Kaliwo has no mandate to call convention — MCP

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has said party secretary general Gustav Kaliwo has no mandate to call for  a national convetion, the party has said.

Kaliwo and Mkaka: Differ

On Saturday, Kaliwo declared that the MCP constitution gives him powers to call for a convention even without consulting with the party’s president.

He said MCP will hold a convention from July 7 to 9 this year.

But the party’s Central Region Chairman, Patrick Chilondola,  and  second deputy secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka, who has now turned into the party ’s spokesperson, have  all quashed Kaliwo’s  declaration.

Kaliwo has not been attending the party’s National Executive Committee (Nec) meetings where he should have raised issues if he had any, according to Chilondola.

“We will go to the convention when the time is right not when Kaliwo calls for a convention. He has no mandate to call for a convention,” Chilondola said at a political rally which part president Lazatous Chakwera addressed in Ntcheu on Sunday.

On the other hand,  Mkaka trashed Kaliwo’s statement arguing that the decision as to when the party should hold a convention is made by the National Executive Committee (Nec) not the Secretary General alone.

“National Executive Committee is the highest authority and as of now it has not communicated about the convention,” Mkaka said.

However, Kaliwo said according to the mandate given to him by the party’s constitution, he has the power to make the announcement.

He said according to Article 40 of the MCP constitution, an emergency convention can be called by the party’s two thirds majority of NEC or at the request of more than half of the district committees.

“Therefore, for this decision I have taken the mandate given to me by the party’s district committees who are calling for the convention.

“I am sure there are some people who will not agree with me, but we stand on a strong legal ground because the constitution permits my doing this,” said Kaliwo, an experienced lawyer.

But Mkaka explained that according to section 28 of the MCP constitution, when district structures meet and make decisions they are supposed to submit minutes to NEC because they work on behalf of NEC.

“So their decisions are endorsed by NEC, the district committees cannot just make decisions without the attention of NEC,” he said.

Mkaka also said the party was not surprised with Kaliwo’s conduct having written a letter to the party president Chakwera in which he “made strong allegations” when he had an opportunity to meet him in person on his concerns.


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16 thoughts on “Kaliwo has no mandate to call convention — MCP”

  1. Mudzamva Liti says:

    Kaliwo anatha kale asatichedwetse ife tiyeni tizipita maso patsogolo.

  2. Mudzamva Liti says:

    Kaliwo anatha kalekale.

  3. mchisala says:

    Kaliwo’s interpretation of the law is typical of our Malawian lawyers–textual interpretation! as opposed to purposive! or practical interpretation! and thus dwelling entirely on the details of the tree forgetting the forest in which the the tree is found!

  4. Mgoloso says:

    Koma kumenekoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! – tiye nazoni. Mind you, Kaliwo is a Lawyer i hope wouldn’t want to discredit himself on this one. I hope Mkaka is a Lawyer too.

    MCP and Chakwera at their best – I hope you will not need other MCP people you are castigating come 2019. Otherwise you needed to trade carefully

  5. DODOO says:

    MCP Ulendo uwoooooo osabwereranso olo ku Parliament……agaru enieni

  6. Achi says:

    Kaliwo is lost.

    He miserably failed to convince his relatives to vote for him as an MP, and he believes he can be a president?
    He failed to campaign in the south for Chakwera, what value has he brought to MCP as SG?

    A Kaliwo chisiyeni chipani cha MCP, inu yendani bwino wa ku DPP.
    Chatinkha ndi DPP akukuzelezeketsani akulu.

  7. Chimanga says:

    Asauuka a Kaliwo When you see him, he is not the same…. what else do you expect? Olo Law firm yao siimvekanso. Akufuna kotenga ndalama za cashgate basi.

  8. zaka says:

    MCP yake iti yagena ground ,mcp yomwe inaluza masankho 2014 ,ndiyapanoyi yasiyana chani,in 2014 ma constituents 43 kumwera kunalibe mastructures a mcp,now its 3 years after elections ,how many structures have you elected so far ?.vuto la mcp mavuto anu mumawakana kumanamiza anthu ngati mchipani chanu zinthu zili bwino .Mumuyankhe Kaliwoyi ,ndi lawer ameneyi chimene akuchita akuchiziwa ,ndipo sanagulidwe.

    1. Truthful says:

      Remember that DPP rigged the vote!!!!!! That is why they burned the warehouse!! Up to now the police can not make arrests!!!

      Chakwera won the 2014 elections!!!!

  9. Bololo Sakondamadzi says:

    Congrants Dr Chakwera. These problems are graduating you to be a true leader of this country. TB Joshua says if gold has to be gold it must go through fire otherwise it remains a rock, end of qoute. Dr Kamuzu Banda, Bakili Muluzi, Bingu,even Joice Banda all had to go through the furnance at some point before ascending to power. Its ironic that policians keep repeating the same mistake, that when you try hard to detroy somebody politically you end up destroying yourself. The more you try to destroy Chakwera, the more public attention you are giving him. Chakwera is geting free publicity. If you continue on this path Chakwera will be a super heavy weight by 2019 that it will be impossible to move him. Mark my words. Malawian are no longer feeble minds. Even a villager will assess your actions. DPP take this free advice.

  10. Omex70 says:

    Every normal person knows that this useless Kaliwo is being used as a condom by DPP. Kaliwo is just a useless guy who can not even be voted as a member of parliament.

  11. MCP WENIWENI says:

    There was a Gustavo Kaliwo some years ago that I respected so much. He served in Police , he resigned at that time I understood to defend McWilliam Lunguzi as his lawyer and was the Director of ACB. Is this the same man? If he is, then I am very, Very, disappointed with his actions.

    He is behaving today like a mad person. How does a sane person wake up and say ” I have the powers to call convention without consulting the President of the Party”. Really????? A sane person?????? Matured man????? Does this man have any ambition to lead this Nation ( Malawi) as our President or NOT? How can he allow to be used like this by whatever force?

    Anzanga a MCP, be sober minded. If anyone talks like this mad man, he is NOT an MCP person. Never!!!! Osangochoka bwanji?? Kapena osangokhala chete bwanji???

    My message is ” Let us NOT panic. Nevertheless, let us assemble our own intelligence team to dig deeper to uncover this trick of the devil/ satana. Mulungu akudalitseni nonse abale a MCP. Our President , ” Be strong and courageous ” Be brave like a lion. Never retreat!!!!!! Good day.

  12. Mpondachimanga says:

    MCP, please be faithful. To be a party member is voluntary. Asakuchifuna chipanichi, please ingochokani but dont bring in comfusion. Amalawi tili mmavuto ife, ndiye mufuna tizingolirabe. MCP, please get us out of this hot pan. Ambuye timvereni chisoni.

  13. Mr Thako la Nkhunku, Kodi Njaunju ndi Robert Chasowa anaphedwa ndi MCP? Kapena magazi ake AMAKO?

  14. Malawian Mwanavava says:

    Kuno kwao tikudziwa kuti anadya kalekale banzi la blue uyo. MCP has strongly gained ground and DPP is afraid, that’s they are using all sorts of tactics to DISTURBALIZEEMCP instead of developments

  15. Thako la Nkhuku says:

    Chipani cha magazi! Kadzikhapanani!

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