Kamoto ‘terrorises’ Malawi Revenue Authority: Thodi new head of admin

Nyasa Times can reveal that employees have been working in fear for the last seven months at Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) as commissioner general Ralph Kamoto is wreaking havoc at the tax gathering institution first denying taxmen of their due bonuses and thereafter firing people at will.

MRA boss Kamoto: Heads rolling

MRA boss Kamoto: Heads rolling

Kamoto has also brought in dictatorial measures by withdrawing numerous contracts with suppliers and invading employees’ privacy by monitoring even personal emails and every internet log-in. As it stands now websites like Nyasa Times, Facebook have been blocked from MRA network.

Since his appointment in July 2014 Kamoto has single-handedly fired; commissioner customs and excise imports Agnes Katsonga, management accountant Majora Somba, finance director David Loga, tax investigations director Henry Ngutwa, estate manager Clement Kamuangala and of late policy research director Josephy Milner.

Kamoto has also sacked over 20 officers and impeccable sources at MRA have confirmed that more may be relived of the duties to pave way for the hiring of CEO’s cronies.

Apart from this, the commissioner general has suspended human resources director Alice Konyani, procurement director Magdalene Mambiya demoting head of administration Elton Sapato to be internal audit deputy director and has appointed former chief immigration officer Elvis Thodi to be the new head of administration.

Just last week commissioner customs Shadereck Namalomba was also suspended but has since sort the court’s redress on the matter and he is now back on duty.

The firings, suspensions and demotions has shaken morale for employees at MRA and has already started to negatively affect operations.

Tax targets set by Ministry of Finance are likely to be missed since people are not sure if they will have their jobs the next day.

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84 thoughts on “Kamoto ‘terrorises’ Malawi Revenue Authority: Thodi new head of admin”

  1. ...igwe says:

    ….where is the rule of law in all this? An administrative action should not be taken arbitrarily, it must be preceded with a due process. This is a constitutional requirement. No one is above the law, hence such malpractices need be brought before the courts for redress. However, I do reckon that in order to approach the court one has to cough up a fortune to a lawyer, then still not sure whether the Presiding Judicial Officer would really be impartial. Where is this Malawi going?

  2. nyolokan says:


    1. Patriot says:

      Pamene Mfiti Agnes Katsonga amakhomerera anthu a ku South ku custom muja munali kuti? Amachita kumatchalenja kumutchula maina kuti wakuti sindingamupase promotion pamene Shad anabwerera anapeleka ma promotion including kwa atumbuka azibale ake a Katsongao mulibe manyazi.

  3. Waloswa says:

    Ukali wonsewo the target is to deal away with those who can unveil their plans. Luna sikwabwino, asiyeni anzanu. Nsonkho wathutu umenewo sizakwanu.

  4. Wept says:

    Koma simuphana ku MRA ko. Eeeee ndadabwa mumakhala bwanji and mumagwila ntchito bwanji. Assessment yanga is Kuli chibwana ku company iyi. Kodi a president osawabalalisa anthu awa bwanji asatikwane. Konseko tu kufuna kuba

  5. Kafire says:

    There is one guy calling himself MRA Staff it seems he is bitter with one George Mankhwala. Every time there is an issue even unrelated ones he mentions him, why???? Why this hatred? Now this is dangerous mutha kumupha munthu. Oscar Matewere mukumumenyera nkhondoyo is also not qualified. He is a graduate of education and must be teaching in secondary school by now. Ku procurement ko iye anasiyako chani?? Mmesa ali ku customs at the same grade? Eeee this bitterness will not assist you mungoziputirapo cancer apa.

    1. Mkwaso says:

      Its Oscar Matewere himself masquerading as MRA STAFF. You must be very man.o

    2. MACHEEENDE says:

      Kafire aka Kamoto , matako ako. People are not fighting for Matewere but fighting against naked and rampant nepotism, tribalism and regionalism in all these firings. Ku MRA ko why were they recruiting WA education pamene mma secondary school mukusowa aphunzitsi? Ku MRA ko kulibe amene anapanga procurement? A Chibweya bwanji?

