Kalindo blames violence in Mulanje South on DPP

Mulanje South MP Bon Kalindo has blamed violence that erupted in his constituency on Thursday on the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

kalindo:  Why should foreignors grab land to grow tea and sell the natives, they are dogs

kalindo: Why should foreignors grab land to grow tea and sell the natives, they are dogs

The violence erupted when party regional governor Charles Mchacha wanted to address a political rally in the area.

Scores of armed police officers rushed to the area and managed to quell the violence.

Some villagers were however arrested and are being kept at Mulanje Police Station.

Mchacha and his team of regional committee failed to turn up after they were tipped of the violence.

The DPP fired Kalindo from the party after he organised a nude protest in Lilongwe against the killings of people with albinism.

The party structures put by Kalindo were immediately replaced in the constituency.

Kalindo accuses the DPP of promoting violence and reign of terror.

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Mr ABCDEF, did you see any albino participating in Kalindo’s demos? Why did they shun it? My friend ABCDEF, this time people respect a party than an individual. Which MP who defected to other parties after Bingu’s death won the elections in the same constituencies? Kalindo was 99 per cent the time he went into elections in 2014. He could still win on an independent ticket because the name DPP was still in his mouth. He could simply win because he was talking the same language with the people around him- DPP. But now the blue colour is off him.… Read more »

Y’know what, DPP? You are making Hon Kalindo deliberately famous. He’s benefiting from the sympathy vote.
And for once can you be peaceful, please? Hon Kalindo is your own flesh and blood. Your home boy. He organized the “nude” protests in his name – not as DPP. Why are you persecuting an innocent guy? Akuluakulu, you should know that on this planet you don’t make yourself happy by heaping misery on other people. This world has teeth.

Leave Hon Kalindo alone. He’s innocent.


Tawaphunzitsa be human. How can you give a genuine comment on a story which is not baked to standard? Just because it talks about Kalindo then the DPP is a culprit? Kalindo knows that he has already dug his own political grave. He can do everything to daint the DPP image but the party has done a blow to him and the final blow will be in 2019. Kalindo knows it well.

be humane

What caused the violence? The article does not state it. By just saying the violence came because Mchacha and friends were to address a political rally does not tell the cause of violence. Give use clear stories to comment wisely. In A chimidzimidzi, from your reading of the article where is it saying people have voiced out here mwina ine sindinaone bwino?


Generally violence is not good. We may lose lives in the process.

However DPP should use their ears to listen and not their political powers to hassle us. They have no right to ignore nor neglect what people are saying.

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