Kaliati urges Malawi women not to withdraw gender-based violence cases

Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare, Patricia Kaliati has urged women in the country not to withdraw cases of gender-based violence (GBV), saying the trend defeats efforts to curb the vice.

Kaliati:Do not withdraw cases

Kaliati:Do not withdraw cases

Kaliati said this on Tuesday at Chikomwe Primary School in Traditional Authority (T/A) Chowe in Mangochi at the launch of Girls and Women Empowerment (Gewe) ‘Zimachitika Radio Drama Series’.

She said the fight to uproot GBV is being compromised because women who are the main victims, usually withdraw cases against their husbands before courts make determinations.

“It is disheartening to note that dependent women opt to discontinue cases against abusive spouses as they rely on the same husbands,” said Kaliati.

She underlined that although poverty and economic dependence are major stumbling blocks in efforts to combat GBV in Malawi, there is need for vigilance on the part of the women to report the abuses to relevant authorities to halt it.

“As women, we need to gather courage whenever we are abused and report perpetrators to police to curb GBV and related crimes,” she said.

Kaliati said government is committed to embarking on initiatives to empower women with resources and credit facilities to improve their livelihood.

With funding from United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Gewe—Zimachitika Radio Drama Series will be produced by the Story Workshop and will be broadcast on 14 radio stations in Malawi, including MBC Radio One and Two, Zodiak Broadcasting Station, Transworld Radio, Blantyre Synod and Radio Maria, among others.

The radio drama series will teach people evils of GBV and sexual reproductive health and rights, highlight women empowerment skills and encourage women to report GBV.

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24 thoughts on “Kaliati urges Malawi women not to withdraw gender-based violence cases”

  1. concerned citizen says:

    Nkhani ndi imeneyo. Kodi ana aleledwa ndi ndani a bambo akapita ku jail amayinso akakwatiwa kwina? Apatu umabvutika ndi udzu.
    Ndiye pezani bungwe lolera ana ndi fees & cash transfer kuti ana athandizike. nanga zikakhala choncho, AIDS idzatha? Sorry Pat. empower us all so that we all become bread winners like u?

  2. Nebuchadnezzar says:

    Unduna wazagenda sindigwirizana nawo mpang’ono pomwe chifukwa amene amalimbikitsa gender ndi satana ndipo nduna zake kawirikawiri zimakhala zopembedzanso satana.

  3. AV Wanyerere says:

    These people,so called ‘GENDER ACTIVITS’ hav change everythng hea in Malawi. STOP saying ‘Minista Of Genda,children and what hav U,’ But Say ‘MINIRTA OF WOMEN,GIRLS,DISABLITY’ and what hav u.THE RIZON BHIND THIS is that
    (1) the minista has no coment on BAD thngs done by women or girls but kwa enawo ,eeee! TInamva last week kut mayi wapha mwamuna wake chfukwa mwamuna ankanena mkazi kut wayamba zibwenzi
    (2)i’ve neva heard of emporwering boys

  4. madiru mhango says:

    Kaliati, don’t accept anything just because it comes with dollars. Indeed, there are some men who beat up their wives, but what you are preaching is a religion of men bashing entrenched in the confused western existence. It demoralizes men, preaches men as demons and women as victimized angels. Marriage, as sacred union, has been reduced to nothingness. Do not push political doctrines into Mariages. Leave Marriage concerns to traditional customs. Empower women to obey their husbands and men to love their wives. Your pagan view of empowerment of women against their husbands is money expensive. UN cannot fund this devil masked program forever. The government will have to takeover funding and where will the money come from? You can’t feed the living but you want to find money to feed a dead program. Reminder: UN is not our government so we will hold you accountable for destroying our marriage customs by jaxtapositioning western so called values against ours own. Promote local Kaliati and impose tariffs on foreign agendas. How will you defend Malawi on homosexual rights if money comes attached?