  6. tonkhwetonkhwe says:

    Not so good.

  7. VYOTO says:


  8. KASONGA says:

    Having known MRA system , employment act, and personality of Kamoto and Mbilizi; one issue coming to my mind is that there is serious employment procedures breaches. Being a Commissioner General, you don’t have to fire people Willy nilly.

  9. mzathu says:

    Its called cleaning exercising,barring nyasatimes and facebook is a measure aimed at improving efficiency most companies anapanga zimenezi bcz most of thea workers worst alot of working hours on these sites…..i see nothing wrong with Kamoto

    1. KASONGA says:

      What type of cleaning services only targeting non lhomwes? Mulhomwe wakuba uyu George Mankhwala is being left Scot free. These dismissals are tantamount to be concluded as targeting non lhomwes and aimed at finding space to put in lhomwes eg Thodi and George Mankhwala cases.

      This is mediocrity at its best.

      1. Mkwaso says:

        Anabera amako?

        1. MACHEEENDE says:

          Ndiwe George Mankhwala iwe, don’t hide behind mkwaso. Mboli yamako

  10. mmmm says:

    These sirnames,ooo,i wonder if there is anybody from the north or centre at MRA,kamoto,thodi,masangwi etc,oo well,its all sourtheners

  11. wankulu says:

    I am not an employee of MRA and i am not even thinking of being one in this life – actually i am in a completely different field altogether-but the comments herein have prompted me to chip in. Its really interesting to go through all these comments. Some are written with pure hatred, others with regionalistic coloring and jealousy. It is clear that most of these comments are written by MRA employees and one can easily point out that the pro-Kamotos are in the majority. I am not interested in who is right or who is wrong here, but i am just someone who would comment on something based on facts. How can people comment on something poorly written like this? it would have been right to point out poor workmanship in this article, rather, people (MRA staff) have posted their comments based on pure hatred and jealousy. You Nyasatimes journalists should know that you have a diverse audience so make sure that you dig deeper before you publish. By doing this, everybody even those who are not employed by MRA but are concerned citizens can comment. Look at the garbage these people have posted – it just shows that malawians are driven by high end jealousy and tribalism.

  12. ndadabwa says:

    keep it up kamoto. sweep all the thieve at mra

  13. Khumbo says:

    A Shad munakaziwa sumunakalwmbesa nkhaniyi kunyasa. Apa mwangoyalukatu taonani mnyozowo. vomerezani kuti ndinu mbava. Olo mukakamire ma officers muziwalangiza bwanji? Wina azakuyankhanitu kuti paja nanu abwana ndinu okuba tu tisapingane

  14. Kafire says:

    Keep it up Kamoto!!!!!!! The country needs strong people like you. We support you. To hell with Roza Mbilizi, Namalomba and Masangwi the Chasowa murderer.

  15. Ben Phiri says:

    Koma zoona mbwiyanga Namalomba kuphunzira konseko kumalamulidwa ndi Noel Masangwi savage wa form 2. Zoona pwiyapwiya. You have a lot to lose my brother. Shadrick you are intelligent but you have no wisdom.

  16. Paul says:

    Well done kamoto. Clean all the thieves there. W r bhind u

  17. Kachindamoto says:

    A aaa guys Roza Mbilizi is the one who sponsored this article. The lady wants Kamoto finished so that she takes over. This Roza is an evil lady. She can kill for that position. She wants to be using her smuggling brothers to steal. If Peter tries to appoint her then MRA Yatha Ife sititoleranso msonkho.

