, ena alowe mbwalo!!!

  9. namandwa pa chikopa says:

    wheather u like or not malo ogwila ntchito decplin is needed aaaaaaa kapeyu walongolola kwakwana. amaona ngati bigman APM samamumva?

  10. Ife tonse a Malawi oganiza bwino ndikukonda dziko lathu tikuthokoza pa ntchito zambiri zachitukuko zomwe mwakhala mukuthandiza mtundu wa a Malawi. Tikufunilani zabwino zonse

  11. Francis Mpinganjira says:

    Life can be tricky, sometimes!

  12. Yahya Jammeh says:

    Kaliati is lying – she is bitter about the dismissal considering the level of respect she used to enjoy in society for holding a ministerial position and the benefits that came along with that. Although the reasons for firing her still remain a mystery, this is the right dose for Kaliati so that she can be more disciplined. The woman used to terrorize senior officers when she was Minister of a Gender and would not make any mistake to thinks she doing the same at her recent ministry. She has no manners or respect for others because she doesn’t know how and where to say what to whom. She treats everybody as nobody. We have seen Ministers in the UK and the entire civilized world giving high respect to cleaners, but not Kaliati – she was above everything. I think Mutharika is not wrong to give her a lesson of this kind, he must have heard a lot of bad things about her. Mind you these small things have some negative effect on one’s political life. Kudziwa ntchito sikutikwana anthu. You can see how some ministers like Mwanamvekha and Msaka conduct themselves. Education is the best disciplinarian. I will rule Gambia for a billion years.

    1. Maso says:

      Msaka is a gentleman not Mwanamvekha. He has no respect for anybody and his PS is treated like a house servant. He is corrupt and selfish. Msaka and Tembenu are examples of humility and intelligence men who know how to motivate those below them. They are an example of true gentlemen who realise that Ministerial positions are not permanent

  13. glingo says:


  14. Mr. Matera says:

    i love Malawi.

  15. FM says:

    Pa easy akweni pple will be suprised atakupatsanitso mpando wina onona

  16. BIMA says:



  17. zax says:


  18. Odikilira says:

    Akweni musakaike Nakhumwa ndiye wakupwetekani. Tsiku lokugwa Kondwani anthu tidzapha local chicken mma office mu kusangalalira ma Director General omwe adzagwe naye. Mtima pheee lidzafika tsiku pangatalike maka.

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