Kamlepo causes stir in parliament, slurs DPP legislators

Rumphi east MP Kamlepo Kalua nearly threw Parliament into chaos Wednesday when he called MPs sitting on government side as “those people” irking the government bench that demanded his unconditional apology.

Kalua:  Causes stir

Kalua: Causes stir

Phalome north MP Anna Kachikho said Kalua is always fond of provoking and insulting the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) members of parliament whenever he stands up to contribute in the House.

She asked first deputy speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje to force Kalua to withdraw the word “those people” describing it as unparliamentary, saying members of parliament are addressed as honourable members.

Another legislator said last time Kamlepo called the Democratic Progressive Party MPs “Kapishundas”.

He also slurs the DPP as a “mpwevupwevu” government.

Chilenje ruled Kamlepo out of order and she ordered the unparliamentary language be struck off from Hansard.

The cause of the storm was a statement by Energy minister Bright Msaka who said the DPP led government initiated the upgrading of Kapichira power station that now produces 64 megawatts on the power grid which former president Joyce Banda launched.

This irked Kalua who said there was nothing wrong with Banda launching a programme initiated by former president Bingu wa Mutharika.

“Development is a process; it is not something that should be owned by a certain government. These people should be lectured, they are blind,” charged Kalua.

In responding to the question that triggered the controversy, Msaka said Escom is not able to produce the 290 megawatts, saying this is because of inadequate rains that have caused Lake Malawi waters to recede up to 50m down in some parts.

He said this has caused water to move at 140 cubic metres per second instead of the normal 260 cubic metres per second.

Msaka said the scenario has forced Escom to generate 100 megawatts of electricity.

He said the electricity situation would improve when the US$600m Chinese funded coal powered electricity plant is commissioned.

Msaka also said there will be an extra 1500 megawatts from solar, hydro and coal privately owned power added to the grid within 10 years.

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58 thoughts on “Kamlepo causes stir in parliament, slurs DPP legislators”

  1. ntema says:

    Kamlepo ndi deal….zikumuwawa ationetse president wachipani chake who can talk better than Kamlepo……..am talking to “THOSE PEOPLE”…hahahahahaahh

  2. Balamanthu says:

    Kamlepo herewith my piece of advice from now on.You should refer to them as “THOSE CLUELESS EMBECILES AND THIEVES”!

  3. Che Ngana says:

    Stupid And Thoughtless Kamulepo.Paja Unazolowera Kuti Ukayankhula Matuvi Akowo Umamangidwa Ma Sympathiser Akabweretsa Juice Kuzakuona Mu Cell Akazi Ako Akabwera Twelve Oclock Azapakile Ndi Ma Lunch Box Omwe Ulendo Nao Kunyumba.Kuchititsa Manyazi Atumbuka Cant You Raise Ma Issues Ku Parliamentko Oti Atukule Ku North??Mukamaliza Kunyeleranyelera Five Yrs Ikatha Muzizati Boma Silinatithandize Ku North Yet Zomwe Mukupanga Raise Kumeneko Ndizosiyana Ndi Chitukuko Cha Ku North.Boma Lilote Kuti Kwanuko Mukufuna Chakuti?? Mbuzi Ya Mp.Kumvetsa Chisoni Atumbuka.Koma Ndikuyambikire Pano Bola Unayamba Kusamba.Ukumasambira Soap Wanji Kodi?Heeeee Achitsiru Kulimbana Ndi Boma Mmalo Molimbana Ndi Chitukuko Kwanuko Anangokusankhira Kudziwikatu Nanga Kuti Uwathandize Ngati??Ctalk Development Otherwise You R Fighting A Loosing Battle.Stupid!!

  4. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    Infact, Kamulepo was so lenient. The best address for clueless dpp MPs is “THOSE IDIOTS” which they really are! Koma AGALU amewa!!!

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  6. Concerned Citizen says:

    Please can a journalist assist and give us the cost of a minute in parliament. This will give an indication to our honourableembers of how serious debate should be in the house.

    In the computation consider salaries and Perl’s of MPs, speakers, support staff, allowances etc. The figure should sober some honorable members and show there is no time to waste.

  7. Ojere Sandifolo says:

    Boma labalalika basi.That is why you are busy spending money with early campaigns you have staretd. Mpaka mau kugothelatu.Simunati when you are talking people just lough at you. Basi wakwana wa kunu 2019

  8. george says:

    Kamplepo is right, ”Those people” dont know the meaning of ”Honour” and yet they want to be addressed as hounarable people, koma ”Those people” ..was selling our bank hounarable? these black outs are hounarable? The economic status now is hounarable? amwene …aaaaah Thank you Rumphi eats for giving us Kamlepo,….2019 i will vote in that constituency just to vote for Kamlepo………tchweeeeeeeeeeee….

