Kaliati slams ‘sexual deviant’ men romping daughters for rituals in Mulanje

Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare Patricia Kaliati has slamed the growing tendency by some men who are reportedly sleeping with their biological daughters and step daughters with the belief that they will cast out family spells and or get rich in Mulanje.

Kaliati: There so many women out there looking for men, go deal with them but save our girls

Kaliati: There so many women out there looking for men, go deal with them but save our girls

Reports indicate that the tendency, coupled with lack of motivation to continue with education as most girls that have completed secondary education remain unemployed, is said to be forcing most girls to drop out of school in the district and opt for early marriages.

Kaliati, who is also member of parliament in the district,described rapists, defilers and those sleeping with their daughters as weakling.

“There are a lot of women looking for men, why can’t you go to them? Why defile girls? That means you are a weakling,” she said at Milonga Community Day Secondary School (CDSS) on Sunday during the commemoration of the international day of the girl child and launch of 16 days of activism against gender based violence.

Kaliati said she felt it was wrong to bail out rapists and any sexual offender.

She said her ministry has lined up a number of activities aimed at helping young girls who dropped out of school due to various reasons. The interventions include re-admission, HeforShe initiative, and eradication of harmful cultural practices.

Age Africa country director, Getrude Kabwazi urged stakeholders to join hands in protecting the girl child, saying her organisation’s assessment discovered that “some men sleep with their daughters believing that they will cast out some spells in their families or that they will get rich. “

She stated that the girls are also threatened that “ the gods will kill them if they report to authorities and this forces them to suffer in silence.”

Senior Chief Nkanda admitted that such practices were prevalent in the district.

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19 thoughts on “Kaliati slams ‘sexual deviant’ men romping daughters for rituals in Mulanje”

  1. Yahudah says:

    Leviticus 18:17
    The nakedness of a woman and her daughter you do not uncover, nor you take her daughter’s daughter nor her son’s daughter they are her relatives it is wickedness

    Deuteronomy 6:24-25
    And YAH commanded us to do all these laws to fear YAH our Almighty Power to keeps us alive as it is today. And it is RIGHTEOUSNESS when we guard to do All The cimmands before YAH.

    Proverbs 12:21
    No harm befalls the righteous but the wicked/ woipa shall be filled with evil.

    Proverbs 17:11
    An evil one seeks only rebellion so a cruel messenger is send a against him.

    Deuteronomy 4:35
    You have been show is to know that YAH is The Almighty Power and there is no one besides Him.

    Deuteronomy 32:39
    See now that I, I am He and there is no Mighty One besides Me! I put to death and I make alive. I wounded and I heal and from My hand s No one delivers.

    YeshaYah 1:2-3
    Hear oh heaveans! And Listen oh earth. I raised and brought up children but they have sinned against Me. An ox knows its ower and a donkey its masters cribs Yisra’Yl does not know, My people have not understand.

    Hoshea 4:6
    My People perish for lack of knowledge because they have rejected knowledge I reject them from being a priest to ME. Since they have forgotten the Torah of their Mighty One YAH I also forget their children.

  2. Yahudah says:

    Leviticus 18:17
    The nakedness of woman and her daughter you do not uncover, nor do you take her son’s daughter or her daughter’s daughter they her relatives it is wickedness.

    Deuteronomy 6:25
    It is righteousness for us when we guard to do all the commands before YAH our Creator.

    Proverbs 12:21
    Ho harm befall s the righteous but the wicked shall

  3. The snake under the green
    grass will always show itself at the right time… Sue him and move on…. Am ready to take care and marry your daughter

  4. moses says:

    live them! its there light they want to get rich and reduce the poverty in their families and our country

  5. Agness says:

    Well done Gertrude, you make a very good combination with Patricia Kaliati, You both have passion with the girl child’s welfare. Keep it up.

    1. and what have you done so far pofuna kuthetsa nchitidwe umenewu???

  6. Phodogoma says:

    Mai Kaliati ndimuuza mbuyako che Biliati kuti patricia akadzangomwalira muzamuike m’manda ali ndi wivi kumutu. Nanga uli muchiduku kom wivi wosaitaya lerolokha. Koma ‘mmutumo muli tsitsi? kumanga dukhu koma kawivi kumaonekera basi. Ameneyo ndiye Patricia Kaliatiyokapena nditi abiti Biliyati.