  5. Manzy says:

    fellow teachers/and h.teacher becareful,ur enemies ‘ll set u up.will secretly introduce u to 1 of beauties @ th@ xool.if nt carefull(nt izy-she has a mission)thats ur ending-Kaliati’s(police,judges,lawyers,false witnesses)’ll b there to choke u.SO UNFAIR

  6. pathako says:

    amunanso chimodzi modzi. amangitseni mahule osawuka oba katundu wa banja lawo lomwe

  7. Stampycious says:

    Wakalamba iwe, mwamuna wakoyonso amakunyenga chifukwa choti uli pachinyezi otherwise bwenzi pano ulibe mwamuna chifukwa komwe kamapangitsa kuti mkazi azikoma ukamamchinda kanagwera mkati chifukwa cha ukalamba

  8. tembusha says:

    Akweni tsopano …. beautiful as ever

  9. Peter Ibu Lhomwe says:

    Will you support the victimized women’ when their husbands are sent to jail? Do you know that I our society most of the breadwinners are men? It seems this minister does not know how to analyze issues .

  10. Eugene says:

    Eh koma mayi uyu…zoona mpakana kupanga bleaching of skin?? Kkkkkkkkkikikikikiki

  11. safusa says:

    This face makes me sick|

  12. Jimbo says:

    What race does Kaliati belong to? Is she African or European? If she is truly African, then why does she want to look like a European? Is she ashamed of her race? Has she never heard the saying ‘black is beautiful’? And what has she done to her hair? Poor woman; she is deluded.

  13. Shards says:

    Akweni mpaka pano simunazindikirebe kuti zimene mumazolazi zimapangidwa kuchokera kuchani.??

  14. Gondola Tito says:

    My Auntie, Pat, needs to be issued a Hungerian passort. She is more of atsamunda than a Malawian now. The case of women misempowerment!

  15. akusipikana says:

    Mai mukuwopsyatu

  16. Ndipo a APM anachitadi bwino kusankha kaliyati unduna wa DISABILITY ukukumukhala bwanji. Tangoonani chithunzi chakecho eeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. mjiba says:

    ha ha a Patricia mukufuna munamize ndani, kodi inuyo mkazi mzanu wogulitsa chimanga uja munamumenya chifukwa chomukayikila kuti amacheza ndi amuna anu nkhani yake inatha bwanji munakalowa kukhoti???? musatinamize ife tizimangisana pamene inu mukukhululukidwa asa

  18. Shards says:

    Ndi zimenezo

  19. KALULU says:

    A Malawi anzanga ndifusenao, pepani simian. Kodi mayiwa ali pa banja?

  20. Atate Rashid says:

    Gule gule kwawo. Kuyiputa dala skin cancer kumeneku. Kaya ukazatha unduna komanso u MP azizadzola chani kapoli amemneyi?

  21. The Analyst says:

    Are you surprised that many cases are withdrawn before conclusion? How come any sane Malawian is not? Now listen . . .

    The only ultimate punishment our justice System know is taking the culprit to prison. And in the process depriving the family of basic necessities because the ones taken to prison are mostly the bread winners.

    “You don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” – Dictionary of Proverbs, Simple!

    Consult with the judiciary to consider introducing other forms of punishment e.g. a 100 lashes in an open space, aired on TV for all to see or make them do communal work e.g. digging road drainages. And then release them to continue taking care of their family.

    Also, you have so much preoccupied yourself teaching girls/women how to become sex experts instead of encouraging them to work hard in other aspects of life also, particularly education or entrepreneurship so that they become self reliant.

    Unless these suggestion are taken on board, your battle against GBV will be hard.

  22. Mathanyula Bengo says:

    Do not fool yourself to say mwano ndi gender is similar ukulimbikitsa mwano ndiwe eeti tikakupeza tikuduladula nyama yako tikaiponya m’madzi…..fotseki zako chinese mzungu…

  23. Patriot says:

    Za zi.

  24. chatonda says:

    Nyau yotchedwa Maria yeniyeni. Does she think this makes her look good really? Sorry.

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