Kamlepo says ‘nothing is working in Malawi’ asks Mutharika to step down

Rumphi east MP Kamlepo Kalua has told President Peter Mutharika to step down, and give the country an opportunity to revive its fortunes, saying “nothing is working in Malawi” now.

Kamlepo Kalua: Mutharika must go

Kamlepo Kalua: Mutharika must go

Kamlepo said for Malawi to get its economic revival it needs leadership renewal, saying there is deteriorating economic conditions, characterised by a biting cash shortage, food price increases, electricity blackout and rising unemployment.

He also levelled accusations to the President for covering up the alleged  theft of K61 billion public money by his late brother president, Bingu wa Mutharika.

The vice chairman of Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee also accused the President of protecting suspected seven cabinet ministers allegedly involved in the K236 billion plunder of public money.

Kalua, who said he had come from abroad, said he was angered that the government failed to fund an investigation, ordered by parliament, to find out where the former president Bingu wa Mutharika stashed the K61 billion allegedly stolen from the public purse, and suspected to have been stashed in offshore accounts.

“He will never allow the government to fund such an investigaion, the DPP government sanctions theft of public money, this is why the seven cabinet ministers involved in the K236 billion of public money are still being protected,” said Kalua.

Kalua said he was so “disheartened” by the rampant corruption in government.

Finance minister Goodall Gondwe said the government is cash trapped and could not fund all requested activities whilst Leader of the House George Chaponda and government chief whip Henry Mussa dismissed Kalua’s allegations on Bingu as untrue.

State House officials were not available to comment on Kalua’s call for Mutharika to resign.

Kalua said the Democratic Progressive Party led government has stolen huge sums of money from Escom, Malawi Revenue Authority, Macra and water boards

Ironically, just a day after Kalua’s allegations on the DPP fleecing Escom, the director of Finance resigned, saying government and party officials were forcing him into making dubious payments.

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18 thoughts on “Kamlepo says ‘nothing is working in Malawi’ asks Mutharika to step down”

  1. nick naizer says:

    Mukudziwa kale deal madalawa anyika apanze I n my crew bsb in jozi more fire akamlepo timakifirani paesy aunzeni zoona

  2. Gerard mapanga Phiri says:

    He is the last man standing

  3. Nyirenda says:

    Let him set an example of leadership qualities by beginning to develop Rumphi area. His constituency is living in the Stone Ages. Very sad. The blind leading the blind.gT4fg

  4. hhhhhh says:

    zoona kaluwa

  5. zondiwe says:

    You might not like him, but he is the only sensible MP in Parliament now. He shares the truth, painful as it may be.

  6. Mj Central says:

    Oh! yes. Empty tin. He used to make a lot of noise in hiding during Kamuzu era while his courageous friends were fighting from within.He fits the opposition side where he can even oppose a fly to fly.

    1. Okwiya says:

      While you are tired of Kamlepo Kailua Malawians are tired of this Clueless and irrelevant man you call president

  7. kinyepe says:

    Mtumbuka owuma mutu iwe.Unali kale anthu asanazindikire za multi party,CANT YOU SEE THAT YOU HAVE LOST HEAT?

    1. CWN says:

      When all logic fails, jump to tribal attacks, how pathetic of you!!!Instead of listening to the argument, you want to attack the man, it’s really pathetic and I shall never understand it BUT LETS HELP YOU WITH REASONING SKILLS, HE IS SAYING KUTI “MALAWI WAVUTIKA” some of these problems are “a biting cash shortage, food price increases, electricity blackout and rising unemployment”….HE is ADVOCATING THAT SOMETHING BE DONE ABOUT IT, chitsanzo or for EXAMPLE, CHANGE THE LEADERSHIP…Please don’t comment if you have nothing to contribute!!!!

  8. What will take for Malawians to understand that when a nation is broke , they need to change the leadership? Malawians will suffer to the Point dying like flies but still keep the same leadership. People lik Peter who never experienced how Malawians lived 32 years with dictatorship does not know. How can you let someone who has never stayed in Malawi and was not there when you were suffering run the nation. Is it because he is professor or what? Its better to let Muzungu run Malawi and it will be perfect with good economy than to let the thieves make u poor. Are you not ashamed that you are the only country in Africa which is not developing? How long shall you go like this. Who will invest in a country without electricity and water. Look at tother African countries which had civil wars and how they are developing. Dont blame the leader it s u all who have to do something. 2019 APM/DDP will rule again because there are sitll many Malawians who Think he is good. Just like in Zimbabwe they Think Mugabe is good. Dont begg wka zungu. Its shameful when I read one Germany said u Malawians we have given u so much of our tax maoney what have you done with it? Answer the Muzungus what do u do with their Money? U are still poor.

  9. Mbwiye says:


  10. tman says:

    Does this man not tired for insisting the same utterances without shame.People listened to you,and are just looking at you as someone crazy.You must be fighting your own battle.

    Weapons previously very useful for a won war are kept in museums.You are just like that,MUSEUM GUY.Nothing you say shall be taken seriously, Mr Crazy Man.RIP

    1. Join the discussion The problem is you and all those who dont know what this man is fighting for. Malawians u have never lived a good democratic Life so what do you know what is fighting for.

      1. CWN says:

        I agree with Chako, I also don’t understand these empty contributions, no wonder there are so many problems in this country.

  11. Thokos says:

    Go Now were tired with Him

  12. Mika Kumbire says:

    The Finance Director for Escom Betty Mahuka was a her and not a him. Edit! Edit! and Proof read please.

    1. smart says:

      Chonde amalawi tachangamukani…kamplepo and chihana are the only ones who fought kamuza banda in the late days of kamuzu….nde wina aziti ena amamenya nkhondo ya democracy ali mmalawi momuno zopusa ndani anapangapo zimenezo kwa ka muzuzu..mwina nthawi yimeneyo unali ukuyamwa.ask muluzi he was in malawi and in mcp but fieced to fight he just won chifukwa choti anali majority aku mangwetu. viva kamplepo….

      1. nick naizer says:

        Akamulepo ndi Anna awa ife kuno Ku jozi more fire with ur flag respect.ndinu big man munthu wankulu tidzabwera akachoka zobayo

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