Kamuzu International Airport to have new International Departure Lounge, arrival hall

Government has embarked on a project to extend and rehabilitate the terminal building at Kamuzu International Airport, spokesperson for the Ministry of Transport and Public Works James Chakwera has said.

Malawi’s major international airport KIA

Chakwera said the project will involve the construction of a new International Departure Lounge, International Arrival Hall and domestic building all of which will be joined to the old terminal building which will also be restructured and rehabilitated

The project which was officially launched by the State President, Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika on 10 February 2017 is being funded through a grant from the Japanese Government and will cost K21, 900, 000,000.

Chakwera said the actual work started on 1st April and is expected to finish in March 2019 since it is a two year project.

He further said the terminal building is now old and small to cater for the needs of the travelling public and this creates a problem of congestion at the check concourse, departure lounge, arrival hall and the baggage claim area.

“The project will alleviate these problems by availing more space in the terminal building for passenger facilitation,” he said, adding that, the new and rehabilitated structures will be modern and fit for use by the present day traveller.

“Other than facilitating the processing of passengers, the extended terminal building will be able to accommodate new businesses thereby turning the airport into a commercial center.

“As an international point of entry the terminal building will be able to give a welcoming feeling to visitors reflecting the warmth of the people of Malawi,” he said

He further said that Government appreciates the financial assistance from the Government of Japan as the project fits in well with its development agenda, especially in the bid to develop the tourism sector whose main catalyst is air transport.

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9 thoughts on “Kamuzu International Airport to have new International Departure Lounge, arrival hall”

  1. Jesus is Lord says:

    I used Kamuzu in April-May. It was opened in 1983 and clearly hasn’t been changed since! But I found that this was part of the charm. It’s not like the massive hell-holes such as JHB International, or Heathrow, or Schiphol. Nowhere near as commercial (I battled to find any Malawi souvenirs, even at the airport it was limited but at least the prices were roughly in-line with the streets of Lilongwe, not like overseas where a coke will cost 3x more than the supermarket). Small, but nice. An airport the way things used to be before the world went crazy. It’ll be sad to see it go but it’s understandable, all in the name of progress…

  2. Bibo says:

    This amount of 21 billion Kwacha is very little money to construct a modern airport or modernize an old airport. If the Malawian leadership was serious about tourism, the sum between 250 million and 450 million US dollars was gonna be suitable to construct or modernize an airport with annual passenger capacity of at least 20 million people. This is serious transformation of a country. The talked about sum of money by the DPP government will be just enough to face-lift an airport with an annual passenger capacity of about 1 million people. With such passenger capacity,there won’t be massive inflow of revenue from tourism.

    I believe tourism can be one of the best drivers of the economy apart from knowledge, and not tobacco and agriculture in general. Malawi has struggled economically because of over-reliance on agriculture and tobacco in particular. Knowledge is key to modernization and tourism also plays a major role. A good example is the United Arab Emirates which is fast moving into knowledge,tourism,and services while slowly drifting away from oil reliance.

    Infrastructure development such as airports,highways, and hotels are very critical in uplifting a country’s tourism industry. Building modern airports,highways,and hotels means attracting more tourists to a country. Tourists need to appreciate the beauty of a country and easiness of movement through modern roads and highways and international airports. I wouldn’t criticize a government that borrows money to modernize such infrastructure to international standards,standards that are comparable to countries like Egypt,South Africa or Kenya and even beyond Africa.

    Modern airports also need modern hotels and malls around them for people to easily access them. A modern airport is the one that also has airport bridges for airplanes and cars. This is serious investment and becomes the pride of the nation.

    1. Jesus is Lord says:

      Tourism could help, though part of the attraction is that it’s not as developed as other places. Once tourism and commercialism sets in, the charm disappears. I think Malawi needs to focus more on growing their own food and producing more of their own stuff, the reliance on South African imports (like 70-80% of goods in supermarket are imported, even the fruit and vegetables, heck man produce your own stuff!) means you’ll never become independent and provide for yourselves, and the reliance on food-aid is a ticking time bomb – one of these days the UN, USAid etc WILL use food to control Malawi’s policies, in order to change for the worst (e.g. to legalise horrible crimes such as sodomy and abortion). They already do in various countries – “legalise crimes ABC as human rights, or else we cut your food supply”.

      So start growing more of your own foods, produce more of your own goods, because globalism is evil and trust me, you REALLY don’t want to end up like the rest of the world – yeah there are more jobs, more wealth and mod-cons, but the wealthier a place becomes, the more wicked it becomes. I’m in South Africa which is a real Sodom and Gomorrah, a place of untold evil, where life is worthless and everyone wants to kill each other, where wickedness and immorality is encouraged. Or in Europe, America, where there is wealth but a lazy welfare state, increasing crime, and immorality is normal while virtue is criminalised. Malawi is poor but at least relatively untainted. You should build on that and keep that blessing.

  3. john says:

    where are the designs of the proposed new look airport for our appreciation!

    1. Jesus is Lord says:

      There is a board at Kamuzu showing the artist’s impression

  4. mulopwana says:

    Paja abwana anakaika mwala wamaziko ku KIA, so this is not news, kapena mwala wamazikowo was for the new departure lounge & arrival hall? Mwina mutiuze kuti abwana akukatsegulira next week———–ena akamenyedwe ndi DPP cadets …….. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  5. lesley says:

    this story would have been written in February.

    1. SillyMalawi says:

      Agree. And of course, the picture displaying a plan of the new airport would have made us appreciate. Otherwise, I think it will be another kraal-like structure not befitting a modern airport, such as what happened at Chileka renovations. Sorry malawi, am not inspired.

      1. Jesus is Lord says:

        Next time you go to Kamuzu, check – there is a drawing of what it will look like.

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