  18. Keep it up Ralph Kamoto. Your actions are progressive and vector-based. MRA has been rifed with corruption cases which were swept under the carpet. We are not jealous of them when they build mansions and drive poshy cars out of their sweat, but not out of reaping us. We will not support them on this mess. Go on Kamoto… Bring on sanity there… There is no infringement of privacy when you barn social media during work hours, you are only asking productivity and resource efficiency from them if at all they mind to be called good citizens of Malawi.

  19. Proff. Ngangabulawayo says:

    Kamoto should continue cleaning up the mess. Malawi requires such serious minded people like Kamoto to develop. Keep it up!!!

  20. naphiri says:

    what goes round comes around

  21. Zinazake says:


  22. Ndikutelo says:

    Mwaona anthu oipa akugwilitsa ntchito atolankhani kufuna kuipitsa kuipitsa mbiri ya Kamoto kuti aziba bwino. Koma ife tikudziwa kuti Kamoto akugwila ntchito yabwino,Masangwi ndi anzake atisamale

  23. mbuya says:

    Most Malawians are lazy and thieves so when someone comes and try to correct their evil doings…they cry saying they are being victimised…comeon work up people……Kamoto is a good manager….ndipo akufunika aKamoto 10 kuti a Kamoto enawo akakhale ku immigration, police, road traffic, malawi bureau of standards, ndi mma university a boma akukhala ngati museum wa mxiii

  24. Evidence says:

    Get rid of those women whose only qualification is bottom power. Coming of Thodi will improve things. ana ofewa mmutu osati dunderheads like the Kachala. cement headed and believing in juju

  25. kambale says:

    BWANA KAMOTO IS GOOD; HE IS DOING HIS RIGHT JOB TO CLEAN MRA FROM CORRUPT PERSONNEL..; only kutidi anthu anadandaula posalandila ka bonasi…ena osalimba mtima ngati ine… ka motivation kanawapitila pa low. Okhumudwawo ..please lets work and build MRA UP… UP…

  26. kambale says:

    posapeleka ma bonasi anthu anadandaula kwambiri……

  27. Edward Banda says:

    Kunonso ku Malawi Posts Corporation the same thing, fear factor, we are working under fear from our CEO Mr G. Itaye. Ma Directors kumagokalipilidwa ngati ana pali ponse. Aliyense akadwala tizipanga photocopy health passport zoona zimenezi. APM anthu amenewa andi??awatenga kuti kodi??????

    1. makito says:

      How else would you prove you were sick? Malawi indeed has a rotten culture.

    2. Moya says:

      Lazy people like you are killing our country to anchor bottom on global rating, if u are really sick what’s the problem in showing proof? Its a sign that he has seen there are many sick absenteeisms, work hard or go too your village. Many school leavers out there willing to work and show the health passports when they are sick so don’t get too comfortable.

  28. fedrevolution says:

    To MRA working is collecting taxes.Can you start making tax returns alot of businesses will be willing to pay tax

  29. Zamadula says:

    Shadreck, quit while you are ahead. Go back to your audit firm and maize mills. Greed is good but only up to a point. Many people are losing reputations or even lives in this vain quest to become Kwacha billionnaires. You were already a multi-millionnaire before you left your firm (Wilson & Johnson) to join MRA under contract during Bingu’s time.

    Opposition politicians are crying for blood over this timber business, and DPP may be willing to throw you under the bus inorder to protect more prominent DPP politicians and ‘well wishers’…wakutsina khutu ndi n’nansi

  30. gogobawo says:

    kodi inu kalelo munali kuti kulemba zimenezi kupanga suspend mbava iyi Namalomba yu basi mwati mubweretse nyasi zanuzi apa. Nalamomba ndi mbava ndipo amaufuna u Commissioner General ndipo mkamatama bwanji ka mbuzi kameneka ndi uhule wake mkati ndalama zakubazi zikumathera ku dpp mulhakondi zibwenzi. mbava zisowe basi tukumutukumu poti ndiwe mulomwe tikukhaIka pansi ife ndi ilomwe wakowo usatinyasepo apa iwe Namalomba ndiwe walemba zimenezi

  31. Abiti Sipoko says:

    munya muona a Kamoto akugwira ntchito mwachilungamo akupezererani ndi kuba kwanuko ndiye muziti fwe fwe fwe mwagwanayo. The truth will set Kamoto free go Kamoto go!

