Kamlepo says Chaponda run away from Malawi: Calls DPP tribalistic govt, sidelining the North

Rumphi east firebrand MP Kamlepo Kalua on Tuesday picked on minister of Agriculture George Chaponda,  saying he has no moral ground to tell Malawians of their country because he was in self imposed exile when Malawians were fighting the oppressive one party system of government.

Kamlepo Kalua: DPP is sidelining North Malawi in development, its tribalistic government

Kamlepo Kalua: DPP is sidelining North Malawi in development, its tribalistic government

Kalua also described the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) as tribalistic, alleging this is why the DPP led government is sidelining the north in development activities.

The bone of contention was the distribution of treadle pumps which showed that the government was distributing more treadle pumps in the south than in the north.

“The minister [Chaponda]  was not here when we were fighting the one party dictatorship,” said Kalua.

Apparently, Kalua himself was in self imposed exile in South Africa but fought gallantly to champion multiparty democracy.

Chaponda told the House that there was an expert assessment on the treadle pumps to find out which areas needed more pumps than others.

He did not respond to the insinuation that he was in self imposed exile.

But in a recent radio interview, Chaponda said his family and him run away as they were being hunted by Kamuzu Banda agents.

Debate on the Agriculture vote progressed well afterwards.

Chaponda told the House that the FISP budget has now been increased by K3.5 billion because of escalating costs of fertilizer and transport, putting the budget to K15.5 billion.

He said donors have finally agreed to bankroll the seed cost of FISP to the tune of US$5 million.

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14 thoughts on “Kamlepo says Chaponda run away from Malawi: Calls DPP tribalistic govt, sidelining the North”

  1. gangamfuno says:

    Zanu izo

  2. Cash Gate says:

    zowonadi, akaluwa akunena chilungamo ngakhale carbinet yawo anangosankhana wokhawokha

  3. Honeycomb Chidyaudzu says:

    Kamlepo Kalua is saying the truth.The fact of the matter is that the DPP is a tribalistic and nepotistic government. This is the worst government and President Malawi has ever had.

  4. pido says:

    The truth is nobody chased nor targetted to kill Chaponda. He just claimed it

  5. Bindura Malopa says:

    Kamlepo just loves playing his tribal card and sensationalism than he can make sense. Distribution of certain resources are based on per capita needs than your tribalism iwe naughty boy Kamlepo, usatipangitse manyazi anthu akumpotofe, wanva? I won’t be surprised to hear you demanding same number of classroom blocks and health centres for the north as in the south. For you i’m sure it doesn’t matter whether one million pupils enroll at one school when just 500 enroll at a school in the north as long as resources are cut in the middle for the south and north. Surprisingly you do not want to give statistics for the central region, I guess for obvious reason, you know the criteria but you just love to play the tribal stunt.

    1. mgoloso says:

      One who capitalizes on tribalism is the one who is tribalistic – Kamplepo is damaging PP and MCP so much if he does not know. He should come back to his senses – any party that dreams to rule this country should consider winning hearts of the Southerners first before any move – otherwise, you will always talk of your tribalism forever. Muluzi, JB, Bingu and Peter are all Southerners. This should ring a bell in your heads and think wiser.

  6. pido says:

    Anyani kusekana zikundu. What’s good for the goose is also good for the gander

  7. Mwalonde Ken says:

    So it makes tribal sense for Kamlepo Kalua to distribute equal number of treadle pumps to 8million people in the south and 3million people in the north? Tell me people, who is a tribalist here? In that case they must build same number of prisons in the north and south to run away from tribalism i guess. Government must build same number of Capital Hills in the north as in Lilongwe. That would be the new definition of ‘EQUITY’ based on Kamlepo Kalua’s tribalism principle.

  8. Patrick Phiri says:

    Kamlepo’s head is completely empty. How can he demand equal distribution of treadle pumps for north and south when population of the north is only one quarter of the south. Typical danderhead and noise maker.

  9. maphwevu boy says:

    Bwana Kamlepo you ran away from Kamuzu during one party system for your dear life. Equally the same with Chaponda he ran away for his dear life as well. All of you came back after the downfall of one party. Then what are talking about. You were making noise in South Africa towards the end of Kamuzu Banda. You did not make any noise in South Africa soon after running away from Ngwazi. You were quite in south africa. It was after Muluzi started talking against one party its when you started making noise over 100 days you gave Kamuzu. Useless. That was in 1990s when Kamuzu was old. Yet you ran away in 1970s. You couldnt have made that noise in 19970s when Kamuzu was a real lion. So just shut your mouth and start enjoying the current multy boma.

  10. Chandamale says:

    Very bad government. We will vote them out.

    1. mgoloso says:

      Kamlepo iwenso unali ku South Africa for decades- do not claim that you are a patriotic Malawian. Being power hungry will not take you anywhere – Mukufuna ma treddle pump enawo muzikatani nawo ku North? You are hand full of people in the north – 1/4 of population in the South.

      How many points for Mathematics did you score at MSCE?. We know you as a retired Senior Vendor in Johannesburg.

  11. jobwijo says:

    Kamulepo is a crook. How can you laugh at Chaponda in such manner yet you yourself, you were at large in John. You have houses for rent in South Africa. I know the place. Watch out. Anyani sasekana zikundu.

    1. REX MSISKA says:

      It is sad to note that malawians are crying about tribalism the same way they used to cry during Kamuzu leadership. There is no where in the world or throughout history where there would be a balance in tribalism. I hate it when time and again our leaders are the ones advocating tribalism.

      There is a tendance with old malawians of blaming Kamuzu for their failures or even failed adventures. The truth is in every political system there will be, the ‘do’ and ‘don’t’. Do malawians realise that there were a lot of so many better things in the one party system then than it is now in the multi party system? For instance, education, discipline, corruption, and even the level of tribalism. Before independence enter marriages were hardly there. On behalf of Kamuzu, i say ‘fisi ana kana tsatse’, excuse me for my spelling if not correct.

      Malawians, each one of us has the duty to save our Nation from all sorts of pains we are going through. If only we can learn from the four lepers in the Bible. I am saying LEPERS!

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