  9. nyamazi says:

    Let Hon. Kamlepo Karua show them that this is what is supposed to be done in Parliament. No clapping hands or just agreeing to everything that Government says through its sleepy and dully MPs Many DPP members of parliament are here fro allowances but not to perform.

    Almost all are liars and this is why the country has now shutdown. Every government ministry is dead.

  10. nyamazi says:

    To hell with Escom. It has become the most corrupt institution in the Country. You pay for power connection to your house, the next day you’re told there are power cables, after a month, you’re told there are no meters, then finally you’re told to pay cash for lunch and days a passing as if it’s a free facility.

    we pay electricity bills to Escom and that is their money for it to develop but alas, everyone at Escom is corrupt. One wonders whether their top bosses are deaf and blind not to notice what is happening on the ground. Some dubious connections are done at old hours, between 5:00 to 7:00 pm especially to those who have parted with large amounts of money in an effort to have electricity connected to their houses.

    Let Escom be privatized like what happened to Malawi Postal Services so that we could have a new and corrupt free staff who can perform their respective duties without paying something extra. This malpractice has made life very difficult for we the poor.

  11. Kalua says:

    We are tired of this unnecessary Kamlepo noise and commotion in the National Assembly. People of Rumphi East are watching and they will decide at an appropriate time.

  12. zon says:

    Foolish government MPs. You mean you can afford to waste time and our taxes discussing why somebody addressed you as people and not honorables as you wished to be called instead of spending that time by looking at serious issues affecting the country…are we really going to move as a nation? What is it in being addressed as honarables..foolish!! This makes me sick!

  13. Central says:

    Hon Kachikho are you telling us Honourable MPs from gvt side are not ‘people’? Ulemu Mai sitipempha! Frankly speaking anthu inu mukuoneka kuti Hon Kalempo mukubalalika naye kwambiri! Otherwise if the truth be told Hon Kalempo sadatukwane ayi and what he told the shallow minded Msaka (based on the trivia he talked about) was nothing but the truth! Seriously who between DPP and Malawians own all the projects you are boasting about! Why does DPP love trivia and insulting Malawians! Seriously if DPP wants to own projects and get kudos for the same then its better I suggest the party should be using ‘party funded progran budget’ not from our taxes. Sincerely I for one has been following the Parliament sessions and have found Hon Msaka as one of the DPP MPs who are too good at firing insults the Opp MPs on trivia. It is ineed too sad that every time he is asked to respond to questions he usually take such chances to introduce trivia and ridicule others ! Shame on DPP!

  14. Chonchobe says:

    Basi antu anzeru bwinobwino mkumakhala busy ndi those people, why not discussing za njala, magetsi and ulimi. mumasowa chochita kumeneko eti?

  15. PM says:

    We need MPs of Kamplepo Kalua type, honest, traight forward, and fearless so that parliament should be aggrassive, and NOT rubber stamp the filth from government

  16. mphatso says:

    Please Lord save us from these blackouts and highly innefficient Escom, they are never prepared if too much rains blackout comes, too less blackout comes. if normal rains come then machines have broken down, they name should be changed from Escom to Excom Meaning Excuses company of Malawi.

  17. Sindi says:

    Munthu wamba ( number 1) you are very correct. Clue less government. Fossil fuels today for fruits to be reaped after ten years? We are not serious an inch!!!!!!

  18. jaunky says:

    Its you who is mentally ill,not Kamulepo.What Kamulepo was saying is very true because development is a continuation thing ,its not about who initiated it no! but what the government is doing to Malawians at that particular period of thier ruling.Should MCP be singing around about the developments they did to Malawians? just to mention a few; The State Houses,the Universities,the Roads and what ever development you can see around,who initiated it? let`s be civiliazed lija ndi kale tinalandila ufulu,lets change our mind set pls!

  19. innocent says:


  20. Myao says:


  21. mbuzi iwe says:

    A Kamlepo Kalua akulira ndi kukhala ku opposition. Sunati Kamlepo mpaka 2019 woooo!!!!

  22. Muhiphethere says:

    Kaluwa is simply a lunatic hiding under an ‘honourable’ mask. Kaluwa ndiwakhunyu uyu. He is the best example that embiciles can also make it to parliament. Pajatu an empty tin makes the loudest noise.

  23. Apao Kugola says:

    Geographically, Malawi receives sun rays during the entire 365 days of the year and yet the Minister of Energy doesn’t think that solar energy could cleanly reduce the blackouts in this Cashgate Republic. The most serious problem affecting development in Malawi is that since multi-party dispensation the government has been in the hands of thieves who have been and continue to use Escom’s proceeds to enrich themselves and strengthen their political parties. If the government is serious on the energy problem, investing in solar power in less less than five years can significantly eliminate blackouts in the country. Private Investors in solar energy are deliberately frustrated by promoting ESCOM’s monopolistic structure in the energy market.