  32. john cena says:

    Kamoto, Thodi, Pitala onset Alomwe kaya ZANU izo a Malawi munasankha nokha so don’t complain that is why we will remain the poorest country on earth


  34. musisipala says:

    The commissioner general knows what he is doing. Bring sanity to the body.

  35. MRA STAFF says:

    Dont mix Namalombas issue with conduct of Kamoto. Kamoto is just so nepotistic, tribalistic and regionalstic. PERIOD. Issue ya Namalomba ndiya pompano. Kamoto started victimizing people just a day he reported for duties here at MRA. Plain truth, Kamoto has permanent pathological hatred on non lhomwes. He hates atumbuka, chewas and Yaos. There is more into it. However Kamoto and Mbirizi, know this: we didn’t choose to be borne in Malawi, neither did we choose to be non lhomwes. Reflect on your victimization.

    1. Khumbo says:

      Iweso ndiwe waboza eti osati enao amangozinyumwa. Nanga Bwanji Namalombaa deal ake amapangA ndi station manager wa pa Dedza amene Kwao kuli ku Mchinji. Bwana Kamoto sesani

      1. KASONGA says:

        Reason. Kamoto is being driven by nepotistic and tribalism tendencies. Those of you siding with him are tribalists

  36. Sichinga says:

    Pano kwachitika magulu Atatu ku custom . 1. Gulu la mbava ambiri mwa iwo ma managers ndi kumabwera mumtundamo ndi otsayira Ao ndi ma officers ofunikira 2. Gulu losamufuna Shad ambiri mwa iwo atumbuka ndi Achewa chifukwa Akuti Kachala anayamba kale yimatukutuku 2 days yi 3. Gulu la alomwe amene ali maso ngwee kudikira kuti zitha bwanji

  37. Mhone says:

    Indeed this is the work of Masangwi and his smuggling cronies. Kamoto has tighened all the screws so that there is no tax evasion. Kamoto more fire Kamoto! How come ana a form4 a customs kumanga nyumba 5? Kuba basi. Fire them. Akakhala Kamwangala was conniving with contractors to inflate figures kumaba. No wonder they fired him from Works.

  38. Wayne Kazima says:

    No comment on firings and demotions but banning social networks on Company network was the first thing I would have done too. That’s not invading employees’ privacy but rather making sure company resources are only used for their purposes and gains. You want privacy use your mobiles or personal laptops. Company networks are sharing so if you log on personal emails or social networks you are merely agreeing to sharing your info to whoever is on that network. Bravo Ralph!

  39. Ine says:

    Agalu inu ndikukupasani 2 days mube ndalama zonse za boma mukamgopanda ndikudulani makosi

  40. Tom and Jerry says:

    Nyasatimes, when you are bought to write crap for Masaangwi and Namalomba, know that people have real information and you may end up having the dirt of the people you are trying to protect washed in the open. Everyone know Kamoto is creasing up the mess of theft at MRA, if you knew how much revenue is lot to indians because of inside deals at MRA you would have apologized to Kamoto and Malawians but being a fool you are are, you many never know this.

    1. MRA STAFF says:

      Bull shit, why is sacking only non lhomwes? Don’t you see that his conduct is tantamount to victimize people basing on tribalism and regionalism. Kamoto is a perfect tribalism and regionalism gladiator

  41. Sindi says:

    This article is full of misrepresentation and obviously the works of Namalomba, the suspended Commissioner of Customs. Kamoto is a professional and people like Namalomba are the ones who can pull him down. By the way, why is that Customs, which is headed by Namalomba, never reaches its targets? When we read revenue performances in the newspapers, its always Domestic Taxes reaching its targets and not Customs. Why? Because the head of Customs is busy helping politicians smuggle out goods instead of collecting revenues. Kaya zanu izo. Bring sanity to MRA. Bring back the Kulemekas, renowned tax professionals in Malawi and beyond.