  7. Concerned citizen says:

    Thats what we need kaliati leaders should facilitate good morals to build a good entire nation

  8. Shuk Shukor's says:

    Dear Readers: Help!!! My Husband Has Been Sleeping With Our Daughter

    I had always wanted to marry a loving and most especially a caring man, and finally one of such men came my way, oh, and what did I do, grabbed it with both hands.

    I was even happier when he said he liked “the girl child”, and babies in general, because of course, that would take some pressure off me.

    We got married and had our first baby; it was a girl, an adorable jewel to behold. She was fair skinned, very weighty, and I knew she was going to grow up to be the cynosure of all eyes.

    And my husband, wow, was really supportive, helped with everything except breast feeding. He was awake at nights, tending to our baby, wasn’t complaining, to cap it all up, he was more like the mother and I, the dad.

    Our daughter grew up to be, as I guessed, an adorable princess and everyone wanted to have a second look at her.

    As she grew I noticed that she was closer to her dad than she was to me and I just concluded that it was because her father spent more time with her at the formative stage.

    Later when she got into the senior secondary school, I noticed that this time, she wasn’t even coming so close to any of us, and again I concluded that it was one of those “trying to adapt to a new environment” since we just moved.

    All hell was let loose when she fell ill and had to be rushed to the hospital, and series of tests was done on her, and the pregnancy tests came out positive!!!!!!!!! Ha, I almost died.

    When we got home, I sat her down and tried to do it the easy way, but she wouldn’t say anything, so I resolved to merciless whooping, she still wasn’t talking, as I was thinking of my next action plan, my husband walked through the door and, the next thing I saw knocked me out, my – daughter – pointed – to – her – father.

    I found myself on the hospital bed, and as I woke up a whole lot kept rushing through my head: was I careless? How did I miss all the action? Where was I when all these were happening? Why didn’t she talk when he made the first pass at her? Who should I tell? Should I just keep quiet about this abomination? Should she keep the baby or abort it?

    These questions keep playing in my head as the family is currently shredded in a thousand places

    Please, I need help? What should I do?

  9. Yes its true those men should be jailed including Mamuna wako anapeleka mimba kwa maid wako uja, issaa bwanji kum’bisabisa?

  10. Mjomba Yusuf Jona says:

    Kweni girl, MP okondedwa ndi anthu ake, si zinazi matama thoo pomwe kwawo palibe chome akupanga.

    Thumb up adona; za inu amayamika ndi osauka !!

  11. Chingolopiyo says:

    HeforShe Project, what does means? Cant you find a meaningful name? To my understanding, HeforShe means the youngman was created for the young lady {go and take her}

  12. Mjomba Yusuf Jona says:

    Kweni girl, MP okondedwa ndi anthu ake, si zinazi matama thoo pomwe kwawo palibe chome alupanga.

    Thumb up adona; za inu amayamika ndi osauka !!

  13. The Analyst says:

    . . . From where do these misguided defilers get the advice about becoming rich once they engage in such unbiblical encounter? A witchdoctor, right? Then how n why do you only punish the defiler and let the one who misguide them scot-free? Is he/she not an accomplice? This is where we are missing it!
    . . . As long as you only punish these defilers and leave the witchdoctor free, the problem will not be arrested. Coz the same advice will be given to other men and the problem will be there still.
    . . . But if these witchdoctors are punished for wrong information (as you have done with the one who was selling dog meat), other witchdoctors would not have the impetus to give similar advice to others. And the problem will. to a larger extent, be dealt with.

    Ndithutu a Kaliati.

  14. kawonga says:

    well done is better than well talked, take note

  15. Chilombo says:

    I would have loved to hear you condemn that Dpp legislator from your own constituency who raped and impregnated a 16 year old and got bail.Only then i would take you serious!

  16. redeemed says:

    Such perversive behavior should be strongly condemned in the most possible manner. We can not continue to watch in silence evil prevailing. This is a barbaric, cluelty and similar to witch craft practice and has to be delt with as soon as yesterday. As a grown up woman I still have emotional scars from similar incident that took place years back and l must admit that its effects still haunt me to this day. Those wild animals in human skin deserve to be eternally caged in order to deter them from defiling more innocent young girls.

  17. anadimba says:

    minister of sex.gule wankulu maria wa kwa nkando

  18. nachisale says:

    Well done Kaliati. These abusive men should be jailed.

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