    Bwerani mutifunse kuti tikuthandizeniko kaganizidwe.

    The Fearless Samurai (Jwampiriu) – Amwene chiwela une mmbali!

  24. Alungwana says:

    I dont understand these ‘those people’. They want to be called honourables when they dont understand that government is a continous process. Koma ‘those people’. Mupusa nazotu in ‘those people’

  25. PAUL says:

    Kalua is right development is a continued process…………. I remember my hero bingu wamtalika ……… he used to say ndale is like a lilay race……..dizopasilana izi AND DON’T SAY ndinapanga ndine……. we people fund such programmes …..we pay tax for our country Malawi………….God help us …help mother Malawi

  26. SONG says:

    So 18 months down the line water has affected power generation but before this there was enough water and power generation was proper hence consistence of power generation was observed. No leadership in the country just good for visiting countries meeting UK foreign minister instead of Prime minister David Cameron. So what about, explain please we had proper maintenance of water supply especially LL Water Board why are we not having water for two days. I need answer as soon as possible please. Iwe Peter tandiyankhe mwansanga.

  27. nthandalanda says:

    Kachikho, are you honourables? Can you sensor yourself on this? Is this parliament honorable? Be quiet if you don’t have something to say
    . Intact, you are just waiting our taxes. Stupid.

  28. Kavuluvulu says:

    There is nothing wrong that Kamulepo said. These people are not honourables. People like Anna, Henry Mussa,Chaponda, Patricia, etc. Mahule ndi mbava.

  29. Enawa says:

    Mtumbukayu ndi wonyoza kwambiri ilowe mcp izamuphe ameneyu bull shit

  30. George Kamanga says:

    Chilungamo chowawa kwa Agalu a DPP.

    APM and his dogs are making innocent souls go to bed on empty stomachs and take drugs with one meal in hospitals because ananyera mumphale. And this is called good by DPP dogs.

    As long as you hide the Truth on K577 billion forget that donors will come back in 2016 as your Mr badall gondwe is saying.

  31. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Kkkkkk someone is buisy geting happy now saying things will improve in ten years time, what myopic is this.
    Ukudya madeya lero then ukusangalala ukuuza ana ako muzadya bread chaka chamawa kkkkkk. Wana nawo aziwa kuti pano pali mbolaa kkkk

  32. Tengupenya says:

    chweee mwana chweee! aputa mavu ntchencthe, as honour demanded by “monkey-like people” is this how it is in the honourable house? no comment.

  33. Eye Witness says:

    Kodi Millennium Challenge Compact inu a DPP Simukumaitchula bwanji? Mukuopa kuti a PP aziti they pulled it into order because USA suspended it because of DPP arrogance and bad governance? It is still in place and please Mr. Msaka sir, tell us the progress!!!

  34. Moya Jombajomba says:

    there is no wrong doing for kamlepo”those people” pointing at a certain group of people rather than “honourable members”including opposition.is it the same with “agalu inu” development is a process

  35. Kamukhaty says:

    a mtambo stop behavong like a politician

  36. Malawi wa Lero says:

    It now sounds to me like in Shire river recedes when there is DPP in government. During Bingu’s 2nd term we got told the same. Came JB we totally forgot, or at least somehow forgot that magetsi amazima. Not that i support JB but that DPP shud not have come back. Its shame actually.

  37. MLOMWE says:

    Kamlepo is representing Malawians,while Anna Kachikho and government benches are representing Pitara Munthalika.Mind you the DPPs we are watching every step you taking us to and we shall not forget in 2019

  38. Khwethemu says:

    Malawians hate the truth and criticism. Koma yes bwana yes bwana. I will and wudnt call any1 bwana. Za zii. We love u Kalua.