    1. Daudi says:

      Mwanena zoona koma Za ma bring back izi ayi kulibe anthu Ena iyaaa musatikwane

  42. essie says:

    Musova kuzolowera kuba eti! well done Kamoto, misonkho yathu imatiwawa ena azimanngira ma nyumba akangala ma lady employees kumaziva ma juice ngati anapita ku school. mwana wa tax officer aphunzira bwanji ku Bedir, kuba masi. Musovaaa!

    1. Daudi says:

      Zoona munthu wa form four Matama two kumapanga ma nyumba mma area 25 kufusa position kuntchito clerk pakhomo mkazi galimoto Bambo galimoto musamatichitire ife Matama timakuziwani kuti ndinu okuba. Ku church pa forefront ndi ndalama zanu zokubazo

  43. Zozoro says:

    Koma Kamoto be careful as you came through Chilima

  44. Mphwache says:

    We know Kamoto, he has done the same at PCC and MERA, and fired people willy nilly. We are not surprised.

  45. Stella Hauya says:

    We will see who wins God or the thieves and smugglers. Akuba inu your propaganda is cheap. Mr Kamoto take it easy God will fight for you ngati Kuli kusala tisala sitingalolere MBAVA zimenezi sitikwane. Akutiopseza ndife ma officers tomwe kuti athana nafe

  46. Chanthunya says:

    This article has been sponsored by Namalomba and his mafia boss Masangwi. These guys wanted to be stealing at MRA but Kamoto has said enough is enough. So they have teamed up with their mlakho kings to damage Kamoto. We pray for you Kamoto. Even Peter Mutharika knows that Masangwi is a seasoned smuggler. How can Namalomba a prifessional accountant like you allow to be used by a form4 thug? You think you are destroying Kamoto but you are exposing yourselves. Kamoto please clean up the system.

  47. Kokotowa says:

    Akuchita bwino kwabasi! Clement Kamwangala munthu wa tech angalemere chonchija, salary yache it? Mxiii

  48. gogobawo says:

    Inu inu something is fishy here nthawi yonseyi munali kuti kutimunene pano za Kamoto munena pano just becoz of Namalomba’s issue. munthu akalakwitsa asamuchotse ntchito. for you own infor Namalomba akuyenera kukhala pa suspension analakwa kungoti ma court wanso sanathandize ndi ma injunction yawoyi. Namalomba ndi mbava yayikulu zedi nde apa wagwidwa mukuti iyayi abwerere jst becoz ndi mulhakho and zinthuzo akumaba ndi a chipani cha dpp ati kufuna kulemera paja mmene anasaukira. all employees shd be trested equally akalakwitsa osati poti Namalomba ndi wa dpp and being mulhakho moreover zimene anachita Namalombayu its a gross misconduct indeed kungotibinu simukudziwa simuli mkatiblachi 40 lamukwanira Namalombayu nanji paja anayamba nthwawi ya Bizwick kuwufuna u Commissioner Generak matama too much Shadreck Namalmba coz ndi mulhakho nthawi yanu ikutherani. Junior akalakwitsa akumachotsedwa ntchito so how special is Shadreck Namalomba kuti asapite ku suspension to pave way for investigations. Kamoto sanalakwitse inu mufuna adzingochotsa ma juniors. Namalomba nde mwini ma logs moti apa angogwirazochepa za iyeyu. Namalomba akuona ngati MRA ili mmanja mwake ndi Mbilizi wakeyu. As for Kamoto angobweneretsa ms bonus basi but other wise he is no nosense. koma Namalomba ndi Mbilizi mbava zenizeni zinabwerera kuba ku MRA ndanivsadziwa and boma la dpp kaya kufuna kudzilemeretsa we are watching paja munasaukiratu ndinkana GEORGE MANKHWALA munamuika ku procurement kuti mudziba bwino TIKUPENYATU ndi dziko ili osaiwala.