  39. Youth League Chairman: Kawale 1 market says:

    I hear our friends invest in dredgers to improve water flow speeds at intake points…well on another note, may I appreciate the current administration for its continued use of escom lorries to ferry supporters to see our big man off whenever he wants t court investors to our country. Who said we need investment in dredgers? All you lazy buffoons called civil sufferers, please buy gen sets for in at least the next 3 yrs…blackouts will be a norm..in fact most of you are rotten apples

  40. Mapazi asiyana says:

    Analyst,you are a disgrace. How are Members of Parliament addressed? Don’t expose your ignorance it rather blind loyalty here. It doesn’t matter which party belongs to,as long as you are an MP, you become honourable. Its not surprising Kamlepo isn’t much aware of this after failing to attain a seat in a good twenty(20) years. He will gradually learn parliamentary language

  41. Oliver Twist says:

    It is unfortunate to call Kamlepo Kalua mentally unfit to hold office as a Parliametarian unless if you don’t know your politics. Who championed democracy during the one party rule?? Not to fear the Late Ngwazi?? Was it not Kamlepo and his guys on Channel Africa??? This guy braved to talk to the world of the atrocities happening in Malawi forcing aid to be suspended allowing the Kwacha to start noise diving. So today he is a mad person and not in Kamuzu’s era??? Just because he is telling the truth to your ATIDYE NAWO??? It’s true politicians are not made, THEY ARE BORN!!!!

  42. Asiyeni choncho azionetsere okha kuti sadzatha kulamula malawi, moyo wawo ndi malankhulidwe awo tawadziwa.asiyeni choncho apitilize kuti asadzavute kuwadziwa msanga. Mthanga kunena apisa likongwe wa amake.

  43. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Iwe “the most concerned citizen”, ngati mbendela mwini ndiame ali wamisala, ndiye angaziwe bwanji misala ya kamlepo. mukamanena za misala mu DPP govt ndiye yili mbweeeeeeeeh!!!

  44. Mashamase says:

    Tiye nawo Kamplepo , we need to know who K577 and ask them why taking so long

  45. John Union says:

    Am just wondering aloud if the tampering with the Liwonde barrage has not affected the ability to store a bit more water upstream

  46. GRM says:

    Escom, Saka and DPP are lying. These guys need to be sold to an entrepreneur. Wa okala akuwaposa.

  47. CITIZEN says:


  48. mnjakwa 2 says:

    and meanwhile we are busy lip talking about environmental sustainability actions yet the opposite is done-coal powered today! my foot!

  49. kadamanja says:

    There is nothing wrong with Kamulepo to call you those people. you dont even deserve to be called like that, you deserve to be called anyani awo.honorable za mkutu! Bravo Kamulepo teach them why they are there THOSE PEOPLE

  50. Political Analyst. says:

    Flag and shine of Malawi Parlly is Honourable Kamlepo a man of fearless.

  51. Kamlepo is a son of our land but I don’t have respect for the guy cos he is I don’t how I can call him. To be honest I don’t think the people who are being called Honourable are not even close to the word so Mr Kamlepo aaaaa

  52. Sir Bentby says:

    Without dpp Malawi could be the better place

  53. lackison says:

    Kaluwa is the only honest parliamentarian in the house, straight talker, development is a continuation in government

  54. The Analyst says:

    . . . What is wrong with Kamlepo calling you “those people.” Did he have to mention each one of you by name to avoid using the word “those”? You people are mad! Are you sure this is derogatory? Why do people always want to impose order where there is no order? Are you honourable yourselves?
    . . . You have for so long been cheated that you are honourable but truth be told, you are not! You parliamentarians are a shame to everybody including your wives and husbands and girlfriends and boyfriends! There is nothing honourable about you and the way you conduct yourselves in and outside parliament.
    . . . Is the way you behave in parliament any different form monkeys? Did he call you monkeys? Why wont you just appreciate that despite your monkey-conduct, Kamlepo had the courtesy to call you “those people”?; for fear of telling you what you are!

    Instead of concentarting on important issues you are just wasting time, sichomcho? zikumawawatu zimenezi! This just shows how idle hence useless you guys are there.

    . . . I wonder why people would want to be respected yet they dont deserve respect. Are you sure you guys are honourable? Seriously? Unless the definition of honour has changed in my dictionary. Let me check . . .

  55. The Most Concerned says:

    I alwez blame MEC for not conducting a mental cross examination on Kamlepo Kalua before he was declared fit to contest as a Member of Parliament. Ths guy belongs to Mental Hospital, not to Parliament.

  56. Morris says:

    Sheeeee so we will have to wait for 10 years for blackout to go why don’t we privatize Escom.MTL was privatized and services is much better then when it was under government so please let’s privatize Escom and you will see things will improve

  57. munthu wamba says:

    So the country was not prepared for the eventuality that we would one day have insufficient rains that would reduce Shire river water flow? My foot! And typical of our clueless leaders, we are planning to invest in coal generated power to be ready in 10 years time! This is being thought about when the rest of the world are seriously considering of phasing out these environment damaging fossil fuels. This is how backward we are as a country. And this is the tragedy called Malawi…

    1. Inu says:

      A 300 MW Coal fired power plant is expected to be commissioned in 2017. A 40 MW solar power plant is expected to be commissioned by the 2016. The 10 year time frame is for the addition of a total of 1500MW

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