    1. Think Tank says:

      If gogobawo and Wikisi have said true,then he can go ahead cleaning. But we have seen people cleaning on the other side while splashing dirt on the other hand. In other words,replacing corruption with corruption.

  49. Manzy says:

    Musamayembekere kut corruption izantha guys muzingoyembekeza ufumu wakumwamba kut uze.

  50. wisikisi says:

    Kamoto is cleaning the rot at MRA. He is fighting with established mafias like Masangwi. Maggie Mambiya was helping Biziwick to steal through procurement. Mwalemba izinu you are just disgruntled. Kamwangala mbava yaikulu kwambiri. Mulira simunathe. Kamoto please go ahead you are fighting against the devil.

  51. nganga says:

    Mulibwanji thanks we are waiting

  52. Patriot says:

    Mlomwe Revenue Authority – MRA

  53. Vyakutowa says:

    Thodi’s only qualification is that he is Mulhakho…Where did he study HR. Azimai ali mmadzi kuwanyenga kuwalemba ntchoti!!! Kukana kuwachotsa.. All this guy knows is to womanise!!

    1. Teketeke says:

      Elvis Thodi is a graduate of Chancellor College, UNIMA, how can you say his qualification is Mlhako? As he holds a degree, can he be not Director of Administration at MRA after having served as Chief Immigration Officer before?
      If you have some beef with him, that’s your personal problem.
      Let MRA gain some semblance of a govt arm!

  54. aabwino says:

    Mr writer of this article, It is not wrong to block Facebook on an company network. In most companies facebook is openned during the lunch hour ,after 5pm and during weekend.

  55. Mulibwanji? says:

    Tpeople were just getting employed anyhow without specified budget lines. all the above were employed within 2012 to 2014. it is typical of Malawians to have the one who wants to clean the mess… everywhere even in churches and mosques.

    all the above had their own issue and JB regime was shielding them. I once did some attachments at MRA as an internal auditor and I know whatever was happening. I will not tackle names here but people messed MRA including the former Commissioner General,,,, I have tangible evidence. before you publish things,,, please gather facts…..

    Similar things were happening at Road traffic and Immigration. that’s where we are now,,,, to do the auditing….. Mutha kulira kuti koma anthu ndalama zathu amaseweretsa chonchiiiiii,,,,,,,,,,soon they will come to nyasatimes kuti GOVT or who so ever is victimizing them koma a bog NO…. anthu anazolowera kuba.

  56. wafederation says:

    Kamoto is trying to change the mindset of MRA employees most of whom r seriously engaged in corruption, MRA loses billions of Kwachas thru these corrupt officials who connive with Indians and Chinese to under value goods! This posting has been done by one of the frustrated corrupt official. I remember there was an advert for the post Thodi has been offered, I hope he passed the interview but if he has just been picked for the post then it is wrong!

  57. mlomwe2 says:

    Kodi akuona ngati akuyiziwa ntchito? Anthu onsewo angakhale oipa? Nkozenkoze ananyera mmbale.

  58. Gregory 1 says:

    Kamoto ndi wachibwana kwambiri.We need John biziwick back.akamuna pa ntchito yawo

  59. MRA STAFF says:

    This story is long over due, but never too late. There is too much self aggrandizement and egocentrism tendencies in the leadership of MRA. When I say leadership, I mean Commissioner General and his Deputy , Loza Mbilizi.
    1.Rampant Nepotism, Tribalism and Regionalism
    This has been the driving force to fire non lhomwes and non southerners so that they replace with Lhomwe belt people as first priority and southerners at large. Good example is hiring of Thodi a lhomwe who has never done any interview let alone advertizing the post. Another living example is removal of Matewere as Procurement Manager, a career person in supply chain management and replaced with George Mankhwala, accounts personel reason being that George Mankhwala is lhomwe and sided with Mbilizi when Mbilizi was interdicted for pocketing allowances for a trip she never under took.

    connected to nepotism, regionalism and tribalism is politiks. Who ever is from central region and northern regions is being deemed as non DPP hence wealth interdiction. Kamoto, Mbilizi and their batman George Mankhwala have been tasked to recruit more lhomwes at MRA so that ma deal oba revenue and contracts should pass through easily

    Some women have been interdicted so that Kamoto should only see Mbilizi. Their union dates way back in 2005. Their transfers and interdiction is a plot by mbilizi to reduce comptetition


    1. Mkwaso says:

      MRA STAFF – it appears you are a very bitter person. My advise to you is – Just accept the new leadership and its management style or do the honourable thing – Resign. Vuto la anthu oti mwazolowera kuba ndiye akakusokonezani ndilimenero. Complaining on Nyasatimes will not help you achieve anything or recoup lost glory. Matewere was very corrupt. Usamale, MRA is zeroing in on you and very shortly you will be flushed out uzikanyera kunyumba.

      1. MRA STAFF says:

        A George Mankhwala , keep quiet and don’t hide behind mkwaso. You are a living example of Beneficiary of tribalism, nepotism and regionalism. Muwona kukabwera state funeral Ina. Tikusesani. In fact you are so corrupt to the core. F……..k you to infinity. School inkakuvuta so. Just thank that you are a Lhomwe. Ukanthdwa pansi pompano ndi Mulungu. Do you find solace when other people are being victimized based on tribe, region or on nepotistic tendencies? Kodi anzeru ndi alhomwe okha? BULL SHIT

  60. mbwaxe says:

    Yap!!! Kudya kwa alomwe ndikumeneku!!!! We had one matilda katopola who used to behave in the same way!!! But where is she now? She is at home just licking her rotten pussy!!!!! Waiting for compesation which will be paid in 30 years!!!!!! Yoooo! Za pa thako basi!!! Alomwe alomwe nophiya ku nyini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Equal Rights says:

    Its time to get rid of the undeserved super rich tax men. Well done ambassador Kamoto! Malawians are looking forward to have MRA cleaned of massive corrupt crooks who have dominated the system for so many years. While it is a sad thing seeing people loosing their jobs but MRA mgmt. is so rotten such that most govt.revenues leaks to individuals working within the system.

  62. Hoitty says:

    Ngati kuli kukonza zinthu wakhwana Kamoto. Maka maka pa ma supplier. I hope muchotsapo ma supplier achimwenye nkuyikapo a Malawi. Koma anthu mukulilira Facebook ndi nyasa nthawi yogwira ntchito? No wonder we are poorest of the poor. Kafunseni ku toyota malawi the only site you get in is the toyota Malawi website and email. Ku old mutual, nasfam amayatsa facebook 4pm

  63. Nadi says:

    Tiye nazoni analakwanji John Biswick mmmm.

  64. Davido says:

    How come I don’t see mbwenumbwenus on the list? Kodi mwayamba kuchotsana nokhanokha eti?

  65. Ezekiel says:

    Uwu nde uchisiru anthu andale safunika maudindo ngati Awa kodi onsewa alembedwa apawa angakhale olakwa. Khalani ngati anthu opempherera nonse ndinu aMalawi ndipo zuwani kuti mukubereka ana anu azachitidwa chipongwe ngati ichi kaya inu muli kuti nthawi yimeneyo.

  66. musovenge says:

    i told u wen blue has taken over thats the sign hiring & firing osamaiwala a malawi tisova up to 5 years if we ll mistakenly again 10years,all the best.

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